1. Lanvin Among the totes I believe concerning the minimum however most likely obtain the the majority of make use of away associated with is actually my personal aesthetic tote. I personally use this every day, this moves along with me personally as well as, to be honest, We don’t consider excellent treatment from it. I ought to consider much better treatment from it, but rather We believe We consider my personal adorable small aesthetic tote with regard to given. The thing is, this is a issue of your time till We recognize I have to substitute this as well as whenever which day time arrives, I’ll undoubtedly be studied through shock as well as under-prepared. Rather than waiting around till my personal present Lanvin bag tote attacks the actual dirt, I’ve chose to attempt some thing brand new as well as planahead.

  2. Love that top pic! how fun.


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  4. That’s so sweet! My husband plays every night to our 2 year old son. It’s amazing how energized they get when the music turns on! Sweet moments you’ll cherish forever.

  5. So so sweet. I love that kids have music and dancing in their soul right from the get go. I’m a firm believer in growing their music abilities from the start so they never lose the dance.


  6. I love that you say “couldnt care less” as opposed to weird American… “I could care less” You two are VERY cute! *s*

  7. oh my gosh-gorgeous! you guys have it going on!

  8. This is something that I can definitely see my husband doing with our children one day. So fun!
    Sal x

  9. adorable!! have you seen the YouTube video of the twins dancing to their dad playing guitar?! it is the cutest thing ever. the way they look at each other when he starts!! melt! I think you’ll love it!



  10. My husband plays the bango. The kids would dance to it when they were toddlers. Now, as older teens, they are finally showing an interest in playing it. My husband taught them, “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain”.

  11. What an absolutely perfect picture…..a mother and her child in total harmony (in spirit if not in pitch ;)

  12. adorable! toby is the cutest!

    random question: where did you get your desk chair?

    i am looking for a similar chair (but a knock off) and wondered how comfortable they are. i’ll be writing a dissertation in it, so it needs to feel pretty good.

  13. You are so cute!!!

  14. we realized that too, right? the little ones just sing for the joy of it, not because we’re good.

    good thing to remember, this.

    have a great weekend.

  15. this is just so sweet. and adorable. your home is obviously full of love. it’s inspiring to see. he looks so, so happy. (and so do you)

  16. You’re both so beautiful!

  17. how fun! i can’t wait to do things like this one day :)

    he still looks so much like you!

  18. Toby totally looks like a 30 year old belting out Living on a Prayer at a wedding – love it!

  19. This is so sweet. You two look like you’re having the best time!

    It’s cute that he’s happy no matter what you play. Unconditional love. It’s pretty special, no?

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  20. Jo, do you have those painfull caluses on your fingers yet? Ouch!



  21. what kind of guitar is that?

  22. Swoon. That’s it – I’m taking lunch to run home to my little guy (also in Honest diapers). :)

  23. Classical or rhythm? (Or it looks like both?)

  24. you have the cutest little family!

  25. My fiance plays multiple instruments (you can tell he’s just a natural at it, since he can pick anything up and learn to play)… and my boys get incredibly giddy any time he brings out his guitar! There’s something about live music that touches the soul, and it seems that children are especially sensitive to such an incredible experience. <3

  26. So cute. Love how excited he is.

    On a side note …. love the pillow case. Where did you get it? Our bedroom needs major love.

  27. Joanna, I want this as a video clip! =] you guys are so beautiful. I’m a big fan of you and Toby! greetings from Korea.

  28. How sweet! Kids looove music!

  29. Haha! We do ukelele because it’s small. Only problem is my toddler keeps grabbing it away from me so that he can mess with it, and then music session is over!

  30. zoomie, what a lovely comment! it’s funny, now that’s he’s 2, i feel like we’re sort of best friends:)

  31. aw, caroline, that’s a sweet image:)

  32. He is so adorable and you can totally see on those photos how much he loves it:) Happy Friday, Joanna. xo

  33. And, clearly, he loves you, too! Just look at the expression on his face as you are singing! He’s singing his love for you back at you!

  34. He is absolutely adorable. Babies dancing and singing is the cutest!

    -Sarah {tuckerup.blogspot.com}

  35. So cute. I love how much kids respond to music. Very cool.

  36. This is brilliant. This makes me so happy. You guys are the coolest. x

  37. I can totally see why, he´s adorable! Sitting here with my third child in lap listening to music, reading your blog:) have a great weekend
    xo Caroline

  38. Awww, u always make my day with these posts…XOXO

  39. Aaaw, sweet! Looks like you kids are having fun!

  40. You guys are the CUTEST! You are such an awesome mama.