I’m excited to announce a new series on Cup of Jo: Summer Essentials, where I’ll be sharing some awesome things (beach towels, swimsuits, peach lipstick) that you might like this summer. Hope you enjoy it!

First up: Water bottles. BKR bottles, made in San Francisco, are bright and modern. The bottles are glass but have a silicone sleeve, so they won’t break; and water tastes so good from a glass bottle, versus plastic or stainless-steel (which can cause that metallic flavor). At $28, it’s not cheap, but will end up being less expensive–and better for the planet–than buying one-use bottles of water all summer. Plus, they’re so beautiful to carrry around; I have the red one!

Thoughts? Do you have a water bottle?

P.S. Alex actually wrote this article back in 2007.

(Via Momfilter)