Mindy Kaling’s new book

Mindy Kaling’s new memoir came out today! The Office writer and actress is smart, cheeky and laugh-out-loud funny; the New York Times describes her as “Tina Fey‘s cool little sister.”

Mindy’s description of her book: “Perhaps you want to know what Mindy thinks makes a great best friend (someone who will fill your prescription in the middle of the night), or what makes a great guy (one who is aware of all elderly people in any room at any time and acts accordingly), or what is the perfect amount of fame (so famous you can never get convicted of murder in a court of law), or how to maintain a trim figure (you will not find that information in these pages). If so, you’ve come to the right book, mostly!”

P.S. Look at her as a little kid. “People think I’m exaggerating when I say that I was a happy child who you could not tell was male or female,” she says.

  1. been waiting for a book from mindy ever since i read her short story on how she mistook a water bottle popping in the middle of the night as gun fire. so laugh out loud funny!

  2. used to watch The office a lot, but did not know Mindy is one of the writers!! WOW…i think someone posted a youtube link about Mindy…i watched it, then clicked another one, another one, then Wanda’s show…spent the whole night watching Youtube videos;(((
    Anyway, just wanted to say, Mindy is funny! and i think my whole night is funny too;)))

  3. omg too good! Can’t wait to snag it!

  4. HAHA omg that picture is hilarious. she is so funny, i will definitely be reading this!

  5. For some reason, I will always picture and hear her as Kelly from the Office…ah.

  6. haha i love it. i’m getting it on my nook asap :)

  7. I LOVE her site and the idea of it. Thanks for introducingit.

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  8. Someone JUST sent me this announcement since I suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). And I LOVE Mindy- I taught at her former middle school (not while she was there). And who doesn’t love the Office? Yes please.

  9. Totally relate with that picture of her when she was little! That was so me – happy, gender-neutral (not “afflicted” by short hair, but rather, “liberated”!)

  10. Anonymous says...

    Love this! She is so cute.

  11. Yes I will absolutely be getting this book!

  12. Yay! So glad this came out today. I might put the serious and depressing book club book on hold and get some giggles in!

    for real though, I internet-stalk her all the time. I highly reccommend her blog.

    So jealous of the New Yorkers seeing her at B&N.

  14. I love me a funny girl! Now all I need is Amy Poehler to write a book and my life will be complete.

  15. Her interview in BUST made me really respect and adore her! She is hilarious and very very smart. That article made me really look up to her and was so inspiring!

  16. Seriously, she is so freaking funny…great book idea…already on my good reads book list! xoxo Julesmoksha

  17. I might just have to get this on my Kindle ASAP. I love that funny women are finally getting attention!

  18. Could she be any more adorable? I just bought the book on Audible, so I can listen to her read it to me while I crochet Christmas presents! Thanks, Joanna. You’re a great resource.

  19. LK says...

    I love her. And I can relate to her childhood photo. I was mistaken for a boy for years.

  20. oh my god, i need to get this. i LOVED tina fey’s memoir, and mindy cracks me up. maybe she will make a feature in my new e-book club :)

  21. sounds like a comforting read!

  22. i feel like genuinely funny women who are comfortable enough to be out there with it are hard to come by. she is awesome and i can’t wait to read this! thanks for the tip :)

  23. I didn’t know she was coming out with a book!!! AAAHH!! So excited. Love her!

  24. Oh my god! I LOVE HER IN OFFICE! I don’t know she wrote a book, I want one!

  25. Loved Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. So glad to have all these great female comedians writing books! Totally adding Mindy’s book to my reading list. =)

  26. adding this to my christmas list!

  27. My daughter would love this!

  28. that pic makes me feel like I was not alone when elderly woman addressed me as “young man” in the grocery store as a child.

  29. I stopped in my tracks when I saw this at Barnes & Noble today. I fell in love with her after I read that article you posted about cliche romantic comedy heroines! She’s awesome, and could her book cover BE any better? It feels like there should be a think bubble around the title!

  30. I love following her twitter feed. This book is already on the list for book club next month, and I can’t wait.

  31. Will definitely be reading this!

  32. I’ve read some of her stuff and she is hilarious, as is that last picture of her!

  33. She is hilarious.

    I LOVE that picture of her as a child. How cute is she!?!?

  34. Love Mindy Kaling! Her article in last month’s Glamour about dating men (as opposed to boys) was so smart and funny.

  35. she’s speaking tomorrow night (wed) at the barnes and noble here in nyc on 82nd. i am definitely gonna check it out–i want to see what she’s like in person!

  36. Aw, Mindy Kaling is great. Looking forward to reading this book.

  37. Ok that picture of her when she was little is PRICELESS — I also shared that affliction after my mom chopped off all my hair — Thanks so much for putting this on my radar!


  38. Can’t wait to read it!

  39. i saw her last night on Jon Stewart and she was hilarious. I would love to read both this and Tina Fey’s book.

  40. LOve her, I can’t wait to buy that book.

  41. Add that to the wishlist!
    Too funny!
    Jill&Eric at Frozen Sunshine

  42. i was listening to parts of this book last week that she posted on she is awesome. i would give this book to any teen or preteen- i loved mtv’s kennedy’s book when i was coming of age.


  43. I read an interview with her and could not stop laughing. Hilarious! You forget that she’s so young. I love how she talks about men versus boys.

  44. haha love her. she’s going to be reading from her book at the the barnes and noble in the upper west side tomorrow. i’m tempted to go!

  45. Becca says...

    I think I’m girl crushing on her in a big way!


  46. cute! i love mindy in everything she’s done – just from the way she dialogues, she’s obviously got hilarious things just running through her head all the time so i can’t wait to read this. thanks for the info!

  47. I can’t wait to read it. She is super funny, witty and totally cool. Kisses, Joanna.

  48. I’ve read several articles by her in various magazines, and they were smart and hilarious. I can’t wait to read this book!

  49. I’ve ready so many funny excerpts from this already. Can’t wait for the whole thing!

  50. I keep hearing so much about her…now I’m intrigued!

  51. Yes Please! I cannot wait to read it! She is hilariously great.