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  2. I recently read another of your articles and loved it. So I kept looking. Those prescription glasses look great! I have been thinking about getting some but am worried that they won’t fit right. Maybe I will reconsider.

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  5. I love the Maxine!

  6. I’ve been dreaming of the Bel Air in blue for months now. Fingers crossed!

  7. Parker! Clear/tortoise?

  8. You’re looking so gorgeous..Big glasses are much attractive too.

  9. These glasses suit you perfectly — you look so chic :)

  10. Je says...

    I swim all Summer long so am in desperate need on prescription shades.

  11. The glasses look good on you. I can’t say who is looking more good- glasses or your eyes?
    I just need to know where you got those. Is this through online or any other store?
    Well I am little hesitating to buy through online.
    If you can share anything about this then please comment back, I wait for your comment.

  12. Just for fashion use or for protecting eyes from harmful weather all are fit for its use glasses mostly protects us from the rays which can damage our part of body sometime

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous with those new pair of eyeglasses on! It suits you perfectly. I actually find women wearing big nerdy glasses fascinating. =)

  14. jillian says...

    heLLo! i’ve been internet searching for MONTHS and i do not exaggerate when i say MONTHS for a pair of eyeglasses! so happy to have stumbled upon your words and photos….hopefully i will find just the right pair for me! thanks much!!

  15. gahhh! this could not come at a more perfect time. I’ve been looking at other similar websites for the past week, and did not about this one! THANK YOU!!!

  16. I love the Woody ones! I lost mine too and am in desperate need of a new pair.

  17. Yup. Big, and perhaps nerdy, looks nice. The noticeable frame has a nice image when you have the confidence to wear it, and you look great with those new glasses of yours. Cheers!

  18. I wear the Kate Spade Blakely. They are turquoise on the inside, which is kind of fun. I think I’ll buy my next pair from Warby Parker because I love the mission of that company.

    I can’t WAIT to read your biz model post – I just started receiving ad money for two different blogs that I write and it’s a tricky path to go down.

  19. Diggin it. The whole deal. Well made garments turn casual into special.

  20. Hi Joanna! I love the pair of glasses you ordered and I checked it out on the site but, they appear to not be there. Do you have any other similar suggestions? Thanks!

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  22. i’ve been eyeing (bad pun! :) the jesse in tortoise for a while now — they were out of stock and they’re back, so this would be so perfect! new baby on the way in a few weeks and feel like i’ll be living in my glasses!

  23. I love them! I think I might order a new pair too. I’m almost due for one.

  24. I’ve been loving the colour of your lipstick :) it’s exactly the colour i’ve been looking for, with no success. Could you help me? :)
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and find it always intereting and amusing. Keep the great work!
    Juliana (Portugal)

  25. I LOVE THEM!!

  26. I got my big nerdy NASA engineer glasses at CoastalContacts.com – if you like them on facebook, you can be informed of when their next sale is. What they do is give you the glasses with the standard type of lens (extra for super thin, or whatever coatings) and all you have to pay is shipping. So I paid $15 dollars for them. It’s a great deal!

  27. jennifer, good question! i wear a 27 or 28 in jeans, too, and i wear a 28 in emersonmade. they fit really, really well on me. so i think they’re pretty true to size. (the only time i wear a 27 is if it’s a brand that often runs big, like Gap)

  28. Those glasses are fabulous on you! I have a jean question though: I know this is above and beyond – but I have the hardest time with her pants sizing. Do you wear J Brand or other standard jeans to compare sizes with. I’m always a 28 in their jeans – but according to website I think I’d be way off in hers. How did you find sizing? Any advise please.

  29. LOVE the glasses – super chic!

  30. I love your new glasses! And the outfit! I bought my specs from warby Parker, am so excited about this option! Perhaps I can use a second pair!!