What Are Your Fall Goals?

Skillshare Online Learning

Toby started school today (2nd grade, break my heart!), and seeing him head off with his backpack made me want to be in a classroom, too. For the past year and a half, all of us at Cup of Jo have been signed up for Skillshare, the online learning community with more than 17,000 classes. Here are four cool ones we streamed this month (and a great offer to try some yourself)…

Skillshare Online Learning

Mobile Photography Basics (45 Minutes)

Joanna: I love snapping photos of the boys with my phone, but I’m not a photography expert by any means, and I’d love to get better at using my iPhone camera. Skillshare offers more than 1,300 different photography classes, and I chose one that focuses completely on mobile phone shooting. Taught by photographer (and former CNN journalist) Tyson Wheatley, who has 630,000 followers on Instagram and takes beautiful shots all over the world, this is a class I’d recommend to anyone who wants to gain some skills. In his mellow, friendly way, Tyson walks you through all of his best mobile photography tricks, including gear (he swears by a device that holds FOUR extra charges for your iPhone), editing apps and how to choose the most compelling shots for Instagram. I learned so much and feel really inspired.

Skillshare Online Learning

Choose Must: 10 Hands-On Exercises to Find and Pursue Your Passion (53 Minutes)

Megan: I was surprised by how, after my wedding this summer, I felt a little lost. I had spent a year planning this one day, and now I needed a new focus for my energy. So, when I came across this class, it jumped out at me. Through a series of 10-minute activities — involving pens, paper, books, old photos, my Instagram account and a whole bunch of thumbtacks — artist and author Elle Luna guided me on a journey to find my “must,” or “the thing we feel called or deeply convicted to do, our passion, desire, urge or deepest held beliefs.” Going back to my Northern California roots (Elle and I are both from San Francisco), I could get behind the free-spirited vibe of this class and had fun making what was basically an elaborate inspiration board full of clues about what my next creative undertaking could be. I’m not sure where my “must” will take me, but Elle definitely brought me away from those post-wedding blues.

Skillshare Online Learning

The Modern Marketing Workshop (2 hours 49 minutes)

Lexi: Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and wildly popular business author, has long intrigued me. He has been teaching about business since he was 14 (!), and every short piece I’ve read on his blog has been motivating. I wasn’t surprised to find that his Skillshare classes are compelling too. A bonus is that you can stream them from your sofa — you don’t have to venture to one of his on-stage appearances. Even though marketing is not my career field, the class I took gave me tangible tools for how to express myself and better understand the forces of business operating all around me. Godin’s style is straightforward, relatable and full of real-life examples. (I also loved all his enthusiastic hand motions and the feeling of sitting right there with him in his office.) I can’t wait to watch both of his other classes on Skillshare.

Skillshare Online Learning

Make-Ahead Breakfasts That Will Change Your Day (12 Minutes)

Stella: Breakfast food is one of my favorite topics in life. But because weekday mornings can get hectic, I often spend more time talking about it than I do making it. Thanks to Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh from Sweet Potato Chronicles, I can finally prepare the delicious breakfasts I dream about — but ahead of time. The charming duo walks you through easy recipes, like overnight oats and mini cheese frittatas, with funny quips along the way — watching their class is much more fun than reading a recipe. (Laura calls her frittatas “little babies.”) The meals are healthy and delicious, and many stay fresh for a week. This class just might be the secret to becoming a morning person.

Bonus: Skillshare is offering new students two months of Premium membership for free. (Ordinarily, a yearly Premium membership costs $8.25 per month for unlimited classes, community discussions, and more.) Go here through October 15th to redeem the offer. Please note: A credit card is required to sign up, but it won’t be charged until the free two-month period is up, and you can cancel at any time. Thank you so much, Skillshare!

What class would you sign up for? Skillshare’s classes range across dozens of categories, including DIY fashion, foreign language, writing, graphic design, cooking and music. If you post your Skillshare class project on Instagram with the hashtag #myskillshare, they may share it on their feed. We’ll be checking out that hashtag!

(Top photos of Joanna by Ana Gambuto. This post is sponsored by Skillshare, the online learning community where you can learn how to do pretty much anything.)

  1. Laura says...

    I’m also having trouble getting the link to work, but I’d love to sign up for a DSLR class!

  2. Mae says...

    Luv that lacy white top you’re wearing!

