The Grand Budapest Hotel in Gifs

Last weekend, we saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and absolutely loved it. There were a few moments when I even forgot we were in a movie theater. I would suddenly snap out of my reverie and realize, Oh, right, I’m surrounded by people—not actually in the movie.

The characters had real warmth and depth (unlike the affected characters in some of his other movies), and I adored how it was a love story of sorts between a man and his protégé. Have you seen it? What did you think? I don’t want to give to much away, but I thought I’d share these cool gifs…
P.S. Wes Anderson is obsessed with centering. And my favorite movie of last year.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel in Gifs
    love so much, I’ve seen this twice! better the second time ! ;)
    thanks Joanna Goddard ;)

  2. LOVE Wes so much, I’ve seen this twice, better the second time

  3. I really liked it. It was like being in a story book.

  4. I really liked it. It was like being in a story book.

  5. I haven’t seen countless Wes Anderson films, but just saw Budapest this evening and it was good. dissimilar! Stylized, preposterous, and really funny.EasyWayFinder

  6. I haven’t seen many Wes Anderson films, but just saw Budapest this evening and it was good. Different! Stylized, preposterous, and really funny. I kept chuckling on the drive home just thinking about it. I’d see it again.

  7. Minus the bit with the chopped off fingers which took me a bit by surprise(!) I really enjoyed it, and all the colours and centering really pulled me in and were terribly attractive (I’d love a poster of the hotel for my future decorating schemes). All the acting was brilliant too.

  8. we LOVED it! saw it in an independent theater here in Edinburgh. the inside literally looked like it was from an Anderson film– not to mention all of the people in the theater with us. Bliss!

  9. i was so looking forward to seeing this film..i mean visually his films are delectable and this one certainly is…every shot looks like a work of art, but I left the theatre feeling a little let down. the cameos are fantastic but I wish they had more substance…I felt no connection to any of the characters though in this film.
    moonrise kingdom is still number one for me..

  10. SO excited for this movie. i love ralph fiennes!
    xo, cheyenne

  11. I loved this, Ralph Fiennes is hilarious – just wish there’s been more Tilda!

  12. Loved it – we actually got to see a sneak preview at The Music Box Theatre in Chicago and there was an interview with Wes (along with the young boy who played Zero and Roman Coppola) on the stage after the movie was over. Also, feel like once this movie is out of the theaters that it would be a great film to eat a meal while watching on a big screen television.

  13. I LOVED every moment :-)
    The girl who made all the props lives in Dublin and they are on display in an art house cinema in town this week. I am going to see them tomorrow .
    Also, my fab boyfriend gave me a copy of the movie poster for my birthday yesterday .

    Love love love. X

  14. Yay! I’m so glad you loved it! I loved it too, of course! I want to go see it again and again and again! I really liked how the violence seemed more humorous, yet more meaningful…if that makes sense (head in bag, classic fingers getting chopped off, cat thrown out the window, the tragic ending with the wes anderson nazis)? I am obsessed with the Mendl’s pastry puff thing! I found out that there’s an actual video with the recipe from Wes Anderson!



  15. Can’t wait to see this!!

  16. I think Wes Anderson has done an amazing job at creating a style that’s truly his own. I’ve always been a fan of the witty dialogue, gorgeous and colorful cinematography, and unique scoring. As with all of his films, I can’t wait to see it!

  17. this movie is one of the best movies I’ve seen lately! Really really recommend it!!!

  18. Is this post by your new writer? This doesn’t sound like your voice…”The amazing characters had true warmth and depth (unlike the annoying characters in some of his other movies)”

  19. i desperately want to see this! x

  20. Joanna, did you see/not like Moonrise Kingdom? I think all Wes Anderson’s films are gorgeous, but that one in particular completely emotionally bowled me over. The sweet little love story, and Bruce Willis as Sam’s foster father – gah! I’m heading out to see Grand Budapest tonight!

  21. I saw this movie last week and absolutely adored it. You’re totally right! There were several moments where I felt completely involved in the story and forgot where I was. It was a truly wonderful cinematic experience. Glad you enjoyed it!

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Totally delightful story-telling in Wes Anderson’s lovely style. I love going to the cinema alone, but I didn’t feel alone- just part of the Story!

  23. I can’t wait to see it! I’ve liked all of Wes Anderson’s movies, but The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited stood out for me as really superb. Hoping for another one of that caliber!

  24. I love your honesty about Wes Anderson characters! Isn’t it taboo to even suggest an annoyance? (I kind of liken it to the cult following of Tom Waits. He’s great, but every single song, really?!) Anyhow, I often sink into his movies because I genuinely admire his creative approach and the atmospheric quality (too cheesy?) of his movies. I recently bought the book, The Wes Anderson Collection, and think it’s a very good way to see into his nutty mind. That said, I’m heading out to see this one the next chance I get. It looks wonderful.

  25. Thanks for posting this. I need to watch it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  26. Yes! We saw this last weekend too at the awesome Violet Crown theater in Austin (beer and ice cream while you watch a movie!). It’s was so engaging, you do forget you’re in a theater, I’d love to see it again!

  27. it’s so, so good. i can’t stop thinking about it :)