1. “The accessories you now must remember” = YES. That’s where we are in Denver right now. It takes three times as long to get ready to leave the house!

  2. Such great art. I love her work, it’s inherently pleasing and relatable.

  3. Yes! Spot on. I swear it was 65 here in Portland, OR three weeks ago and now it’s suddenly 45 with possible snow forecasted next week. Brrr!

  4. Hannah says...

    Just moved to Hawaii from Alaska this year and I miss wearing sweaters!! And socks! I haven’t worn socks in 5 months!

    • Rachel S says...

      Are you in the military by any chance? My brother in law and his family moved from Alaska to Hawaii as well. He is an Air Force fighter pilot. Just wondered since that is an unusual move to make!

  5. Jill says...

    I’m downright jealous! It’s 75 degrees in Lakeland, Florida!!! I want boots, sweaters, hot chocolate and chilly weather AND I want it now!!!! Ok, I’m done.

  6. Cynthia says...

    Unfortunately, in the mid-Atlantic region, one day I need a warm coat and gloves, and the next day a light jacket will do. It’s often chilly in the morning, then warms up in the afternoon. We had a cold spell and I bought some earmuffs and I haven’t worn them yet!

  7. Laura C. says...

    God save the fall/winter!
    Today I was looking for some place in the world with a neverending fall season… Is there any state of yours, dear American readers, that may be my next holiday destination?
    I use to think of lovely Canada when thinking of Fall…

  8. So funny! But here in SoCal we’ve now just reached the second sweater haha, sometimes we need a pea-coat. Going beach camping this weekend though outside Santa Barbara and it will be down in the 30s at night, so we will see what happens. Super excited to hang and have fellowship with friends <3

    Have a fantastic weekend Jo!

  9. So true. I shiver in my fall coat until I can’t stand it. Then our comes the down coat… Not there yet!

  10. I have to say I love scarf weather. It’s even nice to start putting on a coat. Somebody once said to me “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices.” This is true if you’re prepared and dress appropriately. I however, somehow always miss the mark. But, I’m trying…:)

  11. Though I miss the seasons in LA, I’m so glad I don’t have to experience NYC winter, haha (though the snow in Central Park is so beautiful!). It’s finally gotten “chilly” here but nothing remotely close to what you guys would call cold up there. ;)

  12. Meg says...

    I’m always surprised with what I forgot about each season after if passed (legs sticking to leather seats in summer! Feet sweat! Nose running in cold!)

  13. These always make me giggle so much, and this is totally me. I spend the whole year desperately waiting for the cold weather to come, so I can layer up. Then I moan through January and Feb because it’s not really what I was after!


  14. Brianna says...

    It’s freezing here in Northern Nevada, but we’ve had no snow yet. I want some snow if I have to wear six layers and look like an Eskimo.

  15. Cute illustration. It’s not too bad here in northern California. It’ll get into the high 60s this weekend supposedly. We shall see ;)

    xo Azu


  16. It’s currently 30 here in Minneapolis, but I refuse to break out my winter jacket until there is snow on the ground! So I’m still running around in a moto leather jacket, trying to delay the inevitable!

    Xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

    • Elisabeth says...

      Hahah! I also live in Minneapolis and am wearing ballet flats to work for the same reason. There are only so many months of the year I want to wear thick socks and boots…

  17. Alice says...

    Actually laughed out loud!

  18. Lesley says...

    Also fun is when steps 1 through 4 each last two days. Because who needs fall when you have blazing summers and arctic winters to enjoy.

  19. This is obviously not for the mid-Atlantic. If it was it would say: giant puffer coat one day, windbreaker the next, rain boots the following, shorts, giant puffer coat again, just sweater, giant puffer coat, tank top… ;)

    Tee hee. So true – almost wore shorts last Christmas (outside of Philly).

    • Emily R says...

      Even up in New England it was that warm at Christmas last year! I loved it.

    • Yeah – my parents live by Mt Snow and the mountain was barely open for a good part of the first half of the year. :-/

  20. sofija says...

    I live for scarves!!! So happy to be able to wear one everyday now!

    • I legitmately just said the same thing in my comment (in different words). LOL