Pet Peeves

Today is gray and rainy, so today let’s talk about pet peeves. Want to vent?

Here’s my list of pet peeves:
1. Split ends.
2. Not being able to find a stamp.
3. People who pronounce only certain words in an accent. Like my friend pronouncing the college “Notre Dame” in a French accent, or people ordering Italian food in a thick Italian accent. (“I’ll have the spaghetti bolognese!”)
4. Unnecessary quotation marks.
5. The sound of eating bananas.

What about you? Tell me yours!

  1. LOL!! I love this list so much. I missed this one back in 2011 because I was frantically building IKEA furniture ahead of my 9/24/2011 due date. ;) The accent thing!!!!! OMG.

  2. Hahaha #3 and #5 are too funny. I have never noticed either. The only ones that come to mind right now are
    1. scraping the bottom of the bowl when eating (it’s all gone! stop scraping!)
    2. random television (I love a good movie, but I hate mindless television playing all day)
    3. being told what to do – this is a boring one, but it’s probably the worst one


  3. Anonymous says...

    Snarky comments on the obvious (“Oh, DON’T WORRY, you’ll find the right man….It just takes longer for SOME PEOPLE”).

    When someone behind me does not realize that, despite their *very quiet whispering* I can still hear them chattering throughout the movie.

    Standing on the left side of the escalator. This. Is. The. Walking. Side. Move. To. The. Right.

    The sound a spoon makes when it scrapes the bottom of an empty yogurt container. You got it all. It’s gone. Give up.

  4. My pet peeve is hair in my socks. I HAVE TO stop and get it out. I just can’t stand the feeling.

  5. Anonymous says...

    People (especially people who claim to hate grammatical mistakes!) who say, “People that…” instead of “People who…”. It can be the wind *that* rattles the windows, but it is people *who* know how to shake things up.

    Thanks for your most enjoyable blog, Joanne.

  6. I wasn’t really sure what people meant by the sound of eating a banana, but a friend has just started to eat one across from me in the (otherwise quiet) library. AGHH!

  7. v says...

    Mouth wide open while chewing. Aiyayai.

  8. mette says...

    1. Slow walkers in front of me when I am in a hurry

    2. People standing on the left side of escalators (in some places everyone does it, the walk/stand-left/right-rule just doesn’t seem to be known…)

    3. People assuming that others have the same plans/dreams/values as they do and who ask question like: “When do you plan to marry?/how many kids do you want?/where do you go for waxing?”

    I am from Denmark and often experience the wedding question when people hear that I have been with my partner for many years. Especially in the US it seems that people can not imagine that it is NOT every womans dream to sign a document, walk down an isle, please the expectations of society… Even in Germany where I am
    living ay the time and in my home country people ask why
    am I not married. This shows how narrow minded folks are and on some days it annoys me sooooo much!

    4. Open toilet seats and marks in the toilet in private homes

    5. People who talk in a very low voice when there is no reason for keeping it down

    6. Rudeness

    7. People not knowing the difference between Scandinavia and Denmark.When I lived in America I wad often introduced thus way :”Mette is from Scandinavia”. That us true, but it is not very precise. I am from Denmark, which is one of four Scandinavian countries. Sometimes, to play the game the other way,I woul ask US-citizens how their childhood in Mexico or Canada was. Hahaha!

    8. Full ashtrays on restaurant tables (European thing!)

  9. Anonymous says...

    1. when people describe things they dislike as “pedestrian.”
    2. smacking gum
    3. when people on reality tv complain that someone “threw them under the bus.”

  10. Anonymous says...

    People that ask when you’re getting married.

    Specially at family gatherings.

    Particularly at your perfect cousin’s wedding.


  11. This is my favourite topic! These are absolutely hilarious, I also had no idea so many people clipped their nails in public!

    Leaving out the obvious ones (poor grammar, noisy eaters, drivers who don’t indicate, etc), these are mine:

    1. People who use their child’s photo as their own Facebook profile picture. You are more than your child.
    2. Hearing people breath. It’s disgusting.
    3. People using words like ‘totes’ and ‘obv’ in a non-ironic way.
    4. “At the end of the day.”
    5. The word ‘vintage’.
    6. Girls who think they’re so original by dressing in floral dresses, cardigans I’m pretty sure my grandmother gave away in the nineties, coloured tights and who have dyed red hair and always seem to wear a headband or little girl clips. They look like clones.
    7. People who ask you to do something that they are just as capable of doing themselves.
    8. People who use a wet spoon for the sugar when they’ve already used it for the coffee so that there’s always chunks of sugar in the jar.
    9. People who don’t say thank you (I’ve been known to call out ‘You’re welcome!’ after them. It will get me into trouble one day)
    10. Clothes put on hangers the wrong way.

