Twelve throw blankets

Whenever we watch TV at home, my feet are always freezing. I always stretch out on the sofa and want a blanket to cuddle up in. So! I went on a hunt. Pendleton blankets look great but can feel a little scratchy, and I was looking for something super soft. (“Adults, too, deserve a security blanket,” says Brahms Mount.) Also, since it’s an investment, I looked for all natural materials, like wool, cashmere, linen, cotton–no polyester! Here’s what I found…
Pink, clockwise: Marimekko, NuBe Green, Terrain, Brahms Mount.
Yellow, clockwise: Terrain, Hudson Bay, Pappelina, Crate + Barrel.
Blue, clockwise: Newport, Chevron, Pendleton, L.L. Bean.

Which is your favorite?

(Layout by Jennifer Hagler for Cup of Jo)

  1. I love this collection you’ve shown here. Once the weather gets cold quality blanketsare a must in my household.

  2. I love your collection! I’m planning to have a throws and blanket collection too and I must say that your post keeps my eagerness alive!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I feel like it is also cozy.

  4. Ahh I love blankets! I saw that someone above suggested Barefoot Dreams–and I have to second that. It is actually my aunt’s company, and so I am a little biased ;), but I swear they are the coziest, comfiest blankets in the whole world! We have one in every room of the house (they come in a few different sizes and many colors). They also make the most adorable baby blankets.

    p.s. I adore your blog!

  5. What a perfect way to spend a rainy day, wrapped up in one of those incredibly cozy blankets!

  6. Anonymous says...

    This reminded me of you :)

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  8. I adore the starry one. I am actually just about to buy a beautiful red and purple one for my bedroom as I don’t have any!

  9. Thanks for this post! I am a total blanket addict.

  10. My vote still goes for Swan Island blankets, especially if you are looking for an investment. But SI are out of my budget, so I would go with LL Bean. So comfy!

  11. I have a giant old gold colored chenille throw from Crate & Barrel that must be almost 10 years old and that is my favorite throw .. but there is also the red and white toile and in the winter when I am always cold, there is the big navy plaid fleece from REI – Portland Oregon.
    Here, with the ridiculously high ceilings we have, even in summer with the a/c, I need covers when sitting watching a movie or reading ..
    My husband refers to them as my Security Blankets :)

  12. iris says...

    i recommend Johnstons Cashmere, they are the best!

  13. Mmm… I love the Marimekko or the Terrain, both very very beautiful =)

  14. I like the yellow checkered one! So warm and snugly

  15. oohh, I love them all! I have a crazy blanket fetish, I am constantly bringing a new blanket home with me, and we already have entirely WAYYYYY too many in the house as-is. There’s only two of us, we do NOT need this many blankets, but I can’t help it. I have an addiction.

  16. hudson bay, but i’m canadian so it might make me a nit biased.

  17. Have you tried Barefoot Dreams? I love throws, but the only ones I am guaranteed to use every night are Barefoot Dreams! We have at least 6 around the house plus a small kids sized one just for our cat… haha!

  18. Hiya Joanne. I too need a blanket nearby. I am in California now but gre up in Minnesota with all sort of wooly blankets. My favorite is for sure from the faribault woolen mills. It’s soft and cute! Also roros wool blankets from norway are very soft and have amazing scandinavian patterns but they can be pricey Hope you find one you like.

  19. love their shop and the MAR.

    Thanks for this giveaway

  20. Oh so snuggly and warm! I have to confess: instead of adorable blankets, I just bought a space heater!

    – Hilary

  21. Ooh- I love the cotton herringbone throw- especially the bluebird one! So cute and cozy!

    And I never seem to have enough throw blankets around- my dogs always seem to take possession of the very best ones!

  22. i am always in the market for a new blanket. i love all your ‘blues’. but, my dream pick would have to be a ralph lauren cashmere cable throw. indulgent? yes. awesome? sooooo!

  23. I’m Canadian too and vote Hudson’s Bay blanket! I can’t wait until I can afford to buy one and have it as an heirloom for my family.

    On that note however, I am obsessed with Marimekko (they have birch shower curtains I have been obsessing over for about a year now), and anything herringbone/chevron gets me going too. Also, the star blanket is cute. Okay, they’re all lovely! But still, Hudson’s Bay for the win!

  24. TiffanyH says...

    I’m Canadian, so the Hudson Bay blanket does it for me. I love the history behind it, and it looks amazing (not to mention have you seen the gorgeous jackets they’ve made out of them??)

  25. Anonymous says...

    Oh, the Hudson’s Bay Blanket is the best by far. No contest. Beautiful, historic, a family heirloom to pass on to your children.

  26. Anonymous says...

    I would vote for soft every time!

  27. I’m in love with both the Brahms Mount and the Hudson Bay!

  28. Living in Maine, I love our Brahm’s Mount blanket! The Hudson Bay blankets have always caught my eye though. Judging by your choices, you’re bound to love the one you purchase! Enjoy!

