Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex is in Switzerland for work (nice!) so I’m flying solo with the little dudes. We’re planning some adventures around town, and are also going to bake cookies since it’s SNOWING. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Have you watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? I thought the trailer was so-so, but the show itself is really funny.

The 10 words every girl (and woman) should learn.

Have you played Google Feud yet? It’s addictive.

How to deliver a baby.

My favorite summer shoes are back.

These jelly beans taste like WHAT?

Seven tips for success.

Breathtaking wedding photos.

What a cool way to frame photos of your loved ones.

A ten-minute Oscar-nominated film about a marriage.

Garbage men take a break.

A genius place for houseguests to sleep.

(Garbage men via Miss Moss)

  1. Jordan says...

    Do you know the photog of this photo? Thanks!

  2. alison, going to check it out right now! and becca, haha, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the millionth time:)

  3. thanks, ryan! so nice to have you :)ps. i have another female friend named ryan! she was the first one i had met; such a cool name.

  4. I loved Unbreakable Kimmy and ripped through it practically the first weekend it came out! Also, love the article on 10 Words… :)

  5. Just found your blog! Wonderful stuff!! Thanks for the laughs.

  6. We played that jelly bean game and it was evil! My daughter (7) and my brother were the best at it. They powered through and actually ate all the nasty jelly beans they got. I was the wimp and spit everything out :)

  7. I’ve gotta tell ya – of all the ‘link roundup’ blog posts I see in any given week, yours are the only ones that I end up clicking all the way through! They are simply the best! thanks for sharing.

  8. The delivering a baby post made me laugh out loud. The author was clearly in our delivery room when my eldest was born (although he was 9lbs 15oz!!) x

  9. I’ve been watching Kimmy all day!

  10. I cannot believe it`s snowing in NYC! Here in Norway we are enjoying spring! The sun is getting warmer, spring flowers in the garden and happy kids wearing their low weight shoes! – and in six weeks we are heading for NYC. Guess we have to pack our wool and warm winter jackets..

  11. I really appreciate that link to the 10 words every girl and woman should know. That is such a great article and we need to hear more like that! Thanks :)

  12. Oh no! that Google Feud is suuuuper addicting!

    Have you played GeoGuessr? It’s based on google maps — and also insanely addicting.

  13. so, just wasted about 20 minutes on Google Feud … thanks a lot! Just kidding <3

  14. I love the wedding photos, soo beautiful.

    Have a good weekend Jo!

  15. The article “10 Words Every Girl Should Learn” is incredibly important! Thank you so much for posting that, as so many girls (and yes, women) need to learn (and use!) those words.

  16. Just remembered the snow comment from your post… And realizing it was cruel to mention wearing my summer shoes (I live down south)! Hope spring comes to you soon!

  17. I adore Bensimon tennies! Wearing them today :)

  18. LOVED the article ’10 words every girl should learn’. I have found this “male privilege” in converstation to be incredibly hurtful and irksome-and all to prevalent. I am glad someone is writing about it!

  19. Unbreakable! They alive, dammit! It’s a miracle!

  20. How to birth a baby?!?!?!?! *raising my hand*

  21. Google Feud makes me feel like a loser! So I’m going to stick to just being addicted to Diet Coke ;)

  22. if only it was summer shoe weather here in Brooklyn! xo

  23. Thanks for linking to that article on things girls should practice saying. I’m a female in tech and I’ve begun noticing this (after years of actively ignoring it – a survival strategy) all the time. Now if only I could get all my male coworkers to read it… And that how to deliver a baby article was awesome. Happy Friday!

  24. Those jelly beans look dangerous =p
    Have a great weekend to you, too!
    Juju Sprinkles

  25. I’m saving the short film for when I can watch it with my partner; thanks! And he’s been watching that TV show, would you believe, but I’m afraid I’ve taken to calling it The Unbearable Kimmy Sh*t… If you can get the BBC show ‘Uncle’ over there, though, it’s hilarious and very sweet. On a totally different note, thanks also for posting the PBS Atul Gawande documentary recently – it was a really astonishing film, not easy to watch but so important (and it even worked online here in the UK!).

  26. I have had a Castro ottoman bed for a few years and can attest to its comfort and convenience.

  27. The short film was beautiful and I am so happy that you linked to it. I watched it and then immediately called my husband over to watch it to. So many metaphors for marriage. Wonderfully done.

  28. We live in Switzerland and I love your blog. If Alex needs tour guides let me know. We would be honored.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Thank you for the Oscar nominated 10 minute short concerning marriage. I cried. My husband is a surgeon. I interview for medical school next week. It has been a hard journey, but I am determined to be on the same page as him. Thanks for showing me that someone else really understands the depth of this. Sincerely, Jenny Gutwein (

  30. That birth story was pretty much me! Laughed out loud. Thanks.

  31. Good article about girls speech. We have noticed in class that girls tend to apologize before speaking their opinion or even answering a question. Boys have no such qualms about their opinions or answers.

  32. Whoa. Those wedding pics!!!

    Ha! I love that pic of the garbage men.

    I’m so trying Kimmy soon. I keep hearing how fab it is.