Have a Relaxing Weekend.

Roberta Flack

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having an easter egg hunt on Sunday (hopefully it will be cheerier than this one). Also, thank you to everyone who has applied to our editor position so far! We’re reading through all the applications and will be scheduling interviews soon. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are some fun links from around the web…

The new Nora Ephron documentary looks amazing. (Alex saw and loved it.)

Love this cool new dress.

What you should never do in a British person’s home. Made me laugh out loud.

What Trader Joe’s employees are eating.

13 questions to ask before you get married.

How to get your kids to eat greens.

7 times to say thank you. (#2 surprised me.)

A fill-in-the-blank wedding speech.


This wallpaper Instagram feed is such eye candy.

How 10 TV shows hid their stars’ real-life pregnancies.

Congratulations to Samantha on her beautiful, beautiful book.

And, finally, a poem to read during hard times.

(Photo of Roberta Flack, from the wonderful NITCH. Trader Joe’s link via Sarah Minegar. Greens link via Swissmiss. Salad comic and thank you story via Natalie Horbachevsky. Poem via Dienesa Le.)

  1. thank you for always brightening my weekend with these posts! thank you! (loving the thank you link) ! :) :) :)

  2. Aidel.K says...

    Great link pack!

  3. Jenny Rose says...

    The poem is perfect for my day. I love when worlds collide unbeknownst to those involved. You are not in my world and I not in yours and yet both of ours collided today in such a meaningful way. Thank you for just following your gut and putting messages out there in the world. You never know who they’ll collide with. xo

  4. Ivy says...

    That poem . . .

  5. Jess says...

    Beautiful, beautiful poem. Thank you.

  6. yael steren says...

    I don’t celebrate easter but I still love decorating eggs! Let’s face it – any excuse to put glitter on anything!! I actually worked this weekend – went shopping for a few clients! Wedding season is definitely in the air so I’ve been spending a lot of my time finding dresses for my clients to wear to the weddings they are attending!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xx yael

  7. amy pierson says...

    love that poem. thank you for sharing.

  8. Michele says...

    Everything Is Copy was wonderful!

  9. Sara says...

    I love that poem, thank you for sharing it Joanna. I recently discovered Mary Oliver’s poetry and have been thankful for the strength I’ve drawn from her words, Wild Geese filled my heart and caught in my throat.

  10. Sarahjane says...

    Such a great,solid poem. I’ll be sharing that with a few folks.

  11. Pamela Marshall says...

    Hi Joanna,
    I can’t remember exactly how I found your blog a little while ago, but this cyber-space world we live in now has prompted me to contact you. As for finding your blog, I remember seeing a post about a young woman (you), who had a twin sister and haled from Rochester Hills, MI, also my home town. RH isn’t THAT big, so I clicked on it and lo and behold, I realized you used to live behind us in Bellarmine Hills on Gunder Drive! We are the Marshalls and you and Lucy used to babysit our girls (Allison, Annick, Evvie & Catrina–I think she was born when you and Lucy would sit-not totally sure!) Anywho, many years have passed, n’est-ce pas? Allison is 31; our “baby” is 22. Annick has 2 little girls. We all live in San Antonio now (since 2008). I read about Lucy and your BIL, Paul. So, so sorry for your family’s loss. I’ve been reflecting on when you were a little part of our lives and how the future held so much promise, hope, and dreams. Ah, the twists and turns of life. And now we’re ALL adults. My, how time simply breezes by. It’s still 24 hours in a day, but why-oh-why does it seems to go so incredibly fast?!? Hope this brings a smile to your face. Happy Resurrection Sunday! Sincerely, Pam Marshall

  12. Too bad I don’t have HBO, I would love to see that documentary about Nora Ephron!

  13. The poem got me. Thanks for sharing really! Happy Easter!!

  14. Genna says...

    You should make a book out of your “Motherhood Around the World” series! I always love to reread and think they would be an amazing go-to shower gift for new Moms out there.

  15. rc says...

    I dunno about some of those thank yous:

    “6. When someone gives you unsolicited advice.

    Example: “You know, you should really keep your hips back when you do that exercise.”

    Instead of: “Oh really? Do you have a video of yourself doing it so I can see it done correctly?”

    Try saying: “Thank you for the help.”

    I think it’s tricky, especially for women, to thank someone that is giving you unsolicited advice. Creating boundaries is okay. Why should you say “thank you” for something that you’re really not thankful for? Maybe I missed the point of the article, but I can think of all kinds of scenarios where this advice would be terrible.