  29. I love the yellow crate and barrel!

  30. what a lovely giveaway. I wonder if it’s possible to press a little heart instead of a letter.

    So cute!

  31. We are very attached to blankets in our family. I can’t truly relax and wind down without one, I feel sort of naked and exposed. Thus, blankets are a must have!

  32. I LOVE the Terrain “Avoca Mohair” throw. It’s just so… ME. :) Might have to put it on the XMas list…

  33. I am obsessed with blankets, the more the merrier. I need to get more blankets because I am always cold!

  34. I love the diamond shapes for the warm cover. And yes I am always cold too.

  35. I’m obsessed with Berber blankets – I have one that I got in Fez, Morocco (you can find them easily anywhere in Morocco and Tunisia … not sure about other places. I assume Algeria too). I’m not positive that you could find one in New York – but they are completely beautiful, usually in hues of camel (literally … camel wool) and white (sheep’s wool), with Berber symbols stitched in black’s sheep wool. They can be a bit scratchy, but they are warm and make for a great couch accessory (don’t even get me started on their rugs …). I can send you a photo if you like. – carolyn

  36. Eva says...

    Ever thought about a yak wool blanket? I got one as a Christmas present last year and will never ever let go of it. So smooth and warm – and yet so light…

  37. I’m a huge fan of fleece! It’s so warm and soft.

  38. Anything weighty and scrumptious, without being itchy and sweaty!

  39. Best and softest blankets I have ever found are by Ibena. It’s a German company. I think I have 8 around my house and need a couple more new ones just for the fun of it! Also make great gifts. Not the bed blankets, but their patterned throws. I’ll check out your selections as well.

  40. Love the classic Pendleton. I got a Saranoni throw as a gift and I love it. It is SO soft and it’s even big enough for both me and my husband (if I can convince him to join me – he usually gets too hot. Haha)

  41. My faves are the inexpensive fleece throws you can get at Target or They are SUPER warm, REALLY cozy and last forever! And they’re usually only @ 420 or $30 bucks! And if you spill something on them…like cocoa, or wine,…its no big deal!

  42. LOVE the chevron, looks perfect for cuddling, so many great choices!

  43. I´m like you. My feet are always freezing. What I do is go closer to my husband and put my feet under him. It´s the best way to keep warm. (excuse me for my english I hope you undertand me) Kisser.

    I love your blog. I follow you along time ago.

  44. Any machine-washable favorites?

  45. All of our throw blankets are handmade, either by me or other friends/relatives. I love picking out fabric to make something soft and comfy.

  46. omygosh they all look so lovely. perfect for cuddling :)

  47. I have the Avoca mohair throw in those loooovely green tones and it is amazing. It’s a little itchy to snuggle up in if it’s directly touching your skin, like most mohair or wooly things, but it is so so good for layering with other blankets or curling up in PJs with : -)

  48. Nothing beats a warm blanket when watching tv! I love the Marimekko one and the one with stars!

  49. very pretty! but you can buy the avoca one for a lot less from the avoca website!

  50. i love the one with the stars. I actually do have a new gray cozy one and it is soo nice to snuggle into it while reading. So worth it! :)

  51. Hannah says...

    I’m obsessed with that chevron throw!

  52. Joanna,

    My husband and I have the Hudson Bay blanket and love it! It is passed down to us from my mother-in-law, so it is a much older blanket. We love it, but it is a bit scratchy. We have heard that the newer blankets are much softer. Even though it’s a little scratchy, we would still highly recommend this blanket. Also, check out LL Beans slippers…your feet wont be freezing anymore and they are guaranteed for life! I have the “wicked goods”, and how cool is that name?!

  53. I love the array of fabrics in the first picture! So cozy!

  54. Anonymous says...

    Gold toe fluffy knit socks and Thorlo hiking socks are my favorites to keep my feet warm in and out of the house. Take care on shiny floors with the Gold toe fuzzies.

  55. meg, that is awesome. such a great blanket and those stripes are iconic.

  56. love these :) so cozy! i like BIG blankets so I’m sure all of me is covered :)

  57. I have the same problem, at least I know I’m not alone in the world ^_-

  58. mmm i love cozying up in a blanket to watch a movie. it entices the kittens to come sleep on my lap too! the hudson’s bay blankets are actually pretty historical in canada – the hudson’s bay company (or The Bay as we call it now) is the oldest canadian company. They traded furs with the first nations people here when canada was first being settled as a nation, and the multi-striped blankets feature prominently in those times. today in toronto, you can even see people wearing trendy hudson’s bay peacoats made out of the same material! thanks for featuring something so “canadian” in your post :)

  59. There are some lovely choices here, but I don’t think I would ever buy the Bay Blanket. It has a huge stigma attached to it in Canada, where it’s known as the style of blanket which resulted in the transference of smallpox to aboriginals.

