Babymoon Trip This Weekend!

Have you ever been to St. Lucia? Alex and I are heading there this weekend for our babymoon trip! Eeeeeks!!! We’re crazy excited and cannot wait to spend a couple days relaxing and doing nothing. The trip will be so romantic and a real shot-in-the-arm after this long winter. I’ll be rocking my suddenly enormous six-month belly.

While planning our trip, we almost booked a room at La Haut B&B, which looks lovely, but since we’re only going for three nights—and this will be our last romantic getaway for ages—we decided to splurge and stay right on the beach, at Sugar Beach. Our friends stayed there a couple years ago and recommended it highly. (And the photos speak for themselves. Holy smokes!)

Meanwhile, Toby and my mom will be having a fun staycation in NYC. It’s always hard to leave Toby, but now that we’ve taken a couple grown-up trips, I’ve realized that the worst part by far is the cab ride to the airport. I’m always on the verge of tears, asking Alex, how can we leave our baby??!!! Alex has to talk me off the ledge for the entire drive, but by the time we’ve checked in and are sitting on the plane with a magazine, the worry has lessened and the excitement of the trip has kicked in. I’ve been continually surprised by how refreshing and revitalizing adult trips are. It’s REALLY nice to connect with your partner without a toddler tugging on your arm and asking for more strawberries.

Also, sleeping in.

While we’re away, whenever Toby asks for us, my mom always tells him that Mommy and Daddy are on an airplane and are going to bring home a lollipop, and then they launch into deep and lengthy conversations about which color lollipop we might bring. We’re so grateful to my mom for helping us take these little getaways now and again.

Have you taken a trip without your child? Where did you go? And have you ever been to St. Lucia?! Any insider tips? I cannot wait:)

(Photos by Sugar Beach and Ashley)

  1. Awesome!!!A great island to spend a tranquil vacation, even better if you’re not looking to do much of the things you do at home everyday.

  2. While traveling with family, it is most important to prepare your kids for the flight journey. Very often it’s been noticed that children get afraid during flight takeoff and landing time.

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  4. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there and it is magical!! It feels as though you are worlds away!!!! Have an amazing time!

  5. Joanna, I know I’m a few days late on this post, but! This is where my husband and I honeymooned. It is AMAZING. The location is just to die for, and the private rooms with your own pool?! To die for. I really do hope you have a truly amazing time. Enjoy being shuttled around and cared for by your butler!!

  6. My husband wants to visit the beach with friends in October. Our son would only be nine months at that time. I am not sure how I feel about leaving him so young, though he would be in good hands with my mom. But I’m so tempted to run to that beach and soak up the sun!

    How young is too young to leave your little one over night for a few nights for the first time? aah!

  7. That’s quite the Beach to go too, and it’s empty lol :)


  8. That looks dreamy…I’m a travel addict, I must confess, so this is being added to my travel list! (:

  9. Happy babymoon! So lucky, enjoy!

    your mom is adorable, toby is lucky too – especially since he’s getting a lollipop! ^__^

  10. Try the banana ketchup and take a mud bath! <3 You will love it, it is one of my favorite places ever. :)

  11. I went on a trip to St Lucia after a semester studying in Barbados and it was glorious. We actually climbed that point mountain in the back of your picture. The one thing I vividly remember was the spice market. We were staying at a little guest house and the lovely lady who owned it took us to the market. The smells were so beautiful. I brought home nutmegs and grated a little on lattes etc. It would bring me right back to the warm sandy beaches in the middle of a cold winter day. ENJOY!

  12. You will have so much fun. Took my whole family on island hop few years back with(6yr, and 13 year old) You have to book an excursion with HEROD’S land and sea safarri tour.The end of the trip felt like my family was in a James Bond movie. You will see practically the whole island in one day. Swim between The Pitons, hot springs you name it. Bonus is the yummy homemade Creole dinner you enjoy at his mothers home. AMAZING.
    I will post a few pics on my blog
    Also, if your ever in Dominica I know an amazing, super cute guy to show ya around their as well.

