A Nashville Couple Who (Literally) Lives at the Office

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Clothing designer Elizabeth Pape has one of the shortest commutes imaginable. She and her husband, Chris, live in a small building right in front of their company’s sprawling warehouse space. Along with their two dachshunds, Odie and Oscar, Liz and Chris have created a home that feels both simple and timeless — just like her line, Elizabeth Suzann. Take a look inside…


Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville Elizabeth and Chris live in a building in front of their larger studio, showroom and warehouse.

On deciding to live at work: We started sleeping at our office a couple of winters ago. We were selling scarves as holiday gifts and we way underestimated the time it would take to make them. We thought it would take 10 minutes per scarf and it took almost two hours. Three of us drove ourselves insane 24/7 for weeks trying to get Christmas orders fulfilled. During that holiday rush, Chris and I slept in the office on an air mattress — and after that, we realized it was more convenient to live here all the time. I’m not going to pretend otherwise: we’re in a phase of focusing on work.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Sofa: West Elm. Rug: Ecarpetgallery. Coffee table: West Elm. Mirror: Similar. Straw baskets: Ikea and Etsy.

On settling in: Not long after we moved here, we started worrying that the building was too small and close to our office. But the real estate market is crazy in Nashville, and we didn’t want to move again. I woke up mopey one Saturday, and Chris, who is the notoriously frugal one, said, “How do you want to make this apartment better today?” I said, “Well, how serious are you? Because, a lot of things!” We went out and got a new sofa and bedding from West Elm, which gave us the jolt we needed to start creating a home here.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Pillows: similar. Quilt throw: Haptic Labs.

On building a gallery wall: I really connect with old oil portraits — I like picturing someone painting someone they knew; there’s always a cool story to be conjured. My mom painted portraits of our dogs and my childhood horse as gifts. The other paintings are vintage from flea markets and Instagram.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Shelves: Ikea.

On TV show obsessions: My husband and I have seen the American version of The Office ten times from start to finish. Our whole work day feels like anything could happen, so when we leave, we crave something familiar. It’s a security thing — to help turn our brains off. When we finish all the seasons, we just start over. A few of our colleagues are Office fans too, so we’ll sit there trading favorite quotes, and lots of work emails have a gif of Michael Scott on the bottom. Our coworkers gave Chris and me each a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug.


Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Bar stools: Target. Pendant light: similar. Rugs: Ecarpetgallery. Trash can: The Container Store.

On lighting: I believe in thoughtfully designed, built-to-last stuff — that’s the philosophy of our brand. But sometimes I feel a conflict between that and what we can afford. One thing that makes a huge difference is replacing light fixtures! It’s a small investment, but going from those Home Depot nipple-looking ceiling fixtures — the landlords’ cruel trick on everyone — to something more intentional makes your space feel like a home, rather than a place where you’re storing your furniture.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Rolling plant stand: Home Depot.

On being a restaurant regular: We rarely cook because we’re so busy, and when we go out, we’re definitely creatures of habit. There’s a Mexican restaurant, Chago’s, where we go at least once a week. We order all the queso and tacos. That’s our happy place. Once we’re there, eating chips, pretty much everything is right in the world.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Shelf: similar. Copper mug: similar.

On the joy of records: I prefer to listen to music on vinyl because it makes the whole experience more deliberate. You take a moment to flip through your collection, then you choose a record and set it up. And when it’s done, you have to remove it and put something else on. It slows everything down in the best way. I always return to classic rock. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I think it just sounds better. We have a huge collection of Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell — the best.


Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

All bedding: West Elm. Quilted throw blanket: Haptic Labs. Rug: Ecarpetgallery. Leather basket: Emil Erwin.

On good sleep: I can be on my computer until 1 a.m. and then go straight to sleep, but Chris needs more winding down. He sleeps with an eye mask and a Dohm sound machine that I’ve learned to love. In my perfect world, our bed would be entirely white linen — super minimal and soft — but with our dogs, we steer clear of that.

