1. Very lovely post, I love short boots! All of them! I especially like the second picture, very beautiful.

  2. I got a pair from Asos last year which were identical to those Billie Boots! They were only €35 in the sale :) I always get compliments and they go with absolutely everything! Also great for walking through puddled streets, which is a necessity here in Ireland! :)

  3. I just can’t get into the short boots except under pants. If it’s hot enough to wear shorts, wouldn’t boots be too hot? This style just doesn’t get my vote.

  4. Who can tell me what the boots in the middle picture are or hook me up with some just like them? I love the buckles!!!

  5. All of my boots are now short boots!

    I got the LR Felix boots in black last spring, and I can’t wait to get them out and wear them again! They are perfect.

    Another really good short boot is Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur ankle boots.

  6. saving up now for no. 6 wedge boots!

  7. I have been trying to figure out the ankle boot thing for a couple of years now…at 5’0″ (on a good day), it’s not an easy style for me to pull off! Would love to see a series on how to make them work on different body types (but not model-thin…we already know they can wear anything!).

  8. I am excited for Fall to come and all the great styles and colors that are trending.



  9. I LOVE the wedge ones in the second picture! ♡

    • Me too! Anyone know what brand?

  10. I am a total boot addict! I’ve been managing to wear my beige suede ones on and off even through summer, but honestly I can’t wait til fall to bust out the rest, maybe pick up a new pair… In case anyone’s interested, I tested out tons of pairs of little black booties and reviewed them all:


    Indecision plus scientific curiosity breed thorough shopping, ha!


  11. oh how I am just loving this post! Too fun!

  12. I love them, the boots on the top right are amazing

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  13. I bought some of these last fall and they became my default shoe for the entire season. Mine are Born brand- so comfortable!

  14. I’m still warming up to booties myself–I even blogged about a “beginner’s guide to booties” this week ;) I finally bought the bullet and bought a pair…and am now patiently awaiting the cooler temps! I love the ones you picked! xoxo {av}

  15. I want all of them, but if I had to choose -I would take the black ones.

  16. I’m totally in denial of the approach of fall, but we are scouting lots of fall booties at Scoutfit: http://bit.ly/ScoutfitDiscover

    We’d love to have you join us – tag the items you are interested and we’ll email you when they go on sale!

  17. Fall!? Booties? ALREADY?! I just figured out what to wear for the summer!!

  18. I’m obsessed with the felix booties.

  19. I absolutely love these outfits! I’m also on the lookout for a pair of short boots for the transitional period between seasons.

  20. I’ve had my eye on the Mars now and I think I may get a pair this fall, if they don’t sell out.

  21. LOVE short boots; every single women in paris was wearing this type of boot, in suede.

  22. love the short boots, cute and stulish

  23. I love short boots! perfect for fall in the south!

  24. Love short boots! I have a pair from Dolce Vita that I’ve been wearing for the last year or so and I adore them. What are your thoughts on the sister to ankle boots, chelsea boots? I think they’re a perfect combo of tomboy + mod. Perfect.

  25. I’m all set for cooler weather already! I just bought a pair of Mars boots in cognac at the Rachel Comey sample sale a few weeks ago (boy was it hard to try on fall/winter boots during the heatwave at the non-air conditioned sample sale)! And then the Saks sale had the Dazze boots in black for a song.

    Those Loeffler Randall boots are adorable!!! I’m sorta saving for the Matilde one day…

  26. I’ve been dying for a pair of Rachel Comey boots for the fall!

    • Tanith, we’d love for you to try out Scoutfit.com – “tag” all the Rachel Comey boots you love and if they go on sale we’ll send you an email. Just sit back and wait for those first fall sales to launch!


  27. I’ve always stuck to taller boots, but am going to convert to a short boot for this year. I am tired of my calves suffocating under a layer of jean and leather. Will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for a good pair while visiting a friend in Manhattan!


  28. I tried this look last year and couldn’t seem to pull it off. I’m sure I’ll try it again : ). Also, I bought a pair of booties last year from Land’s End that look very, very similar to the first pair you feature in the roundup and they were great and not nearly the cost of these higher brands. I thought the quality was exceptional for the cost.

  29. I love short boots. I have very strange calves, and struggle to get knee high boots that look decent on me. So for me, short boots are where it’s at- they’re just so cool and comfy! xx