  3. Jess says...

    SUCH a lovely picture of you, Joanna!

  4. For some reason I expected the classes to be longer in duration… But I’m so glad they’re not, because these feel much more doable :-) I want to do a food photography class, Indonesian language class, and then one other random creative class!


  5. Madeline says...

    My friends and I have tried signing up to Skillshare using the Cup of Jo link but it is not working. Anyone else have this problem?

  6. Kate says...

    Try to recover from the Lyme disease that I caught in Portugal this summer :(

  7. Cami says...

    I am due October 4th with my first baby. My husband and I are extremely excited. Waiting for our baby boy to come is like a million Christmas’ packed into one day. While I would love to spend my fall hiking, trying a new hair-do, or camping, my goal is to love my baby, my husband and myself. I am nervous but ready to tackle the task of becoming familiar with and appreciating my new body. I want my husband and I to get creative in the ways we express love since ya know….6 weeks. (Advice anyone?) I want to be patient with breastfeeding. I hope to embrace a weird sleep schedule rather than loathe it. I want to nourish my relationship with my mother and call her for advice. I want to savor the time off from work that I get. I’m excited for the changes coming our way and for our family to grow. Bring it on fall. This is my favorite season and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be receiving this gift at this special time of year.

    • Ashley F. says...

      You will be an excellent mom! I feel like could have written your comment a year ago. My Rori was born almost a year ago September 10th. The lack of sleep, round the clock cluster feeding, and hazy newborn days seem strangely faraway yet just a moment ago. Savor it all, don’t rush, stay home and snuggle that baby. And as far as ways to show love to your partner: just laying together, touching and holding each other feels so nice when your exhusted. Also oral ;) Best wishes, the most awesome adventure you will ever have is about to begin.

  8. I love Skillshare! I tried them a few years back when you paid for access per class, rather than a blanket subscription. Their photography courses are EXCELLENT, and I loved learning about handwritten type, branding, and logo design. So interesting and in depth!

    My goals for fall mainly include getting out more. My husband and I both work from home, so it can be easy to get into a bad habit of staying inside the house and working. I like to play hooky and go somewhere interesting during the week, when it’s quiet, and I love taking weekends. I’m interested in spending some time in Vermont or Maine to really enjoy the fall weather and colorful views!!

  9. Marlena says...

    This fall, I want to focus on maintaining our nightly walks with the kids, re-read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman because I’m geeking out about the show, and have more sex. Those three, not necessarily in that order. :) That. Is. It. I’m pretty sure I can successfully accomplish those three things with ease. Anything beyond that will just have to wait.

    • Courtney says...

      I’ve reread your comment a few times. I always make these lofty goals and never follow through on them. I love how you have chosen three very doable things and said “That. Is. It.” You’ve inspired me to do the same. Also, I’ve just ordered Good Omens. Never read it. Sounds good!

  10. Lydia says...

    I recently started a “habit tracker” because I’m someone who loves routines and I’ve been trying to develop some healthier habits. This month my habit tracker has:
    -yoga every morning
    -3 veggies and 2 fruits a day
    -10,000 steps every day
    -taking a break during the work day (either taking a lunch break away from my desk and not checking any work emails on my phone during it, or if I eat lunch at my desk I take a break later and walk through the park near my office)
    -writing down 3 “highs” and up to 3 “lows” at the end of each day

    • Sarah says...

      Oh Lydia, your list is the precise list of habit goals I need to make! Thanks for sharing, I feel inspired :)

    • JAR says...

      agreed, these are excellent goals. you’ve inspired me as well! xo

  11. I would definitely consider the class on finding and pursuing your passion. I am one of those “I have so many ideas and don’t know where to start” kind of people. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jessie says...

    What a wonderful reminder to embrace fall with some GD intention!
    Fall Goals:
    –Create a Work to Home Transition Routine — my therapist suggested this (because I love a good routine). Just like a bedtime routine, you train your body to turn off (from work) by using your commute to transition and the first steps into your home to set the tone for the night.
    –Improve work boundaries (less late-night email checking!)
    –Continue working out 4-5 times per week (and try to take one class per week with a friend!)
    –Continue investing in friendships!
    –Continue Wednesday night date night.
    –Increase volunteer shifts from once a month to twice a month (at least).

    • Meg says...

      I love the transition idea, and I’d love to hear what your transition routine is! I always have a hard time in the hours after work.

