10 Guys Confess: What it feels like to kiss a girl

Have you ever made the first move and kissed a guy (or girl)? It’s terrifying! Here, 10 brave guys reveal what goes through their minds when they’re about to kiss their crush for the first time…

“I try to suppress my goofy side. What’s going through my head? Look normal. Relax. Think: lead in a black-and-white film!” — Andrew, 29

“A big eye-opener is where she sits down relative to me when we’re alone. If I sit on my bed and she sits on a chair, that’s a total buzz kill and I probably won’t be able to build up the courage to kiss her. If I sit on the bed and she sits far away on the bed, things are still open for discussion. But if I sit on the bed and she sits close to me on the bed, it’s on!” — Mike, 25

“If I’m going to kiss her, I count to ten, or I’ll pretend my whole family’s going to die if I don’t, and then I do.” — Andrew, 33

“I had had a crush on her for years, and finally asked her out for sushi. I ate the whole thing of wasabi to try to impress her, and she just got really concerned. Then we went to see The Cooler at a movie theater. The weather was really cold, and I wanted to put my arm around her but got nervous. Back at her parents’ house, she showed me the difference between the way you move your shoulders to flip in a dive or during gymnastics, and it was insanely cool. The lighting was great, and I went into kiss her her. (This point is really scary.) The first peck went well. So I backed away and looked into her eyes, and then we kissed again. It took!” Nick, 29

“When my girlfriend and I first kissed, our teeth clanged. We were smiling too much and went at it teeth-first!” — Dave, 22

“I don’t drink, and kissing a girl when you’re stone-cold sober is REALLY nerve-wracking. I can recount a dozen situations where I nervously talked to a girl for several hours before building up the courage to actually kiss her. I guess my logic, if there was any, was that if this girl was willing to go on a date with me, come up to my room, sit next to me, and hang out while I ran my mouth until 2AM, then she DEFINITELY liked me, and, finally, it was safe to kiss her.” — Kerry, 25

“On a typical first date, I’ll take her out to dinner. If I’m buzzed enough, I’ll plant one on her as soon as we walk out of the restaurant. Otherwise, I’ll chicken out and wait until she’s about to descend the subway steps. Ladies, if you are up for a kiss, please take a moment to make serious eye contact for multiple seconds at a time. You probably think you do this already, but I promise you don’t do it enough. We are really dense. Throw us a bone.” — Todd, 32

“Mary and I had been friends from the age of 3, and I had always had feelings for her. One night, as college friends, we went to dinner, and I told her, ‘I think there’s something here,’ to which she responded, ‘I think you need to think about that.’ I said, ‘Ok, I’ve thought about it for almost 20 years, but I can give it another week or two, I guess.’ She ended up staying with me that night, so I just went for it! I kissed her while we were about to fall asleep, and she was like a rock! Nothing! No response, no reaction, no reciprocation. So I thought, well, that was a great friendship that I just screwed up. Fast forward, a few weeks later we were on spring break together…yada yada yada…now we’re married.” — Austin, 29

“It was our third date, and I knew I wanted to kiss her the moment she walked into the restaurant wearing an amazing red dress. By the time we finished dessert, I was 99% sure she would kiss me back. It was a snowy Saturday night, and, as we wandered the East Village looking for the perfect place for a nightcap, I could barely manage my end of the conversation. I was too busy psyching myself up to swoop into a deserted doorway and plant one on her. But I couldn’t get up the nerve and we ended up sharing our first kiss later that night in the back of a loud bar while the rowdy guys next to us threw back tequila shots.” Ryan, 29

“I can’t even tell you what’s going on in my head–it’s too embarrassing–but here’s a rough idea: ‘AHHHH!'” — Tim, 22

How cute is that?! xoxo
(Top photo by Sandra; bottom photo credit unknown)

  1. Tybow says...

    This is the most adorable thing I’ve read in a while. It’s nice to know guys are thinking really hard about not messing things up, and hoping women feel the same way.

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  3. Hahaha that’s so sweet! :)

    It’s nice to know that guys stress out about it as much as we all do
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  4. we had been talking about having our first kiss for a couple weeks but neither of us had got enough gumption to go for it. We were sitting on the couch talking about the random things in life, and some how it came up about fish faces, and i made a puckered lips fish face and he laughed and said “I hope that’s not how you kiss”. After a short while of staring at each other in the eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me lightly on my lips… now, were headed towards marriage and still smile when we remember or one of us bring it back up… :)

  5. It’s a funny thing knowing that guys also feel nervous when it comes to doing a kiss to her girl. Way back to our first date with my boyfriend I feel so nervous because he pleased me to kiss him but the nerve, I don’t know how to kiss. I didn’t tell him about that issue I just respond with no reaction at all. By the way we were at the movie theater.