  13. Just shot a destination wedding there in November. Soufriere is AMAZING. Bring a throwaway bathing suit for the Sulphur Springs. If you want to explore the historical side of things – visit Balenbouche Estates. The ladies who run it are sweet as pie, the property is filled with (friendly) dogs who are trained to lead you to their private beach. Checkout the photos from the wedding via


  14. Have a great time! We haven’t been away yet – but our daughter is only 3 months old. We’re planning a weekend getaway this fall and my parents have already been notified that they’ll be watching her!

  15. I can’t take a trip with my husband and without my kids, just because if something happened to both of us, they would have to end up in foster care, it’s different rules over here; just that very thought makes it impossible for me to relax.
    I have taken trips on my own, or with a friend or with one of my kids (my 8-year old daughter and I are going to NYC together in the fall, we are so excited!!) I hope you have a wonderful and well-deserved sunny trip! I can’t wait to see the pics!

  16. Ohhh I am so insanely jealous!!! You are so lucky to be making an escape for the Caribbean warmth and sunshine.
    All I know of St.Lucia is from the Bachelor, Jake’s season, when the all stayed at the unbelievably stunning Jade Mountain (I think thats what it was called). I seriously could not believe that a place like that existed on earth. Well, have the most fabulous three days!!!
    so jealous!!!

  17. I studied abroad in the Caribbean in college, and St. Lucia was by far my favorite of the islands we visited. The landscape is beautifully varied–You have the beach, the mountains, and the rainforest all in one spot! I recommend the sulfur hot springs in Soufriere. The fishing village of Gros Islet is also idyllic. Learn a bit about the history, too!

  18. I studied abroad in the Caribbean in college, and St. Lucia was by far my favorite of the islands we visited. The landscape is beautifully varied–You have the beach, the mountains, and the rainforest all in one spot! I recommend the sulfur hot springs in Soufriere. The fishing village of Gros Islet is also idyllic. Learn a bit about the history, too!

  19. Were you invited as a guest of the hotel? I was looking to plan a trip to St. Lucia in June and I was absolutely floored by the cost of the resort, especially compared with the alternative spot you mentioned.

  20. so weird… I’m going there next weekend!!!!!

  21. First trip we took when the twins were born was St. Lucia – PERFECT. They were 10.5 months and I cried every day because I missed them (I was also stopping breastfeeding, so that probably explained most of the tears). I watched videos of them on the iphone and skyped almost daily and somehow we got through it and actually had a blast. Now we have at least yearly non-baby vacations too. Have fun!!

  22. jm says...

    Have a wonderful time. I think even a short trip away is so refreshing and can seem like a big holiday. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear the details!

  23. I am SO glad you are staying there! Jalousie Beach (now sugar beach I guess?) is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been! I’ve gone twice, and the snorkeling is absolutely amazing! Have fun!!!

  24. This sounds wonderful (and the story about Toby, so endearing). What a lucky couple… enjoy enjoy!

  25. haha i found it SO cute how toby loves strawberries :)

    i feel you – and i’m not even a mother yet! i feel guilty for leaving our puppy schnauzer behind whenever we have to go away for a weekend – or even a night! damn maternal guilt!

  26. Snorkeling in the reef at Anse Chastanet is a must!

  27. Sounds amazing. I am craving a trip somewhere warm after a long winter. Last winter we went to Mexico for a week with my husband’s family when I was 6 months pregnant, and it was amazing. My husband and I also went on a weekend away to the mountains a month later. The only unpleasant parts of both trips was the traveling – both on the place and in the car. SO uncomfortable. Next time we will try to get away a little earlier.

    Funny about the word babymoon – I have mostly heard it referred to as time AFTER the baby is born, like when you chill at home and don’t go anywhere and have people (hopefully) come over and help you out with everything. Though I think this usage is more appropriate!

  28. SUGAR BEACH IS INCREDIBLE. When I visited St Lucia when I was a teenager, we met up with some family friends who took us round the island, we went to Half Moon Bay (which is also lovely) and they said to us, what would you say if we told you just round the corner of those rocks the sea is even clearer and the sand even whiter?

