Have a Happy (Birthday) Weekend!

Happy birthday to my twin sister Lucy! Eeps, it’s a big one! We’re old! Alex is actually throwing a party at our apartment tonight, and I’m so excited. We have about fifty boxes of Trader Joe’s pigs-in-blankets in our freezer right now:) Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

What it’s like to hang out with Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld.

The questions that will save your relationship. Beautiful.

Awesome slippers for little dudes.

Love this Morse Code jewelry for Valentine’s Day. (“Smooch”!)

Stockholm has a light-box café for winter months.

The search for absolute silence.

Scratch-off greeting cards.

Extra virgin suicide.

Seth Rogan made a Her parody.

Have you guys ever tried this? Does it work?

The truth behind Instagram feeds. Hilarious.

Love this new denim collection, especially the pencil skirt.

What a gorgeous art installation.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

(Photos of Lucy and me from our childhood)

  1. We have the GroClock (basically the same thing) for my three year old and he has such respect for the clock! He was getting up earlier each day, as early as 5am (too early for me). We set the clock for 7am and he sleeps and stays in bed til the clock lets him know he can get up – and he’s so proud of himself. Comes into our room and says, “Mommy, I sleep til the sun came up!”. So nice to wake up to.

  2. Lu says...

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  3. Lu says...

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  4. Lu says...

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  5. I use the Sleep Buddy for my 3 yr old. Started at 2.5. It’s amazing!

  6. belated happy birthday.

  7. ps – Toby is so much like the twin in pink stripes!!

  8. Happy birthday!! I wish both of you a lovely, wonderful year!
    Beijinhos e parabéns from Lisbon, Portugal.

  9. How cute are you two? Happy birthday!!

  10. Happy birthday and YES Ok To Wake works! It was a miracle. I love hearing my excited 3 year old at 6am exclaim, “mom buggy is green!” (Instead of waking at 5am).

  11. Happy birthday and YES Ok To Wake works! It was a miracle. I love hearing my excited 3 year old at 6am exclaim, “mom buggy is green!” (Instead of waking at 5am).

  12. I’ve noticed that you frequently use the term “little dudes.” Is it meant to encompass girls as well as boys? My feminist self can’t help asking. :) Also, happy birthday!!! 

  13. So sweet. Happy Birthday to the both of you. :)

  14. Happy birthday to you and your sister – gorgeous photos!

  15. Thanks for bringing my attention to the article about important questions! So funny and true and I can relate 100%.

  16. wait….remind me again why the instagram article is hilarious? isn’t what they are saying about instagram exactly true for blogs as well? everyone is trying to spin a tale about their lives on blogs too. are you making fun of yourself as well? Why would you post a link to article hating on a social media platform when you make your living from a social media platform. is blogging so much better than instagram? isn’t instagram just another form of blogging or microblogging? Why post a link to a snarky article that puts a negative spin on social media when that very type of media allows you to make a living. makes no sense. are you an instagram snob? You don’t like instagram because you are a high and might blogger. I hope you blog with your pinky extended while you look down your nose at the lowly, lying instagram population. give me a break. instagram is no differnt than any other social media platform. everyone is putting their best foot forward and show the parts of life that make them happy. People aren’t going to post a photo of their dead dog’s body because that is sad. They are going to post a photo of a sunset with an instagram filter because that shit makes them feel good. What doesn’t make people feel good is snobs being snobby and acting like they are better than other people.

  17. Hey, happy birthday! Mine is on Sunday–Aquarians unite!

  18. Hey, happy birthday! Mine is on Sunday–Aquarians unite!

  19. Hi! Is your birthday really January 31st??? I’ve been fallowing your blog for years and didn’t get that your birthday is THE SAME AS MINE! :O
    That explains a lot! eheh

    Hope you and your sister had a great day

    Kisses from Portugal

  20. Hi! Is your birthday really January 31st??? I’ve been fallowing your blog for years and didn’t get that your birthday is THE SAME AS MINE! :O

    Hope you and your sister had a great day

    Kisses from Portugal

  21. Happy Birthday! I can totally see Toby in that last picture!


  22. Jo,

    Those clocks work for our kids, 2,4.


