Yes Way, Rosé

What’s your drink? We’ve gotten really into rosé wine this summer. It’s perfect for drinking on the roof deck with friends—or, more often, sneaking sips while reading the Curious George Anthology to a decidedly-not-sleepy toddler. So this tote made me laugh—I plan to wear it to the wine shop.

P.S. Another funny tote, and how beer’s taste alone gets you a little high.

(Top photo from Martha Stewart Weddings)

  1. Love Rose! The Charles and Charles one mentioned is very good, also the Pedroncelli Dry Rose of Zinfandel. These are both dry/acidic roses, I dislike sweet roses.

  2. Oh so lovely to sip on a Greek try at Claire de Lune in Antiparos.

  3. Yes way Rose is hilarious! I follow them on instagram, they always post the best summer shots

  4. Most excellent bag! You should try this: half rosé, half sparkling water, fresh mint leaves. It’s soooooo refreshing, ideal for summer nights!

  5. Haha I love this tote so much! Whenever I see really simple designs like this I’m so inclined to DIY it.

    I’m a rose fan all the way!


  6. Rosé is fabulous (as is the tote). Near where I live, there’s town called Crozet (pronounced Cro-zay) and one of the local vineyards has a rosé they’ve named Crosé. :)

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  8. I ordered this tote! Thanks! I was hooked on rose after trip to Nice a few summers ago and this bag is adorable.

  9. I love rose – my last name is Rose – and I am going on a vineyard trip for my birthday in two weeks – so of course I had to order one of these!

  10. What about Rosé beer? did you already try it? You should, this is great for the summer and a little bit more refreshing than wine. enjoy the summer (from Belgium)

  11. That cheeky tote is perfect!

    We LOVE Rosé. It’s my favorite for the summer this year. We’ve been drinking a few from Switzerland–we live here, otherwise, it’s terribly hard to find– and some from the Provence region of France, which is the best, I think. So fresh and crisp! Perfect with salads, grilled meats, cheese plates…

  12. My Dad drank it always while I was growing up. I am more of a red person. My fav is Frog’s Leap from Napa. If you are ever up there it is the BEST wine tour through their little winery and you can pick fruit from their gardens and have a picnic in the vineyards. Beautiful and tasty!

  13. I only seem to like wine in winter , red wine.
    But a summer drink that is fun and tasty with alcohol is a Salty Dog .. Gin and Grapefruit juice with salt on the rim of the glass.
    If it is wine, then I like Spritzers ..

  14. Oh my goodness, I told myself I don’t need any more bags but this I must have!!!

  15. Definitely one of the best parts of summer! I spent a year studying abroad (as a fellow UMich student! :) in Aix-en-Provence, arguably the rosé capital of the world, and I have to say that the best place to find a good rosé in NYC is at Pour on 75th & Amsterdam on the UWS. Definitely a trek for you, but so worthwhile to stock up. The proprietor is truly a master at what he does. Santé! xo

  16. Haha I love that bag! Too funny.

  17. I actually don’t think I’ve ever tried rose! I’m more of a champagne/prosecco kind of girl. A lot of wine just makes me sleepy, so I’m up for trying new kinds until I find one that works for me. haha. Maybe rose will be next!


  18. I actually don’t think I’ve ever tried rose! I’m more of a champagne/prosecco kind of girl. A lot of wine just makes me sleepy, so I’m up for trying new kinds until I find one that works for me. haha. Maybe rose will be next!


  19. It’s definitely all about the rosé! I just had a great one over the weekend from Charles & Charles in Columbia Valley, WA (relatively local as I am in Seattle–and only $12). I would recommend!

  20. We love rose! We’ve been drinking the Crios Malbec rose this month but we like Mulderbosch, too. Cheers!

  21. Love this! Would you please give a few recommendations? It must not be popular here in georgia…can’t find it on restaurant wine lists, and the shops look at me crazy when I ask :)

  22. In France, Rosé goes with holidays-bbq-tomato and mozzarella salad. It’s been in this loop for so long that the Rosé has begun to feel somewhat old-fashioned and vulgar.
    Guess what ? Once you add a sip of Grapefruit syrup in your glass and pour chilly rosé wine onto it, you get a brand new, sexy, fashionable summer drink !
    (furthermore, once “Rosé Pamplemousse” gets tarnished too, after a year or two as the French Number One, try cherry syrup instead. Or Peach syrup. Whatever fruit syrup you’ll fancy, in fact) – give it a try !

  23. I have that tote, and it is going everywhere with me this summer!

  24. You should try Wolffer Estate’s Rose Table Wine – they’re a local Long Island vineyard (East End, South Fork) and even I, an avowed rose hater, have fallen head over heels in love with it. It’s crisp and delicious.

  25. I just got Invisalign, so I’m only drinking white wine to avoid staining!

  26. I am a white wine drinker. I will drink sangria white and red but I am a very devoted sweet very sweet white wine drinker. I love rose. I know one kind that I like and have shipped to me. I am afraid to try others fearing they will not be as sweet as the one I drink. I am introducing my big sister to it. We love sweet. the only dry thing I drink is scotch and gin. Great post!!

  27. Yes way Rose!!! Love love love me some rose :) This tote is too cute

  28. That’s cute! I love prosecco. Mini bottles of prosecco (just enough for a glass) are my go-to these days. Very refreshing and relatively low-cal. I’m not into wine if it isn’t fizzy hahaha. My wine expert husband shakes his head :P

  29. Yesss!! My fiance and I love rose. It’s so delicious and perfect for summer. Trying to convince our beer-loving friends to drink more of it with us. ;)