    • Marissa says...

      Could you please ellaborate on how the transition from work to home should/could look like? I love this idea :) thank you!

  13. Jen says...

    Oh goodness, so much to get done before the end of year.
    – Self care and improve my gut health, thinking of removing dairy and possibly gluten. Which is so hard because my favorite food is pasta and cheese.
    – Read more books, I have 4 on my bedside table I want to get through
    – Start on my bathroom re-model. It’s been on the list for 5 yrs. It’s finally designed but need to hire a pro to do the work

  14. Emily says...

    My fall goals:
    – find a job!
    – make a new friend
    – go to a pumpkin patch
    – stay in a positive mindset
    – wear more sweaters! :)

    • Mariève says...

      Make a new friend! YESSS!

    • Helen Ng says...

      Love your fall goals! I have every single one of them on my list : )

  15. AliG says...

    Fall Goals!
    – Current job ends next week, so figure out what I am doing next
    – Get myself and hubby back on track eating and exercise-wise
    – Finally mostly, finish moving into new house (is it still new if you moved back in January??)
    – Taking classes on nutrition, weight management and starting a non-profit (see first goal)
    – Decompress from the last 5.5 years of stress at old job

  16. Anna says...

    This post gave some kicks to my brain!
    I have a 2y old son, Aleksej (as alexei). My goal is to have with him (including my partner,his dad) really quality time that is left after I come from work. I always did, but this fall I am going to use games that makes a sense for development on diff areas. Spend more time in nature.
    Get my body in motion (how rude is I do not grab one hour or just a half to connect with my self). Buy books for me and my little one.
    Connect with my students so they will feel my love and passion I share with them trought educational process …this year I teach in 2nd grade.
    Enjoy more quality time with my love – just the two of us!

    Now,i will type this on my list,print it and stick it to the wall.

  17. Cynthia says...

    Could you post a picture of Toby dressed for his first day of school? I bet he looked handsome. My goal is riding my Harley Tri-glide which is a trike-can’t manage 2 wheels. I have the endorsement on my license and now I get to get out on the street. I am working on getting rid of things my husband and I don’t need or use. Lastly, I am trying to find time to sew more.

  18. Kelsey says...

    I’ve been a reader for years but have never commented until now. I saw the post with readers’ comments the other day, and I loved it. I figured I should officially join this wonderful community of lovely, intelligent ladies. :)

    My goals:
    —nurse my ankle back to health so I can get back into running. Two weeks off is killing me :(
    —read more books
    —finish watching “Master of None”
    —get out and hike more
    —crochet a sweater, hat or wrap (or all 3)

  19. Em says...

    My goal is to just make it through fall. I’m in my first trimester, with yucky nausea, and I forgot just how extremely exhausting it can be. I have a 1.5 year old and work retail, so I’d just like to make it Christmas so that I can hopefully relax a little!

    But also, work on our finances : )

    • Em, I just wanted to say good luck to you. When I was pregnant with my second child, my older child was 1.5 years old, too, and I had horrible nausea. It was exhausting, just as you describe. Best wishes for a little more energy, a little less nausea, and some rest for you!

    • Cami says...


      Good luck!! I am due October 4th! I have lots of “goals” for the fall but ultimately I just want to have my baby. You’ve got this mama!!

  20. Emily says...

    I need to get back to reading more books. Netflix has ruined me, but I also refuse to give it up!

    • Yes! I feel this way, too. I used to read so much, and now I’m more likely to binge-watch a show on Netflix, read blogs, or scroll through Twitter. I do love the shows I have discovered through Netflix (Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Gracie and Frankie, just to name a few) Sometimes I fear my brain is turning to mush, though, or at least my attention span is shrinking. Ten years ago I was reading books by Jane Austen, George Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Edith Wharton, Khaled Hosseini, Azar Nafisi, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and Maya Angelou. I still read, but not nearly as prolifically as I once did. Just as recently as spring I became immersed in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, and Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, but I haven’t read much over the summer. I want to find some really good books to enjoy this fall.

  21. Maranda says...

    I don’t have any official Fall goals, but reading this post definitely made me think of things I want to accomplish:
    -Start taking personal training boxing lessons. I bought a 12 pack of lessons and my first one is scheduled for the start of October- hopefully I stick with it!
    -Be better with finances/limit impulsive spending
    – Foster better friendships with people in my life
    -Start cracking on wedding planning. I just got engaged last weekend and we’re planning to have a 2 year engagement, so nothing is pressing immediately, but I would like to adopt a slow and steady pace to keep stress at bay as much as possible

    • Connie says...

