Fargo TV Show

fargo-billy-bob-cupofjoHave you been watching the new Fargo TV show? The storyline is different from the movie, but it strikes that rare Coen-Brothers-esque balance of funny and creepy.

As the NYTimes review said: “Fargo finds humor in the stunning ordinariness of Midwestern small towns, where people are uniformly even tempered and mild, bringing Jell-O salads to potlucks and saying ‘aw jeez’ and ‘heck’ when bad things happen. The snow tamps down so much: In Minnesota, even some of the killers have placid miens and pleasant manners.”

It’s really gripping (and on tonight at 10pm, if you’re interested). Alex and I are really into it. What other shows are you watching these days?

P.S. The 100 best written TV series, and binge watching.

  1. I’m loving it so far. It’s one of the only things I sit down and watch while it’s actually on TV. I’ve just finished Game of Thrones, Vikings and Dracula too. Next up is Penny Dreadful I think!

  2. thank you for the great recommendation. now i’m totally obsessed with this production.

  3. We just started watching this and were weirded out at first because we weren’t sure how to handle it (we loved the movie), but we are hooked! Definitely a keeper.

  4. I second the “vikings” recommendation from Maywyn studio, the character Lagertha played by Katherine Winnick is inspiring.Best show I have seen in a while.

  5. SORRY FOLKS those who think the show is being filmed in Minnesota it’s not. Being done around Calgary Alberta. Filming in Canada is much less expensive.

  6. I watched “Fargo” last night. The acting is what draws me in. Like…is that really Kate Walsh?
    I suspect I’ll be watching again.
    Then, I watched “The Americans.” Another good show will cut into my watching documentaries time.

  7. I just saw a preview for Fargo and it looks great!! I started watching Top Of The Lake a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked. Bonus points, the opening credits are beautiful!

  8. I can’t wait to watch this. I was born in Fargo, (I now live in Palm Beach FL- opposites!) and I love the movie Fargo as well. thanks for posting! xx

  9. We are loving Fargo right now as well. However, Mad Men and Don Draper are ruling my world right now.

  10. Still hanging on to The Goodwife despite the series altering shocker that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Do you watch it? I think you’d love Julianna Margulies’ character.

  11. This is news to me, but now I can’t wait to catch up!

  12. I can’t wait to watch this! The show that I’ve been watching lately is Call the Midwife. I love it and find each episode so well don and so thoughtful.

  13. If you miss True Detective, this is the series for you!

    I too, was afraid to tarnish the movie Fargo because it was so fabulous but the series is similar but a totally different story. However, it has the Coen Brothers flavor. Don’t miss it.

    WATCH it now! Like True Detective, it will be gone before you know it!

  14. I was drawn in and I really like the show… creepy with nice… its almost Southern!

  15. The Office?
    And Breaking Bad needs to be higher on the list. I mean, come on!

  16. I’ve been in love with Nurse Jackie from the beginning, and this season is no exception! She’s the ultimate anti-hero.

  17. Thanks for sharing. Need to look it up.

    Have a wonderful day.

  18. Fargo is great – also we have recently loved:

    The Returned – French version
    Bron/The Bridge – Swedish/Danish (seasons 1 and 2)
    The Fall – British
    Secrets & Lies – Australian

  19. I am trying to think if I say “heck” and the reality is, I say it daily! “What the Heck” is my actual phrase. It’s so Minnesooootan!
    I love Scandal and Call the Midwife. I can’t wait until June when Orange is the New Black is back on!

  20. The show is brilliant! The Other Half watched the first episode over the Easter weekend and made sure I caught up with it – excellent recommendation.

  21. LK says...

    The show is so ridiculously good!!!!! My fiancé and I were in awe of it after the first episode. It was gripping. I dare to say it could be end up being better than the movie. But there is still time to make that claim.

  22. SO pleasantly surprised! I was extremely dubious about the translation to the small screen, especially with the casting of Billy Bob Thornton, but he just makes it! They’ve done an amazing job capturing the tone of the movie without rehashing the same storyline.

    We also are laughing a lot at Surviving Jack…who knew I’d ever be nostalgic for 1993? TV is too good these days.

  23. I’m loving Game of thrones, Modern Family and Portlandia.
    I loved the movie. Glad to know that the tv show is good as well. Tx for the recommendation!

  24. I love the show, but their accents stress me out!!

  25. Luther is a physiological crime drama that aired on BBC a couple of years ago. It stars the incredible Idris Elba whom you may remember from The Wire. It’s only three short seasons, but it is so good. My husband started watching it and I was all like “not another detective serial killer show” but I was immediately sucked in. Now that we have finished it (the last 2 seasons were only 4 episodes each so it flew by!) I consider it one of my favorites.