  60. I want the whole stack from the first photo on this post!

  61. Yes! I love blankets, and I’m looking for one right now (who isn’t, this time of year!), so perfect timing! Chevron is my favorite.

  62. I would LURVE to crochet you a big blankey Joanna!

  63. Swooning for the Chevron Throw. Going on my Christmas list pronto.

  64. Anonymous says...

    i have always loved the hudson bay blanket. my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all used them on their beds in cold new england winters for as long as i can remember. classic!

  65. The one with the white circle would be perfect for our couch color but I love the stars one :D

  66. This sounds so perfect. Thank you thank you thank you!

  67. ooh, there’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket. i can’t choose a favorite … maybe one of each? you can never have too many blankets!

  68. Throw blankets are the best, so cozy plus they just give your couch a cozy, comfy look. I love the plaid-classic. But I also love the really colorful pink one in the first group! Decisions, decisions…


  69. I think a cashmere blanket is the best choice..I got one as a prsente from the country of Cashmere and since then I love to watch tv enbraced by it, maybe it s more expensive but it s all a new life

  70. Amapola says...

    I’d like to recommend Peruvian alpaca-wool throws. You can find them at ochre in soho (we bought there one as a wedding gift that the couple loved) or crate and barrel,bloomingdale’s, etc. They are both really warm and super soft. i love mine.

  71. Anything in the warm category especially the stars or that blue and white pattern!

  72. i’m actually eyeing all of the ones from that first photo. any idea where they’re from?


  73. I have to say that I was feeling a little guilty about purchasing one of the Mizzoni for Target Chevron Blankets on eBay. (we got the black, brown , mustard one). However, it is the BEST throw ever! Looks nice and is thick and comfy. My husband, the dog, and I are always fighting over it!

  74. the Chevron one is cute!

  75. Joanna – I highly recommend the Luxury Plush Throw from Restoration Hardware. I got one as a gift a couple years ago and it is SO soft and warm (and affordable). I buy a couple each year to have on hand around the holidays in case I forgot to get a gift for someone. (I swear they didn’t pay me to say that!) :)

  76. Yes! I love that Hudson Bay one. Just blogged about it in fact :)

  77. I have a thing for throws, i just can resist them! It’s so nice to get cosy on the sofa with a really soft one!

  78. I just got a new throw from West Elm; my feet get terribly cold too. It’s soft and comfy but I didn’t spend a lot since my pup loves to chew on tassels, I know we will get that blanket at some point.

  79. Anonymous says...

    Pottery Barn has an amazing one. Cablenit sweater material on one side and that ‘soft/fuzzy’ material on the other!

  80. the star blanket is dreamy. cuddle up in that!

  81. Anonymous says...

    In Norway we have a brand called Røros, and they make wonderful blankets! . I have one, and I lovelovelove it!!


  82. I’ve been wanting to invest in the perfect throw! I’m always cold! Love the chevron & pappelina.

  83. Wrapping up in blankets is my favortie thing. I do it everytime I sit on the couch. Loving the soft pink herringbone one.


  84. I also like the blue and white stars. A distinct lack of quilts–is that on purpose? We picked up a quilt by the side of the road in rural VA and love it.

  85. Canuck gal here and happy to see the Hudson’s Bay Co. point blanket make the list.

    Way to represent, HBC :)

  86. Love the Chevron print! Agreed, Pendleton blankets are rad, but I need my every day blankets to be a little softer – preferably with cashmere.

  87. It’s such an important decision. It took me forever and I finally found this striped blanket at tj maxx of all places that I adore. It’s super soft, cute and a great length (it covers me from chin to toes!).

  88. I like them all!! but if i had to chose it would be the Crate & Barrel Lima Alpaca, i have heard that alpaca wool is so warm. I also love the Pendleton, however i like in the rust colour way :)
    nice post, and happy decision making! xxx

  89. I love the star one. I feel like it is also cozy.

  90. The Hudson Bay striped one reminds me a lot of the Pendleton Glacier park blanket I covet. Maybe it’s less scratchy?

  91. The Terrain one is my favourite. One of my friend got it and it feels super soft and cozy. Kisses, Joanna.

  92. ooo! they’re all beautiful! I especially love the third in the pink group

  93. plaid! i have a big ugly blanket i crocheted a few years ago that is pertinent to laying on the couch. warm and soft – always look forward to cuddling up after a long day at work.

  94. i need to get one of these for the oncoming winter. the hudson bay one gives me butterflies but it’s probably all woolly scratchy.. too many to choose from!

  95. Love the blue and white one with the stars!

    Great post!

    X Mandy


  96. i love the star one, and the one with the white circle in the middle. xo

  97. Most excellent post! I’ve been on the hunt for some cozy blankets for a while now. I usually sneak my toesies under my dogs belly but he’s now beginning to nibble on my feet so something tells me he doesn’t like it anymore :)

  98. oohhh lots of lovely choices!
    I like the star one!

    Which will you buy?