Have a Happy (Thanksgiving) Weekend!

Have a Happy (Thanksgiving) Weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! What are you up to today? We’re heading to our friends’ house in Brooklyn, and I plan to stretch out happily by the fireplace (for five minutes before my children need something or other:). Hope you have a wonderful day, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Thanksgiving Bingo! Haha.

A $20 way to make your home feel dreamy.

What a great sunset forecaster.

18 rude texts from your anxiety made me laugh.

A teenager solved a Rubik’s Cube in less than FIVE SECONDS. What the what!

The Night Before has great female roles in a studio comedy.

(Here’s the trailer — Jillian Bell is hilarious.)

Beautiful Parisian apartment, especially the wallpaper.

Who wants some piecaken?

What a loving tribute within a marriage.

We celebrated Toby’s 5 1/2 birthday with half a cake. He is growing up before our very eyes.

Finally, here are seven crazy amazing sales:
* Madewell is 25% off with code SHOPATWORK. (Love this gorgeous dress.)
* J.Crew is up to 40% off with code MONDAY.
* LOFT is 50% off with code CYBER50.
* Bailey44 is Cup of Jo readers 50% off with code BAILEY44BF50.
* Shopbop is up to 25% with code GOBIG15. (I’m eyeing these shoes and this dress.)
* The Land of Nod is 20% off.
* Nordstrom is having a HUGE sale.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of Bob Dylan in 1963. Anxiety texts via Chasing Saturdays)

  1. Love your post, amazing collection of coupons.

  2. SJ says...

    I would like to know your opinions on kids wearing tattoos.
    I know they are supposed to be funny. But I never (not even as a child) liked them. What are they made out of? Are they safe? Can’t the ink permeate into the body?

    SJ –

    • SJ says...

      I’m sorry. I don’t know how this comment got here. I wanted to comment on the post about kids presents.

  3. Shedding a few tears as I wait for the school bus to arrive, after reading the husband’s words about his wife who’s a nurse. Proud to have nurses in my family. They are truly special people.

  4. Joanna, I often use your website as a resource for traveling ideas, recipes, design, and more. Love it! Can you recommend a couple trendy publishing companies? I am an emerging contemporary artist and I am looking for a place to publish a bio page/cards. You always seem to have brilliant ideas when it comes to creative and stylish expression. :)

  5. Alice Quin says...

    Great links as always! Thank you for all you do!

  6. I had no idea Land of Nod was running a promotion, I am so glad I saw this! With planning a big girl room and a new nursery for #2 due soon, I love Land of Nod!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


  7. Janna Van Velson says...

    Add Lucky to sale list! 50% off today!

  8. Robin Blair says...

    Great sales! Thanks for sharing!
    Zara is also having 30% off everything today online and in store! Just got the cutest top for $18.00!

  9. I LOVE that wallpaper! And the map in the bedroom. I love maps as art!

  10. Laura C says...

    Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the world! I find the half-cake so adorable, but later I’ve seen Anton saying Beatles’ names and I am dying of laugh and love!

  11. Prudence says...

    my mom is a nurse! – its definitely the kind of work thats more a calling then a job.. big ups to Nurses!!

    the anxiety sms’s are horribly accurate… the messed joke delivery is the story of my life. :( and the last one my heart started beating faster on instruction..

    Happy thanksgiving to your family.

  12. Sarah says...

    Oh my god. Piecaken.

  13. Sumaya says...

    Please please find out the source of the disco ball? I want the exact same one!

  14. Katherine says...

    I always love these weekend link posts – such great articles and fun new things to discover! I enjoyed the Vanity Fair article, but was disappointed to see that “Seth Rogan’s wife,” not Jillian Bell, was credited for being hilarious. Talented women should be recognized by name, not by their connection to a man. Just a thought! Ladies gotta support ladies!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good point! i’ll change now, thank you!

  15. Finn says...

    I appreciate the nod to female roles in studio comedies, as there are far too few. However, I have to say I find it odd to cheer for women’s inclusion while not naming the actress, but defining her by the role of her male co-star. I’m sure ‘Seth Rogen’s wife’ has a name :)

    • Came here to say the same thing! I imagine that it simply came from knowing Seth Rogen and not knowing Jillian Bell, but I think these details matter, especially when discussing women’s roles :)

  16. yael steren says...

    I love all the sales! I’m in the midst of composing a blog post for tomorrow which will contain my favorite picks from each of them! Happy Thanksgiving!!! xx yael

  17. Charlotte K says...

    Nice to see Bob D up there! I decided the perfect Thanksgiving music for the cook, and one of the greatest collections of American songs, is Highway 61 Revisited

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Nina says...

    Happy Thanksgiving. We are doing nothing, not even “the food” just enjoying relaxing at home. funny, I kept checking yesterday for your weekend links because I’m off work tomorrow….and JUST realized seeing these that yesterday was Wednesday. I mean I *knew* it was Wednesday but my mind expected the links yesterday! Silly mind!