    I think I’ve made myself look crazy enough for today :)

  12. Oh, a few more:

    – Listening to and/or watching people floss their teeth. (SHUDDER)

    – The use of Comic Sans font for serious documents and signs.

    – Referring to one’s husband as “hubby,” “my man,” or anything else cheesy or nickname-like. Hubby? It’s an awful word.

  13. The squeaky sound of wet shoes on linoleum, tile, or anything really. (I even hate the sound of wet shoes on a gas pedal in the car. My lovely husband takes his shoes off for me to drive when they’re wet.)

    Poor sidewalk etiquette.

    Oversharers on Facebook.

    Apologies that are followed with, “but…”

    The sound people make when eating corn on the cob. And you can’t help it. There’s really no way to avoid the sound.

  14. My Mom is SUPER proper and uses ye olde english vocabulary (or so it seems to me) example : “my keys are on the armoire “…uhh what is that? OR pronouncing vase ” vah-se”..ARGH!!

    Also, the phrase ” where my _____ at?”. I’m sorry, that’s what we call improper use of the english language.

    where my grammar at??

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  16. I have one recurring pet peeve:

    loud motorbikes that like to speed round and round our block in the loudest most infuriating way. So loud they set off car alarms.

  17. Late to this bandwagon, but I also hate the sound of eating bananas! Especially when it’s someone else eating them (ahem, I’m looking in my bosses direction). He tends to eat them and hover over my shoulder…one of these days I’m just going to lose it!

    Other pet peeves
    1) shaving at sink and leaving hair in it.
    2) constant phone checking.
    3) overcooking/under-seasoned food
    4) people on metro who listen to music loudly without noise-canceling headphones
    5) people who hog gym equipment

  18. 1. litterbugs!
    2. people who leave empty coffee/soda cups on store shelves (trash seems to be a common theme for me)
    3. my husband ripping off finger and toenails… just get the clippers!

  19. I have been laughing all morning! Thank you. :) I will add one… When someone has a deviated septum or a clogged nose and they snort. I get chilles and feel sick. Yuck.

  20. 1. People who say ‘LOL’ instead of actually laughing.
    2. People who use the ’15 items or less’ lane at the supermarket when they clearly have more than 15 items.
    3. People who don’t pick up after their dog.

  21. Anonymous says...

    Has anyone noticed that parking spaces are getting smaller? How people who park SUVs in “compact” spaces? Multi-level parking lots. They make me dizzy. Annoys me no end when I forget something I needed at the grocery store. Or I get home only to find I’m on my last roll of TP (or last bit of laundry soap, dishwasher liquid, etc.) Helicopters. Why has Los Angeles suddenly become the helicopter capitol of the US? Do they really need to troll around all day long?

  22. Oh! And people who don’t load their luggage properly in the overhead bin on an airplane. Drives me bonkers.

  23. Drivers that don’t signal when they change lanes

    The sound of someone rubbing the side of a latex balloon



    Spoiled food

  24. Line cutting is a major pet peeve of mine.

    But I’m with Shoegirl and Kiana on the discussion about pronouncing certain words with an an accent. I was raised in a bilingual household and I too think that attempting to pronounce the words as they are pronounced by the native speakers of a language is a sign of respect for the people and their language.

  25. Anonymous says...

    When I post something on a blog and it doesn’t show up…

    Something that really gets my pulse moving is this single grammatical error that I see all time, including in some of the posts above.

    When using quotes, the period should be INSIDE the quote. Like this:

    He said, “What a great meal.”

    NOT like this:

    He said, “What a great meal”.

    Along with other posters, I find open cabinet and closet doors make me oddly anxious.

    As an aside, I just have to say I’m surprised at how much public nail clipping is going on in the world…

  26. *car alarms
    *holding vintage cameras in engagement photos for no apparent reason.

  27. Oh no! There are more!

    People who say “Boo-yah!”

    People who do that one-handed finger-snapping, clapping thing. Do people know what I’m talking about? It’s just so…lame.

