The Joy of Double Dates

Last night, Alex and I went out to dinner for one of the first times since Anton was born four months ago. (It felt so good to be out!) We met our friends, and at one point, I looked over at Alex telling everyone a story and was struck by how funny and handsome he looked. We’ve been in such a new-baby fog recently, but I love that about double dates: You’re forced to take a break, see your partner through other people’s eyes, and you realize how lucky you are.

Alex, I love you.

P.S. We went to Cafe Cluny, which is our favorite restaurant in NYC; I’d highly recommend it, if you haven’t been!

  1. We have a five month old and a triple date coming up this Friday, can’t wait! Sometimes I think my husband is sweeter when we are around friends – but to your point, it’s authentic and sweet, perhaps for reasons stated in your post :)

  2. that’s funny, because when we are out with another couple or group of people i see what a weirdo my husband is. he’s either really intense, or aloof, or starts joking and making the other people a bit uncomfortable. he’s also a very demanding friend and is very pushy about doing what he wants or what he thinks the other person will really enjoy, even though they may disagree. he’s not like that with me though, i guess i like knowing that i’m special and am treated differently than any other person.

  3. date nights are so important. in busy, stressful times i really need a nice night out with my boyfriend, just the two of us our with friends! i can imagine one can quickly forget or can’t find the time with little kids.
    xo, cheyenne

  4. Exactly! it’s perfect!
    our lives are so busy with 3 kids and two careers that our date nights can turn into agenda items it we aren’t careful!

  5. I love this! I’ve never thought about double dates that way, but it’s true. It does make you see your spouse in a new light… what a wonderful thought. Thanks for that.

    I’m now following and I’m excited to read more of your posts :)

  6. Love this post! I’ve taken your advice about meeting your husband out before going on a “date”. It was so much fun.

  7. D2 says...

    I love that, Joanna. So sweet. It is nice to get some perspective every once in awhile. Yes, it is so easy to get used to the “business” side of a marriage (especially when you have kids). Have a great weekend!

  8. That is so lovely

  9. I can definitely relate to this feeling. I get it a lot when my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping. We always end up separating and wandering the aisles, gathering our own things, and sometimes when I turn a corner and see him standing there it’s like seeing him for the first time! I find myself thinking, “Is he really that tall? Does he really have that much stubble? I didn’t know his hair was that black!” etc. It reminds me to always be grateful for those special people. I’m sure Alex is just as wonderful as you always paint him to be! (:

  10. *sigh* I love your blog so. :)

  11. This is so sweet, Joanna! It’s heartwarming to see how much you love your husband. I feel the same way when my husband and I go out with friends. We went to a board game party recently, and I couldn’t help but admire how smart and witty and fun he was! I’m a proud wife.

  12. It’s funny isn’t it how sometimes you take a step back/a fresh look and realise how lucky you are? It’s important not to lose that feeling.

  13. My boyfriend and I were on a double date last night, too, and I definitely second your observations. I love that even if I’ve already heard a story of his, it seems new again when he’s regaling other people. It’s so endearing!

  14. My bf and I keep meaning to do some double dates but it’s just so difficult to find a time that works for everyone. I do love it when we are going to a wedding or other formal event and I get to see him in his dress clothes instead of his usual hockey or Rammstein t-shirts and ill fitting jeans.

    Ps. You have the most handsome husband

  15. The sweetest.

  16. It’s nice to not repeat all the same conversations all over again too. How’s your dad.. What are the kids doing.. How is your job.. When you are around other people.. other topics can evolve.

  17. So beautiful. Sounds like you had an amazing double date! Can’t wait to check that cafe out, Thanks for sharing!

    the way to my Hart

  18. Oh how I know what you mean! I find myself doing the same when my husband speaks in groups and it really does grow the magic between us.

  19. watching my husband in social situations is like watching michael jordan play basketball. people think he is SO funny. it’s wonderful to watch! it takes me right back to how i felt the first time we spoke.

  20. I love double dates! Jon and my favorite double date nights usually involve board games… we’re both really competitive! It’s fun hanging out with other couples. The conversation is always wonderful, and we always end up staying out and up later than planned because we want to keep visiting.

    And yes, I always think the same thing when I look over at my husband. He’s the best and he picked ME. That makes me feel totally loved and special.

    xo- Lynn-Holly from The Attic

  21. I LOVE Cafe Cluny! It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the city, thanks for turning me on to it :)

  22. This is basically the sweetest thing I’ve ever read.

    My BF and I are not huge fans of double dates (we only know a handful of couples that we both enjoy both parties) but I have those moments when I see my BF coming into the apartment from work. He looks all business like, has a professional air about him. It’s like seeing a different side of him for a second. So lovely.

    • I love this sentiment.

      I used to work at the same company as my boyfriend and don’t anymore so I’ve felt a bit of longing lately for the old days of working together when he comes home. But I like this positive spin on it so much more!

  23. I totally agree :) It’s a refreshing take on your partner to see them around friends like that.
    We went to Cafe Cluny on a visit to NYC because of your recommendation. Didn’t realize we would see so many celebrities in one spot!

  24. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing:)

  25. we have double dates with our “best married couple friends” every few months, and i agree! they are the best.

  26. I dont comment ever, but this is just so sweet! I love how positive you are!

  27. I also love double-dates for this reason!

  28. I just had a quasi-double date at Sammy’s Romanian (hilarious) and follow up brunch date at Prime Eats. It was a weekend long double date after leaving my three kiddos.
    For a Brooklyn hike, you should go eat at Applewoods in Park Slope. It’s not fancy, just delicious farm-to-table awesomeness.