  23. Jo,

    Those clocks work for our kids, 2,4.


  24. Happy birthday Joanna and to Lucy too. My twin and I are much older than you two (we’re 56) but we’ve always felt lucky and special to be twins.

  25. Happy Birthday, Joanna! You don’t look a day over 25.:) Hope you have a memorable one. I love that extra virgin olive oil link…who knew?


  26. Hehe, my twin sister and I always had assigned ‘pink twin’ and ‘blue twin’ colours….helped other people keep us straight :) So cute! Happy birthday!

  27. Happy Birthday to you both!! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  28. L. O. V. E. having a color change alarm clock. We have been using it for several years. Our 5 and 3 year old both seem empowered to know exactly when Mama is going to welcome them out of their room.

  29. Happy Birthday! Have a great time celebrating!

  30. Happy birthday Jo and Lucy!! Have a wonderful weekend and even better year!

    Cheers from scorching Buenos Aires :)

  31. Happy birthday, Joanna!

  32. Hey Guys!! My what a wonderful blog you have!! I’m and brand new mother and a brand new blogger as well!! I would love it if you guys could come check out my page!! Follow me, or leave me a comment at

    Thank You!! :)

  33. Happy Birthday Joanna! I love your blog. I used a sleep trainer night light (unfortunately, I can’t find it available anywhere but it is called the Good Nite Light and it looks like a moon/sun). I had a little guy who was getting up pretty early when he was just under two. I thought it worked fabulously but I credit that to hard work and consistency on my part. He thought it was really cool the first night or two and then when he realized that it was going to keep him in bed her started to revolt against it. It took several weeks of gently reaffirming that he wasn’t allowed out of bed at all while the moon was out before he willingly stayed in bed until a decent hour (when the “sun” came out). I would advise to be sure and stick with your plan, whatever it may be, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. I know that if I would have fudged just a bit, my little man would have taken that to mean that it wasn’t a serious thing. It was completely worth it, though. The great thing is that he actually learned to sleep longer because his body got over it’s little internal alarm clock. He’s almost 5 now and is a fabulous sleeper…he knocks down between 11 and 12 hours per night and wakes up happy every morning!

    Best of luck!

  34. Happy birthday to the both of you! May your birthday wishes be granted!

  35. Wow, you look so much like Toby in that photo! Have a lovely brithday :)

  36. Happy Birthday Joanna & Lucy! Loved the toddler photos. Hey Joanna, I started following u thru Bloglovin, but now want to switch & get u straight up from the source. Why can’t I find your subscribe button? Is it the wine? I started celebrating your birthday early I guess!! LMK ok, Kelly

  37. My boyfriend says that if we get married, at the end of each year he will always ask me if I feel loved, but I like the idea of doing it every day.

  38. My sister in-law loves the Ok to Wake. Their 3 year old used to go into their room at 4 am but now he politely waits until it lights up at a reasonable hour.

  39. in the second picture, you (lucy?) look SO MUCH LIKE TOBY.

  40. Thanks for featuring Gordon Hempton, the “Sound Tracker” (“searching for the last quiet places on Earth”).
    My husband has surfed with him a few times up here in the cold wilds of the Pacific Northwest, and says he is a one-of-a-kid dude.

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  42. Happy Birthday Joanna. I was so sorry to read about Lucy’s husband. I wish you all love and strength and, as much as possible, health in the coming year. I am thinking of you.

    I assume that’s you in the pink stripes – looks just like Toby!


  43. If you can teach your child what the numbers seven and zero look like, you can get a simple (and cheap!) digital clock and tell him that he cannot get out of bed until 7-0-0. It worked for us. If my kiddo got out of bed before then, I would walk him back to bed and ask him if the clock said seven zero zero. If not, back into the bedroom. We started when he was two and three years later, he still won’t come out his bedroom until 7.00 a.m. :-)

  44. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it’s a particularly great one!