On the joy of small things: Art and furniture can be pricey, but you can find knick knacks on a budget and they can transform a living space. I’ve found great ceramics on Etsy. I also really like Fringe Supply Co and Calliope.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

On sentimental decor: Chris and I met in college and dated on and off. There was a running joke with a friend of ours, Roy, who was super protective of Chris, about whether I was Chris’s best friend or he was. One time I bought Chris a triple cheeseburger meal from Wendy’s, trying to buy his best friendship! Chris saved all the mementos from those early days and made this board for me. We’ve hung it in every apartment we’ve had, and it has become even more special to me over the years.


Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Herbivore bath salts: Nordstrom. Sunday Riley Luna Oil: Sephora. Floor mat: Ecarpetgallery. Basket: similar. Hanging planter: Etsy.

On imagining the future: Sometimes I can only think one hour ahead, but other times I picture us in five, 10 or 15 years. We have pretty big dreams. I’d love to live in a super modern home with lots of windows and natural light — on a rural plot of land just outside the city. We’d work nearby, and it would be a dream to have a CSA garden and small cafeteria for employees.


Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

On the power of simplicity: During college, I started making and selling clothes — they were incredibly loud and colorful, inspired by vintage kitsch. But after a while I realized the things that I actually wore again and again were simple shapes in black, white and grey. It was a self-awakening. My clothes stopped feeling like a costume, they felt like ME. I shifted gears and tried to make what I thought that silhouette and style was.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Settee: Flea market find, upholstered in white canvas splatter painted by Elizabeth. Hoop chair: Soñadora Studio. Tree stump table: Made by Elizabeth’s grandfather from a tree on the family farm in North Carolina. Art: Emily Leonard.

On being a twenty-something entrepreneur: I turned 27 this week. When finding vendors and suppliers early on, I had to work hard to get people to take me seriously. Now it’s easier because we’re placing large orders — and money talks. But when I was new to the industry and doing it all by myself, I had to get my confidence up. I love that I had to go through that. It toughened up my skin.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Ceramics: Katia Carletti. Paper journals: Julia Kostreva. Coffee table and dining table: Fecht Design. Perfume and candles: Maison Louis Marie. Leather clutches: Annie Williams. Wall mirror: similar.

On becoming a boss: In two years, we went from having zero employees to a team of 18. I sometimes wish I had my own boss to say, “What’s wrong with you? Do it like this!” But we’ve read great books about how to lead and, even though I don’t want things to ever feel too corporate, we’ve come to realize that good management is both necessary and appreciated by everyone. My favorite business books are anything by Seth Godin and the three-part series by Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s Deli on becoming a better leader, managing yourself and building a healthy business. Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last are also really good.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

On a celebrity crush: I like a young Nick Cage — before his hair line started receding. (Moonstruck and Raising Arizona are two of my favorite movies.) Right after my team discovered my celebrity crush, I went on a business trip to New York, and when I came back there was this HUGE poster of him on the back wall. From there, it continued. I find photos of Nick Cage everywhere. There are small ones stuck to my computer. My husband definitely doesn’t get my obsession. I don’t know if I get it.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

On career lessons: The biggest thing I’ve learned is the value of honesty. I’m a people pleaser, so I have a hard time giving criticism. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But I’ve had to train myself not to bottle things up at work, and, truthfully, everyone appreciates it. If you don’t speak up, your feelings can fester and come across as anger, when it’s usually not really anger. Keeping things transparent has been a big focus of ours as leaders. I hope to be graceful at it some day!

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

On hard work: I still have days when I feel like what the hell did I get myself into, but looking back at how far we’ve come is extremely motivating. Our team mantra is “it will be fine.” In the beginning, you come up against 100 problems and you feel like the world is stacked against you, but you just have to keep going and push through. If you have a good idea and good product that you feel passionate about, chances are other people will, too.

Elizabeth Suzann Home Tour in Nashville

Thank you so much, Liz! Check out her line, Elizabeth Suzann, if you’d like.

P.S. More home tours, including a Sonoma house with gardens and book-filled Greenpoint apartment.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.)

  1. Amirah says...

    I’m in love with the painted/mural sliding door behind their settee. Any idea where its from or who the artist is?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh yes! amirah, i will ask! PS i loved the joan didion quote you posted in the aging post.

