What are you up to this weekend? Since reading everyone’s podcast recommendations, I’ve started a new ritual: Some evenings, I’ll sneak out for a bike ride along the water and listen to podcasts. (This was one of my favorites.) Also, this weekend, we’re taking the boys to the Dumbo carousel to ring in the spring. Hope you have a good one, and here are some fun posts from around the web…

First off, obviously everyone saw this hilarious and amazing skit, right? Love those women so much.

Things I definitely thought of first.”

An ode to rainy-day hair.

Families ditch cars for cargo bikes. So cool.

I want to dress like this girl all summer.

Do you agree with this map of state foods? (I’ve never had a Michigan pasty!)

Of course Italy has a carpooling app for scooter rides.

5 things happy people have in their homes.

An oral history of Mad Men.

What it feels like to fall asleep. (Sounds about right.)

How to make barista coffee at home.

An (adorable) reason to drink wine.

This family eats ONLY steak. No, but for real.

Hope you have a good one. xo

(Photo of Alex and me from last summer. State foods link via Cupcakes and Cashmere. Steak link via Miss Moss)