    I hesitated for months over buying that alarm clock, but I finally went ahead and got it and I am so glad I did. It’s awesome!!! Worth every penny.

  45. Happy birthday, Joanna! I hope you and Lucy have an especially lovely year.

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  47. happy birthday! and i think it should be said that you share a birthday with kerry washington and justin timberlake. so…. props on that.

  48. Happy BDaY! i love your blog and maybe you were the reason for which I started blogging as well. I have also two twin girls! why dont you write something on your experience on how you grew up with the twin sister? it would be very helpful!

  49. We have the exact same alarm clock for my three year old. It totally works though we had to put it somewhere where he couldn’t reach it so he won’t play with too much.

    Happy birthday!

  50. Holy smokes, that clock saved our collective family sanity. Now our kiddo knows that it is time to wake up when the clock turns green. No more “Is it time to wake up yet” x 100. We have a slightly different version, but it is about the same. I know it seems it seems to good to be true; it really worked for us!

    Bon anniversaire!

  51. We have the exact same alarm clock for my three year old. It totally works though we had to put it somewhere where he couldn’t reach it so he won’t play with too much.

    Happy birthday!

  52. Happy Birthday!

  53. Happy birthday, Joanna and Lucy! :)

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  55. Happy birthday! How is it having a twin sister?! I’m only child and I never had twins between my friends…

  56. Happy Birthday!
    the clock is super helpful. we use it with our just turned 4 year old.

  57. happy birthday Joanna! hope you have an awesome birthday party :)

  58. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time tonight :)

    In the bottom picture I see Toby times two!

  59. I hope your day is filled with cozy peace! Have a great birthday party, too!

  60. Happy birthday ladies!

  61. Happy birthday!

    That article about asking better questions is really fantastic. I especially liked the part about better questions to ask kids after school. I know that my mom always tried to ask me questions that couldn’t be answered with a Yes or No, to get me talking more. Like instead of asking “did you have a good day,” she’d say, “Tell me about art class today” or “What was your favorite part of the day today?” Now I try to do the same with kids I meet too!

  62. happy birthday! I would love to know who is who in the pictures! :) I tried guessing!

  63. Happy Day to you! (and to your sister!)
    We have that alarm clock for our almost-two-year-old and it is great. He is still in his crib but always cries and wants to come to bed with us. We set the clock to light up at 4 am (still early enough to get in plenty of cuddles but late enough that my hubby and I feel like we have an adult bed and get some real sleep). When we introduced it to him we had a chart and every night that he made it in his crib without crying until the light came on, he got a star. Enough stars and he gets a big exciting trip to get icecream! It’s been a lifesaver, and really helped him realize why when he cried, sometimes we would get him and sometimes we wouldn’t. Good luck!

  64. Auguri, Joanna & Lucy! xoxo/Susan

  65. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! Wishing you both all
    the best!

  66. Happy birthday, sretan rođendan!!!!!


  67. Happy birthday! And YES! Buy the clock! It is the only thing that prevents our son from waltzing in at the crack of dawn every morning. One caveat though: if Toby is super-obedient/rule-following like our little guy, you’ll need to add the following exception: if you wake up and need to go potty, and the light is still on, you can get out of bed and get mommy or daddy! We learned that the hard way, poor guy!

  68. Happy Birthday to you and your sis!

  69. Happy birthday!!

  70. Happy happy happy birthday!

    Regarding that OK to Wake clock: I’ve never tried it myself but I have heard good things about those kind of alarm clocks. A friend of my said that it is easy and very inexpensive to go to a hardware store and buy a timer you can put on a lamp.

