Paris by Veronica Olson

What are you up to this weekend? My friend Jay is having a fortieth birthday party, so we’re heading to his place to drink Champs and eat pigs in blankets. I’m excited (and wearing this dress with red lipstick). Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Hello, 911? Made me laugh out loud.

Aidy Bryant is the best.

Can’t get enough Trader Joe’s reviews.

Brad Pitt wore a name tag and everyone lost it.

Yikes, what a hike!

We forget our own deaths all the time. (What a beautiful essay.)

A London studio apartment.

The 39 best Oscar dresses of all time.

‘Dad naps’ for everyone.

Would you sit in a forest for 24 hours?

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Amanda on a Valentine’s Day gift guide: “If anyone is feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, here’s a trick I’ve employed in the past: Buy a pack of kid valentines and send them to your friends, your grandma, the neighborhood kids, your work bestie, etc. It’s SO fun and silly and such a whimsical way to remember that romantic love isn’t the only or even best love — and isn’t it fun to be REALLY cheesy sometimes?”

(Photo by Veronica Olson.)

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