Photo Booth Proposal

Pete wanted to propose to his girlfriend Shannon, so he went to a Mexican restaurant and spelled out his proposal in a photo booth. And it was harder than it looks: “He told me he only had the exact change for five strips,” says Shannon, “because he didn’t realize they were $3 each, so he was really nervous that he was going to mess up the order of the letters. Thus him making a ‘Oh my god, I hope I got this right’ face in the last photo.” Pete then stuck the strips on their fridge, and Shannon discovered it while they were cooking pasta. How sweet is that?

P.S. 10 more genius proposals.

  1. So creative! A guy that puts so much thought into a proposal is definitely a keeper!!!!

  2. It’s simply brilliant. What a clever guy. Absolutely adorable.

  3. Cute. I love it whenever you can tell that the guy gave it some thought and made an effort. It wasn’t just like ‘hey wanna get you know.. married’ Adorable.

  4. So cute! XD

  5. I cannot get over how adorable this is!

  6. this is soooooo cute! such a sweet guy! :)

  7. Love this! So clever! Thanks for sharing

  8. I LOVE THIS. Sometimes I wish I had the man’s job of thinking up something creative like this. But since I’m not, I’ll just have to cross my fingers that my boyfriend will think of something genius. If he doesn’t, I’ll just have him re-do it.

    …just kidding.
    Maybe. ;)

  9. SERIOUSLY the cutest thing ever. Gonna make sure I show this to my boyfriend. *wink wink*

  10. Oh gosh, I love it! So creative, so sweet.

  11. super adorable!

  12. LB says...

    I am SO in love with this!! What an awesome idea!

  13. Super cute idea. I love it!

  14. This is amazing! Love the creativity!

  15. I was blessed to be able to make the letters for this proposal. When I first saw the picture, I was awed. Congrats to the both of the couple.

  16. that is incredible sweet! Love when guys think of cute proposals like this!!! :)

  17. wow this is beyond sweet and creative and i love the idea of posting them on the fridge!

  18. This is so adorable…we just saw the sweetest proposal in central park by the Bethesda Fountain last Saturday! It made our hearts melt…I posted about it and so did my daughter.

  19. this story just MELTED my cold frigid heart!

  20. Adorable! Something they will both treasure forever!

  21. Ahh! I am teary eyed–such a sweet sweet idea.

  22. Oh I love this! I’m going to suggest it to my brother for when he proposes to his girlfriend! :)

  23. Thanks so much for posting my lad’s proposal, I was so giddy to see it on one of my favorite blogs ever! I am the luckiest lady alive and so very excited. You guys are the nicest <3

  24. Aw, so sweet!

  25. That is so creative!!!

  26. Such a cute and creative idea! Congratulations to both of them!

  27. absoltely perfect for a man to think so much of how to propose.
    a truly individuality in this.

  28. That is so cute and creative! I can’t get over it!

  29. Anonymous says...

    this is so sweet.

  30. one of the cutest things ever. i love when guys get creative with romance!

    xo xo the egg out west.

  31. Ellen your story is AMAZING! Love this.

  32. This is sooo cute!

  33. I love a creative man who thinks outside of the box….or in this case, thinks inside of the box! ^_^

  34. holy smokes! my lovely fiance just proposed this august in a vintage black and white photo booth. He sat me down and gave me a book that he had made of photos of us over the years, our animals, post cards we had sent when he was on a motorcycle trip. He even included the label from the first beer we drank together and the cover of a book he lent me (which is how we first hung out in the first place). The last page was a photobooth strip with “Will. you. marry. me.” When I looked up he had this beautiful ring. More men should do it this way. Such style and a sweet memento to show off after.

  35. I would definitively get married if somebody do this to me!

  36. He’s such a cutie pie! Love the shots where he’s not holding up anything and he’s like, “um, what should I do here?” ;) xo

  37. I love things like this :D

  38. How could anyone say no to such a creative proposal! What a great guy!!!


  39. This is adorable and creative!

  40. OH man, just got goose bumps from this one. SO CUTE!!!

  41. My husband proposed to me IN a photo booth, as the photos were being snapped. It was totally perfect: we were able to celebrate in our own tiny little world, then open the curtain and have a strip of photos to remember the moment forever.

  42. What a sweet and original idea :) Awesome.

  43. That is so adorable! (swoon)

  44. I love it! So romantic!!

  45. That is heart melting, I love a witty proposal!

  46. oh this is super cute!

  47. My husband proposed to me in a photobooth. We were taking pictures, when all of a sudden he got down on one knee in the photobooth, and we got our proposal on film! It was such a fun and romantic way of proposing, especially since I am a photographer.

  48. Aww this is way too sweet.

  49. what a cutie, love it.
    p.s. aren’t photo booth photos the best?

  50. I love this idea! How cute! I really like photobooths – but the only ones we have here in Iceland make you look like a depressed glow-in-the-dark alien. Wouldn’t really work as well with that look…

  51. I love El Vez! I had my 21st birthday there and we definitely had some fun in that photobooth! What an awesome proposal.

  52. thanks for posting this, we’re both really happy and excited about the wedding. I’m glad she said yes and that she really liked the idea, took me a while to think of something perfect.

  53. that is adorable!

  54. I am re-blogging this because it is just so sweet !

  55. haha risky! love the story, it makes it that much better. Cute cute cute

  56. Wow. How romantic and creative. And such a good keepsake!

  57. That’s adorable. What a creative way to propose! And she’ll get to keep it forever. :)

  58. OMG, I love this!

  59. Romantic and creative, lovely looking bloke too!

  60. so so so so so cute!

    one day please-prince charming

  61. Wow! Genious idea!

  62. Such a sweet idea. I know for sure that I would have messed up the letters (maybe even with super detailed notes).

  63. That’s just so sweet! And stylish by the way, everybody loves photobooth photo’s! ;)

  64. This is so cute! My favorite proposal is the one where he actually proposes in the photobooth and they capture her reaction right there in the photos – Love it = )


  65. How creative and totally romantic! I’m totally loving all those photos. Kisses, Joanna.