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  8. Love the idea very beautiful…its different

  9. WOW! totally using this, my resume is in definite need of a makeover! Thanks for posting this!

  10. This is such a great idea. I need to spruce up my resume and I was looking for some fun ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Interesting! I am currently sifting through piles of same ole’, same ole resumes in application for a writing gig. While I will agree with some ladies above who’ve mentioned that these samples might be a bit distracting, I’ve got to be honest–if the content is as good as the design here, I will absolutely take a closer look. In my experience, there are so many resumes and cover letters that all look the same (and start with the same sentence) that I would be shocked out of my boredom and snap to attention with one of these.

    While these are a bit too designy for me, I might incorporate a few elements of the first just to set myself a part.

    Thanks for sharing, Joanna!

  12. very very cool idea.

  13. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but Loft Resumes is offered their services at a discount via fab.com.
    Personally, I’m tired of looking at my boring old resume every year that I update it and it actually has a good layout (vs. design). I hope I can pull something like this off since I’m in a creative field. Fingers crossed!

  14. This is a great idea! I’ve sifted through resumes before for interns, and I definitely agree that a creative design helps make candidates stand out.
    Loving all your posts, Jo.
    Ronnie xo

  15. This is a great idea! I’ve sifted through resumes before for interns, and I definitely agree that a creative design helps make candidates stand out.
    Loving all your posts, Jo.
    Ronnie xo

  16. kuddos for the kool kreative resumes!!! resumes tend to be so bo-ring, i think this is great. but only if it reflects your true artsy side.

  17. hmmmmmmmmm trixy trixy. I hire creatives, but even with designers I actually prefer their resumes to be clear and simple. I let the portfolio speak for their design skills, but the resume is their chance to spell out what makes them different in every other aspect – the WORST designers are those who put design before everything…I need my designers to be great project managers, to have first-rate admin, to appreciate that content is as important as form. The best way to demonstrate this is on a traditional resume. Show me a kick-ass portfolio, and then give yourself the edge by showing me you’ve got awesome ‘traditional’ skills too – you’ll win me over.

  18. elisa says...

    These are great!! They have some very simple designs on their website that I would think would be fine for traditional fields. I’ve always worked in marketing/advertising and I think these would be great for standing out of the vast sea of other applicants.

  19. If you are going through an agency, make sure you include for them a resume in very very basic style. They typically copy and paste your resume onto their letterhead. I asked to review mine (for different reasons) when I went through an agency, and it was full of Microsoft tags, missing txt, etc. So I redid it into a palatable, basic style.

  20. These are great!! Reminds me that I need to update my resume! :)

  21. yes, i agree, Laura, if your’re a graphic designer, you should design your own — and i’m sure you would do it yourself instead of spending $$. but for other people in creative fields — publicity, marketing, writing, editing, copywriting, etc. etc. etc. — these could be great:) i couldn’t design a resume if my life depended on it! :)

  22. thanks so much for posting about this! as a college student this is a great way to separate yourself from the hordes of other college grads scrambling for jobs!


  23. Love the look. Too bad my field is too traditional. :(

  24. This is a really great idea. I’ve had to go through piles of cvs that all look the same, its not fun. And yet really, there’s nothing special about mine. Time for a revamp!

  25. This is a great idea! I need to show my daughter:)

  26. Love it! Plus, you could spritz a little of your signature scent {Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for me!}, and you’ve got a resume that’s an unforgettable homerun (wink, wink)!


  27. dang it’s 99 bucks for the ones I looked at!! Eesh…

  28. Saw your umbrella tweet in glamour this month! Funny stuff!

  29. Anonymous says...

    If everyone started using these resumes, there’d be an awful lot of people turning in similar resumes, just as today.

    As a hiring manager in a traditional field, I have to say that there is nothing wrong with “boring” resumes. The more boring the design, the better, really. The resume is designed to convey information which can be gleaned easily at a glance. Some of the more elaborate designs here seriously detract from the actual information.

    Resumes aren’t a beauty contest, to honestly, I wouldn’t want to hire someone who thinks, “Oh my GOD! Resumes are sooooo boring and they soooo totally need to be revamped and be pretty.” Yes, as a work of design, these are very attractive. But, like the applicant who shows up dressed in prints and bright colors and lots of accessories because she wants to “express herself,” they can backfire in a lot of fields. Creative fields, that is a different ballgame.

