A NYC Weekend

New York City can feel so dark and dreary during the winter (puddles! gray buildings! umbrellas whacking you!) that it’s always a restorative breath of fresh air when the sun comes back out. Everyone pours out of their cramped apartments, and the city comes alive. This weekend felt like summer, with blue skies and cool breezes. Hope you had a great one, and here are a few photos we snapped this weekend, if you’d like to see…

On Saturday, we rode bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge (this was the view from my bike seat!)…

We headed to the glorious Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo. You can see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridges jutting out from each side, and hear the subways rattling noisily across them every ten minutes. (Our friends got married in this park a few years ago, and they had to pause their ceremony whenever the subways clattered overhead:)

We chilled in the grass (and I showed off my newly orange toes:), while Toby ate raisins and gazed at the enormous historic carousel that opened last summer…

So, we decided to buy tickets (the attendants’ T-shirts say “Pony Up $2!”) and take a spin on the carousel.

As we climbed on, Toby suddenly got freaked out by the horses (he cried at first!) so we sat together on the sleigh. (Note the other freaked out baby sitting behind us:)

Look at the rad backdrops in these photos!

We met up with our friends and headed to a nearby playground to hang out…

Dumbo is such a spectacular neighborhood. (This was just a random view we had when we walked to the deli to buy a snack!)

The next day, we headed to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights, which is chock full of vintage subway cars. Toby’s head almost exploded.

Taking photos was tricky because he was so excited and giddy that he literally ran everywhere. Just ran!! A little boy’s dream come true:)

Oh, New York, sometimes we forget how great you are in the winter, but then summer comes, and we feel guilty for ever complaining. We love you! xoxo

(Toby’s plaid shirt at top by Pearls & Popcorn; overalls by Carters)

  1. Good golly! Your son is just adorably cute! If you ever need another sitter in NYC, i have a lot of experience and i can send you a ton of references. :)


  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful and remind us to look at New York City through a child’s eyes! The simplest activities that we’re always taking for granted in NYC, really are amazing.

  3. Some great choices of things to do in New York… I might have to seek out this Transit Museum. I totally understand why Toby’s head almost exploded.

  4. what a fun day!

  5. Cute! I got that Flock of Seagulls song in my head looking at the last few pics of your son. “and I run, I run so far away…” lol

  6. Do you and your husband have matching glasses? Cute. :)

  7. Anonymous says...

    : )

  8. love your nail color! and toby is super fun walking around and discovering new spaces! love the Brooklyn bridge too!

  9. I’m loving the different-leg tights on your friend’s daughter, coupled with the striped shirt. Cute!!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Just curious what happened to Motherhood Mondays? I have always looked forward to them :)

  11. melissab says...

    super photos!
    hee hee! having had little boys once, i totally relate to the “head explosion” description. living in rurals-ville (ie. no big buildings/subway, etc), our guys had to be satisfied with chasing the one train that came to town once a week. chasing a train? yes! in a car with their dad driving. they’d hear the train’s whistle and be off. most of the conductors waved and knew exactly what was going on.

    take care :-)

  12. I have a super weird foot fetish (in a non sexual kind of way) and you have lovely feet! Just had to say…

  13. Anonymous says...

    Forgot it was the first day of Spring! Not sure how I could of since I’ve recently had to turn down the heat on my little bungalow because I was sweltering.

    Love the picture of your son on the subway. You blog is so uplifting. Thank you.

  14. Gosh, how big he has grown!!

  15. Toby is the cutest! I wish you had an instagram account so I could see new Toby pictures daily!

  16. thank you so much, amy!! it’s from jcrew ages ago….i know they have some cute button-downs, and so does madewell. good luck — and congratulations!!! xoxo

  17. natalie, i know!!! makes me happy and sad at the same time!!

  18. Elle Amerie, we have U-locks. they aren’t the absolute safest, but they seem to do the trick!

  19. christin, it’s from an etsy store that has closed, unfortunately! but thanks for your note! xo

  20. What great photos! And Toby looks like such a little *man* all of a sudden! It’s really heartwarming that you and your family seem to really put your hearts into having good weekend adventures. I’ve always felt that people would have more joy and good health in their lives if they spent more time going out and *doing* thing!

  21. Joanna-

    How do you lock up your bike and helmuts after you get to your destination?

