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  3. Ha!! This is great, though the bananas in Cambodia are so teeny-tiny, I could probably only fit two or three words in.

  4. I have an old school black board in the kitchen where I leave messages to my husband and he also writes me stuff (adorable stuff). It’s also useful for shopping lists! But these bananas are just adorable!!!

  5. This is just the best! My mama used to write sweet notes on my napkin for my lunch box, but I love this idea. Filing this away for the future :)

  6. get outta town, that’s the cutest idea, ever!!!

  7. What a great idea! So sweet!

  8. After reading this last night, I wrote an I Love You message on a banana for my fiance. He came home, found it, and thought it was the cutest thing. Love it!

  9. amazing! I have a friend who is staying because she’s having a hard time with her boyfriend- she takes a bananna to work every day- I might write her a supportive message tomorrow- thanks for this xo

  10. Nice creative ideas :O I will try it

  11. My group in college used to send each other bananas with secret messages on them – our mailboxes were just long enough to hold normal bananas, and the mailroom staff were kind enough to deliver them for us. I loved getting one – especially the ones that had intricate artwork on them instead of messages. I knew that a friend had been bored in class with a banana and a toothpick, and thought of me…heartwarming!

  12. Loves it. My BF brings bananas for snack everyday. I’m getting brownie points

  13. Love it – my BF brings bananas everyday to eat for snack at work. Totally getting points for this…

  14. Such a great idea!! That is so sweet.

  15. This is so sweet. I remember getting love notes in my lunch from my mother, but I think it would have made it that much better on a banana =)

    – Sarah

  16. Insanely embarrassing for the kid involved when that banana comes out of the lunchbox infront of all the other kids! Not cool mom

  17. This is quite clever!

  18. Oh my goodness! I must try this immediately!

  19. Anonymous says...

    This is so cute!!! Fun in a lunch box for sure!

  20. Soooo nice!

  21. I used to love when my mom would put a sweet note in my lunch bag. This would be such a great way to do it!

  22. What as great, great idea!!! :-)

  23. I love that idea! Too bad my little girl is away at college. Jennifer:)

  24. NEAT! I always looked forward to the goofy drawings/messages that my dad wrote on my napkin for lunch when I was little, so I will definitely be doing this (:

  25. This is so cute. I definitely going to do this in my boyfriend’s lunch. I love that it slowly appears–like those invisible markers from back in the day!

  26. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  27. Kids? My husband is 30 and he leaves me notes on my banana that I pack in my lunch for work :) Here’s an old one form my 30th Bday http://twitpic.com/2bimyh

  28. this is absolutely brilliant! I might give it a go~

  29. i love this and am doing this from now on.
    my mom always wrote notes on our napkins. so sweet.


  30. I love this idea. I’m definitely doing it for baby J…once he’s no longer a baby.

  31. That is too cute! What a great idea.

  32. This is so much cooler than leaving a post-it note in your kiddo’s lunch-bag!

  33. haha I’m gonna do it right now :)
    I hope I have enough bananas :P

  34. my husband uses this idea for an assignment for a visual culture class. i love how they look full of drawings and text. great idea for a lunch box too!

  35. love this idea! i will have to remember it when packing my daughters lunch when she is in school.

  36. My son will love this. And maybe it will help get my daughter to actually eat some fruit.

  37. It is also a really fun prank to play on a roommate – we have had some fun with this in our house!
    Much love,

  38. So cute!

    Sorry ’bout your snow situation so early!!!

  39. Aww..that is such a sweet idea! xo

  40. Such a great idea! Shame my boyfriend doesn’t like bananas…

  41. What a cute idea! Just as long as it doesn’t bruise the banana. I hate bruised bananas! ;-)

  42. Becca says...

    It’s like a secret code!

    Ahh – I’m totally doing that with my roommate’s bananas (fingers crossed she’d see the joke, and not see it as vandalism!)