J. Hannah Ring

My dad wears a gold signet ring on his little finger; it was passed down to him from my English grandfather. Nowadays I love seeing beautiful modern takes on signet rings — you can get an initial engraved on it, too, if you’d like. Here are four pretty ones: classic, mama, geometric and colorful.

Funny Insecurity Questions by Liana Finck

Instead of security questions to recover your password, what about insecurity questions? This list made me laugh: “Are you as successful as your parents thought you’d be when you were a kid?” “Will you ever be as happy as you were in your late twenties?”

Best Fudgey Brownie Recipe

At a friend’s house this weekend, we had brownies that were essentially gooey chocolate. Here’s how to make them.

Catastrophe Season 3

An argument for the quickie: “It’s unrealistic to always expect the mood to strike both of you at the same moment, and at a time when sex is even practical,” writes Sali Hughes about sex in long-term relationships. “What is realistic is to… squeeze in a swift one before the kids get home from LaserZone. There’s something bonding and actually pretty funny about saying, ‘We can’t be arsed to have sex, but we really need to’ and mucking in for the good of the relationship, even if it’s with an eye on the clock and an ear to the front door… Don’t underestimate the relationship-sustaining power of the routine rooting.”

Parisian Net Cotton Bag

Are you visiting anyone this summer? Slamdunk host/hostess gift: this $15 cotton bag, filled with yummy treats and flowers.

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(Top photo by Bennet Perez of J. Hannah’s signet. Couple in bed from Catastrophe.)