    We climbed over these rocks to the next beach…. Sugar Beach and it was truly amazing. Hardly a person there, sand like sugar (guess that’s where it gets its name) and crystal clear water that you could just float in. It was well worth a visit!

    I hope you have a lovely stay! xx

  29. Whoa. In one year you will have been to the Caribbean twice, Copehagen and Italy. Very lucky lady! Have fun!

  30. SUGAR BEACH IS INCREDIBLE. When I visited St Lucia when I was a teenager, we met up with some family friends who took us round the island, we went to Half Moon Bay (which is also lovely) and they said to us, what would you say if we told you just round the corner of those rocks the sea is even clearer and the sand even whiter?

    We climbed over these rocks to the next beach…. Sugar Beach and it was truly amazing. Hardly a person there, sand like sugar (guess that’s where it gets its name) and crystal clear water that you could just float in. It was well worth a visit!

    I hope you have a lovely stay! xx

  31. have a wonderful vacation!

  32. We just had a baby girl and named her Lucia…(pronounced Luch-ia, the Italian way)

  33. I went to Saint Lucia for my honeymoon seven years ago. We had a wonderful time. We snorkeled. It was very fun! Have a great baby-moon. Enjoy!

  34. We stayed there last year! It was our first big trip away from our toddler and just before we got pregnant w our second. It’s amazing. My tip: put your towel on your chairs EARLY. I think they say not to do this, but everyone does. And you don’t want to get stuck in the back, behind the nudies smoking cigarettes. Have a great time!!

  35. what a dreamy vacation!

  36. We went to St Lucia on our honeymoon, then New York. It was amazing, the best holiday, we ate, drank and lolled around in the sun. The fish freshly caught from the sea was the best. Have a wonderful time!

  37. Do you get Toby that lollipop?

  38. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon. It was the most relaxing trip ever. Zip-lining in the rainforest was the most unusual (for me) thing we did, but it was amazingly cool.

  39. I would love to hear more about taking “grown-up trips” post Toby! (or from any commenters!) How long did you wait and how long would you go for? My husband and I are expecting our first this summer and this is something we’ve wondered a lot about. We always imagined we’d still travel a lot post baby. We have two soon to be grandmas who can’t wait to babysit, so my husband envisions grown-up only trips in our future. I have been starting to imagine getting good at traveling with the baby, worried that it will be harder than we think to leave him for any longer than a weekend! Have you written about this before?

  40. My husband and I went to St. Lucia in 2011 and it was amazing. I would definitely recommend going to the volcano/doing the hot mud bath (if you’re able to), taking a boat ride and most importantly — relaxing by the beach! It’s a beautiful place. If you’re able to get out and walk around one of the local towns, it’s really fun seeing the real St. Lucia culture.


    PS — as I am writing this, a picture of my husband and I with the pitons in the background came up on my desktop making me want to be there all over again :)

  41. I’m going on a babymoon this weekend too! We’re actually already on our way driving on Pacific Coast Highway here in Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

    I’m already 37weeks along, so hopefully the baby doesn’t decide to make her debut this weekend. Yikes.

    Oh & we’re bringing our little 2year old with us since I can’t bare to leave him at home for this particular trip. Wanted to give him lots and lots of attention before his baby sister’s arrival and he’s no longer our only child.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Have a safe & great flight!


  42. babymoon :) love the word.. love the thing. I hope you guys have a wonderful babymoon there!

  43. Very nice! I actually got married at Sugar Beach (then called Jalousie Plantation), a few years ago. Fantastic place. We had 2 butlers that would grab any odds or ends that we needed. We were even given one of those tiny 3 button cellphones to ring them up! You’re going to love it.

  44. Have a great trip, looks gorgeous!!

    By the way, I’ve seen a few bloggers use the phrase ‘shot in the arm’ lately… Might be nice to think about the fact that that’s obviously a heroin reference. Hope it’s not that kind of a trip! ;)

  45. I do an annual girls getaway without the husband or toddler for about 4-5 days. I also recently did a 2-week international trip alone. Having these breaks away have been wonderfully refreshing though I do find myself missing everyone at the tail-end of the trip. But it is great to rediscover myself each time (and get a full 8, even 9 hours of sleep!)

