Tonight: New Girl

Tonight is the premiere of another TV show that looks great: New Girl. Zooey Deschanel plays a nerdy but lovable emotional wreck, who, after a traumatic breakup, moves in with three single male roommates. (Btw, with her huge cartoon eyes and husky voice, no wonder Zooey is every girl’s girl crush.) Here’s a cute interview with her, below. Will you watch it?

  1. I really liked Zooey when I first saw her in Frasier in like 1999(?) but she has played the SAME character in every single role she’s ever been in–awkward, beautiful, dead pan humor. She’s awfully cute but not a talented actor. When did Awkward become sooo cool?

  2. Carol says...

    Nnnnnnnooooooooo…….. Completely annoying. Note to Fox: Tina Fey took it to the limit; don’t go past that. #dumbassTV


  4. yes! i watched on dvr this morning an loved. i sorta felt like i saw most of the episode in commercials and promos but still, loved it.

  5. gemma mimi again says...

    and, just in case you forget, my computer appears to think you need to be told twice (damn technology!)

  6. It was hilarious! Loved it!

  7. watched it.loved her

  8. I read your post yesterday and it got my attention, so I watched it yesterday and I LOVED the show! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!! Did you watch it?? what are your thoughts??

  9. i watched this last night because of your post and thought it was funny. i did want to shake her sometimes and say snap out of it but i liked all the characters personalities. they made it funny and unique

  10. Anna H says...

    The show was awesome. Love that I can watch it online all the way from Sweden, since it obviously has not aired over here yet.

    I found your blog through Cupcakes and Cashmere a few weeks ago, and I’m totally hooked. I must say I love your cute blog and all the different types of blog posts.

    Much love from Sweden!

  11. Anonymous says...

    I love this show, primarily because i also sing to myself…a lot (“a lot”)

  12. Anonymous says...

    husky voice???

  13. I love Zooey. I had no idea this show existed. Thank you so much! :D Have you listened to her music with Matt Ward called She and Him? She has an amazing voice.

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  15. I saw the pilot on itunes! It’s hilarious and looks like it will be a great series!

  16. She is so cute. Trying to grow my hair out again to look like hers.

  17. I watched the pilot and loved it! Can’t wait to watch tonight!

  18. little confused… i watched on hulu last week. and though it was terrible. but, will give it a second chance. (parenthood’s pilot was the worst i’ve ever seen and it turned into a great show!)

  19. started watching it and gave up 5 minutes later. It’s SO boring. I think I’ve watched too many movies with her on them…

    I’m sorry to be such a party pooper!

  20. i saw the pilot on-line .. not a big fan. her character is pretty played out by now i think.

  21. I love Zooey. Can’t watch the vid right now, nor should I look up this show online on account of oodles of studies…

    but I will… .heh heh.

  22. I heard Zooey Deschanel described on NPR as “dorkable.” I thought that was pretty apt.

  23. Yayayayayayayayaya! Excited! :D

  24. I can’t wait! must not forget to DVR! :) in fact, going to go do that right now…

  25. I was REALLY excited about this, because I love Zooey….but I kind-of hated it. Everytime she WASN’T in a scene I wanted to throw something at those guy characters. And even when she was…I don’t know if it was worth it for me to keep watching. I hope it gets better though, because I really want to watch it!

    A new show guilty pleasure that I DID really like the pilot for, however, The Secret Circle (terrible name, haha). It’s about a girl finding out she belongs to a long line of witches and I thought that for a “teen” show, it was really well filmed! Ok!/end rant :)

  26. This. Looks. Awesome.

    Can’t wait.

  27. Love love love her. I took a picture of her into my hairstylist to get her bangs.

  28. Anonymous says...

    I love your blog, but that show looks absolutely God-awful.

  29. You totally nailed the situation here Joanna! Whenever I talk about how adorable Zooey is to a guy, they go ‘who? Wha?’ She is totally #1 girl crush for girls!!!

  30. meh. nah. I might check it out later. Pilots are always rough, so since my interest level is low already, I’ll give it some time to find its stride before *maybe* checking in. Like some of your other readers, Zooey doesn’t do it for me. Yes, she’s a very beautiful woman, but I’ve never really been impressed by her work. I’m not saying you can’t be cute AND strong, or that you can’t be funny/dorky in your 30s, but as an actress, she does seem to be really type-cast: all I ever see her do is this “cute girl” role, and I *am* too old to be impressed by that.

  31. kaela d says...

    can’t wait to watch it tonight! :) although i felt like she could’ve shared a little more in that interview…it was still cute.

