My bed takes up 99.9% of my studio apartment, and I’ve recently been eyeing this geometric quilt inspired by the Chisos Mountains in Texas. The colors feel fun and bold, but it’s not toooooooo far of stretch away from my usual all-white bedding. It would change an entire room, don’t you think?

Have you seen any good movies lately? We The Animals, based on the beloved novel by Justin Torres, follows the adventures and woes of three brothers growing up in upstate New York. Critics are raving about the performances, and the cinematography from just the trailer took my breath away. Opens in theaters tomorrow, August 17th.

Raspberry Ripple Toast

It’s here, the case for something I’ve been championing my entire life: toast for dessert. With a pint of whipping cream, smashed raspberries and hot, crisp brioche, you’re well on your way to food writer Nigel Slater’s Raspberry Ripple Toast.

Graham Walzer's Tools for Science photo series

Speaking of hobbies, photographer Graham Walzer’s Tools for Science series features his dad’s enthusiastic love for unprofessional science experiments. The photos really made me laugh, and reminded me of my dad’s passion for TERRIFYING fireworks.

P.S. Ice cream sandwich taste test, and more fun things.

(Quilt found via Miss Moss. Toast photo by James Ransom for Food52. Last photo by Graham Walzer.)