1. This looks great! It looks so rich and creamy, like Nutella without the added oil and junk. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Great! Will definitely gonna try it.=D

  3. It looks too good to be true!

  4. excellent! my husband is dairy-free so always looking for good dessert recipies he can enjoy that don’t have milk….. and how gorgeous is that chocolate lace?

  5. Oh goodness, this looks amazing. It’s probably dangerous how easy it is to make, not that it will stop me! Yum.

  6. Wow! I cannot wait to try this! I can’t believe it’s just chocolate and water and I love that you don’t have to add sugar.

  7. HI,

    Gifts are always best to show your love to your beloved ones. Chocolate is very nice idea when you think about gifts for girls.Nice and sharing.Thanks

  8. OHMYGOSH! Yes. Delicious.

  9. Wow – It worked. The conventional way (with eggs and stuff) it’s so hard to get the right texture – but this was so easy! Huge hit! And very easy when your hosting a dinner party – so fast! Have you tried it Joanna?

  10. Joanna–
    I tried this last night and it totally worked! I would add the optional sugar because I didn’t last night and the feedback I got was that the texture and flavour was great, but it needed a bit of sugar. I used 61% Valrhona Chocolate (instead of the 70% suggested, because that’s what I had) and it took a good bit of whisking to come together. But it did! And no time to set. Amazing. It really was like magic. I will definitely do it again when I have a chocolate urge (everyday)but don’t necessarily feel like chomping into a giant baking chocolate bar.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  11. How fascinating! I’ve never seen a mousse made like this before…and I’ve never seen a photo of mousse that got me salivating this much!! I’ll definitely be trying this sometime in the near future

  12. This looks utterly delicious.Hope you are having a great week and enjoying the new iphone :)

  13. that’s very impressive. I’m trying it!

  14. Looks really delicious and yummy. I think can finish all of it in just one sitting. :)

  15. MMMM, so delish! Must keep that away from me :)

  16. I want to eat that picture! Looks so good!

  17. I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile – it’s a great reminder and now it’s back at the top of my creative culinary list ! :)

  18. Delicious photo! I’m looking forward to making this. Two ingredients…I think I can handle that :)

  19. Whoa, I expected the 2 ingredients to be chocolate and heavy cream (I’ve made quick mousse this way, and it’s really good–just whip the cream, melt the chocolate, and fold the two together). I was shocked that the second ingredient was actually water! I have to try this.

  20. Perfect timing, I was craving some chocolate!



  22. I’ve been looking for a good chocolate mousse recipe. It looks so airy and fluffy. Yumm


  23. Ohhhhh…..I am SO on this!!!! :)

  24. wow didn’t know that you know Cafe Fernando. He’s an awesome cook!

  25. OOOO! Will have to try this for my dinner party this weekend. Thanks!

  26. well i’m coming over to your dinner party :)
    that looks amazing!

  27. Just looking at that picture makes me gain five pounds! Nom Nommmmmm……

  28. Yum! Forget dinner parties, I think this would be a perfect impromptu snack for myself when I get home from work today :)

  29. i saw this on pinterest but didn’t believe it could be soooo good!!!!
    yummy yummy!

    Also love the little appetizer spoons! just found some at home goods!!


  30. I’m making this dessert this weekend. Looks amazing.

  31. Looks delicious! Maybe I’ll make some tonight as a surprise for my husband – he loves chocolate mousse and he’s having a stressful day. Thanks!

  32. Looks Amazing! Can’t wait to try… Thanks for sharing!

  33. ooooo…thank you!

  34. Fabulous!

  35. Emilie H says...

    I’m not much of a chocolate fan, but those cups/jars are absolutely wonderful! I wonder where I could get a pair?

  36. yes please!

  37. Yum! Yes please! I’ll make this tomorrow!

  38. haven’t tried this one, but the best recipe i have tasted (and made) is hands down the one with just 200g of melted chocolate (the stronger the chocolate, the better the mousse), 6 egg yolks, 6 whisked egg whites, and a large pinch of fleur de sel: simple and absolutely delicious
    and no need for cream, butter or anything else!

  39. yum yum yum yum yum!!

  40. Anonymous says...

    Looks yummy and I like the little glass jars. too.

  41. Wow. I have never seen a recipe like this. I will definitely try it!

  42. mmm! this looks sooo good!

  43. Looks good! (Although the link’s not working.

  44. Kate says...

    It’s good & fun idea but it’s not really chocolate mousse. I’d say something like ‘chocolate frozen dessert’ – which isn’t as fun. But…

  45. This looks incredibly tasty. Definitely worth a try!

  46. man, i love your blog!

  47. this looks delicious, and is so easy to make; defiantly giving this a go, thanks for sharing!

  48. Thanks it looks amazing. I had the most amazing one at an Asian Fusion spot called The Noodle House the mousse was called chocolate sumatra and OMG amazing.

  49. Mm that looks so good! I must try this recipe!

    -Samantha Mariko

  50. I made this is it is SO good, but you have to be really careful not to over-blend the chocolate. And you have to serve it immediately!

  51. I MUST make this. Wow.

  52. Perfect for dinner party, elegant and simple. Thanks for sharing:)

  53. i’d love to bust this out after a dinner party. so chic and so easy.

  54. Egads!

  55. Oh wow. And…. there goes New Year’s resolution #1!

  56. Mmm..I love chocolate mousse:) Totally trying this recipe. Thanks! xo