1. this is awesome. i remember you bringing this topic up before. i am in your camp for sure. ghost (when appropriate)

  2. Loved this!

  3. Oh, I really wish some of my guests at my wedding could have done a ‘ghost exit’. I felt like I spent so much time saying goodbye (what a downer) instead of dancing the night away!

  4. Man, I really like ghosting more than I should. It is a way of avoiding awkwardness.

  5. I think I just shout a general “Byyye” and walk out. I hate taking forever to leave somewhere!

  6. This chart is awesomely hilarious! I still remember one of the first get-togethers I went to with my (now) husband. He’s Iranian, and most of the guests were Iranian, and I’ve since learned that you never exit quickly in those circumstances. Near the end of the evening he mentioned that maybe we could head out. I grabbed my purse and jacket and was ready to go in about 5 minutes … and stood awkwardly near the door while he spent at least half an hour saying goodbye to everyone individually (sometimes circling back a second time to certain people). It’s so exhausting!

  7. I like to slip out, as people always try to convince us to stay if we tell them we are leaving. It gets annoying.

  8. I was wondering what the etiquette was for a wedding since I have to bow out of one early this weekend. Feel much better being encouraged to slip out quietly! ;)

  9. Haha the Irish Goodbye! Love hearing it called Ghost.

  10. Great topic! My husband and I always, at the very least, find the host and hostess and thank them and say good-bye. Other friends we are close with we find as well. Loved hearing everyone’s responses!

  11. We actually ghosted our own wedding just a few weeks ago! We knew we’d see everyone the next day and it was nice for us to just sneak away especially as we don’t drink and everyone else does. Plus it’s our wedding we can do what we want right?! X

  12. My husband and I call it smoke bombing. You throw your imaginary smoke bomb and whoosh! You’ve disappeared… So if we’re in a big party or crowded event and itching to leave, we just look at each other and one of us goes “smoke bomb?” And in less than 2 min we’re out of there!
    For small gatherings I’m a big fan of the “bye everyone” wave though…



  13. A discreet farewell to the host and then Ghosting every time (this does NOT go down well in Texas – only so long my ‘i’m british and new here’ is going to work for!)

  14. This is great! Though I believe that in any situation, you MUST say goodbye to the host. Doesn’t matter what the situation is.

  15. I think it is absolutely AWFUL to leave a party without a goodbye.. Especially if each person when they arrived was announced and greeted.. Whats wrong with the “Bye Everyone” wave anyway

  16. Most of my family and friends are big fans of the ghost exit – myself included. However, my husband comes from a very Southern family and I have discovered it is impossible to leave without hugging everyone, being offered to take home all the leftovers and being told “Don’t be a stranger, now” although you saw the same people, like, a week ago. It’s very overwhelming for me :)

  17. I just googled the ghost exit, turns out I’ve been doing it right almost all the time without even knowing it. Whew.

  18. Haha love this. I say bye at family functions but for all others, I usually only say bye to the host and ghost the other peeps. haha

  19. This is hilarious. Also — mind blown. You can ghost at your own wedding?!

  20. I come from a large Southern family in which long goodbyes are expected and required unless you want to be considered rude. I don’t know that I have EVER left any sort of party or gathering without at least a twenty-minute goodbye.

  21. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for this PSA for the ghost/French/Irish goodbye at weddings. It is so overwhelming to say all the goodbyes after all the hellos at the end of a wedding-especially when you just want to dance :) Great guide!

  22. This is hilarious! I recently spent time with my boyfriend’s massive Hawaiian family and it took us about half an hour to leave because not only do you have to kiss every single person goodbye but then every other auntie has a story for you before you go. It’s lovely and exhausting at the same time.

  23. I always say goodbye to everyone. Otherwise, it’s like, where did so-and-so go?

  24. I am SUCH a fan of a ‘French exit’. That way, everyone wins!