  2. What a great way to consolidate your life. We have had several clients that have tech (do it anywhere ) jobs that have consolidated their work and living space and taken it on the road for a lifelong adventure. You can find some ideas for mobile life/work space.

  3. I love that Liz is based in Nashville. I had not heard of her clothing line until I read your post. She and I share the same mantra, since – eventually – ‘it will be fine’. I appreciate her leadership reading suggestions too – as a new leader I appreciate any insights I can get.

  4. So now I understand why her Insta Stories are filmed from her workshop on week-ends!
    It’s pretty much her backyard.
    Thank you Joanna for giving me an idea of what it’s like to be one of my favorite designers.
    I cannot believe she’s only 27! One more reason to love Liz!

    – Chloe

  5. Polly Hitchcock Sage says...

    So cool! My favorite designer! And a wonderful role model for entrepreneurs! Thanks for this peek! I have a few pieces and an waiting to get more because people keep shrinking then and I’m in mourning. Grr.

  6. Caroline says...

    I couldn’t help but notice that our dating experiences have been very similar (minus the cheeseburger contract)! The shadow box of memories and mementos from the years with my ex has all of the same bits! Do you know if she happens have to lived in the Jacksonville area? I would recognize the Avenues and World Golf Village tickets anywhere, though I am proud to say I finally got rid of mine!

  7. Jen says...

    Great space! Are those bookhou pouches in the leather basket in the bedroom photo? Looks like Arounna’s prints ❤

  8. Wow! To have all that going for you at such a young age, kudos. This is one of the best sites I’ve been to. I learned so much about Liz and Chris both at home and work (so very close), I feel like an old friend. I’m be keeping track of your future, thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely!!

  10. Eleanor says...

    If you want to learn more about this line, Elizabeth Paps was just on the Econ Talk podcast with Russ Roberts talking about women’s clothing.

  11. Heather says...

    I love Elizabeth Suzann and everything they stand for! It’s so nice to see them featured here! Their clothes are the best-made ones in my closet and I love supporting a company whose ethics and ethos line up so well with my own ❤️

  12. Jojo says...

    Lovely house. Now I have to figure out how to afford a $200 tank top.

    • cg says...

      “Now I have to figure out how to afford a $200 tank top.”

  13. Rachel says...

    I had no idea she was so young! Her clothes look so classic and mature. I definitely see them as aspirational, the kind of style I’d have if I could afford it, haha… turns out she’s not much older than me, and younger than most of my friends! Woof. I love her even more now knowing what a badass boss she is (and can’t wait to one day purchase half of her website). Thanks for the post!

  14. Fun getting to see a peek into her life! She has such a strong work ethic it’s crazy. I guess that is why her company is doing so well :) I love what she said about the Mexican restaurant being their happy place. If my partner and I are having a bad day, a trip to our fave Portland spot for tacos and margaritas makes evvvvverything better. That’s the power of tacos, people.

  15. Alex says...

    Not one pic of their doggies?!

    • Steph says...

      I know, right!?!?

  16. Tania says...

    I’m obsessed with her clothes, though I cannot currently afford them. But this was a beaut. Life goals!

  17. Angela says...

    Rewatching The Office over and over again absolutely resonates with me, although personally, it’s Gilmore Girls. There is something so comforting about loving a show, but simultaneously not having to think too hard about it. It really helps with the unwind.

    And the painted? tiled? wall behind their settee is lovely.

    • Paula says...

      right? I can totally relate too! although for me is Friends! Good to know Im not the only one with this kind of obsession! :-)

    • Totally agree. Albeit a bad habit (?), my guy and I have to watch a few episodes of our favorite show to wind down. Our usual picks are The Office, Parks & Rec, and Gilmore Girls. Helps me to forget about the crazy day and have a few laughs before bed :)

    • Brianna says...

      I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls right now. There’s just something so comforting about, even though I’ve seen every episode at least half a dozen times. Same with Friends and Frasier.

  18. Who would have thought of this? Nice article.

  19. They’re such hard workers. Wow. It’s no surprise they’ve gone from zero employees to 18 in just 2 years. Kudos to them.

    Liz has a beautiful, easy style. I love her collection of portraits, and their bed looks so cozy!

