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  4. Thanks for the lovely post about fancy cool phone cases. Really love your post. I am sitting with my friend even she is exciting to have these.

  5. Thanks for the lovely post about fancy cool phone cases. Really love your post. I am sitting with my friend even she is exciting to have these.

  6. These xases are really awesome. I just collect my new Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami mono Guramo Fuller Ju iphone case ★ from at PIJ. Its really amazing.

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  8. I am here to report – these cases are great!! Mine came in the mail yesterday. I have the forest flowers case (slim style), which is gorgeous. But, it’s also well made and has a nice rubber sides, and has enough room to allow for the photojojo iphone lenses, which is great! I had a society 6 case before and that wound up cracking on the edges and peeling a bit, and didn’t have enough space for the lenses.
    Thank you for the recommendation Joanna!

  9. <3, <3, <3! Especially the pink flowers and the white flowers on black!

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  11. RATS! I want the Hello Hello case, but have an iPhone 4. Sadness.

  12. I love ♥♥♥

  13. I might have to upgrade to the iPhone 5 just so I can have the Forest Flowers or Golden Bouquet!

  14. Why don’t they have any for the Samsung Galaxy?! Whyyyyyy?!

  15. I’ve been using a case I bought off Scoutmob but it’s totally time for a new one. I love the leopard one! Sort of reminds me of an offbeat less fancy Scalamandre print.

  16. These are so pretty! I love the one with the gold stripes!

  17. They are lovely! I was really hoping the “hello hello” one would be available for the 4/4s. Sadly, it wasn’t, but I ended up going with the floral one. I’m still excited, just a little bummed I couldn’t get my favorite one!

  18. Love the Hello! Hello! case. It’s cute yet sophisticated :-)

  19. Love the Hello! Hello! case. It’s cute yet sophisticated :-)

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  21. These are all so cute! I cannot wait to get one for my phone :)

  22. So fantastic! Just ordered the Hello! Hello! case :)

  23. Ah I absolutely LOVE all of these, but my phone is black so I’ll have to pick the blue w/pink floral one as my favorite. But I have this one (http://www.polyvore.com/pie_for_breakfast_iphone_case/thing?id=75064047) and told myself I won’t buy another case until I get a new phone. (On that note, when does the next iPhone come out??? I am waiting for features other than a different headphone jack…)

  24. Too many great ones to choose from!

  25. Lovely! I’d love to know whether they protect the front of the phone at all? So many cases are only the back and sides when what I really want is a buffer to protect the front glass!

    • the “inlay” style creates a raised rubber bumper on the front side of the phone so that if you drop it face down it’ll help protect the glass. -Anna

    • Brilliant, Anna! I’d love to see that style for the iPhone 4 if you ever have a chance! Love your work!

  26. These are lovely!! Thank you indeed!!
    Any thoughts on having iPhone 4S version??

    • the iPhone 4 cases work for 4/4S -Anna

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  28. ermahgerd I love Rifle Paper Co. Might have to go with ombre style or the one with gold stripes. Or the flowers or the “Hello, Hello”…

  29. OMG I LOVEEEE Rifle Paper Co’s cards/stationary and I am ECSTATIC to find out they have iPhone cases! Thanks so much for sharing this tidbit

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  30. Do u even know how excited I got when I saw this?! I’ve been waiting for these iphone covers for like a year! And a discount code?! Thank you! On my way to purchase one now!

  31. Love the ‘hello! hello!’ one and the pink flowers – just wish those actually came in the iPhone 4 version. #majorbummer

  32. THESE ARE SO GORGEOUS. I don’t think I’ve flown to the computer faster than when I saw Anna’s IG picture about these being on sale. Thanks for the code, Joanna & Anna!

  33. I don’t actually own an iPhone, but if I did, I would totally get the 2nd (flowers), 6th (roses), and 10th (black and gold) case. They are so lovely.

  34. I have been trying to avoid acquiring a smart phone (an iPhone would be the only way to go for me) with “all I need a phone for is phoning (surprisingly) and texting”. But my desktop folder with pretty iPhone case designs is bursting in seams and these are not helping. So pretty!

    x Jana
    Because of London

  35. If I had an iPhone, I’d probably go for a leopard case! :)

  36. ordering the ombre one now! seems like everyone is posting great iphone cases recently! i’m overwhelmed with great ideas!

  37. This is the BEST! I love the designs. I am using a lot of Rifle Paper co. products for my wedding in May, so this such a perfect way to incorporate their beautiful work into everyday life :)

  38. Gold stripe! I’ll have to wait until I upgrade though, since the iPhone 5 cases have some extra cushion that the cases for the 4 do not. Nice find!

  39. This COMPLETELY makes my day!! I’m prone to dropping my phone (& breaking cases-oops!) but I would be so careful with one of these beauties.

    Blonde in this City

  40. I’ve been on the hunt for a phone case for ages…and I kinda want all of these. :-)

  41. H says...

    Thank you so much for sharing about this! I literally just got an iPhone 5 today and had already planned to use the website you’d recommended before (Society 6) to get a case but now I might use Rifle Paper Co. too!

  42. Also, frankly, that the cost of shipping to Canada is more than the case makes me very, very sad. Hopefully these will turn up at the Apple Store.

    • the shipping to canada should be about $9 if you pick right option. we try to keep the cost as low as we can. They should be available at some Canadian stores though. We have a list on our ‘stores’ page if you want to check it out. -Anna

    • Anna –

      thanks so much! The shipping options are counterintuitive – first class mail should be the most expensive, but it’s the cheapest option. I’ll also check the stores page :)

  43. there are lovely, but the promotional code isn’t valid…

    • It should work! Try putting it in again (IPHONEJO10). I just tested it and it’s working. -Anna

  44. My vote is for “hello! hello!” Adorable :-)

  45. These are so beautiful! I was thinking of getting a new case, and this sealed the deal. I went with the Forest Flowers!

  46. Ughhh these are so cute, it makes me wish I either a. had an iPhone or b. they made cuter case for the new Google phones. So cute I love them!


  47. I’m actually marching my lil self this week to get an iphone so I will keep them in mind! I love the Hello Hello case!

    Ergo – Blog

  48. Love these! Especially the gold stripe! I just upgraded to an iPhone 5 but ordered myself a clear transparent case. Oh well. Maybe next time :)

  49. I love the gold stripe!

  50. They’re all adorable! Things like this make me sad I have an android (but only a little! ;)!

    • SAME!
      The only thing that makes me want an iphone is how awesome the cases are.

    • haha i second that ladies. i get case envy big time!

    • yes!! what is up with this! we need some sexy cases made for androids, dangit! :)