      Congratulations on your engagement!! How exciting. Wedding planning is such a wonderful season of life. :)

    • Melinda says...

      I started boxing in the lead up to my wedding and I love it SO MUCH! It’s amazing stress relief. Congratulations and enjoy!

  22. brianna says...

    -Eat cleaner/keep working out – weight gain as a medication side effect sucks
    -Keep reading a book a week
    -Find a new job
    -Create a more sustainable life for myself – I’m in this alone and I need to figure out how to make myself happy/successful and quit trying to rely on other people

    • Kristina says...

      omg. I read this and thought “When did I write this?”
      Me too, all of the above.
      Good luck!

  23. Connie says...

    My goal (hope?) this fall is to finally have the adoption of our two kids finalized. They’ve been in our home since Spring of 2016, and the system has made the road to finalization crawl at a snail’s pace, even though they’ve been technically available for adoption since summer 2016. We are all ready and raring.

    My more silly goal is to finally nail down a good skin care regiment. I had one that worked well for me in my twenties, but now that I am approaching my mid-thirties, I realized that it just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  24. Carrie says...

    My goal is to read one book and then go right into the next, all fall and winter. I desperately need some shelter from the devastation that’s happening all around us. Every morning there is something new and horrific. My soul feels so tired. Reading helps immensely.

    • Hillary F. says...


  25. Emily says...

    Mine are to enroll in a poetry workshop. I haven’t consistently written since having my first child in 2007. I would also like to travel to Birmingham, AL to spend some time with my cousin who was recently diagnosed w/ a grade 4 glioblastoma. Our mothers have always been estranged but it shouldn’t limit me reaching out to him so I am getting over that family history and making this happen.

  26. Jen says...

    Usually one of my goals is to grow out my bangs, but I accomplished that (finally and officially!) last summer. It’s such a process!

    One of my fall goals is to travel from WA to CA to have a long-overdue in-person catch up with some adored friends from my early twenties. I haven’t seen them since I visited with my daughter when she was about to turn two and could still fly for free. Now she’s a third grader, so it’s definitely been a while! I am planning to secure the time off from work, browse for airfare and finally just go….just me! I cannot wait to have accomplished the goal of enjoying a long weekend with these beloved friends.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that will be an amazing trip, jen!!!

    • Celeste says...

      My goal is to send out resumes but growing out bangs, definitely on the radar, lol!

  27. liz says...

    Am I the only one that would love to see Toby headed off to school?

    • Alice says...

      The big question: what did he wear??

  28. Mariam Gomaa says...

    What a beautiful photo of you, Joanna!

  29. Zulema says...

    So excited for this! Thank you for having a post about it! I’m def going to take the breakfast class y mobile pic class :)!!!

  30. Erin says...

    signed up because I really do want to develop some other skills! i think this will be good for me! Need to broaden my horizons!

  31. Christina M. says...

    As I was reading this, I thought to myself – “I don’t have any goals!” But of course, I have plenty:
    -Read 3 books
    -See 3 movies with my hubby.
    -Write down all my spending each day (ugh!)
    -Whole 30 for the month of October
    -Finish 2 photobooks.
    wow, this was way more than I thought – I better get started!

  32. Logan G says...

    I am currently in grad school, pursuing an MAT in Secondary Education for Social Studies, and this semester I have to take an undergrad class that is required in my state for a social studies teaching license- US Government. I have always claimed that anything in the political science realm is my least favorite part of social studies (my heart belongs to ancient history), but I’m beginning to realize that it is my lack of understanding and experience that makes me shy away from the subject matter and politics in general. My fall goal is to truly understand the foundations of our government, to be open to other people’s views, to take ownership of my political rights, and to take action for what I believe in.

    I take the responsibility of educating our future generations very seriously, and I want to be the best that I can possibly be for them. Even if I end up never teaching a government class, I am still helping to shape and create responsible citizens who understand their rights and can defend their beliefs.

