reformation cardigan

What’s your go-to date look? On Alex and my first date, I wore a cream V-neck sweater, and it worked, haha. Ten years later, I still really like them. They’re so simple and sexy somehow. Here are three pretty ones: buttons, cashmere and ribbed.

best bar soap for washing dishes

PSA: You can wash your dishes with bar soap! Says Real Simple: “Most of us are so used to adding liquid dish soap to our shopping carts that we’ve never even considered an alternative. But an olive oil-based bar soap makes a great replacement for dish soap.” You can use a scrub brush, and “it’s sudsy, non-toxic, easy to use, gentle on the skin, and comes plastic-package free,” adds sustainable blogger Julia.

Madonna then and now

On the Instagram feed Then and Now, Ard Gelinck photoshops celebrities with their younger selves. They’re fascinating — and sort of moving, too, don’t you think?

jamie oliver green pasta

I’m really into the look of this pasta, which is made with just five ingredients: spaghetti, garlic, greens, parmesan and ricotta. Wouldn’t it be fun to bust out at a dinner party?

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(Celebrity Instagram via Kottke.)