  32. I can’t wait to watch this! I am such a Zooey fan that I’m hoping for the best. I’ll be heartbroken if it gets cancelled after one season. …well maybe I should watch it before I make such a statement.

  33. Anonymous says...

    @Elizabeth- Winter Passing is a really good, really serious movie starring Zooey. It’s pretty cool to see her really act! Check it out!

  34. I can already tell its gonna be my new favorite show! :) btw, have you seen Miranda on BBC? totally hilarious too!

  35. I watched the pilot on Hulu and she’s just as darling as ever. The guys on the show…eh, not so much

  36. Yeah, I’m gonna watch it. She’s too cute not to.

    I’ve got to say though-I didn’t love Up All Night. The previews were funny but I’m just not sold yet. Will someone please give Will Arnett a solid show to be in!!!! For the love!

  37. ive watched it on itunes already! im really excited about the series… although, i have to say i was disappointed with the pilot. (the preview had too many of the good parts!! bad preview people…) but i know it’ll be good regardless! i love sweet zooey.

  38. I traveled over the weekend and the pilot of “The Girl” was a free download on itunes. I watched it on the plane. It was adorable!

  39. Here’s a site that has megavideo links to most of shows (I watched New girl right here, cause we don’t get most of the shows either in Slovenia..) hope this helps :)

  40. My first girl crush.. I should ask her to marry me. ;)

  41. I’m pretty pumped for this!

  42. Nora says...

    this looks so SO hilarious.
    i would love to watch it. unfortunatelly i can’t, cause i’m living on the other side of the pond. too sad.
    but have fun anyway!

  43. “a nerdy but lovable emotional wreck” … I will definitely watch (if only because that sounds like my life story)

  44. I am UBER excited for this one! I’ve love her, and I’m hoping the show lives up to all of my expectations:).

  45. grace says...

    YES! – so excited – I watched the pilot episode last night on On Demand – they were doing a little preview – IT WAS SO CUTE AND FUNNY!


  46. I saw a preview on a flight recently. Sadly, it’s not funny at all. Trying way too hard. That said, I’m willing to watch again ’cause she’s so darned cute. Maybe it was just the wrong environment (fingers crossed).

  47. I also was able to watch it already on Hulu and loved it! She is so cute and at times her awkwardness made me laugh out loud. A show that can do that is a winner in my book :)

  48. I might be the only one to think it- but I actually really dislike Zooey! Ek! Her character is literally the same in everything she’s ever been in. She’s the quirky girl in Elf, Weeds, The Happening, Gigantic, yada yada. I want to see Zooey play a role where she’s not being adorably weird. I just don’t think she’s a good actress at all! Kudos for being cute though?

  49. YAY i am so excited for her show! I watched the pilot and it is too cute! The woman who wrote the show is so funny! it is based off her own life when she went through a period in time going roommate hopping after bad break ups. a lot of it is true.. liekt he singing to herself, and repeat viewings of Dirty Dancing LOL

    oh I love her!

  50. I can’t wait!! Yesterday I posted about all the new fall shows I’m excited for and this was definitely one of them! :)

  51. I watched it & it’s adorable! iTunes has the pilot as a free download. But I was also on set a few weeks ago and have some behind the scenes photos running today. Everyone on set was SUPER nice (and that’s not always the case!) so I think that’s a reflection that it’s going to be a hit.

  52. She is so adorable! How can you not love her? Can’t wait to watch her show.

  53. I’m definitely watching it if I can! One of my dear friends from college works on that show and has been posting on facebook about it, the buildup is killing me I can’t wait!

  54. The pilot has been on hulu for the past week.. I watched it and thought it was horrible.

  55. Yay this sounds totally right up my alley! So excited. Love Zooey Deschanel always.

  56. I’m so excited for this show too! I’m so glad to hear that other girl’s have girl crushes on her too. Whew!

  57. I just don’t get the Zooey thing…

  58. I adore Zoey and her humor:) looking forward to it!

  59. I’m looking forward to checking this out! I love her music as well as her acting.

  60. love zooey. i’d marry her. haaaaa. except i’m married, so i guess that would make me a polygamist too. she is a crack up. she really is one of the most adorable women!

  61. Anonymous says...

    I’m going to have to say…no (sadly). The show pulls off as cliche with an extra helping of cheese. That said, I totally admire Zooey: she’s talented, unique and beautiful + I love her other work, just not a fan of her show :(

  62. Yes! I love Zoey, so cute!

  63. I got to preview the first episode on my plane ride from LA back to NYC over Labor Day. LOVED it :) She is just too cute and the concept is definitely a quirky kind of fun. I’ve got my DVR all set!

