What Your Name Says About Your Personality

Do you know what your first name means? According to this handy website, “choosing a name is choosing a fate.” Yikes! The site gives a detailed description for each first name, including your personality, likes and dislikes, relationship predictions and ideal careers.

They’re eerily on-point. For example, Alex “will occasionally disappear into his inner sanctuary of daydreams” (SO TRUE), while Caroline “loves reading” and “won’t be easily seduced.” ;)

Check it out here. What does your first name mean? Is it accurate?

(Photo by HONY. First names site via Diana)

  1. Alyssa says...

    My name means alyssa

  2. Mary Davis says...

    My name never pops up on any website I ever try to do
    I thought this would be the one but no
    Darn my parents for naming me this

  3. Derek says...

    I’d love to know how the compatibility test works. I’ve tested me and several people (some friends, some more) and it’s been creepily accurate! Anyone know how it does that? If it’s all based on numerology, anyone have anything detailing these calculations? I’ve played with different methods, but none have been as detailed as this site, and I’m very interested in being able to do this myself.

  4. katherine says...

    I want to know what my name says about my personality

  5. Abigail says...

    Yeah, lol. Maybe 30% of my name prediction was applicable to me, which is probably not any better (if not worse) than a random-generated set of characteristics strewn together.

  6. Nelu says...

    Okay… This is freaky. I would say the accuracy was around 80% even for my clearly uncommon name!

  7. Wow. Mine was so accurate it’s scary. Especially this phrase-

    “She is capable of making a smooth and sudden transformation from an almost silent, reserved little girl into an incessant chatterbox if one is successful in winning her trust.”

    Spot. On.

  8. june2 says...

    How is it possible for that to be so accurate? ? ?

  9. I am an INTJ and my name is Jill and they are both spot on for my personality. Very interesting.

  10. Natalia says...

    Wow, even though they only had my name with some random accent, it was pretty spot on!

  11. I just checked my own name, and it wasn’t really accurate at all. But THEN I checked my daughter’s name . . . and it was me to a T! Like, freakishly accurate in every way. Bizarre.

  12. I – can’t – believe this so true!! specially the “need to be in charge” if you ask most people haha!!

  13. Oh couldnt be any further apart… mysterious and shy?? I am as a loud as an ambulance. Extremely social and very well known for being blunt.
    Kinda disappointing.

  14. My name is Anceeta. I’m giving a prize to anyone who will tell me anything about my name!

  15. OK, that was crazy! Spot on for me, my husband and our kids! Especially weird is that my husband and son share the same name (but my son has a nickname) – I never noticed how alike those two are! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. My name wasn’t referenced in the database :( EVERY TIME. #waytoooriginal

  17. Mine was interesting because my name is Julia, but I’ve always been called Julie. I checked out both names, and Julie seems a lot closer to my personality type. How funny :)

  18. Eerie, there were things that are SPOT on about me that I don’t think I could have articulated as well, and didn’t really consciously realize. Wow

  19. Mine was correct about half the time, incorrect the other half. Amazingly accurate when it was right and laughably insane when it wasn’t!

  20. Oh, wow, mine was pretty much on target. Wild.

  21. That was crazy accurate! Insanity.

  22. S. says...

    Mine was crazy accurate! So was my boyfriend’s. I checked out names compatibility and I was shocked! It says things about out relationship that we’ve spoken about before, very specific things. Like the magnetic attraction, the being able to spend long hours together even if we’re doing nothing. You MUST check your and Alex’s compatibility and then tell us about it:)

  23. So true!
    My name means “Who is greater?” And I totally agree that it’s had a big impact on how I live

    (Book Giveaway still on!)

  24. Jaclyn was freakily spot on. The variation is British (?). Who knew?! Said I am technical with a flair for the avant garde (trained technical fashion designer). It said that I am dependable, rigid, moral, philosophical, and that I don’t believe in luck.I couldn’t have said it better myself. F’real. Freaky.

  25. My names Nectar, so it’s pretty straight forward.

    I believe that a name really does set fate though. People that have met me..or at least knew my name and then saw the face to it usually says “ah yes. of course that’s your name”. I hope that’s a compliment!

