Fall TV show

The new comedy Up All Night starts tonight! It’s about a stay-at-home dad (Will Arnett) and career woman (Christina Applegate), who are totally overwhelmed by new parenthood. The trailer made me laugh out loud. It’s on NBC tonight at 10pm.

Will you watch it? I’m psyched!

  1. I love Christina Applegate playing “Mom” type characters — I thought she was so funny in… oops, can only remember the French title: “Trop Loin Pour Toi.” — Just checked, it’s called “Going the Distance.” So good!

  2. looks so cute! wish I had cable LOL

  3. I’ve seriously had a countdown for the premiere of this show since I first saw the preview a few months ago. I can’t wait to see it and I’m not even a parent. The pairing will totally make the show AWESOME!

  4. totally in love with mr. arnett over here, but I was pretty disappointed with the show. all the funny bits were in the commercial! and the rest of it was not very clever.

  5. Even though I laughed a few times it just wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. I’ll give it a few more episodes because I think Will Arnett is hilarious.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I am def. going to check this out!

  7. Anonymous says...

    Watched it last night. Horrible. Just awful. Stupid people. Fake people. The “Oprah” character – seriously? The two parents – not a brain between them. Just. So. Very. Very. Bad. ~ Janice

  8. Jennifer_NJ says...

    Just realized that the show was on last night…..what can I say, I have 3 kids and a packed schedule!

    Actually, I was in NYC last night at the Erasure concert @ Terminal 5. So much fun – I was transformed back to the 90’s.

    I’ll dvr this show for next weds.

  9. Jennifer_NJ says...

    Now this is reality tv – with kids. Can’t wait.

  10. I love these two and Maya Rudolph. There’s a commercial for it that they keep showing and every time we see it my husband and I start cracking up. The parents are in bed and they hear the baby crying and will arnett says to christina a “I’ll give you a million dollars if you go” – and I swear, this is the conversation we have every single saturday morning when the baby wakes up. doesn’t she know it’s the weekend and it’s ok to sleep past 7?! haha :)

  11. I totally thought this was a movie until I clicked the link and then saw the little NBC bird at the end!

    This is exciting, I think I’m going to love it! Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Wondering what you thought after you watched it last night? I was underwhelmed…probably because they used most of the funny parts in the preview. I’ll be watching next week though, love the actors and there’s something charming about it all.

  14. I watched it and got a chuckle out of Will Arnett. He’s the best. Thanks for the tip! xo.

    p.s. That being said, the funniest scenes were the ones on the preview you posted. Also: My husband didn’t find it as humorous as I did. He found it “slow.” Huh. Oh well.

  15. It was delightful. I even sent my husband the hulu.com link for him to watch today.

  16. I saw it and I thought it was absolutely adorable! I can’t wait for next week :)

  17. hahahaha very good

  18. I loved it! I really don’t expect much from network sit-coms these days so I had low expectations, but I laughed so hard. My husband thought it was funny, but not quite as much as I did. Unfortunately I DO swear that much and have done so in front of our baby when he was a newborn, but 100% am trying to stop so I could relate to the “we need to work on the swearing” thing. Even just little things like the husband offering the wife a million dollars to get up with the baby really hit home. (At one point early on my husband seriously offered me $100 to get up with the baby when it was his turn. I so took it.) And bickering over who is more tired/needs a break more. The only thing I didn’t relate to was the night that both parents were out without the baby and drinking all night. Unless their sitter stayed all night that meant they were responsible for their baby once they got home while drunk, and we just don’t do that. Otherwise I found it hilarious and totally relatable.

  19. K. says...

    watched it last night, i don’t have kids but i found this show so funny!

  20. Unfortunately, I really did not like it. The characters were unrelateable (who swears like that in front of a baby?) and Maya Rudolph is really really annoying. Too bad…my DH and I were really looking forward to it!

    Oh well…Amazing Race starts soon!

  21. looks like a good one! Hugs P.S>I’m having my very first blog hop today Please stop by and link up your lovely blog.

  22. I watched and laughed. I look forward to see how the show develops!

  23. I really liked it. Usually pilot episodes of even the best shows are a little rough. Actors & writers need to fin d their groove. I did laugh out loud so that’s a good sign!

  24. alex and i were sitting down to watch it and our tv was crackling and wouldn’t show the show without skipping. it was such a drag! so i tivo-ed the reruns and i’m hoping to watch it tonight.so glad you guys thought it was good!

  25. OK wanted to wait to comment until after I watched it, it was funny yes, but not SOooooo funny. I will certainly watch the next episode though, I love the actors

  26. Melissa in Cali says...

    HILARIOUS! I’ve got two little ones and could totally relate to that first go-round as a parent. Especially that first night out WITHOUT the little one! Loved it – the half-hour went by way too fast

  27. lol just realized its a TV show and not a movie… whoopsies. just call me dum-dum

  28. ok that preview is like the whole movie, so i stopped it half way thru, but looks funny! will def tune in :)

  29. So glad you reminded me because yes, it was hilarious.

  30. Loved watching the preview during commercials and love everyone who stars in it. I watched it last night, and for some reason, wasn’t too pleased. Maybe a second episode will do it for me. Well see.


  31. This looks great. I love Christina Applegate. She is a brilliant comic actress. And Maya Rudolph, too!

  32. Melania says...

    AHaHAh ‘ad una certa età una donna deve scegliere’. Great comedy!!!!
    But tonight i’m going to Roma for Vogue fashion night out….
    Have a nice day, Joanna.