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  48. The only adult trip my partner and I took was a weekend road trip when he was a baby. I’m not sure how we did it now, I think it’s become harder to leave him as the years go by. And now that he’s four, it’s just so neat to bring him along. Maybe someday we’ll get married and have an adult vacation? We’ll see!

  49. Gosh, I can only imagine how luxurious a toddler-free trip would be! We live on the other side of the world from our families and are struggling to manage even one night toddler-free.

    Enjoy! By the way, we haven’t seen many belly pics of you this time around, I hope you are taking lots even if you’re not posting them. :)

  50. Wow! Enjoy!!!!!

    We are leaving Saturday for our first “grown-up trip” to Napa Valley — leaving the 16 month-old behind. I’m nervous and excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. St. Lucia is my favorite place to visit in the Caribbean! And Sugar Beach is totally worth the splurge. A few must dos: dinner at sunset at Dasheen / Ladera Resort, breakfast at Stonefield estate and a sailing trip up and down the island. We rented a sailboat with 2 captains and they took us up to Castries and back w/ several stops along the way. Amazing! Have a great time!

  52. One of my favorite St. Lucian memories – was floating on my back in the sea (pretty far out). A rasta paddled over to me in his canoe and offered me fresh coconut, juice and meat. I grabbed on to his canoe and he paddled me in to where I could stand and then I stood there, in the Caribbean sea, eating fresh coconut. AMAZING!

  53. Wonderful! I’ve always wanted to go there. We just returned from an all expenses paid 7 night cruise to Belize, Honduras and Mexico. It was our first cruise and the longest we’ve been away from our 2 1/2 year and it was GLORIOUS! I didn’t lament leaving her and she had a wonderful time with her 3 older cousins. When we returned we found being around them had a positive effect on her behavior and she’s even stopped wetting the bed occasionally at night – it was the last hurdle in our potty training adventures. The entire situation was a win-win for everyone!

  54. Have fun! I would love to take a vacation right now! I have 3 little ones and you are right in that the hardest part is leaving.

  55. My husband is from St. Lucia and so luckily I get to go and experience it like a local. The resort you are staying at is beautiful, you’ll have an amazing time there. But don’t forget to get a taste of the local life and cuisine – cocoa tea, saltfish, ground provisions, one-pot bouillon.
    My mother-in-law was the first female taxi driver on the island! She can give an amazing private tour wherever you want to go on the island (she always takes me all the way around the island and I have a different experience each time). Hot springs, waterfalls, Castries market, lookout points, banana plantations, the best place to eat local food on the island, etc. Give her a call, it will make your trip: Lucretia 758-285-1400
    Enjoy, it is really paradise!

  56. You always go so far away for such a short period of time! You need more days on your calendar ;) Have fun!! We considered St Lucia for our honeymoon last year but finally settled on the Bahamas and loved it. St Lucia may be a good idea for a babymoon (hopefully soon!) if we can afford it!

  57. St. Lucia is amazing. You’re going to love it. There are some awesome waterfall hikes that you should try. Enjoy!

  58. I love St. Lucia!

    I concur with the comment above….the roads are super windy and the locals drive really fast. The international airport is at the bottom of the island and a good 30 -45 minutes from where you are staying. It’s intense so bring some dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness.

    Also, I do recommend sunset drinks at Dasheen at the Ladera Resort. It is nestled at the top of a hill right between the two Pitons. Get there plenty early to see the sunset. Perhaps you’ll even be able to see the infamous green flash.

    Have a fabulous time!

  59. We live in the UK and took a quick trip up to Liverpool sans toddler last weekend! It was fantastic. We got to go to museums (ah, the quiet!) and went to a Premier League football game as well. Refreshing and fun. I haven’t ever been to St. Lucia, but have heard fantastic things about it. Enjoy the sun!

  60. that looks amazing!! can I come?!

  61. WOW, that is an expensive resort. One night costs more than my monthly rent! It looks gorgeous though and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time! I would love a beach vacation right about now. :)

  62. good for you! you guys deserve it! i cannot imagine being pregnant and looking after a two year old! enjoy yourselves and sleep, eat, nap, repeat!

