Pretty String Lights

Jordan Ferney (of Oh Happy Day) just launched an awesome new store: Bright Lab. She’s offering cotton string lights in a bunch of different colors.

You can choose one of their favorite color sets or create your own assortment. (There are 40 colors to choose from, from brights to pastels to metallics.) We especially love the sorbet and rainbow. Wouldn’t they be great in a kid’s room, over a bookcase or just to make any space a little cheerier?

P.S. Jordan’s beautiful 500-square-foot apartment, where you can see the lights in action.

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  2. Joanna, based on your recommendation I ordered these lights to put in my daughter’s nursery. My card was charged immediately but weeks passed and no lights ever arrived. I emailed the BRIGHT LAB site repeatedly to no response. I even emailed Jordan directly. She also never responded. Finally, I got an email saying the lights were out of stock. (They had charged my card three weeks prior!) Soured by the experience, I asked for a refund. Two and half weeks later, that STILL has not happened. I had to report the charge to Amex. I am so disheartened by the experience and thought you should know before you refer this company. Bad business. :(

  3. So cuuuuuuuute! She should offer a small discount to Cup of Jo readers – just saying. :)

  4. So cute!!! I could see this in just about every room of my house. I think I’ll narrow it down though.

  5. Thank you so much for featuring these. I love to support American companies, even if what they’re selling is inspired by a foreign source. Kudos to Bright Lab for creating such unique and gorgeous color options and for making this beautiful accessory available in the U.S.A. I just placed my order for the Playground strand and can’t wait to hang them up in my craft room!

  6. Fun lights. These are all over the markets in Thailand! Have been for years and years. And for 1/6 of the price!

  7. I saw these and instantly ordered my own. I’ve been looking for some just like this for my bedroom and I thought it was a sign to purchase! Plus the create your own on the website is so fun and interactive, I definitely spent about an hour before I chose my design!

    My only comment is that on the website they don’t have any pictures of the lights on, they are only shown during the daytime. I guess that means it’ll be a surprise when I get mine. I can’t wait! :)

  8. They are perfect, it would look adorable in my room. IM SOOOO GETTING THEM…..

  9. Thanks for addressing the concerns, Jordan. I respect your response, but still feel as though you could have cited your inspiration and purpose of not ordering from the French company, while they do ship to the US.

    It’s a difference opinion of design crediting & business practices.

    Best, Anna

  10. These look just like my family’s strand from Le Case De Cousin Paul. We loved picking out colors in the shop and recommend it for those visiting Paris. Such a fun place!

  11. Thanks for all the support everyone! This is the first time I’ve started a company and there are so many moving parts! It’s nerve wracking! I wanted to respond to the few concerns I’ve seen. These lights are sold around the world. I first was introduced to them on a trip to Asia 10 years ago and then saw them again in Paris a few years ago. There is no good US source and that was my motive for starting the company. We’ve been working on custom designing colors (we had string dyed just for Bright Lab that no one else has) and went through several rounds of testing until we designed the lights just like I wanted. I love Case de la Cousin Paul but they certainly didn’t invent them! If they ship to the US that is a new feature. When I tried to get replacement parts a few years ago they weren’t shipping to the US. I’ve even seen these lights for years around San Francisco (just not in pretty customizable colors-ha!) Hope that clears things up. xo, Jordan

  12. So whimsical and pretty!

  13. I really love your blog, Joanna. Always have. Some posts I don’t particularly dig, but chalk it up to differences in style, taste, etc. But I had to say something…

    Jordan ripped this off from the company La Case De Cousin Paul! She even wrote about discovering that company. I just can’t get behind something that endorses such shady behavior. I would hope you wouldn’t either. Especially when I know you use your platform to promote international companies.

    I hope you don’t take this as a “mean” comment, but merely as an opinion of concern.

  14. Love em’. Would be perfect in my daughters bedroom. Thanks Jo!

  15. They remind me of a brand called cable and cotton :) You can buy cable and cotton in a shop called the clementine which is in a town called fowey , just over the river from polruan where you stayed last week :)

  16. Those lights look fun! Any chance you can source the leather couch in the top photo? Thanks!

  17. I don’t know about you, but I want Jordan to open an entire party store, not just a cotton string light store! :-) She would sell THE BEST STUFF. Stuff that would elevate simple dinners and daily life, even.

  18. Thanks Joanna (and Jordan)!

  19. yes, they light up—they’re pretty dim, so i think they’d be great for a nightlight!

  20. How lovely! When I was about 20 weeks pregnant with our twins (now 3 years old), my husband Sam and I passed the la Case de Cousin Paul shop in Montmartre and loved those lights.

    How bright are they? Could we use a short rainbow strand as nightlights, or would that be too bright for sleeping toddlers?

  21. I know they’re called “lights”, but do they actually light up? There are no photos of them lit up on the website…

  22. They are very pretty, but I’d keep them out of reach of little ones and probably woudn’t put them in my son’s room for safety issues.

  23. I love the Party Girl color scheme. These are so sweet!

  24. Monica – The French company is – and they do ship to the United States.

  25. would love to see how these look when they are actually turned on!

  26. these are AWESOME! thanks for sharing!!!

  27. monica, i just asked jordan and she said: “they are the same kind as in the house tour—we started the company because I couldn’t find a good U.S. source for the lights!” hope that helps! xo

  28. monica and ashley, i’ll ask jordan right now!

  29. Aw these are so cute, they’d instantly brighten up a room!

    Jade x ♡

  30. Hi Joanna! The lights are so sweet! Oh my goodness where is that gorgeous blue arm chair from in one of the pics?

  31. Lovely lights! But we got 8 sets in Vietnam for 2.50 a set!!! The exact same!

  32. I adore Jordan and her blog, so this question is truly asked with genuine curiosity (not snark!). In her home tour post, you mentioned in the comments that the string lights were from France. I’ve saw them there a few months ago as well. So are the lights Jordan is selling from France? Or are these different ones from the kind in her home tour?

  33. I love these cotton string lights! They add so much color and fun to the rooms and they remind me a bit of <a href=”>Felt Garlands</a>. How fun!

  34. Cute! These would be adorable on my new little covered porch :)

  35. Yay! You ladies are back!! You were missed! Hope you both had a great vacation!

  36. She has such a gorgeous space. Lots of decorating inspiration.