    Over the years though, people have pinpointed certain things about my name that I never really thought of. One night I had a Middle Eastern cab driver that mentioned that my name is a symbol of purity and said “your father wanted you to be pure and sweet, stay that way!” I’ll never forget that conversation.

    I have yet to meet someone with the same name as me though.

  26. A little spooky – it felt as if it was written about me, other than the jealous part (my whole name is Nadezhda – a Bulgarian one).

  27. Ohhhh my gosh this was CREEPY accurate!


    “attracted to an artistic occupation or something in connection with esthetics or taste”

    I’m a graphic designer!

  28. It’s so funny… I first put in Kathleen (my given name) and it wasn’t very close, but then I used my nickname, Kit (which I chose for myself after seeing “A League of Their Own” when I was 6 years old), AND IT WAS SO SO SO SPOT ON!

  29. My (Dutch) name isn’t on the list, but I did a comparable test before, and it turned out that my name meant ‘bitter’. Eeks, I hope that isn’t true ;-)

  30. My name is Caroline too, and this is so true!!

  31. Totally on point! Almost a little scary how accurate it was. Thanks for the site!

  32. Yikes. I hope this is completely wrong. Says “Paige” is self-centered, conceited and prone to throw tantrums! I’ve always been a pretty quiet, bookish sort of girl. Maybe I should go by a nickname…

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  34. Marianne: Lively, communicative and adaptable. That’s VERY spot on. (I even majored in communication :-)

  35. My name wasn’t in the database. Sad day.

  36. I thought Kate was pretty right on. And it said my husband and I are a ‘fantastic couple” ! Bonus!

  37. So freaky!

    I put in my name – Cynthia- and I am the complete opposite of everything it said.

    So then I put in my nickname – Cindy – and it was bizarrely accurate. It was even describing my weird quirks and predicted my occupation.

    I guess I should just finally embrace my nickname and stop trying to get everyone to call me Cynthia. It never works anyway – even with strangers! Even my parents couldn’t call me Cynthia when I was a kid and they tried the hardest.

    That was fun! Thanks!
    Cynthia I mean Cindy

  38. Wildly accurate.

  39. Thanks for this! I looked up my name and found much of what I read to be quite accurate. I was especially impressed/creeped out when it predicted that those with my name would gravitate towards “psychology or social sciences” (I am a mental health counselor).

    P.S. My name is also Joanna!

  40. Mine was so off, it made me laugh on the subway.

  41. I just spent more than 10 minutes looking at relatives names! The site is very good and has many similarities with people I know. It’s fun!

  42. Bah! This is not helping my constant indecision as I prepare to name my first baby – & the massive feeling of responsibility we feel around it…

  43. SR says...

    Hmmm… “rebellious with a hankering for adventure, independence and freedom.” ;)

  44. It thinks I am a boy. I am not. Sooooo…. there is that.

  45. So off! Fun to do this but it actually quite opposite of me. “Sean” was the closest I found – described as a narcissistic man with lots of self esteem, who dresses incredibly well, who likes to be the center of attention. It also sounds like children name Sean are jerks and need to be taught tolerance and to not take themselves to seriously.

    Not so impressed with my namesake!

  46. WOW. I am a little freaked out by how accurate this was for me.

  47. Aw my name wasn’t there. I didn’t think Polly was that much of an unusual name! X

  48. Sadly, my name is never available for these things. What does that say about me, I wonder?…

  49. maybe my name slows me down, i’ve always felt. it makes me a bit of a square? i wanted the name Kim, when i was little, and for some reason Marci as a young adult. this all says more about me (though I don’t know what exactly! lol . . .) then that i am a Sharon!

    at least now i am settled and not still name shopping. i think that’s called acceptance :)

  50. oh, yes, this is pretty accurate. it said that i can be a perfectionist and that i should go into a social profession that emphasizes accuracy and attention to detail, which practically screams journalism — my major in college! :)

  51. 80% accurate. Artistic career, “romantically speaking, she has plenty of qualities, most notably her personal integrity and honesty”, “…her relationship with her siblings whom she tends to try and dominate – or even bully, especially if she is the eldest” (poor little bro o’mine…)

  52. My name is missing too:(


  53. I felt like it was describing my opposite. “They are actually rather stern and quite authoritarian, ambitious and apt to acquire a certain amount of power.” NOPE.