  63. Ahhh, how exciting!! So awesome you two are able to do this :) enjoy the sun!

  64. We haven’t, and we are sooooo overdue. Grace will be three in May and JUST stopped nursing last week. She never, ever took a bottle. I was literally tethered by teat for way too long! LOL! I need a getaway something awful!

  65. Haha, I like how you keep saying you’ll be taking “one last trip” and then end up going somewhere fabulous again. Not trying to be snarky, just something I’ve noticed.

    The story about Toby awaiting his lollipop is absolutely precious! Have such a great trip!

  66. It looks amazing – and i’m somewhat jealous of your life right now.

  67. We stayed at Sugar Beach for our honeymoon in July! It’s amazing, you’ll love it. My recommendation is to bring sunscreen and bugspray with you! They are for sale at the resort but they are extremely expensive ($20+), and the highest SPF they had was 15.

  68. My husband and I have taken two trips on our own since we had our little one (who just turned 18 months today!). The first trip was to NYC (yay!) and the second San Fran (another yay!). Like yourself, I get very emotional leaving him, but I know and feel in my heart that the alone time with my husband is just as important for our entire family as it is for our relationship. We are definitely lucky to have wonderful parents who can care for our children while we are away :) Have a wonderful trip!

    xo Nadia

  69. PS That does NOT extend to the hot sauce. My husband and I both have a pretty high heat tolerance and love spicy foods, but we made the mistake of putting their hot sauce on our dinners one night and we were both crying two bites in :) And, for Alex, the local beer, Pitons, is quite tasty!!

  70. Make sure you get to eat some authentic local cuisine. It is seriously the best food I’ve ever had in my life. LOVE St. Lucia!

  71. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and not being able to fit a babymoon in is one of my biggest regrets. Already missing that together time with my guy – and we have an angel baby who sleeps – can’t imagine how other parents hold it together. Enjoy!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  72. Fab.sounds fun

  73. Take me! lol ;) Looks amazing, have fun!

  74. looks amazing – enjoy!

  75. 2/2 ( and/or dinner, its magical! you feel like you can touch the pitons!!

  76. St. Lucia is gorgeous. I’d recommend taking an excursion (usually offered by the hotels) around the island. There’s a rainforest, sulfur springs, the Pitons, banana & cocoa plantations and plenty of delicious local places to eat (a nice break from resort food!). Have fun!

    And I totally agree with Tracey. Banana ketchup is yummy.

  77. Whee! Have fun on your babymoon. Everybody needs a little R&R. You’re no good to anybody if you’re tired/exhausted/stressed all the time, right? Take great photos for us!

  78. have a great time!

  79. My husband and I took our honeymoon in St Lucia – Ti Kaye Village. I loved it so much, have a great time. No insider tips, sorry!

  80. Going there as a stop on my cruise in a month! Sounds so nice:) Enjoy

  81. Wow! I would totally go if I were rich. And no, I’ve never taken a trip without my children, but I’m totally OK with that!! We love our summer camping trips by the lake.

  82. I went to St. Lucia on a press trip a couple years back during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival and it was an amazing time. Had the mosquitoes not eaten me alive, it would’ve been the perfect trip. My favorite hotel by far was Jade Mountain – my gosh, those views and that eternity pool in each room. *swoon*

    Too bad you need to win a jackpot to be able to afford a night there. Fun fact: it’s where one of the Bachelors film their final scenes there right before I visited.

  83. We went to St. Lucia in October for our honeymoon, and it was the most amazing vacation! (I’m so jealous of you!) Some tips/ideas:

    – Consider taking a Land & Sea or Simon Says tour early in the trip. You spend 5-6 hours touring the island and seeing the sites, but it’s nothing strenuous (unlike the piton mountain climb, which of course, you wouldn’t do while pregnant!).

    – If you’re even remotely prone to motion sickness, bring Dramamine… The roads there are super windy, hilly, and people drive a little bit like maniacs! Don’t bother renting a car and driving yourself. It’s scary!