  22. Anonymous says...

    Toby is so adorable and it is time for a sibling. I’m feeling it. And what do I know?

  23. What a fun NY adventure! It’s funny though, I feel so different. I love the city in the winter. Although, when I was doing my alternate side parking dance today, it was really nice to roll the windows down and let the sun in while I waited for the street sweeper. Welcome, Spring!


  24. Christin says...

    I love your backpack! Where is that from?

  25. He is just the cutest little boy!!! I love seeing your pictures :)

  26. I was born in NYC but my parents left when I was a toddler. I love it so much and would love to bring my family back one day. Just need a job that matches the cost of living! Anyhoo…I love that your husband wore a blazer on the bike ride! So chic!

  27. Looks like so much fun!! Weekends are the best, especially when they’re relaxing and hectic at the same time!

  28. Looks wonderful! When I visit NYC, I’ll definitely have to take a spin by the park! Thanks for sharing the great moments!

  29. Yay! You were on my street and walked right by our apartment on Washington:). Dumbo is such a happy place!

  30. i did the absolute same thing when i went to the transit museum a few years ago. it’s so awesome!!

  31. Your baby looks like a little boy now! When did that happen?

  32. I love your blog so much, i have never skipped any of the stories, though and some are marked to remember for future! thank you! I don’t really do commenting thing, but thought i needed it today.

  33. Pony Up $2- That is HILARIOUS! SO glad you had fun rediscovering your city! I feel like we all need that every spring.

  34. These photos are great! It sounds like a very fun weekend. I love his little overalls too!

  35. Isn’t the Transit Museum so awesome? It’s one of my faves.

  36. Your toes are lookin’ good! So fun to meet you at the nail place on Saturday, Joanna. You were so sweet to chat with us! You’re right – what a perfect NYC weekend – we biked from the west village up to harlem and my brothers favorite “Dinosaur bbq,” the back down through central park. Ahhh what a great day! Hope to see you around the neighborhood again:)

  37. Joanna, where is your cute navy polka dot shirt from? I’m gearing up for baby #2 and want to buy some lovely button up shirts for breastfeeding before this baby comes so I am ready!

  38. What an awesome weekend! Toby is completely adorable – I love the overalls at the transit museum! We are off to DUMBO and the carousel next weekend, can’t wait! We visited the Children’s Museum of Art this weekend – it was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend!

  39. love nyc… just made plans for a weekend there in april. yankee game, city streets, and bbq housewarming with my bestie here i come.

  40. oh my goodness, i love everything about this post! what a fun day!

  41. I LOVE the transit museum!! We went there over Christmas break and loved it. My favorite part was walking through all the old train cars on the lower level. SO fun.

  42. Oh those views! There is no better place than New York when the weather is nice (sorry michigan, i love you too).

    p.s. when did toby stop being a baby and become a real boy?! He looks so big!

  43. Anonymous says...

    Whoa! That little girl has the coolest tights ever! Not to mention Toby’s overalls and helmet. Why am I so often jealous of children’s clothes?

  44. toby! some of these pictures are just priceless!

  45. Anonymous says...


  46. cutest post ever.

  47. awwww, what a sweet family weekend!

  48. A friend of mine lives and works in the DUMBO neighbourhood. It was a magical place to be in when we visited :)

  49. Haha, I had this same weekend in October! I love that area. Actually one of the main reasons I want a kid is so I can go play at Pier 6 park and ride that new carousel. Have you been to Pier 6 park, yet?

  50. great pics! i lived in nyc a couple of summers ago and i miss it dearly…and this post made me miss it ever more! :)

  51. What a nice weekend! It inspires me how you always seem to make time to connect with friends, even for a short while. Hubby was just saying yesterday how we need to make more of an effort with our friends as we are both real homebodies. Now that our kids are getting older (4 & 6) we need to make the effort so they grow up without being socially awkward! … hahaha…. yes hubby and myself are computer nerds.

  52. Hi Joanna,

    I love the pics from your weekend! I recognized your Ole Caliente nail polish right away. It’s been my color of choice for the last few weeks!

    What a gorgeous weekend! Here’s to lots more sunshine this week…


  53. What a nice weekend, what a nice photos, what a nice family and what a nice city!

  54. Oh I adore your City! And Toby’s skid lid is very cool too.

  55. Toby is just the cutest little guy! looks like you guys had a fabulous weekend!

  56. Jess says...

    Love Dumbo and the transit museum!

