New York Magazine recently ran a story about gadget sickness, or how a phone can drive you nuts.

The other day, Toby and I went on a bike ride to the playground, and I accidentally left my phone at home. While he was playing, I was surprised to see how many times I absentmindedly reached for it before realizing it wasn’t in my pocket. It made me realize how much I check it—for really no reason other than habit. (It was the same phenomenon as when you forget to wear your watch and then realize how many times you look at your blank wrist.)

I’m curious: Would you take a break from your phone? Do you have any phone rules? I once met a guy who turned his phone off all day every Saturday. I love that idea! I might try it this weekend. It would be nice to be more present—or just daydream—during those quiet moments:)


P.S. Speaking of daydreaming: What are three things you’re grateful for?

(New Yorker cartoons by Liam Walsh)