  54. Ha! Mine and my boyfriend’s are spot-on!

  55. Oh dear, mine didn’t work at all! “She often tends to become withdrawn in the face of hostility, preferring to avoid confrontation.” Nope! I am always right there in the middle of the confrontation! It also said I had leadership skills, which I most assuredly do not.

  56. Haha! This is brilliant. My husband who is such a cynic let me read a description to him and he guessed correctly who in our family it was! All of us 4, were pretty accurate although my girl is only 15months but there were definatley some traits! I felt like a 12 yr old doing the comparability test! Ha ha ha

  57. Mine was freakishly accurate. My husband’s…not so much. Still, so fun!

  58. I thought this was BS until I read this:

    “Lauren is a tender and sentimental soul who would do almost anything for for those she loves. She has a true sense of friendship and solidarity while she is attracted by the irrational, mystery, magic and the weird and wonderful.”

    I would be surprised if the description for my boyfriend was, “irrational, mysterious, magical, weird, and wonderful.”

  59. Update: my mom and partner’s names weren’t that good, but my brother and dad’s were right on! For my dad, it says he is fascinated by computers and technology, and should pursue it as a career if born on the 16th… which he was, and he is a software engineer.

  60. @lendy, bummer! (btw lendy is such a cute name!)

  61. Holy crap, both mine (Alexandra) and my husband’s (Gareth) are so accurate it’s scary!

  62. Silly but fun. My description was nothing like me, though in paragraphs and paragraphs of description, you’re bound to find a few things that fit the bill (:

  63. Wow! Mine was scary accurate!

  64. My full name is Katharine, which was not accurate at all (it said I like romance and beauty and gifts, especially diamonds… no).

    But when I looked up Kate, which I go by, it was spot on! A “natural air of authority,” “independence and the need to be in charge,” “the urge to withdraw themselves from the world,” “they can often be overly rigid where their principles are concerned,” “a profound sense of justice, experiencing fierce rage when they encounter iniquity.” Literally spot on! So cool!

  65. Yeah, this is creepy! Names are so weird!

  66. you said it eerie!
    my name is Catherine and here’s what they say:” A formal education may not necessarily be her first choice, unless she has a strong motivation to do so. All the same, she is in possession of an excellent memory, has an innate psychological understanding and is therefore shrewd and highly critical. She could be attracted to the social sciences (psychology, sociology, child care or education…), especially if she was born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of the month.”
    I was born on July 29th and am a …teacher!All the above are a perfect match!
    Sadly, I couldn’t find my daughter’s name in the list (ZELIE) Just to see what to expect!!
    Thanks you for great basic entertainment!

  67. Mine is hilariously inaccurate (Ellen). It must be ‘opposite day’. Sending it to my boyfriend so he can share my amusement! x

  68. My name wasn’t listed either! Darn! I can never find (Lendy) anywhere!

  69. The page is not working for me. Anyone know what Christina means?! ;-)

  70. Mine was about 50/50. The parts that were on point were very true about me, and the other stuff was soooo off-base!

  71. I’d say mine is dead on! But my husband’s is so laughably not! But I put our names into the compatibility test and apparently we are very compatible. phewf!

  72. I did this not too long ago and it was crazy how spot on it was -Amber

  73. oh shoot! the server broke because of the traffic. i’m sure it will be up later on. sorry!

  74. Forgot to add that in South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, it is believed that a person’s name strongly influences their personality. There is a lot of importance given to the meaning of a name when choosing a baby’s name. It is not uncommon for a child’s name to be changed if the parents or family feel it is unsuitable or not bestowing the right characteristics.

  75. I was going back and forth on mine until I got here: “She seems to enjoy confrontation”.

    And then: ” She is likely to be attracted to a profession connected to the world of business, related to trade or travel, or with a certain power”.