  20. She’s so inspiring and down to earth- I love her home, and apparently I need to be scouting ecarpetgallery immediately. My family is making a big change soon, moving from Seattle to Eastern Washington, and my husband and I are looking at it as a chance to reinvent ourselves and our home/style. This tour was real inspiration.

  21. Abby says...

    Ok, I have to admit that my first thought was “What?!? First Noihsaf Bazaar and now Elizabeth Suzann?! Why is Cup of Jo outing all of my best-kept clothing secrets!?” But then I got over my selfishness and was very very happy for Liz. :)

  22. Oh my gosh, I just today ordered my first ES piece (the Clyde skirt) and now…this tour! Elizabeth and her husband are inspiring–as is the company and the philosophy. I can’t believe I’m almost exactly twice Elizabeth’s age (gulp)…she’s so together.

  23. I love how simple and functional their space is while still looking cozy with touches of personality. The comment about light fixtures is so true! The Home Depot special that was in our house when we moved in just broke and we replaced it with something more unique…it makes a huge difference to our dining room!

  24. Jenny says...

    My husband and I bought a house a year ago and we have those awful nipple lighting fixtures. I’ve hated them from the start but my husband could care less and I feel bad replacing new fixtures. I love the ones you chose.

  25. I love this! Sometimes home tours can feel inaccessible and unattainable – how do they afford a single family home filled with beautiful things in San Francisco? How did they just happen upon a perfect Eames lounge chair being thrown away in the dumpster? – but I love that Liz tells the story of her home and includes some of the challenges, like rent/market prices in Nashville and trying to balance thrifted things with nice/new things.

    Plus, I always love seeing anything and anyone from my hometown featured!

    • Karen says...

      So true, Ali!

    • Polly Hitchcock Sage says...

      Ha! Yeah, we don’t have dumpsters like that in Cleveland!

  26. Sara Maxwell says...

    I love that she mentions loving white bedding but stays away because of her dachshunds. I feel her pain with two (adorable) corgis! Sometimes it feels like all white every thing is on all the home decor blogs, I love it but there is no way!

  27. Lily says...

    YES to early Nick Cage! Moonstruck is my favorite, but also Valley Girl where his teeth are all scraggly. (Swoon.)

  28. Jane says...

    It’s comforting to know I’m not the only person who rewatches The Office over and over again!

    • Caitlin Crow says...

      I second that! :) #bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica

  29. Emily S. says...

    Everything about their home is so beautiful!! I’m saving all of these images as inspiration for my first post-college (real adult) apartment!

  30. I was so excited to see this! Elizabeth Suzann is one of my favorite designers. I have the Florence pant in black linen; it is a favorite and a staple in my ten-item wardrobe—true comfort. I love her gallery wall so much and I have the same trash can, in cream. :)

    • Brianna says...

      Okay. Can y’all puh-lease feature Heather and her ten item wardrobe!?

  31. nicole b. says...

    I’ve visited her studio for a sample sale (I drove about six hours to make it there in time, and I did!), and it’s the most welcoming place on the planet. The people, the decor, the Shipley’s donuts. I had no idea her home was onsite. This is so inspiring. I am so happy to see her featured here, Joanna. I truly believe in what she is building in there: thoughtful, intentional clothing and a tight knit community that all of us want to be a part of. Go, Liz!

  32. I have a new girl crush. I love Liz! She’s incredible! Great style, love for nostalgia, listening to records to slow down, I’m loving all of it, even the Nicholas Cage obsession. I’m so in love with their home. Feeling very inspired.

  33. Hooray! Seeing Liz on your blog is like my two favorite worlds colliding! I love, love, love the ES company and their clothing! These clothes are truly my work uniform, and the intentionality of their company is so real, and so inspiring. Over the holidays they did a giveaway contest and they chose my friends and me as winners. We toured the workroom and my friends were able to try on all the clothes. It was one of those life-changing moments – when a woman looks in the mirror and sees her best self looking back at her. It was truly special, and something I’ll cherish always!

