French bulldog

French bulldog

Welcome back! I’d love to catch up and to hear how things are going with you. If you’re up for it, here’s a little pop quiz:

A dessert you’ll never refuse:
A book, TV show or movie you enjoyed recently:
Something you’re looking forward to:
What’s worrying you:
Your childhood nickname:

Once when I was having a hard time, my friend Lina asked me what was wrong and waved her arms toward herself and said, “Hand me your stress.” It was the kindest gesture, I’ll never forget it how it felt. So, if you have something on your mind, send it my way; I’d be glad to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

People are often bummed about summer ending, but I have to say, fall has always been my favorite season. I love the smell of apple crisp and how people look inexplicably attractive in windbreakers. Plus, the anticipation of Halloweeeeeeen! (Toby wants me to go as Cher from Mamma Mia, haha.) “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,” said Albert Camus.

Storm King

Thank you so much for being here. Sending so much love your way. xoxo

P.S. My twin sister’s home makeover, 14 things to do with friends (other than dinner) and a B.J. Novak interview that still makes me laugh.

(Top photo by J Danielle Wehunt/Stocksy. Bottom photo from Storm King Art Center.)