  16. What a wonderful poem.

  17. Susan M. says...

    The Thank you piece was intriguing because I’m Canadian and say “thank you” a good deal. But some of the ways he suggests don’t make sense, especially for a woman. Why would I necessarily thank someone who is being aggressively negative to me? I can see some of the logic because bland thank you could deflate the situation at times. Reacting defensively or aggressively in return is no good. But his examples make it sound like one has to submit to someone’s crazy mean judgment. That would just be affirming to that person that s/he has someone got the right to be a rude, mean critic and get away with it. There has to be a more neutralizing way to handle that situation without validating the victimizer (“I hear your view.” ? or “I can see your view; it is helpful to remember that there is more than one way to do that, think about that, etc” ?).

  18. Sarah says...

    Everything is Copy is so wonderful! I laughed and cried my way through the whole thing. I only wished I had more wine and ice cream to accompany me. A commenter here suggested it the other day, and I was delighted to discover yet another great documentary via the Cup of Jo community.

  19. Katie says...

    #2 on the thank you link seemed off. You should always apologize for lateness! Of course “thank you for waiting” should also be included – but don’t exclude the apology. If you do, it just sounds like you expect people to wait for you and that it’s not a problem.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      What a great piece! I totally agree. Ours is going to be super low-key — just four young children, a little neighborhood park, totally age appropriate. A really great reminder — thanks, Emma!

    • Emma Bee says...

      Welcome! I love Janet’s overall parenting philosophy. Maybevsomething for a Motherhood Monday post someday.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      TOTALLY love her. When Anton was born, I read many of her posts about sibling rivalry and discipline (since Toby was freaking out, poor bunny). She was a lifesaver. Great idea for a Monday post.

  20. Lindsay says...

    Thank you for sharing the article “13 Questions to ask before getting married”. Very thought-provoking and important. It is definitely an article I will bookmark for reference.

  21. I loved that thank you article, particularly the one about when comforting someone. It is so true that when you’re being comforted, the last thing you want is someone pointing out that you have your health or whatever. “Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m here for you” would be the BEST thing to hear. <3

    • Erin says...

      I was going to say that. This is what one shouldn’t do in my home, and I’m Canadian :)

  22. Charlotte K says...

    I love MadLibs anyway but now I’m dying to try the wedding speech!

  23. Cara says...

    The article on hiding TV pregnancies was really interesting and (surprisingly) so were the comments, which had other great examples of hidden pregnancies and also a discussion about the extreme thinness of actresses on prime time TV around 2000, which I had totally forgotten about. The article and comments made me think (1) maybe we are actually making some gains in public perception of women’s bodies (yay!) and (2) I bet women in real life, not on TV use a lot of the same tricks to hide their pregnancies when they’re in situation that is not encouraging, whether it be personal, career, or something else.

  24. I can’t wait to watch the Nora Ephron documentary. I’m hearing about it from everywhere! I’ll get to it this weekend.
    That dress is so beautiful, too. I keep imagining seeing someone wear it on the street. It would be a summer-time staple for sure.

  25. Now of course being British, anything with a title “what you shouldn’t do in a British persons home” is like red rag to a bull, I have to read it! Mine is a French/British home these days but with few rules, there are just always so many children, friends children, friends of ours, it’s a fabulous busy household! But we will certainly be having an Easter Egg hunt, this is something that spans American/French and British cultures! Wishing everyone a lovely peaceful Easter weekend.

  26. Laura C says...

    “We all need green beans to eat….” Awesome!
    Have a good Easter Sunday to you all!

  27. I really love the content of your link when one should say “Thank you”. So true, hopefully I will remember it next time.

  28. Such a good, strong poem. Ellen Bass is a gem.

  29. Can’t wait to see the Nora Ephron documentary. Who knows when it will get to my remote corner of France :(
    Roberta Flack is so wonderful. I love that “Killing Me Softly” is being covered so I hear it again, but hers is still the best.
    James Corden is too cute for words.

  30. Oh my Gosh that poem. Thank you for that.

  31. I love that article about what Trader Joe’s employees eat! It’s not that different than what I get from there : )

    Also saw that Qs to Ask Before You Get Married article this morning. I think it asks some really good questions. Not surprising that a lot of them have to do with how you handle finances or value things in life.