    So my bf did a stolen kiss and from that moment we were already kissing and it was a great kiss I guess :)

  6. I loved this! So cute, so touching. I was surprised about such nervousness even well into adulthood.

    Makes me think of my first kiss with my husband, and of my two college boys who are too shy to ask a girl on a date, and I smile. Thanks.

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  10. I depends of the girls and it can taste different from one person to another.

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  13. Anonymous says...

    This makes me think of my second (sober) kiss with a boy. I had just met him a week before and he was my stepbrother’s friend from boarding school. We all went on a roadtrip together and I ended up spending most of my time with him (my brother was with his girlfriend at the time), then he and my brother’s girlfriend spent a few days at our house after the trip. My brother was busy with his girlfriend so I was left to entertain his friend, we watched paranomal activity and he would fall asleep, then wake up and slowly move closer and closer each time he woke back up again… eventually the movie ended and it was time for bed. As I was folding the blankets and turning off the TV he ran and jumped into my bed.. (not okay with my momma!) I told him he couldn’t stay, but he had a way to distract me by talking about other things, we ended up staying up the WHOLE night talking and he never kissed me. I left for two days for orientation, and when i got back it was his last night, he came home and fell asleep in my bed as i packed. We woke up the next morning and just laid there looking at eachother, i wondered when he would kiss me and it was starting to be too quite for too long, so i just went for it. We kissed the entire morning and talked in my bed (not thinking about momma walking in…) until he had to leave to catch his flight. We were only able to give a hug goodbye because my brother didn’t know what had happened. I still talk to him this day, but haven’t seen him in a year and a half – still waiting to see when we will have our second kiss…

  14. this is the cutest! It’s so refreshing sometimes to hear a guy’s perspective… especially as a 25yo single (sometimes hopelessly single) girl)

  15. E. says...

    adorable! love that moment just before the kiss where everything goes quiet and your stomach drops…just like a roller coaster – without all the screaming!

  16. Where do you find all your gorgeous images? I am new-ish to your blog, already obsessed, and love them all :) Thanks for all the pretty! -Rachel

  17. As a girl you need to give some courage. I am so shy even to give courage:D Even!haha me says too if I do not kiss;my family gonna a die:DDDD Otherwise I can’t do,I am such a shy:D This is me what can I do:D

  18. who knew they stressed about kissing so much!

  19. I’m so fond of all the men in my life…got really lucky with a wonderful father, brothers, boyfriends and my husband. But this post makes me love and appreciate great males that much more. Sweet, funny, touching, and so human. What a fantastic article idea, Joanna. Thanks, once again, for finding new and really delightful ways to connect people.

  20. This is just super cute. Love it. Makes me wish I was patient enough to wait for him to do it….with my current boyfriend, I was like, “um, so are you going to kiss me now or what!?” Guess he liked my enthusiasm though because we’re still together four years later! ha! So much for being a wallflower.

  21. oh my this is awesome!!the cutest thing!

  22. hahaha i’m feeling nostalgic. this was a great read <3


  23. ahh!! i never realized how nerve wreaking it it to be the boy. i mean, as the girl i’m nervous too.. but i don’t have to make the first move. thanks for sharing!

  24. This was a great post, Joanna. I miss the Goddard/Dodge/Meanley trio!

  25. Lynn says...

    I agree with sew succulent…i love the husband but to have no more first kisses…! Those moments are priceless.I loved all the stories!!

  26. Some of those were hilarious, poor guys, but quite adorable as well :)

    The first kiss my husband and I shared before we actually started dating was a complete disaster. Haa, he is so embarrassed about it, he doesn’t admit it was our first, he goes right on to the second one. Cute fella :)

  27. This is so stinkin’ cute

  28. The anecdotes you’ve shared are so charming, Jo. And I’ve loved reading everybody’s comments.

    I’ve only initiated a kiss once before. It was disastrous, awkwardness abounded. It’ll take me a while to summon the courage to make a move again.

  29. Awww, I miss first kisses. The romance, the tension, the butterflies. It’s so good.

    I really like the posts by Kerry and Nick. So sweet that Kerry waits for ages to make sure it’s okay (because that’s totally something I would do). And I liked Nick’s because of the specificity of loving watching her arms move in a dive in the perfect light. Men that notice those kinds of things are the best kind.

  30. I like that guys are as nervous as we are. My stomach ties in knots even *thinking* about kissing the guy I like.

  31. Sooooo darn cute! Love the idea of your post! You go girl! xfx

  32. Joanna,

    this is sooo cute! I went like ‘awwwwww’ maybe a million times while I was reading it! ;D

    It actually reminded me of this guy I have a crush on. We went to university together but never talked to each other.
    We started taking online b/c of work and ended up being friends. He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at the time. To cut the story short, we never met. We ran into each other a million times in different places, but always too busy to say hi.
    Last July I decided I’d travel to see him, and just like one of the guys on this post, we ended up not kissing.
    We talked for hooooooooooours (and I’m pretty sure there was enough eye-contact) but nothing happened.