  33. Meg says...

    I love that little motivation boost that fall brings! It’s a fun time to think about goals, so much better than New Years Resolutions, which seem to have so much pressure associated with them! I’d like to:
    – get back to learning to play the ukulele I bought this summer that has started to gather dust
    – resume learning Spanish on Duolingo
    – recommit to my a.m. routine of doing either yoga or barre
    – finally finish some books that I’m half-way through

  34. D says...

    I’ve signed up for my second round of pottery classes! I fu,bled my way through the 6 week course the first time and now have a whole bunch of lopsided, but lovely bowls. I found the method that works well for me (the wheel!!) and now I’m going in again with a plan and a style. Hoping to make a large serving bowl, candle sticks and Christmas decorations for my family and staff.

    Ill be adding driving lessons too- I’ve been able to drive in the US for 13 years, but now I’m going to learn to drive in the UK. I’m terrified!!

  35. Sarah says...

    My goals are to keep working out after the wedding (two weeks from tomorrow!) the way I have been the past few months, and to figure out how to knit a blanket for my friend’s baby boy. Checking out skillshare now – I’d also love to learn how to make realistic paper flowers, so hopefully they have tutorial on that.

  36. Hannah says...

    Mine are pretty simple, but very much needed.
    -Work to have better relationships with my girlfriends (or make more friends!).
    -Keep my house clean (so hard for this lifelong clutterbug).
    -Get my finances under control.
    -Read 8-10 books by the end of the year.

  37. Alice says...

    Fall goals:
    – Bollywood and Banghra dance class, I start next week!
    – Write my grandmothers story
    – Walk. 8000-10,000 steps a day
    – Invest in decent underwear. The payback is tenfold.

    I’m a children’s writer (books, poetry, and plays) but would like to try screen writing. I studied film for a couple of years but never wrote a script. I’m going to sign up for one of their courses in screen writing today.
    Love autumnal new starts. Love lifelong learning even more. Top post, thanks so much COJ :)

    • Maggie says...

      Yes to dancing! Yes to Banghra! Well, after my broken ankle heals….

  38. Chantal says...

    How lovely, now the weather is getting worse it really feels like a good time to focus on new things. This is a great reminder that learning new things can also be light and fun!

    On another note, Megan you talked about the preparations of your wedding a bit on cupofjo. Would be so cool if you could share you experiences of the day! :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      megan is working on a post right now and just waiting for her photographers’ photos! can’t wait to share xo

  39. Settle Monroe says...

    Where is your shirt from in the first photo?? Love it!

    • Toni says...

      Yes!!! Would love to know where that gorgeous white top is from!

    • kate says...

      Me too! Love it.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes, thank you! xo

  40. Annie Green says...

    Timely post. My big, big goal is to do a half marathon in two weeks time and, following that, to keep running. I took it up when I was in my early 40s, ran consistently for 8 years (and loved it), then allowed it to fall by the wayside for ten years. I have picked it up again, still love it and want to keep on trucking until extreme old age takes me, preferably in mid-run. Some days (today) it can be hard to get out the door and easy to feel doubt but I know that this will pass as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I don’t care about being thinner but I just want to be stronger.

    • Kelsey says...

      I love this! Love seeing others passionate about running. I’m currently on the injured list and waiting to get back out on the trails. You go girl!

  41. Brigid Harmon says...

    My goals (after a rough 18 months)

    -start some type of meditative practice
    -go dancing or have brunch with lady friends
    -read the articles I bookmark (at least some of them)
    -ride my bike more (helpful that we are in SoCal now)
    -make more interesting meals
    -try to worry less about the small stuff. When I am struggling with big stresses/anxieties about money, career, friendships, I always end up letting the small things add to the worrying noise (‘is the kitty eating too much’ ‘am I killing my new houseplant’ ‘the bathroom floor is never not covered in hair, ugh’)

  42. Barbara, Belgium says...

    – Get a new job (which includes becoming better and less nervous at interviews)
    – Find a horse to ride at least once a week
    – Find an aqua-gym class

    That should get me through Autumn :-)

  43. Fern F says...

    Love these suggestions. I take Skillshare classes when I can’t sleep. I find that I hate myself less if I’ve gained a skill or made a project during the sleepless hours. The last time I had insomnia I took a zine-making class and ended up with a small, 8-page zine that I’m insanely proud of. It (almost) made the lack of sleep worth it.

  44. Jen says...

    Omg I have no idea. I’m swamped with my jobs and I’m in doctorial school but hey photography sounds fun. I’m suppose to be a camera woman for my bf film so why not lol. Also what a beautiful shot of you Ms Joanna!!!

