What are you up to this weekend? We’re meeting friends at this famous pizza place and might take the little dudes to see the cherry blossoms. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

13 ways to make a small apartment look huge.

9 takes on the tuna sandwich.

What do children wonder about? All this, apparently.

This kitchen tool is genius!

Remember these beautiful words on kindness? They’re now a gorgeous book, and here’s a touching video.

Crazy fact: “A new parent will lose about 1055.6 hours of sleep in the first year of their child’s life—almost 44 days.” Hmmm, sounds about right.

How a mother kept her children safe during a terrorist attack.

How sweet are these prints of a baby’s first words?

A transparent house!

Judy Blume gives great advice.

Animal address stamps.

WHOA. This is the scariest ad. Totally worth watching. (Update: If you’re phobic of open water, skip this.)

Made me laugh.

Will and Kate rocking out.

And thank you so much for your comments on this anxiety post. Here are three:
* “Your post made me think of this website I stumbled across the other day. It puts a single day of your life into perspective. Hope this helps!” -Kate
* “One of my favorite books for when I’m feeling down is Help, Thanks, Wow by Ann Lamott. It’s short and so good and uplifting (in a non-preachy and non-saccharine way).” —Abby
* “I thought I would share something that never fails to make me smile, even on the bluest of days. Are you ready? Just imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex making up a king size bed. Those tiny arms. Those big sheets. Amazing. —Kirsten

And, last but not least, a video of Anton smooching on himself in our building’s lobby this week. Get a room, Antoni! :)

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo from awesome instagram @museumbabes)