    I’m still waiting for the kiss..

    Hope it happens!

    Great idea for a post!


  33. Meg says...

    aww sweet :)

    My first kiss with my boyfriend was on st Patricks day at a pasta-party hosted by a mutual friend. We had been talking all night, and somehow it ended up being me, him, and the lovely hostess as plutonic bedfellows. I really liked him but I thought he wasn’t interested. I wanted to just feel his arm against mine in the bed, but he had himself tucked up in the blankets so tight. By morning I was still frustrated by the distance between us, so in a moment of daring I put my arm around him!! And to my astonishment, he held my arm in a cuddle and leant over and kissed me!! Ah swoon… :) And now we live together in a happy little house.

  34. OMG this made me smile soooo hard =)

  35. LOVED THIS! I had to make the first move the other night… not fun! Worth it though! This is so adorable!

  36. Haha. These blurbs were sweet and some made me lol. Loved it!

  37. These are wonderful! Thank you :)

    Almost makes me want to have first kiss nerves again!

  38. omg, Ryan Dodge! haven’t heard about him in years after he left Glamour. hahaha, glad he finally found that “spark” he was always talking about.

  39. oh, I so love my husband, but there is something about these stories that made me sad that I will never have those first kiss jitters again!

  40. My husband says that he was going in for a forehead kiss and I’m the one that turned it into a lip lock. Really? A forehead kiss? Who does that? We hadn’t known each other long enough for that.

  41. I love this, I am always interested in what the guy is thinking before a smooch. My current boyfriend and I dated for a short while in high school, never making it to our first kiss (both of us too nervous), we both moved away went to college and dated other people (and remained very close friends). When we met up for a friendly dinner to catch up and after years of thinking just what if, the attraction for each other was much greater than it was so many years ago. After going back to his place for a few drinks we looked at each other and I finally said if you don’t kiss me now then….before I could finish the sentence he came in for the perfect long first kiss I had been waiting for. What’s make our relationship work and that much better, is we are each others best friends, we’ve been great friends for about eight years and that’s what keeps us strong!

  42. Haha I love the comment from Andrew! How funny and cute.

  43. oh so cute. it’s somewhat consoling to know that they freak out as much as girls do.

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  45. Poor guys! They have so much pressure on them. When my husband and I started dating, it took him 2 weeks to work up the courage to kiss me. It was both of our first kiss ever. I got so tired of waiting for him to make a move that I told him that it was late and that I had to go home, but he asked me to wait and finally went for it. Our teeth hit each other, but we figured it out quickly!

  46. they’re nervous creatures!
    i kissed my boy because i got bored of waiting!

  47. So cute and sweet! <3

  48. I remember when my husband and I were dating he finally up and said I’ve been trying to work up the courage to kiss you for the past 45 minutes! That was all I needed!

  49. With the guy I’ve been seeing, I made the first move. It was my birthday. We’d already been on five other dates and he kept asking me out, but he hadn’t done more than given me a hug goodbye. He has been so sweet and so respectful and so hilarious, but clearly a little shy about moving in for a kiss.

    I decided to make my own luck by wearing a great dress and a button that read, “Kiss me, it’s my birthday!” He eventually politely kissed my cheek. It was driving me crazy! I eventually thought, “Oh, to hell with it,” and pulled him in for a lip-lock. That was the only push he needed; he hasn’t been so shy about showing his affection since then. =)

  50. How sweet, nice to hear the boys’ side for a change!

  51. This makes me think of that scene in Annie Hall when Woody asks to kiss Diane before they go out for dinner, to lessen the anxiety of the first date kiss.

  52. This is cute. I made the move first only once, and it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. And it was hands down the best first kiss EVER.

  53. i’m totally on board with the family death scenario! hahaha.

  54. Oh my first kiss. It was so long ago but I remeber it as if it were yesterday..

  55. Aww what a sweet post.
    I’ve done the teeth-clanging kiss before. Probably one of the worst kisses ever.

  56. So cute and funny to hear their perspective! Love it!

  57. Angry Asian, i bet he was waiting the whole movie to kiss you!! :)

  58. OMG, it is so sweet:) Nice to take a look at what “the other” side has in mind

  59. These are so cute!!
    My second first kiss with my now boyfriend (after 8 years apart) we were lying in sleeping bags under the stars and I SO nervous.
    “Is it going to happen?! What if there’s no chemistry after all these years of wondering!?” I finally got the nerve up to lean over and kiss him on the forehead, to test things out and somehow I went straight in for the lips! I don’t know what happened but suddenly there I was! Luckily he kissed me right back and three years later he was worth 8 years of wondering.