  34. Cait says...

    I love the story about the Nicholas Cage pictures…my mother in law started hiding googly eyes around her house for her daughter, then little cutouts of Doctor Who peeking out from everywhere, and we got a kick out of it when visiting. Then they sent a huge box to us for Christmas, and between every gift or piece of paper was a cutout of John Piper (respected pastor/author – my husband is in seminary) waving his arms. It cracked us up!
    I enjoyed this whole tour and thought she included :)

  35. Lauren E. says...

    I read this whole thing with a smile on my face and actually LOL’ed at the “nipple-looking” light fixtures. Definitely had my own moment of realization one day while lying in bed. “Hey, that kinda looks like… a breast. With a nipple.”

    Love this one!!

  36. Emma says...

    That Maxine Crop is everything, I wish I had the body for it! I like the advice about speaking up early so things don’t fester. Even though it makes me feel uncomfortable, I find things end well when I just express myself early when I am feeling it, I have tried waiting to discuss things and it just becomes bigger that way.

    • nicole b. says...

      Emma, I have the Maxine Crop! Go for it! You can wear the “tie” in the front or back, or wear it OVER a dress or jumpsuit as a light, fun layer. It’s versatile. :) And I, too, loved her advice on speaking up. Working on this.

  37. I can so, so relate to watching something over and over for comfort, and to turn your brain off. I’ve watched American Movie about 20 or 30 times for this reason.

  38. Sarah says...

    I had no idea she was only 27! Job well done! I’m a big fan of her work and ethics. Thank you for featuring her and her husband.

  39. Kate says...

    But where are the pictures of the dachshunds?! I’m going to need a follow up post featuring the dachshunds. (No, really, I do!)

  40. Ashley says...

    Everything about this post, from style and preferences to how they watch The Office, sounds exactly like me?? My boyfriend and I constantly talk about opening a business together, too (too bad I have no idea what the business would be ;) )

    I want to be friends with them, haha!

  41. rach says...

    I love this couple! So real! I love what she says about eating at their faithful Mexican joint, “everything is right in the world.” Everyone needs that.

  42. Laura says...

    I love how this house tour (and more!) is different than most of the house tours and mentioned the idea of being on a budget–much of the style in her house was both inspiring and doable! Beautiful clothes also.

  43. So cool! I would love to NOT have a commute!

  44. Gigi says...

    I am so glad you interviewed Liz! I love her design philosophy and clothes!

  45. That is so true about deliberately choosing a record and how it slows time down. I love that! They seem like such a great partnership.

  46. Mel says...

    I am in love with the new warm weather collection and just placed my first order yesterday! I hope to treasure my handmade items for many many many years

  47. Danielle says...

    Oh. My. God. My toddler was running around me like a wild animal so I missed the beginning of this post and throughout the whole read I kept thinking, ‘This person sounds so much like the woman who runs Elizabeth Suzann’ and it FUCKING IS! I love, love her work ethic and sensibilities. She inspired me to start teach myself to sew my own clothing even though I do it all by hand and I don’t have the $ for classes. Her designs are also what led me to discover linen fabric (ok, I understand that linen is actually an ancient textile, but I grew up lower class where we kids each had one pair of shoes and $5 was a lot for a tshirt..aka, the land of no linen) which is what I save up to buy and sew with now. Thank you for a great look at such a hardworking, amazing woman. Her shameless (and I mean that in the BEST way) incorporation of pockets into women’s wear is absolutely crucial to supporting how we women think can think of ourselves as reflect on our own utility and value.

  48. Kirsten says...

    I love her and her brand! I have been following her since she had her first collection and I am continually amazed at how much she’s accomplished–and by 27! Incredible.

  49. heather says...

    This home tour is just chock full of surprises.

    – Elizabeth Suzann is 27?!?! WHAT?!?! She has the artistic tastes (and I include Nick Cage and the Office as “tastes”) and wisdom of someone at least a decade (or 2, or 3) older.

    – Elizabeth Suzann buys furniture from Ikea and is concerned about a budget! I must have assumed, because her clothes are expensive, that she probably doesn’t blink at buying all the ‘spensive furniture. Thanks for being a normal person, E.S. (I have so much more respect for the price point on these clothes, btw, knowing how much hard work goes into making them. Love that they’re made in the U.S.A.)