  45. Erin says...

    Love this! My goals are:
    -start a yoga (restorative) class
    -read 4 books before Christmas
    -walk as often as possible
    -drink 3 Litres of water/ day

  46. Suzie says...

    What a great idea! Totally checking Skillshare. Also, what a stunning photo of you!

  47. Lily says...

    You are so beautiful joanna!

  48. Andrea says...

    I always make seasonal goals, and for fall 2017 they are:
    -knit a scarf (for myself!)
    -buy pajamas

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      those are such cute goals! love that, andrea.

    • Claire says...

      I love these goals! Genuine pajamas- with pants and a button top? Flannels are the best on a cold night.

    • Andrea says...

      Claire – just any official sleepwear or pajamas that aren’t retired yoga pants too gross to wear in public anymore, lol!

    • Ilona says...

      ‘Retired yoga pants too gross to wear in public anymore’ — LOL, why do we keep those??

  49. I’d love to sign up for a knife skills class. I feel like It’s a real weakness of mine in the kitchen.

    • Catherine Keene says...

      I did one with my mom when I first started college. We went to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. The instructor was a little mean but it felt very restaurant kitchen. I highly recommend a knife-skills class! America’s Test Kitchen also has an online cooking institute. I haven’t tried it personally but I subscribe to the website and I swear by their recipes, gadget and ingredient tests!

    • Alice says...

      What a good idea, I’d never think of that as a skill alone. I was taught how to use a cleaver properly in a cooking class a few years ago, and it is the most useful thing I took away from those four hours!.

    • Lucy says...

      Sur La Table has classes that I’ve found to be pretty good, if you have one nearby.

  50. I love Skillshare! I actually am working towards one day, maybe, possibly, changing careers to a more creative endeavor after taking a few design classes on skillshare. And I taught a cross-stitch class as well and am hoping to teach more! The internet is a great and horrible place all at once, but part of the great side is the learning opportunities available.

  51. Kari says...

    Agreed, Joanna, you look so lovely! Genuinely happy and radiant.

    Also, I’m excited to give Skillshare a try! I’m in the same boat as Megan– unsure with what to do with my new found, post-wedding free time.

  52. Meg says...

    Love this! Megan’s experience totally resonated with me. Now that my twins are out of the baby stage, I’m especially feeling the need to focus on learning something new FOR MYSELF (identity crisis in full effect over here). Thank you for this amazing (and free!) opportunity to do so! xoxo

  53. mallory says...

    So excited to see Elle Luna here! She came and spoke at our company in SF and her talk was sooo inspiring. I have a signed copy of her book The Crossroads of Should and Must that I still re-read.

  54. E says...

    Joanna, where is that white lace top from? It’s beautiful!

    • Rachel says...

      Seriously, I was like “yeah, yeah, sounds great, but where is that shirt from?! Joanna looks so beautiful in that picture!”

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much! my shirt is from the french brand Sezane — they just opened a store in NYC, which i’m so happy about :)

    • mollcoll says...

      Joanna – would you mind sharing what size you took in that top? Thinking we are similar and Sezane has free express shipping in Sept :)

      You look awesome ;)

  55. G says...

    What a lovely photo of you, Joanna.

  56. Jenny says...

    Ahhh! How cool is this!? I love continuing education in tiny bits like this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  57. Emily says...

    Can’t believe Toby is in second grade! I teach K-5 English as a new language in a NYC public school in the Bronx. And it’s so hard to think that I could realistically see Toby in the halls! Seems like yesterday he was an itty bitty babe!

  58. Arianna says...

    You look gorgeous in the first photo Joanna! Just thought you should know :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      you’re so sweet, thank you!

  59. I’ve been seriously considering investing in a professional camera to document our year in France, but I have no idea how to use one. I love the idea of learning through a class like this rather than watching how-to videos on youtube! Also with 2 kiddos and 1 on the way, quick breakfast ideas are GOLD!

    • Sarah says...

      I’ve rented cameras/lens from ATS Rentals and been truly delighted. (I don’t have a relationship with the them.) Renting for vacations has been amazing because you can rent everything you need or simply try something new, like a telezoom lens, without a big commitment. I love their easy shipping and returns and prompt customer service. Not sure it would be economical to ship abroad, but just in case you haven’t left yet, renting might help guide your purchase.