  60. Anonymous says...

    I like the one from Ryan, 29. Even if the kiss was in a loud bar, I bet the whole room felt like it had gone silent when you kissed! Funny how that happens…

  61. Christina says...

    That is such a “man” thing to do to be “happy” about your text but not even say anything. Good example of the “dense” comment above. haha but thanks for sharing, Joanna! Funny story.

  62. I love the (seemingly) innocenct feel of these. I am so naive and innocent deep down, I want to really start embracing it, go back to my prudish ways and not go for the easy kisses after getting a buzz. Go for the nerve wracking one with all my heart!

  63. my first kiss with my darling love was after seeing the movie UP in his apartment. the credits were rolling, i was talking blah blah blah, paused and he planted one on me. i was so surprised, i went right back to talking. we laugh about it now.

  64. Adorable and so cute, thanks for posting this one! :-)

    X Mandy

  65. Love it : ) This is adorable.

    It’s amazing how little we understand about what is going through their heads. ;)

  66. I absolutely LOVE hearing things from their side. It’s so sweet to think that they are really nervous (or at least as nervous as we are half the time!).

  67. “If I’m going to kiss her, I count to ten, or I’ll pretend my whole family’s going to die if I don’t, and then I do.” — Andrew, 33

    My favorite.

  68. Kathrine says...

    First of all: I absolutely LOVE your blog !!
    As a single girl this post made me so excited for the next time I’ll have a first kiss with someone :)
    Hugs from Denmark

  69. These stories are so adorable. It’s really interesting to hear what it’s like from a guy’s perspective, especially since I usually think girls are more nervous about the first kiss.

    Love Relationship Thursdays, keep it up!

  70. Thank you Todd, 32. It is refreshing to get a little instruction along with admission of what all us single gals have suspected all along.

  71. oh how i love these! i’ve never had the nerve to ask a guy what he’s thinking before making the first move.

  72. Ah, these are so sweet! My boyfriend and I were talking about maths (because we’re nerdy college students) and he said “It’s hard to concentrate because I just want to kiss you..” I thought it was super-romantic..

  73. oh, these stories are adorable! I guess boys freak out about this kind of stuff too! :)

  74. love this post…especially the story from austin!

  75. Stephanie says...

    This is why I call my oldest brother when I go all nervous around guys – he’s got a bevvy of tales about awkward and nervous moments that make me feel better. More of these, please, Jo!

  76. love to hear how nervous they are, it’s such a moment!

  77. christina, he didn’t reply (which made me feel mortified at the time:), but we ended up hanging out a few days later and he admitted that he was so happy to get that text. we got back together for a short period (like a few weeks), but in the end, we both knew it wasn’t meant to be. xoxo

  78. Susan says...

    I wonder if y’all know that it’s just as nerve wracking at 54. Yep.

  79. This is so sweet, adorable, and totally put a smile on my face…it makes me want to ask my husband what went through his mind when we first kissed!

  80. Christina says...

    Speaking of Glamour and speaking of men: Joanna, remember when you wrote on Smitten about texting “I miss you” to an exbf? Whatever happened after that?

  81. We should give guys more credit than they get. Their details are touching, and who knew that they are so nervous.

  82. Oh man, I remember my first kiss with my boyfriend. It was on our FIFTH date and I think we were both too nervous to make the first move. We had gone to dinner, hit the bar for a beer and some pool, then walked back to his place. Then we sat on his couch, drank tea, and talked about life for HOURS. Finally, at like 4am, I asked, “so when were you planning on kissing me?” (Not sure where that gumption came from) And he said, “In about 10 seconds.” Ten seconds later, he kissed me. Two years later, the story still brings a giant smile to my face :)

  83. eek! i can just feel the butterflies and giggles inside. i have a bit fat smile on my face after reading this! so cute!

  84. Oh my gosh! I’m dying!!

  85. I love this! It’s always fun to hear a boy’s perspective on things :)

  86. yes, ryan dodge is the best! remember him from glamour? :)

  87. I find the third one hilarious because I sometimes do that too, when I have something difficult to do I imagine something bad will happen to me or my dear ones and they can only be saved if I do that difficult thing ;-) crazy, hum?

  88. Love Ryan Dodge! That is the cutest story- I am so happy for him and his cute girlfriend.

  89. Vicky says...

    This post just makes me smile. :) The responses are insanely cute!

  90. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to read that without thinking, Awwwww. I love the advice to make “serious” eye contact because guys are dense.