    People who tell you a story and are so self-involved that they tell you about people without explaining who they are. Like, “We were out and then Josh was like…and then Sarah went home…” I don’t know these people, and you’re not SO important that everyone is expected to know everyone in your life. Say “my friend Josh, from work” or “my friend Sarah, you know, Jason’s cousin?”

    Okay, now I really am done.

  28. Listening to people have inane, valley-girl-esque conversations, and sounding serious about it: “He, like, totally called me last night and told me to come over! OMG, really?!! Yeah, and then I, like, WENT.” Ugh.

    Girls who come to the library at my university, stay quite late, and are dressed to the nines (annoying in its own right) and CONSTANTLY take out little mirrors and check their faces. Even when they’re not reapplying makeup. And then they poke at the corner of their eyes like they’re adjusting something. YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING! Stop preening!

    People who walk slowly in front of my on the sidewalk, in malls, grocery stores etc. Obviously goes for people who walk in groups together across the entire walking space. No, you do not own the world.

    That my boyfriend ALWAYS puts the comforter back on the bed the wrong way length-wise, even though it’s obvious which side is the bottom. And then I get in, and my feet stick out the bottom. And I have to get OUT of bed, and do it all over. Every bloody night.

    People (usually young people…. Oh man. I’m only 25 and I sound like the old man in Dennis the Menace) who have loud obnoxiously self-involved and rude conversations to prove that they are bad-ass on public transit. Like yesterday, a girl was singing along to her phone (oh, and people who play music on their phones out loud) and dancing like she was hot shit, in a crowded train. And then proceeded to announce to the train and her friend “OMG, if anyone steps on my feet I am going to LOSE IT. No, I’m serious. Once someone stepped on my new Timbaland boots and scuffed them, and I was like IMMA KICK YOU IN YOUR FACE.” Really? Such hostility!

    Ok. I’m done now! Wow. I sound crazy.

  29. Anonymous says...

    Tha accent thing might just be an American peeve – most people I know (I’m from the South Pacific) cannot stand when non-english words are Anglocised or Americanised. I’d rather hear Italian names pronounced correctly (or at least an honest attempt made). My mother tongue is regularly butchered by people (particularly non-indigenous people born in my country) too lazy to learn my language.

  30. Joanna, get out of my head!!! I HATE when there is time left on the microwave!!

    Oh Sam, I feel your pain. As a bartender/waitress at a trendy West Chelsea restaurant, my MOST HATED thing (I have an entire standup bit about it) werethe people who ordered like this:
    “ummmm….I’ll have a coffee…two scrambled eggs….and oon kwah-sahnt .”

    I want to smack them!

    I also despise the lid of the toilet being left open. Who who WHO wants to look into the toilet bowl?!?!?

  31. I now have a bunch of new pet peeves. This is great! Some of mine include:

    The use of speakerphone when other people are in the room. Nobody else wants to listen to your conversation.

    Water marks on the bathroom mirror. Gross.

    Passive aggressiveness. Just come out and say it.

    Turning the volume up way too high on the television. It almost brings me to tears.

    The microwave timer thing drives me crazy! So do the one uppers. Stop trying to steal all the thunder and let me have my story, moment, etc.

    Thank you. I feel much better!

  32. People who read over my shoulder uninvited.

    Chewing gum with your mouth open!

    Crumbs on the counter.

    Being grilled with questions first thing when I get home.

  33. Anonymous says...

    There’s one thing that increases my heart rate every time I see it:

    He said, “The dinner was wonderful”.

    The period belongs inside the quotation. I saw this on several posts here and grew more and more annoyed:

    He said, “The dinner was wonderful”.

  34. The words moist, kitten heals and sofa — eek they make me cringe.

    Loud talkers in public places

  35. Bek W says...

    Haha! Oh yes Joanna – when people use the microwave but don’t set it back to the clock (leave a few seconds on the timer). Argh so annoying!

  36. hahaha! did you see michael ian black’s most recent stand-up? he talked about using, “banana mouth” to annoy the person next to you on the plane… hilarious and gross.

  37. Anonymous says...

    The worst right now: when your roommates invite themselves to eat the dinner you just made, and never ever return the favor!

  38. I’ll play!

    – People who can’t be bothered to flip you the “thank you” hand when you let them go before you in traffic. SO rude, and makes me wish I HADN’T let you in.

