Which Color Should We Paint Our Bathroom?

If you come over to our apartment, you might notice me wince if you ask where the bathroom is. Our bathroom has always been an eyesore. The tile is chipping, nothing matches, and the walls are a drab white. We want to fix it up, but since we’d like to move to Brooklyn next spring, we don’t want to do anything too major. So, we’ve decided to give it a quick makeover with…a coat of paint!

Valspar Paint was sweet enough to offer the paint (thank you, Valspar!), so now the question is: Which color should we choose? Valspar offers a “Love Your Color” Guarantee, where if you don’t love the first paint color you choose, they’ll let you pick out a second color for free, so we feel emboldened when it comes to picking richer colors. I’m usually pretty bad at picking out paint (it’s so hard to envision on the walls!), but here are our three favorites, inspired by the rooms above…

Do you like any of these? Or would you pick a totally different color? Please weigh in below…we’ll share the before-and-after photos next week. (You’ll die when you see the before:)

P.S. My inspiration board.

(This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Interior photos, in order, by Seth Smoot, Patrick Cline/Lonny and Domino)

  1. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous says...

    Blue Mist! It’s easier to repaint since you will move in a few month and the room will look bigger with lighter colors..

  3. Les trois couleurs! Ensemble!

  4. Anonymous says...

    Please don’t move to Brooklyn, yuppies like you are ruining Brooklyn.

  5. Blue Mist! I use a similar color and it can change in the light (in a good way) and is very dynamic and bright! Good luck!

  6. I like the dark blue!

  7. i would pick ballard blue, if you have a lot of white in your bathroom. otherwise the lighter blue is very pretty!

  8. First choice Ballard blue! Second choice Alpine top, and blue mist comes in last.

    I disagree with those who say a dark color will be oppressive. My aunt had a dark wallpapered bathroom (in greens) and it was a treat to go use it because it always felt extra cool in there (because it was darker) and seemed more private than a typical light-colored bathroom. I think either of the darker colors will be great!

  9. Oh, that’s so hard to say without first seeing your bathroom (the tiles, the fixtures, the size…). But If the tiles are relatively neutral, you could easily go with any of those. The green might be really hard to match with anything well unless the tiles are white though… I guess without seeing it, I would have to say the Blue Mist!

    Good luck!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Duh. Just say they are your sponsor!

  11. I say go bold – Ballard Blue! My mom has a tiny, super dark blue bathroom in her house and it looks fantastic. Just keep it light with trim and accessories.

  12. Anonymous says...

    I think “Blue Mist” is the most appropriate for a bathroom: very relaxing.

  13. i like the blue mist for a bathroom!

  14. Peggy says...

    I would seriously need to see a pic of your bathroom to make a vote. :)

  15. Meg's mom says...

    I just painted two bathrooms Benjamin Moore’s Misty Morn. It is so soothing – I love it. It is similar to your Blue Mist, but a little grayer.

  16. I know everyone is rooting for the blues but everyone has a blue bathroom! Alpine top is so pretty.

  17. AM says...

    I’m usually all for deep colors, but I say go with the Blue Mist!

  18. Anonymous says...

    I’ll be interested to hear how you liked the paint. I have never been happy with Valspar paint. I’ve used it a few times and I only kept buying it to support the local small town hardware store. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have bought it more than once.

  19. I like the ballard blue. It would look really classy with white accents too, like in that photo.

  20. Love the Ballard Blue, but Blue Mist might help it look larger. ??

  21. Anonymous says...

    I Love Green and white bathrooms. With touches of black, they look clean and elegant. I vote green!


  22. Blue mist! Much closer to daylight and easier to make sure your make up application looks normal and not clown like.

  23. I think you should go with something a little crazier, its your bathroom and it could an exciting pop of color especially if the rest of your apartment is more neutral,like maybe a fun robust orange or pink. I feel like the bathroom is one of those rooms you can just have fun with.

  24. alpine, all the way! very unexpected, i would love seeing that in someones bathroom (or any room really). the blues are pretty, but not as special