    – Her relationship with her husband is adorable. The very idea of my husband waking up and turning to me to ask, “What would you like to do to make our home better today” (and then taking me furniture shopping) is equally as hot as Nick Cage’s “the storybooks are bullshit” monologue in Moonstruck.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahahaha love that last one! all so true.

    • Carrie says...

      I thought the same about him asking her what she wants to do to better the apartment! My husband is amazing as hell, but that right there is a daydream. Just never would happen haha. What a cute way to start a day though

  50. Rebekah says...

    As a Nashville transplant living in Brooklyn, I appreciate this post so much! I have been a fan of Elizabeth Suzann for a long time, but her diversity campaign, which features models of all shapes and sizes on her website, makes this brand SUPER special in my opinion. It speaks volumes. Slowly building up my collection and loving every piece! Thanks for the lovely read.

  51. Wonderful! A great example of carving out a working environment that is good for the soul too-so hard to come by these days. This is inspiring for budding entrepreneurs.

  52. Carrie says...

    There’s nothing wrong with focusing on work. There’s a time in life for that. My work is not my entire identity, but it is a big part of who I am. I also have had to learn confidence and leadership (very much a work in progress!) It’s a tough road but it feels good to earn my confidence as an adult, unlike when I was younger and just naturally possessed it.

    Oh- and I do the same thing with Friends. Finish the series and start it over again. I’ve done that many times with The Office too. They are like a warm blanket or a hug… they make good watching or even just happy, familiar background noise. Perfect after a long day.

  53. Courtney says...

    I love her and her clothes! I lust after her pieces and would love to be able to afford them one day!
    The way she worded how much she loved The Office is EXACTLY how I feel too. I just couldn’t explain why. But the familiarity of it is unreal. Even when I was in labor, my husband put Michael Scott on his iPad for me to watch when I was in pain.

  54. Julie says...

    Liz, know that there are others of us for whom that scene in the bakery in Moonstruck is low-grade eroticism. Young Nick Cage is the best! His acting really shines in that movie too.

  55. I loved this honest and charming interview! I also love her clothes and brand, and I had no idea Elizabeth was only in her 20’s, she always seemed so poised in her blog posts :)

    I can’t wait to continue to follow her company’s story!

  56. Emma says...

    Oh my goodness! Nicholas Cage is my guilty pleasure. My inner dialogue when I watch one of his movies: “Why am I enjoying this? His acting is the same EVERY TIME! Is that the only face he can do? But he’s so good!” Haha, I wonder if he finds himself ridiculous.

  57. Melody says...

    This was awesome. Elizabeth Suzann is my favorite clothing brand. I’m shocked that she and I are the same age but also impressed. Will definitely continue supporting her brand.

  58. Anitra Sweet says...

    Loved this so so much!

  59. Caitlyn says...

    Small typo in paragraph about tv shows: “so we’ll site there trading favorite quotes” – should be “sit there” <3 signed an editor at heart

    • Stella Blackmon says...

      Thank you, Caitlyn! xo

  60. Louisa says...

    LOVE this. Love her clothes. And I love this point: “good management is both necessary and appreciated by everyone.” It’s often a hard-won lesson to those of us who want to be casual and approachable to realize that good management is necessary to make that possible.

  61. MA says...

    What a great set-up! I love how they make living at their office work. And the US Office is my favorite comfort show too! I re-watched several seasons after the election in November. Something about Michael Scott…his absurdity just made me feel better somehow. I just tried to re-watch the UK Office recently and man, Ricky Gervais is harsh! I loved that show, but it was hard to watch at times. So biting!

  62. Katie says...

    First of all, congrats to Liz and Chris. What an accomplishment to have a successful business!

    Second, how are you liking your West Elm couch? I’ve been eyeing it for awhile, so I’d love an honest opinion. :)

  63. Jessica says...

    I loved the post, and not necessarily for the home design (though it’s a great home!). I love reading about work–what work people do, why they do it, what’s hard, what’s great–and Elizabeth was so thoughtful and honest in this interview about her work. I really like the discussions about toughening up and learning to lead, which I think can be difficult for a lot of women (myself included), at least in part because women aren’t socially conditioned to take on these roles. But as Elizabeth says, it can definitely be developed. I also so appreciated her honesty about this: “I’m not going to pretend otherwise: we’re in a phase of focusing on work.” It’s so refreshing to see someone admit that, flat out. Some phases of life are just focused on specific areas: on work or family or health or play. It doesn’t mean your life is out of balance or that it will forever be stuck in this phase–we’re always changing. As always, wonderful work, CoJ!