  57. in that first shot – the one of his profile – he looks just like alex!

  58. What a cutie patootie running around, all excited:) We all tend to forget the charms of where we live when it’s grey, cold, and we’re all sick of winter. Happy Spring!

  59. Nesa says...

    Awww! I love how Toby’s wearing conductor-looking overalls at the Transit Museum!

  60. Toby is so adorable and you can totally sense his excitement from the last few photos. Boy loves his trains, doesnt he? Happy Monday. xo

  61. These photos are adorable and make me miss New York. I love his big spotty helmet, I can see how that view from your seat tugs at your heartstrings!

  62. We spent the week “touring” our state. I had two rules: 1} Day trip only- we often overlook the towns nearest us. 2} It had to cost less than $100 for the entire week- this forced us to see the simplest sites. My kids were fascinated by all that the neighboring towns we usually only see while driving to more glamourous destinations had to offer. Wow, talk about dangling participles…

  63. Oh, that polka dot helmet is just too cute. Looks like a lovely weekend.

  64. I think it is great how often you are taking Toby to see new things and have adventures. New York is lovely!

  65. These photos are gorgeous! I never would have considered the Transit Museum, but as soon as my little boy is big enough, I’m going to have to take him there. It looks awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  66. Aw yay! It’s sunny here too ( in Providence, RI) and everyone is giddy:)
    I used to live in DUMBO (back when it was just sketchy lofts!) and sigh, I miss it all the time.

  67. That is one cute kid you got there!

  68. K says...

    Oh man, Toby is just getting cuter and CUTER!

  69. amy, thanks so much for your note! when we travel with toby, we just try to go by “clock time” as soon as we arrive — so, for example, if we’re going from NY to CA, we’ll just try to keep him up late at night and try to keep him quiet in his crib in the morning for as long as possible….and his nap is at 12:30pm clock-time, too….he usually manages to adjust in the first couple days. hope that helps!!!! good luck!!!

  70. Looks adorable! Beautiful pictures x

  71. I cannot believe how big Toby is now! Such a little man!
    Your photos and words about NYC is exactly why I want to live there. I think my head would have exploded just like Toby’s.

  72. I love seeing little peeks into your weekend! Your son is adorable (and that carousel ride seems fantastic even for adults).

    mon amy

  73. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is by far the best way to commute between boroughs! And those running action shots are too cute!!

  74. Toby is getting so big! I love the overalls.

  75. Amy says...

    I love your blog! I just discovered it and am so glad I did. I was especially interested in your post on traveling with a baby as we are soon going to take our 1-year old twins to Arizona from the east coast. Do you have any tips for helping babies cope with the time change?

  76. Your toes look so cute! Love the orange. Also, Toby’s helmet is adorable. I’ve got to get a bike!

  77. toby is so big now compared to when i first started reading your blog! so cute!

  78. Oh Joanna these pictures make me crave NY even more. It looks like you had a couple of perfect family days. Nothing better to see your little guy go go go. Have a great week.

  79. Toby is the cutest little man! Looks like you had a fab weekend. The weather here wasn’t all that great, but I got outside to make the best of it

  80. Dumbo is my favorite spot in the city! It truly is spectacular. I’ve been wanting to go to the Transit Museum for ages now…. you have definitely inspired me to check it out sooner than later. Thanks!

  81. Wow, amazing pictures. I didn’t realize there was a carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Going to have to go next time were in the city. Thanks!

  82. yes, brittany, you must have! :) haha, so funny!!

  83. You are right. New York is glorious in the summer. I miss it sooo much!!

  84. OK – so yesterday afternoon I was walking home in Brooklyn past the transit museum and I swore I saw Toby and Alex outside the museum!! This confirms my “celeb” sighting!! :)

  85. Laure says...

    What sweet pictures! (And you have very elegant toes!)

  86. Love these kinds of days! I have been meaning to get to the transit museum for about a year now. Seeing a peek inside just pushed it forward on my list. xx ash

  87. This makes me feel the need to explore Brooklyn more. I don’t know why I confine myself to Manhattan all the time! Lovely shots.


  88. What great family photos! It looks like you all had an amazing weekend! The tinting in your photos is so fun! Loving this warm weather we all seem to getting everywhere!