When I worked at a coffee shop during college, we wore half aprons like this, and they were weirdly flattering. So, you feel really pretty while making dinner (or preparing a cheese plate), and of course they’re functional, too, since you always need a place to wipe off your hands and don’t want to get your jeans dirty. Perfect hostess gift.

This old-school salad dressing comes with a story. Crane Crest’s Real French Dressing has no website, just a phone number (617-277-1325). You leave an answering-machine message with your address, and they’ll send you a case of six jars, along with a handwritten invoice for $18. They trust that you’ll mail back a check. How rad is that? They’ve developed a cult following, since, as Pilar says, the vinaigrette is incredible on salad, fish, chicken…Aren’t you curious to try it?

(Salad dressing via Momfilter)