    Again, photos immediately convey race, weight, and age, plus, of course, level of attractiveness. Most applicants are better off not including photos and they can bring up liability issues for hiring companies.

  30. This is so great! I just bought a 1-pager on fab.com, they are having a sale for the next 23 hours.

  31. Great Post!!! Wish someone could take over my resume and make it new and exciting!!!

  32. THAT is so coool! I work at a craft store, and we would love to see something like this come in!


  33. Céline says...

    Lovely tip, thanks Joanna !
    it’s like “everything you wanted to have on your CV but never dared asking”.

  34. I think all resumes should be creative like this instead of the generic stuff that all looks the same nowadays!

  35. Anonymous says...

    These are great inspiration!

  36. This couldn’t have come at a better time. You’re a life saver!

  37. I would love to do this for my resume (I’m a journalist!) but I wish it were a bit less than 100 bucks! On my salary I could never afford that much for a piece of paper!

  38. those are so insanely pretty! i love the shielding, and the french press. really awesome idea to snazz up some pretty boring work experience (i spy executive assistant and assistant manager…some of my previous roles!).

    i do agree with people who are design-world based that perhaps sticking to their own stuff is a good idea. obviously you don’t want to get into a position on another person’s talent…

  39. I love those. I could totally DIY!!! But I’d also love to pay someone! Haha.

  40. Eek, $99 for a resume?! I think my standard one shines without all the cutesy, quirky design elements, plus (like @Laura mentioned above) doesn’t it seem misleading? I think the question would come up: “Did you design this yourself?”

  41. What a fabulous find- I’m totally in love with these resumes.


  42. They look really cool – I’ve never had to turn in a hard copy of my resume, though. Would they be as awesome emailed as an attachment…?

  43. Thank goodness~ resumes need a major makeover! These are so cool and I hope they become the norm:)

  44. Ha! SwissMiss posted about this site yesterday too. It got me inspired last night to update my resume with my own design. =)

  45. Laura says...

    I would hope someone going for a job in design would never use one of these templates. Hopefully its geared for someone in a creative field who doesn’t have design skills, but it’s incredibly disingenuous for a graphic designer to use one. Design IS the job, show off your own talent, not someone else’s.

    That said, these are very inspiring!

  46. Anonymous says...

    Very cool. Those would likely actually be a negative when applying to a traditional workplace, but as you say, might be good for the creative fields. (I recently read that including your photo on your resume, and even online such as on LinkedIn is a big no-no for most people. Resume readers spend an average of 6 seconds reading a resume, and when there is a photo, they spend the most time looking at the photo. Being unattractive can work against you, but being attractive can also work against you, as employers worry if you’re “too hot,” you’ll cause problems, or will be less intelligent, or whatever. Frankly in my traditional field if a resume with a photo crossed my desk, I would immediately think, “poor judgment.” It also potentially opens up a new can of worms for discrimination claims.)

  47. Very cool! I was always conflicted about mine. My art professors wanted me to design it with flare, but the career people here kept telling me to keep it standard. I guess you just have to feel out the place where you’re applying. If I were hiring, I’d like the prettier ones!

  48. Becca says...

    OK, I TOTALLY want to do this! Some great resume advice someone once gave me was also – always whenever possible include quantifiable data (ie. improved X thing by Y percent) because it shows that you are results driven (I think it’s something all employers want!)


  49. i had a friend do this for my CV and honestly, it makes a world of DIFFERENCE.

  50. This is a brilliant idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  51. Whoa there, I’m loving the revamped look! wish traditional workplaces would accept this too.

  52. Great idea! My CV is about 20+ page long (I’m an academic) and it just looks so plain.

  53. Ah yes, so thankful that I work at a design agency. I was hired based on my creative promotional piece. We also get to break the rules when it comes to resumés. After all, they need to see our typography and design skills front and center.


  54. Anonymous says...

    Why is writing a resume or updating one always so daunting? These make it seem more fun.

  55. These resumes are great, It is always really fun to get creative with things and its a good thing to stand out and be remembered in this kind of economy where there are lots of people applying for jobs! A+ I totally dig it!

  56. Totally! They look pretty cool:) Kisses

  57. Anonymous says...

    This would be especially good for the design field. Love them.

  58. oh my goodness, this would be so nice!
    hhmmmm would they also do my website?
    going to check it out.