We’ve been thinking about moving to Brooklyn for a while, and…

…our search is gearing up! It’s exciting. Last weekend, we saw five places with our friend Porter, who recently became a realtor. Of the five apartments we saw, we fell in love with one, but sadly it was over our budget. Going to see places is incredibly helpful, though, since we learn so much about what we’re looking for.

Our list includes: A two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens. On a low floor since I hate elevators. A garden would be amazing!

I’m curious: Do you think it’s key to have the kitchen and living room close together or even combined? Some apartments have the living room and kitchen on opposite ends, but would that mean that your family would be split up a lot of the time?

Overall, I’ve been surprised by how emotional the process is. We’ll see a place, and I’ll immediately envision children running around and Alex making brunch and having relatives come for Thanskgiving. So when we realize that we can’t quite afford it or there’s a dealbreaker, then it’s weirdly emotional. I didn’t anticipate that at all. It’s almost like dating.

Of course now I can’t stop watching the show House Hunters and pinning home photos:)

Where do you live? Do you like your home? Anything you’d recommend looking out for while searching? We’d be so grateful for any advice! xoxo

(Bedding photo by Imogen Heath)