  71. Happy birthday! Have a great weekend and celebration.

  72. Happy birthday! Since you mentioned Seinfeld I thought you might like the video link I have over on my blog today, “Kramer on a skateboard.” It’s pretty hilarious and spot on! Have a fabulous weekend!:)

  73. There really are no sufficient words to tell you how much this article by Glennon Melton hit home with me. But alas, I will try. Amazing. Phenomenal. And, how did she get inside my head….all come to mind. Extremely grateful to you for 1) finding this, and 2) sharing it. PS – Happy Birthday :o)

    New Post: For the Love of Friday

  74. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy!
    While I ask the kinds of questions that one of your links suggests to my children (more or less),my husband would so not appreciate these kinds of questions. In fact, he’d probably enjoy no questions at all.
    I don’t know that I really want him to ask me those, either. If he wanted to spontaneously tell me the answers, that might be okay, but not the actual asking.

  75. Happy Birthday!
    Have to comment on the clock – we hated it because it ran out of batteries real fast and was hard to set and without watching it constantly we were never sure if it was working because the light doesn’t stay on very long. And every time it didn’t work we didn’t know if it was broken or if our kid was fiddling with it and reset the time.

    And after we bought it we had the brilliant idea of just using some fairy lights on one of those cheap timers that goes into your outlet.

    As for keeping the kid in bed it did work for awhile when the only reason he was getting out of bed was that he thought it was morning. But that was a short phase for us.

  76. Happy Birthday to you and your sister – enjoy the party!

    Loved the piece about the questions to ask.

  77. happy birthday, darling Jo! pigs in a blanket, heh! :) awesome!

  78. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dearrrrr Joannnnnaaa! Happy Birthday to you!!

    And thank you so much for the work that you do. Each day I look out for your posts and love the weekend tidbits.

    Hope you great day and year ahead!

  79. We used a Good Nite Lite with our kids-my first born took to it instantly and was super religious about following it-his little sister, not so much. Maybe because they share a room, but the Good Nite Lite has a money back guarentee, which is appealing!

  80. May this year be a wonderful one! I’ve nicknamed it the Valentine year on account of the numbers. Love in family and in each day, happy b-day J!

  81. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! It’s so fun sharing a birthday (sometimes), even if you’re far away. My twin sister and I just turned 21! Enjoy your awesome party!

  82. Happy Birthday! My ‘old’ one is coming up too. It’s not old BTW – it’s wise and wonderful! ENJOY!

  83. PS – Happy Birthday!

  84. We don’t have that alarm clock but a Gro Clock. it does work (with lots of parental reinforcement). Our oldest boy (almost 4) as a bonus has a lot more interest in the time and can read a regular clock for bathtime. It’s gotten so if we need them down 15-minutes early, my husband has to manually wind our kitchen clock forward. Then WE have to remember to change it back :)

  85. Happy Birthday! The light up clock is a morning saver.

  86. Happy birthday! Pigs in a blanket.. I am even more obsessed with you than ever!

  87. Happy Birthday Joanna! you’re blog is my favorite! I’m so glad you were born! :)

  88. Oh my cuteness. I had no idea you had a double. TWO Joannas in the world? I didn’t think the world could handle such awesomeness. Hope you and your sister have the best time!

  89. Anton- typo!

  90. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!

    Now that I see these photos, I can see how much Antin looks like you!

  91. Happy Birthday Joanna and Lucy!! Have an awesome weekend! Cheers!

  92. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! I loved that Instagram article. So true!

  93. We have the sister clock to that one–the Teach Me Time clock–and it has been working for us since our twin boys moved into toddler beds at 18 months old. They are now almost three years old and when they run into our bedroom at 6:40 am, they are usually shouting, “The light is GREEN! The light turned GREEN!” It got much more effective after they were two years old and better able to control their impulses, and now it’s really quite effective.

    We have actually sneaked into their room before the appointed hour and seen them sitting in their beds, looking at the clock and waiting for it to change.

    It’s not foolproof, but it has been worth ten times the price for us. Every extra minute of sleep is priceless.

  94. the clock totally works!! at least when coupled with stickers…!

  95. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy!!

  96. Happy Birthday, sweet Joanna!
    Many happy returns to you and your sister

  97. You can see Toby in you, for sure! Yes, we have that alarm clock. It works great for 3 year olds but 6 year olds ignore it, come upstairs anyway and wake on the weekends during the set “week” time (oops!) (At least in my experience, anyway.