  64. i have been looking forward to this new series for months! i love zooey, total girl crush :) already got the DVR set up!

  65. Totally stoked for this show. I have a major girl crush on Zooey, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating it. And that interview is adorable.

  66. Oh, I already loved at least a hundred times during the trailer, i am definitely going to watch it!

  67. I saw the advance release via HelloGiggles – I loved it – I just hope it makes it to the UK on a channel I can receive.

  68. Yippee!! I can’t wait! Zooey Deschanel is definitely my modern-day style icon!


  69. Joanna! You are totally getting me hooked on a bunch of new series this fall…I am going to be such a couch potato! I watched Up All Night last week because of you too, and I’ll check this out tonight:)

    thank you!

  70. I watched it on Hulu. It was cute, but I’m kind of on the fence. The other characters don’t seem to nail it and I’m not sure Zooey can carry all of them.

    But Up All Night, now that is a show I am so in love with already!

  71. I caught the show on Hulu already, and as much as I wanted to like it I thought most of the jokes were pretty stale. Pilot’s can be a little rough though, so I might check out a couple other episodes to see if it improves. (I do think Zooey’s adorable, but in my opinion it’s not enough to carry a sitcom.)

  72. i want to like her, but i just can’t. she comes across as highly obnoxious and as someone else said, this show seems to milk it for all its worth a bit too much.

  73. cannot wait for this tonight! Love love Zooey.

  74. My DVR is all set up to record this bad boy. So excited! I love Zooey in every little way. Hope the show uses her well.

  75. Zooey is my idol! Ah! I’ve wanted to be her since the moment Elf came out. So happy you mentioned this! She’s the reason I have bangs :o)

    p.s. The pilot has been free on Hulu & iTunes for a couple weeks now, so if you want to watch it a few times before the premier I highly recommend it. I’ve already watched it 10 times, no lie! Yes, I have a Zooey Obsession. A ‘Zoobsession’ if you will. :o)

  76. i didn’t love the pilot when i watched it on itunes to be honest! there is something lovely about her, but i thought that the tv show tried SO hard to milk her quirkiness, that it was a little too much.

    zooey is talanted, but i couldn’t stomach her character. (and honestly, i think it plays into the male fantasy of the needy female, who can’t quite manage for herself.) give me a stronger woman character like liz lemon, leslie knope, etc. any day!

  77. I adore her but I watched the pilot and it just isn’t up to what you think her standards should be. Yet another cheesy sitcom. I was sad.

  78. I have been WAITING for this premire forever! She is precious.

  79. I have new fall show confusion! What to watch!? What not to watch!?
    Have a pretty day!

  80. Yup! Totally going to watch it… girl crushing on her since Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

  81. I think this will be my new favorite show. It looks so fun and fresh.

    And did you see her at the Emmy’s in her beautiful pink gown? The fashion police were giving here $**t, but she looked great!

  82. April K. says...

    Zooey is adorbs!

    But I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the pilot. I thought the previews captured all of the best bits and the show itself was a bit uneven. But! I am still cheering it on in the hopes they’ll hit their stride because I am such a fan of hers!

  83. Love it! Great show, I can’t wait for more episodes!

    FanFamFun: Can you access HULU? I watch everything on Hulu!

  84. This is the one show i’m too excited about this fall! Since I watch so much TV I limit myself to 1 new show every fall so this is gonna be it!

  85. Ahhh, that made me laugh out loud, and I so needed that this morning. I will absolutely be watching this series.

  86. I am very excited to see this, it looks adorable. Her character reminds me so much of my sister!

  87. These made me laugh so hard. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this show to come out forever. So excited for tonight!

  88. I am so excited… I love the Deschanel girls! I just wish Bones was on tonight too!

  89. I’ve actually already seen it from a free download on itunes, and I have to say, it’s HILARIOUS!!! I can’t wait to watch it again tonight. (:

  90. i will be watching. because like every other girl in america, i love her to pieces.

  91. heather says...

    I am excited to see this show, and the only other tv show I watch is Fringe;) I disagree with other peoples comments that she’s “too old” for this part. C’mon, you can be 31 and quirky, there’s no law saying you can’t be silly or goofy after age 30. If that’s the standard,then I’m in trouble. I’m 35, and most of my friends and husband would say I’m really goofy and dorky:)

  92. wow that looked like a prettier version of goofy ME! I love Zooey. HAVE to watch this.

