Last night, I read something surprising…

While flipping through The Perfectly Imperfect Home, an illustrated decorating book by Deborah Needleman (the former editor of Domino), I learned that you’re not “supposed” to have family photos in your living room or, really, anywhere in the main part of your house. Family photos should be reserved for bedrooms and other private spaces.

Have you ever heard that? Our living room doesn’t have many personal photos, but I actually wish we had more! My sister’s house is covered in family frame walls, wedding albums, holiday cards from friends…and it’s so much fun to look through them all. You can see her personality right away, and her home feels so cozy!

What do you think? Is this rule a do or don’t?

P.S. Do or Don’t: Magazines in the bathroom (heehee).

(Top photo by Bruce Buck for the New York Times)