  26. emily, i haven’t, but my friend penny is from st paul and called minnesota “the state of dreams.” we were actually supposed to go to her wedding there over memorial day weekend but in the end my mom wasn’t able to babysit the kiddos—i would LOVE to visit sometime!!

  27. m lou, i hadn’t been paying attention but i will tonight!

  28. You should come visit my lovely state of MN! Have you ever been? It really is quite wonderful in the summer. Rent a cabin, head to the lake and just relax!! We do love to talk about our weather (it is currently doing a snow/rain mix thing), we love our vowel sounds, and today at my work potluck there was a jello salad. Oh well, I guess stereotypes are formed somehow.

  29. I’ve been watching this and Orphan Black two great shows to watch back to back.

  30. I couldn’t take my eyes from the TV when I watched the pilot. It’s a riveting show. Billy Bob Thorton’s character cracks me up :)

  31. Have you noticed the score from the TV series? It is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Oh and I am enjoying the series also!

  32. LOVE that TV has gone back to the written script and less reality. We are into Homeland and The Walking Dead. There are so many shows to get into these days. Netflix and other channels make it possible to watch a whole season or more in one day! Sucks you in!!!!

  33. It’s only be on for two weeks and I’m hooked. I have never seen the movie though..I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Maybe if I had seen the movie first I wouldn’t find the show as enjoyable. But I adore Martin Freeman. He’s so awesome.

    Other than Fargo, I’ve been watching GOT and TCM (not a show, but whatever they’re showing I can get into), and Hannibal (such an interesting and different take than the films).

  34. I’ve been watching the show with my hubby as well. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and although I do think the accent is overdone (aw, heck–though I guess that’s one of the reasons for its humor) I think the Cohens are really nailing the stereotypical mid-Westerner. Never wanting to really offend anyone and a bit Holly-go-Lightly, I grew up around and (dare I say it!?) into one of these types. There is a literary/film genre called ‘Southern Gothic’; I argue there is totally a possibility for the ‘Northern or Mid-Western Gothic! xo

  35. Good tip. I’m really into The Americans now. Gotta love Russian spies.

  36. I’ve been meaning to watch this show! I’ve just become obsessed with Silicon Valley and House of Cards.

  37. This series has just started in the UK and I love it!

  38. “Vikings” on the History Channel. Good to see the approach to a historical era not covered much in film. The strong female characters like Katheryn Winnick are very refreshing. The entire cast is above average in acting. Travis Kimmel, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgard…all their can stand on their own. Fantastic show. Best I’ve seen in ages.

  39. I’ve been wanting to watch this! It was such a good movie but I wasn’t sure they’d be able to make it into a good t.v. show. Every review I’ve read has said it’s great though! I still quote the “funny looking in a general kind of way” bit from the movie all the time.

  40. I’m really into Fargo, but let’s talk about Malvo’s hair….

  41. Fargo is one of my favorite films, but I’m always really hesitant to watch spin-off TV series like this. It makes me glad to hear that it’s getting good reviews! I’ll have to check this one out.


  42. I caught the premiere – so good! Lester running his head into the basement wall when the police arrived was one of my favorite recent tv moments.

  43. I can’t wait to watch Fargo! I love the movie version and we adore Martin Freeman in Sherlock. We just started watching a French TV show called The Returned the other night and are hooked. It’s kind of Twin Peaks-esque (sort of) in a creepy, small-town way.

  44. We are totally into this show! Another new one we love is Surviving Jack (hilarious new sitcom with Chris Meloni and Rachael Harris – love her)

  45. I love it! Started watching it for Martin Freeman (is he famous in the States? He’s in an amazing show called Sherlock here in the UK).


  46. I need to watch that – as always, GOT, Veep and Mad Men, but also The Americans! There is so much intrigue and espionage, and apparently the leads are dating in real life.

  47. as a fargo-an i am totally hoping this show comes on hulu or netflix soon!!

  48. we’re loving it so far!

  49. that was filmed in Calgary and area,mostly an area called “Inglewood” – it was neat to see the actors in town and at the restaurants =)

  50. natalie, you have to watch it! would be so funny to see the setting.

  51. Bemidji is where my family has had summer cabins for the last 100 years. It’s so funny to hear it in the context of a TV show. I’ve been meaning to watch an episode or two. I’m sure I’ll be hooked. :)