  98. Happy Birthday to you!

    Love the Instagram link! So totally true!

  99. Happy birthday! Your party sounds fun. And I can’t get over how much Toby looks like you.

  100. Happy birthday!! I love your blog and I especially love these Friday posts. Enjoy the party!!!

  101. Yes the clock works – you have to be very consistent with it (even if they try getting up a few minutes before). Our 3 yo will now read in her room until the light goes on & then bring it to us when it does, proudly reporting “I waited for the green light!”

  102. Hi, Joanna,

    We have the Teach Me Time alarm clock, also by Onaroo, and it totally worked for us. We love it and it still keeps our son in bed until 6:20am on weekdays and 7:20am on weekends – amazing!

    We bought one when we moved our babe to a big boy bed, but the setting buttons stopped working after a year. The company replaced it, since we hadn’t dropped or damaged it, and it works just fine now.

    I highly recommend it, but it might work just as well to set some other kind of light on a timer and say that when it turns off (or on) it is OK to get out of bed. There is always a bit of adjustment with these things, but the alarm clock really helped us with our mornings.

    Good luck!

  103. Happy Birthday Joanna + Lucy! (It’s my birthday too! And Justin Timberlake’s, in case you forgot to call him ;)

  104. Happy birthday to you and your sister, Joanna! Many happy returns. :)

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  106. Happy birthday to you both!

  107. The Her video is actually not Seth Rogen, it’s comedian Frank Garcia Hejl doing a SPOT ON impression!

  108. Happy Birthday!
    And yes Toby looks just like you!

  109. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy!!

  110. Happy Birthday, Joanna to you and your sister. I wander how it is to have a twin sister?!
    Have lots of fun at the party tonight!

  111. Happy birthday to you and Lucy! I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend.

  112. Happy birthday Joanna! Thank you for all your inspiring, funny, beautiful, and wise words. (I can see Toby in you in the bottom pic!)

  113. I bought a very similar clock for my then 3-year-old and I can report that it does work :)

  114. Happy Birthday! Wow you can really see Toby in those pictures!

  115. and happy birthday!

  116. my daughter is still too young for that clock, but i have it saved in my amazon shopping cart for when she moves to a big girl bed. ( :

    i’m on a list serv of many mamas who reviewed this clock and others like it, and in general, it works for most kids. good luck!

  117. Happy Birthday, Joanna! It is always a pleasure to read your blog! Cheers!

  118. Happy birthday!!! Great links, I love the IG article. Maybe “grain of salt” can be a new filter to add to other people’s pictures.

  119. Happy birthday to you and Lucy! the alarm clock is SO cheap. Stopped working within 2 or 3 weeks but in that 2 weeks my girls figured out the concept of 7:00 AM. So sort of worth it? Now we just use a regular alarm clock and they stay in bed until 7:00. Theoretically!

  120. Happy, happy birthday, Joanna! Have a fabulous time at your party and a relaxing weekend! PS you and Lucy were the most adorable little girls! :-)

  121. Happy Birthday to you, Joanna! You make every day better. I have enjoyed your blog for years! Hope you (and your sister) have a wonderful day!

  122. happy birthday, jo! we are birthday twins and are lucky enough to also share our birthday with justin timberlake!

    have a great day!

  123. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! Hope you have a lovely day!

  124. Have a happy, wonderful birthday and weekend!

  125. Happy Birthday!!! :)
    I’m a twin, too! Isn’t being a twin the best?

  126. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best.

  127. Happy Birthday to both of you!

  128. And a very happy birthday to you too!

  129. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! It is my birthday too- husband is taking me on a weekend getaway to an unknown destination ;) Hope you enjoy your time with your sweet family!

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  131. Joanna and Lucy, the happiest birthday for you two! Hope its filled with joy and great memories that last a life time. <3


  132. Happy birthday, Joanna! I love your blog (although I rarely comment) and I wish you all good things in the year to come.

  133. Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful weekend.