    • Laura says...

      I agree on the work part – Im in the process on pivoting careers, and am interested to hear why folks do what they do, whats hard, whats not.

      Nothing against “Lean In”, read the book, was inspired by what Sandberg put out there, but I feel like a lot of the subsequent coverage has reinforced this boss-lady alpha-female way of operating in the world, and I much prefer reading something like this. Hearing her talk about learning to embrace being a better manager feels more honest than a directive on being the next CEO of some mega company

  64. H says...

    This post resonated so much with me – when work life balance is working like crazy then chilling in front of the Office and going to your fave Mexican restaurant each week – same lol! I love how you touched on doing things like changing up lighting as budget allows and how your dream home looks don’t always agree with what’s realistic – also a two-dog household here and my once beautiful white sofa is becoming an eyesore :|. Love your beautiful space, Elizabeth! I hope you and Chris get your dream rural property with a vegetable garden!

  65. Love all the rugs they have! The Office is also continually on repeat in my home haha. It never fails to make me laugh and feel happier.

  66. NO WAY! I can’t believe she was featured here! I LOVE her clothes!! I had no idea she was THAT young. You rock, Elizabeth!!

  67. Carolyn says...

    Does anybody know—are Elizabeth’s shoes those Rachel Comey mules everybody loves?


    • Stella Blackmon says...

      Hi Carolyn! They are! Here’s the link:

    • Carolyn says...

      Thank you, Stella!

  68. Kate says...

    Oh, god, those nipple light fixtures. My goal for 2017 is now to replace each one of those god-awful things in our home!!! I’m inspired by this post!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes i laughed out loud when she said that! my friend calls them “boob lamps.”

    • JR says...

      I call them ceiling titties. When my husband and I were looking to buy our first home, I’d point them out in every prospective house and drive him nuts. The home we bought has ZERO ceiling titties!

  69. Sarah says...

    I have The Office on in the background while I do paperwork for my own business today. I agree– here’s something about this show that’s so comforting. I’ve probably been through it at least ten times, too.

    Congrats to Elizabeth on all her amazing accomplishments! What a work ethic!

    • Me too on The Office! Just never gets old :-)

    • Paula says...

      me three! I second my namesake Paula and everyone else who said this about re-watching shows over and over when doing mindless tasks: for me is washing dishes and internet shopping for my kids (soccer shoes, or party favors -___- ): for me it’s Office, Parks &Recs, and 30Rock. I tried that with Friends and somehow it doesn’t work! lol

  70. Lo says...

    Oh my goodness, I love this. I’m always fascinated by people who successfully work with their partners, and it seems like living so close to work would present its own challenges in itself.

  71. Pamela says...

    We need some pictures of the doxies!

    • Meredith says...

      Yes! I kept looking for them. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha, they weren’t around the day of our shoot! i’ll ask elizabeth :)

  72. Alyce says...

    Love Elizabeth Suzann! I’m heading to Nashville in June, and visiting their studio is high on my to do list.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      it’s so, so gorgeous!!! alpha and i both were at this shoot, and we were freaking out. such has such amazing clothes, as well as candles, art, etc.

  73. This was such an awesome post – so very inspiring. I love to read about women who are so young but are making a name for themselves, showing courage and confidence. Yeah for a good girl boss! Go Liz!

  74. clare says...

    Love the leadership book suggestions! And the “it will be fine” mantra, I have to remind myself of that regularly at work.

  75. Audrey F says...

    I’ve been pining over their clothes for months. Hoping to purchase a piece soon!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  76. jar says...

    she’s the coolest! i also have an obsession with nick cage in moonstruck that i don’t really understand myself, that made me actually lol.

  77. It’s always great to see young entrepreneurs working hard and doing well.


    P.S. Also, they have no commute! That’s great! :D