  33. Oh wow, I hadn’t seen the trailer for it! Looks hilarious! I can’t wait to watch it!

  34. My hubby and I are addicted to our Arrested Development DVDs (and I’ve always loved Christina Applegate), so we CAN’T WAIT for this show! This could actually have been my husband and I when we had our twins nearly 9 years ago. (Hope we can get this show here in Australia…)

  35. i am anxiously waiting to see this show tonight!! my husband and i crack up when we see the commercials because we can SO relate to all of that new baby madness. can’t wait!

  36. I can’t wait to watch this on my DVR!!!! Seriously, it looks so stinking cute AND funny! As a new Mommy this is my must see NEW Fall show!! Love your blog!

  37. i loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVED it…. Arrested Development and 30 Rock are the only shows that could make me laugh/cry like that.

  38. Lisa says...

    Hi Joanna,

    I watched it and am curious to see what you and others thought of it. Did the show reach your expectations?

    Personally, I am a little in between. I think it’s got a certain charm, but frankly, I didn’t find it that funny. I wouldn’t have minded less office scenes, either. Is this just me? I don’t want to be a party pooper – I’m just really curious as to what you thought of it :-))

  39. I will need to check this out. Due in October and super excited. Just need to maintain my sense of humor – I think this show should help.

  40. It looks so good! I’m totally watching!

  41. What a fun blog! :)

  42. Jhope says...

    Can’t stop laughing. Esp the sleep argument. And Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett in same show-zomg.

  43. so awesome that you guys know people who work on the show!!! really cool.

  44. i bet its super honest! this looks awesome

  45. A friend of mine works on the show. I can’t wait to watch, it looks funny as hell.

  46. I have been waiting forever for this show to premiere; I think it looks so funny!

  47. I cannot wait for this! I have just been enjoying the commercials!

  48. SO excited to watch it! My little guy is 11 months old and not sleeping through the night… up every 2-4 hours, GAH! :) I’m looking for some good laughs! xx

  49. Can’t wait for this!! Love Christina Applegate!

  50. YES! I’ll be watching. I love all the new fall shows! Best time of year! :)

  51. Me too! Anything with Maya Rudolph and I’m in!–not to mention the brilliant Will Arnett?! Swoon.

  52. Super excited about “Up All Night” because my company Lazoo’s baby clothes and plush toys are featured in the nursery.

    Happy to send you samples for Toby. :)


  53. mah!! so excited!


  54. We don’t have NBC where I live but I will make sure to download this..it looks hilarious! Thanks for sharing :)

  55. I cannot wait for this – being the UK should mean I will have to, but I have ways and means! The trailer made me laugh out loud too, especially the bit where she yells “We’re trying to help you!” at the baby while changing a nappy!

  56. This has been the absolute one I’ve been waiting to see. Can’t wait! Along these same lines, I can’t wait to see “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” Looks so good too.

  57. Thanks for the reminder. Can’t wait to see it!

  58. As a new mommy, I am looking forward to Up All Night.

  59. Yep, I think this show looks hilarious, and with so many of my friends having babies recently (and hopefully myself soon!) i think it will be totally relevant. I’m so excited for fall TV!

  60. Def looking forward to this show!

  61. This show looks hilarious! Laughed out loud a few times just now :)

  62. i’ve been excited for this show to start since i first saw the trailer. thanks for reminding me it starts tonight!

  63. totally psyched! i used to babysit for the creator while she was a head writer at SNL…so curious to see the show!

  64. Ha, I don’t watch much tv but I managed to catch the ad for this one a few weeks back and have been totally excited about it. I think it has a lot to do with being a first time parent myself on top of the genius pairing of Christina and Will. <3<3<3

  65. Hahah!! It looks so bleep-ing hilarious! I’m tivo-ing it tonight!

  66. YES!!! I love it and cannot wait to watch it! Looks so funny. Love Christina Applegate :) Check out my jewelry giveaway :)

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  67. Oh I’m totally tuning in! It looks pretty hilarious.

  68. erica writes for this show.

  69. I didn’t think anything could make Christina Applegate any funnier but then there’s Will Arnett and I stand corrected. So yes, I will be watching.

  70. This looks hilarious! I hope we get it in England soon

  71. “we’re on your side!!!”


  72. oh this is too funny! they totally get it.
    sadly, i will not be watching. :( please bring this show to UK!!!! x

  73. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time. Tivo is set for the series already. I hope it’s as good as I think it’s going to be!

  74. Nicole {CFL} says...

    So excited for this show too!!!

  75. This sounds so fun!
    And I really like all the actors, so it’s the perfect deal :)

  76. His interview, today, with Terri Gross – WHYY, Phildaelphia – was great. In real life as well as in TV life, he’s a new Dad…interesting perspectives…

  77. i’ve been looking forward to this! i don’t have cable at school though, so it’ll definitely be watching it on hulu tomorrow during my break :)

  78. I just listened to Will Arnett getting interviewed on Fresh Air and it made me want to see it more! I just wish they scheduled the show earlier so actual parents of babies (like me) could watch it.

  79. I think new parenting movies are so funny because of how much I can relate to them now :) if we owned a tv I would definitely be watching that so we might have to netflix it!

    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  80. Yes! This show seems to capture exactly how parenting went for us the first time around!

    Plus- Will Arnett? Please! I need any quick Arrested Development fix.

  81. My best friend is a producer on this show! It looks sooo so good! xo Mara

  82. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are both amazing. (Although I think of Gob every time I see Will, no matter what show he’s on.) Will definitely watch this.

  83. Oh, I’ll be watching!

    i have been waiting for this for months!!!!

    so excited!


  84. omg, he was the BEST in arrested development. i laugh just looking at his face, he is so hilarious.

  85. I LOVE Will Arnett. Especially as Gob on Arrested Development. Hilarious! Excited to see the new show.