    – Consider taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel. It’s faster than taking a bus with others, and the drivers are really nice – they’ll tell you all about the area! The locals in general are very friendly, and generally appreciate tourists. If they try to sell you stuff you don’t want, just tell them no thanks and they’ll leave you alone.

    – Try banana ketchup while you’re there. It’s so yummy, especially on fries! :)

    – Ask the locals where to go… we stopped for lunch one day at a restaurant called The Balcony in Castries (it’s right of the main square, by the market). Delicious, traditional food! And speaking of the market, you can totally barter – it’s kind of expected. I got some great jewelry for far less than they asked.

    – Go snorkeling if you can. There’s unbelievable sea life in the bays!

    – Have SOOOO much fun relaxing and enjoying time with Alex!

  84. So jealous!!! Enjoy the warm weather!

  85. Jealous! Have a wonderful time :)

  86. Wow…this looks so beautiful! Hope you two have a great weekend away!

  87. My husband and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. It was the BEST. Such a gorgeous island. You guys are going to love it!

  88. haha, I actually laughed out loud at the thought of Toby talking endlessly of what color loli you’ll bring him. It’s the small things in the world that make it a sweeter place.

  89. So funny: I am going on a babymoon to St. Lucia on Wednesday. We are staying at Anse Chastenet — I think it’s not far from where you will be. Would love to hear any spots that can’t be missed!

  90. We just got back from our first trip away from our 2 babies. We had several family memebers on deck to help with child care which helped me feel better one person wouldn’t get worn out. I liked leaving the hotel room with no baby gear just my gear,enjoy!

  91. We stayed at a Sandals in St. Lucia for our honeymoon this past summer. It was amazing. VERY beautiful & safe island, the people are SO nice – have fun!

  92. St. Lucia is gorgeous, and it will be a wonderful change of scene (and pace) from winter in New York! Enjoy!

  93. that looks amazing, have the best time.

  94. Went to St Lucia on our honeymoon – loved it! The volcano is beautiful and we also took a catamaran sail to the Pitons (so much fun!) Have a blast!

  95. My co-worker JUST got back from Sugar beach – they went a few weeks ago! Said it was amazing – so enjoy!!!

  96. I love St. Lucia! Its very beautiful and everyone is very friendly. Also the food is amazing! I might be a bit biased though because my husband proposed to me there and it was a magical trip :) I wish I was going now!

    Enjoy your babymoon!

  97. Cannot wait to see photos when you return, I can only imagine how beautiful it is. Plus swimsuit/baby belly pics are oh-so-sweet!

  98. My husband and I went in 2011 on our honeymoon! You are going to have an amazing time. We stayed in a small castle right on the shore which was on the complete opposite side of the island than the airport, and that car ride leaving the airport and trying to get to our destination was probably the most terrifying car ride of my life!! They are not frightened of going super fast on those windy, curvy roads! And all those hurricanes left these HUGE chunks of road missing, and they would just drive super quick around them, even if someone was coming!! I swear! it was totally insane but oh gosh was it beautiful! There’s this beautiful overlook about ten-twenty mins away from the airport with a tiny island bar/hut where you can get drinks and look out over this gorgeous body of water and take photos. It’s so beautiful. I would also recommend trying the street food! They totally know what they’re doing when it comes to street food :) I hope you two have safe flight and the most romantic time ever!

  99. We went to St. Lucia for our babymoon several years ago. It was AMAZING. We had a fabulous romantic dinner at Hotel Chocolat, right near where you are staying. Also saw Mick Jagger, so keep an eye out!

  100. My husband and I have only done a couple of overnight trips away to Ojai & other close-to-LA spots, but in May we’ll be having our first real adult trip for 4 nights to NYC. And I’ve never actually been to NYC (shocking, I know!) I’m so excited! We’ve already gotten tix to Book of Mormon – any other recs?

    Never been to St. Lucia but it looks like the perfect babymoon spot! Enjoy :)

  101. Grandmas rock! Have a great time :)

  102. Looks so exciting; I haven’t been there but would love to! Have a great trip, you two deserve it!