New Floral Wallpaper

New Floral Wallpaper

We’ve been fans of Ashley Woodson Bailey’s dark, moody flower photographs for years. So, we were excited to find out that she created a collection of six photo-based wallpapers, which launches today. Wouldn’t they look stunning in a bedroom or teeny tiny bathroom?

A former floral designer who taught herself photography — starting on her iPhone — while surrounded by get-well flowers after a car accident, Ashley has a deep love for natural shapes (she compares stems and petals to ballerinas’ legs and tutus) as well as design. “Wallpaper has always been intriguing to me,” she says. “It tells such a story about the person whose home it hangs in.”

New Floral Wallpaper

Thoughts? Aren’t they lovely?

P.S. 10 pretty wallpapers and an amazing rainbow bookcase.

  1. paola says...

    i just fall in love, i keep staring at this for hours

  2. So stunning! I’ve known of Ashley Woodson Bailey’s work since she donated a piece to the Art Auction for the nonprofit where I was working. The wallpaper is a genius move. Thanks for sharing!
    Caitlin @ Moveable Mess

  3. Hooray! So proud of Ashley and the amazing team of Atlanta creatives who put together this shoot!

    • Love you Ginny B and every single one of the Atlanta creatives that made this shoot happen! xo-ash

  4. These are amazing!

  5. Those wallpapers are so beautiful and mesmerising! They would look great as a feature wall with solid coloured furnishing!

    X Min,

  6. Stunning! I completely adore the “Dutch Love” print but worry that even for a small space the price would be so high given that the design requires a very specific repeat for correct alignment. Killing me at $14/sq ft, especially given the waste that would come with that proper alignment. But just wonderful design…. maybe worth it… one day… love this for an entry hall… xox

    • hi caroline!
      thanks so much for the compliment! the paper is actually made to measure for your space so there is very little waste! and right now we are offering a 15% discount on the paper! you can enter the code awb15 to receive the discount if you are interested! it would be spectacular in an entry hall.

  7. oh my…….those are so lovely, so intense and feel absolutely life like. I agree, any of them would be awesome in a teeny bathroom. though each example you highlight looks better than the last. beautiful !

  8. Samantha says...

    The design is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t cover a whole wall with it, cause it seriously gives me the chills. Reminds me of Stephen King’s mini series Rose Red for some reason.

    • Thanks Ashley-how incredible would it be to walk into a closet full of flowers (and gorgeous clothes)! xo-ash

  9. Black and flowers are a perfect match, looks great!

    • Thanks Ramona-I couldn’t agree more!

  10. Julia says...

    Lovely… but perhaps a bit creepy?? I think I’d worry they might reach out and GRAB me! lol

    • hah hah julia-i love that you see it that way! i hadn’t seen the creepy aspect (still don’t) but i do think that is what art is all about-forming your own opinion and ideas! xo-ash

  11. I LOVE these wallpapers. It’s almost like they are coming out of the wall. I love that they are refreshing take on wall paper….something different then what we usually think of when we think wallpaper.


    • Hi Heather-
      Thank you! I want people to feel like they are in a room full of flowers and that they are come to life. xo-ash

  12. Ah! Love this. Now to convince my man that we need this in our bathroom!!!

    • Natalie-
      Surprise him! All the paper is 15% off right now! Enter AWB15 at checkout if you decide to go for it!

  13. Gorgeous! I love wallpaper – we have a big wall in our bedroom papered and it’s one of my favourite parts of our home.

    • Mina-
      One of my very favorite names! I love that you love wallpaper-I think it can make a room! xo-ash

    • Hi Alex-thank you! All the paper is 15% off currently on my site if you decide to take the plunge! Enter AWB15 at checkout! xo-ash

  14. I like it!

    • Alyssa-
      I was nervous about it as well but now I want to cover every wall-hah! I am starting with an accent wall in our living room! If you decide to take the plunge all paper is 15% off on my site. Enter AWB15 at checkout! xo-ash

  15. What a lovely wallpaper. It’s so classy!

  16. May says...

    They are taste specific with a dynamic personality. Its like looking at them thinking…Hm? They aren’ t my taste but I do like looking at them.
    I see the first wallpaper on a bedroom feature wall, and ceiling to create the feel of a canopy.

    • Hi May! Love your perspective! And I have a few clients who are about to cover their ceilings! I can’t wait to see! xo-ash

  17. I love the “Dutch/Flemish meets technology” feel of these designs. Ashley eye and touch makes everything more special and beautiful.

  18. These are just stunning. I love how lush and moody they are – reminds me of the images I’ve been seeing on the design sponge florals instagram feed. Gorgeous.

  19. Wow – totally gorgeous. The kind of thing that makes you want to settle into a cozy corner with a cup of tea and a great read.

  20. These are so beautiful! They’d also be fun to line the back of a bookcase.

  21. Rosie says...

    Swoon!! I absolutely adore flowers (surprise surprise with my name and all I know). Now to own a home or apartment so I can actually use wallpaper…

  22. Whoa what a statement! I have to say these are very refreshing. Does it feel to anyone else that a lot of home tours are starting to look a bit similar? I’d love to see an entire apartment styled around this sort of wallpaper.

  23. Love the first one! So beautiful! You’re right they’d be gorgeous in a bathroom.

  24. They are gorgeous, but I reckon they’d make a small room feel quite claustrophobic – maybe a feature wall.

    • Kathleen says...

      I was thinking the same thing – maybe too overwhelming for something small, but perfect for a feature wall!

  25. Stunning! I love what a bold statement this would be for a room!

  26. L says...

    There’s not for me, but truly gorgeous.

    • L says...

      *They’re… What’s wrong with me? Is there an edit comment button?

  27. ashley b says...

    they’re super lovely, but they look really large scale!?


  29. Oh my gosh! So gorgeous!