What are you up to this weekend? We’re flying to Michigan tonight to visit my parents. I’m looking forward to swimming, playing games and eating grilled shrimp on the deck. (Also, if you’re ever in the Detroit area, the Motown Museum is amazing. Have you been?) Have a good, relaxing weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

Maya Angelou touched so many hearts and will be missed.

Great tumblr. (Love her mission.)

Spelling bees are intense, and those kids are awesome.

How to make a grilled cheese…cheesier.

Ballet dancers describe their hardest moves.

What powerful women would have told their 22-year-old selves.

These prom photos made me smile.

Would you wear a jumper? This one is lovely.

Watch Mindy Kaling’s hilarious, heartfelt Harvard Class Day speech.

Bohemian living rooms.

Why we want to dance to Pharrell.

If I got married again (to the same guy), I’d wear this dress.

Rifle Design now has wallpaper.

Pulled pork sandwiches save the day.

(Photo of Seaford, England; prom photos via Swissmiss)