  93. zooey’s face looked so innocent.she’s one of my favorite too

  94. Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite young actresses today. She’s nails the slightly edgy/dark comedic performances because she manages to still keep the vibe “cute” enough for the mainstream. She’s a smart cookie! Can’t wait to record this one and watch it once the kids are fast asleep!

  95. YES YES YES! So looking forward to it!

  96. I watched the pilot episode on hulu last week and thought it was just okay. I loved the supporting cast of guys more than I loved Zooey’s character, Jess. But I’ll give it a few more episodes to grow on me.
    I thought Up All Night was great. Real potential.

  97. KerryB. says...

    I thought it already debuted? I watched the pilot episode on Hulu last week… it was as funny as I had hoped!! I’m so excited about the show!

  98. I really enjoyed the pilot when I watched it last week and am excited to see more episodes. It looks like this will actually be a good one, and not just over-hyped like so many shows are.

  99. This looks like such a cute show, I can’t wait to see if its good or not =)

  100. Anonymous says...

    No. Zooey was in my town a year or so ago with her band and didn’t leave a tip after eating at the restaurant where I work. she did, however, leave a note complaining about her food. which is not the fault of the server, of course. lame. don’t care how cute she is.

  101. Yeah, I’m with Giulia. I’m a woman, not a woman-child and I’m a little tired of the obsession with eternal adolescence in our culture. I give it a “Meh” for theme/content/chice of actress. It’s almost like the creators said “How can we make this show aimed at 20 year olds appealing to women who have more money to spend. Got it- Zooey Deschanel!” I would rather watch Three’s Company.

  102. Oh yeahh. I already watched the first episode for freezies on iTunes! :)

  103. I will definitely be watching Zooey’s new show. She is undoubtedly my girl crush, and you’re right: she completely nails quirkiness.

    Incidentally, I recently read accusations that she is too cute and too girlie. Zooey fired back by replying that just because she’s feminine it doesn’t mean she isn’t strong. I thought it was well said, and a good lesson to us all. Femininity doesn’t have to equate to weakness.

    Thanks for posting this, Jo!

  104. I looove Zoey, and have been looking forward to this show!

    p.s. do you watch Glee? That show also comes back tonight. It’s a great night for TV!

  105. Ooooh my gosh, that looks totally epic :D xx

  106. M says...

    ever since you posted the trailer few months (weeks?) ago I have been counting the days, sent it to my girlfriends etc :)

    Can’t wait can’t wait!

  107. I watched the pilot and I’m a little on the fence! I was so excited – the plot makes me think of my own life and I love Zoey!! But I felt like it was a little cliche and I hate it when female characters are cast as weepy and childish instead of the multi-dimensional characters that we know ourselves to be. I guess I’ll keep an eye on it for awhile and see if they find a good rhythm!
    PS: Her style is amazing & didn’t disappoint!!

  108. So darn excited for it! The plan will be to trick my husband into watching it with me so he gets hooked too.

  109. #needzoeyshairnow.

    that is all.


  110. Aw, love Zooey Deschanel. I previewed the first epo. really good show.

  111. fanfamfun, awwww, sorry!! i wonder if you can watch the shows on hulu (the website that plays current tv shows)? :)

  112. i couldn’t wait and watched it already. enjoyed it and looking forward to how the characters develop.

  113. cynthia, yes! i saw the pilot episode on primetime on demand the other day, and it was hilarious!! she is so adorable. sometimes “quirkiness” can seem over the top, but she nails it :)

  114. Nope. I saw some clips & thought: I am too old for this & so is Zooey. She is cute (& she gets props for looking like me:) but I am w/many reviewers: she is 31 yrs old & thus is too old for the part.

    Enjoy, though, all. After another cup of coffee, I might be less cranky. xo

  115. I’ve been SO looking forward to it! Hope it lives up to the hype they’ve created!

  116. you have to stop posting about all the great tv you have in america! i cant watch these shows in the uk! you are making me super jealous. :) maybe you can do a post tomorrow and just do a play by play of what happened? ;) also, how was up all night? x

  117. I actually caught it on hulu already! And then I made my husband watch it again because I thought it was cute. Zooey doesn’t disappoint!!!

    I watched that show Up All Night after I saw your post on it and could not stop laughing!!

  118. I’m pretty stoked to watch this show. Zooey is amazing, so the show has to be! :)

  119. YES! A film character that does dorky things like me. I make up theme songs to nearly everything I do. It’s fun.

  120. Zooey is so adorable and it looks like a fun series. Totally going to check it out:) Btw: How awesome are her glasses? Kisses.