    I’m a people pleaser who works at a federal agency that deals in preserving history. The only thing I have power over is my desktop wallpaper.

  76. I think you broke their server! I am getting a 505 :-)

  77. haha, sounds like from these comments, they either get it exactly right…or not at all :)

  78. ps it said anton was analytical and independent and quiet, and toby should go into theatre. definitely right. :)

  79. Mine described me to a T, which was a bit surprising given how generic these types of sites can be.

  80. Untrue for myself and boyfriend as well as my family… in fact, my boyfriend had the same line about daydreaming that Alex has and it’s not true :)

  81. My first name was not listed, but I read the page for my nickname instead. It was pretty good overall I thought, but a little troubling.

  82. this just blew my mind! i have a very unusual name to begin with…it pegged me exactly!

  83. Ah mine is not on point at all! At least I hope not. My name is Julia and pretty much everything they wrote makes me out to be the worst person ever.
    The overall message is that I am greedy, opinionated and if I don’t get my way I will complain and be moody until I finally get it. It also says I am more focused on my career and money than family life and that couldn’t be farther from who I am.
    I will show my husband tonight and see if he agrees with the meaning on the website haha.

  84. Mine was way off. It said I’m extroverted and a chatterbox when I’m actually introverted and quiet. I was already skeptical though, I’ve known too many other Jessicas who are absolutely nothing like me.

    The 16 Personalities test is the most accurate I’ve ever taken.

  85. Haha no, it was not very true for me and my husband! But check out the descriptions of people based on the day they were born, have you ever seen that book? It was spot on for everyone I looked up!

  86. I am SO shocked by this. The way the site looks, you would assume that it would be generic answers. I was surprised to see such long paragraphs for each category describing the person. I honestly do not think I could have been described more exactly.

    SO WEIRD!!! but very cool. Good find, Joanna

  87. As an aside, don’t you love the HONY Facebook page? My 8-year-old wants to be stopped by Brandon next time we are in NYC (we live in London and have no current plans to revisit the city!).

  88. “Andréa appreciates privacy, tranquillity and is strongly drawn to religion, esotericism… As a child, Andréa is emotionally very fragile and often lacks vitality.” Haha. I’m a very happy and outgoing atheist/humanist and when I recently watched old videos of me as a child I thought that when I have kids, I’d hope they’d jump around a little less. I don’t know how my parents could cope with a kids with that many ants in the pants;)

  89. The accuracy of this is insane! I looked up my 6 year old son’s first, and it was SPOT ON. My name is much trickier to find, but when I found the variation, it was amazing (if not a bit troubling at times!).

  90. My given name is “Stasha”-which isnt in the database, but “Natasha” (the name from which my mother based my name) WAS weirdly accurate!!

  91. Haha, well I don’t know if it’s very accurate… there are many things about my name on that site that actually don’t fit me.. but it is funny to read!

  92. My name is not in the database 😕

  93. LK says...

    Mine was not accurate at all (Lauren). According to the site I would likely work with numbers like accounting… I’m a magazine editor so the exact opposite. But my husband is an account, so I guess that’s something. It is an interesting site though. I have some exploring to do.

  94. I did my daughter Lauren and it says if she is the daughter, I should nurture her artistic side (she’s been thriving in choir, piano, dance and drawing classes, not all at the same time of course). Pretty cool! Of course, I’d recommend the Myers Briggs to anyone (ISFJ speaking here)!

  95. Oh, nay! The choice of your name is hardly causational to your future. It’s a fun factiod that conventional wisdom spews (incorrectly), but one’s true future lies in your family’s socioeconomic class. Class and societal perceptions of names lead patents’ naming choices. The relationship between name and future is merely correlational.

    I know, I’m a fun-sucker. Looking up the meaning of your name is still delightful. I’m merely partaking in the war against small distortions of fact in our daily lives.

    Please consider this excellent discussion facilitated by the fine folks at Freakonomics:

  96. Mine was so oddly on point! “particularly communicative”–I am a writer :)