    – People who can’t stand silence and start making inane conversation in places like elevators. “Really a hot none today!” “Well, at least it’s Friday!” dude, I don’t know you and I don’t need to fill the silence. Just leave me alone.

    – For a while, my husband got hooked on the phrase, “Holy Smokes!” Drove me CRAZY.

    And I deliberately *don’t* step off the sidewalk when people are walking in twos or threes and blocking it. They’ll have to share, or literally run into me. Mostly they choose to share…a few actually run into me…

    *Apologies to any whom I may have offended by inappropriate asterisk use. ;)

  39. Picky eaters

    When people say “Oh I wouldn’t know about that, I don’t HAVE A TV.” in a superior tone that implies they spend all their time reading newspapers and listening to NPR.

    Having to wash my daughter’s hands after every snack, meal, outdoor play session and bathroom attempt. I feel like I spend half my day (at least) washing hands!

  40. Anonymous says...

    People that use the absolutely meaningless phrase “not for nothing” specially since its usually a precursor to someone airing out their grievances.

    Unnecessary apostrophe’s! <— just like this! LOL

  41. Anonymous says...

    Walking into a spider web.

  42. Diana says...

    OH! OH! OH! Another one!!

    When you are wearing a turtle neck sweater an the bra’s strap falls down your arm. NOOOOOOooooooo!!

  43. Ditto on overuse of “über” as a prefix. On that note: gratuitous use of umlauts on English words.

    But my biggest pet peeve in the world is people who whistle every time they walk somewhere. People here in German do it a lot, and it is so annoying.

  44. I cant stand the sound of eating bananas either!!! So gross! The smell too, eww..

  45. sitting in the train in the morning while someone next to you is eating an apple! iiiih!!!

  46. Abby says...

    please tell me it’s okay to say the Champs-Èlysèes correctly. cuz that’s just crazy talk.

    but for real people get a little overzealous. we get it! you might know three words of another language. hoorays!

  47. 1) When people use the word “moist” – it just sounds so much like something gross.

    2) The feel of cotton balls and dryer sheets, especially when my hands are not recently lotioned. This kind of stems from when I was growing up and my mom would have us rip dryer sheets in half to make them last longer. The ripping is even worse…ewwww.

    3) The toilet paper roll unrolling from behind and not in front….so frustrating!

    4) Switching from print to cursive in the same writing. Sometimes I do it when I rush and it only makes me want to redo it all over again. Grrrrr.

  48. People who don’t cover their mouth when they cough.

    Not closing your mouth when you chew.

    Looking over my shoulder when I’m writing something.

  49. My absolute #1 is when someone sneezes more than once in a row. It makes my skin crawl. I know it can’t be helped, but I just can’t stand it. Maybe it’s because I feel obligated to say “bless you” every time. Alas!

  50. 1. People who chew with their mouths open. Absolutely drives me crazy.

    2. Leaving toothpaste in the sink. I hate cleaning dried toothpaste out of the sink.

    3. People who take up aisles in stores doing absolutely nothing. If you see someone coming down the aisle, move your cart.

    @jcald-Me too! I once ripped a wad of gum out of my sister’s mouth because she was chewing it annoyingly in my presence.

  51. My biggest pet peeve it when I am looking on a blog and some one titles a post “sneak peak” umm last time I checked peak = a mountain and/or point and peek=looking/preview…. If anyone finds the moutain/peak named Sneak Peak please let me know:) I feel better already! Thank you for this post!!

  52. Oh oh oh – AND:

    INportant IMformation.

    Just listen – so many people say it that way.

  53. In no particular order:

    1. A lot. Two words. How is this even an issue?

    2. Cutesy shortened versions of words, such as “veggies” or “sammies” or “sunnies.” Similarly, combining two words that mean basically the same thing, such as “chillax” and “guesstimate.”

    3. Setting a new roll of toilet paper on top of the old, empty roll instead of just changing it!

    4. I have a co-worker that is constantly toting around a glass of some beverage and never fails to spill it – all over herself, her desk, the floor. IF she doesn’t show up to work having spilled it all down the front of her shirt during the ride. Usually, she doesn’t even notice that she’s completely covered in coffee/smoothie/Diet Coke, which drives me even MORE crazy. How can you be in your 30s and not make it through one day without spilling everywhere?

  54. Anonymous says...

    ~The misuse of a semi-colon. Is it really that hard?
    ~When my dad answers the phone “yellow” instead of “hello!”
    ~People who walk/drive slowly. I have no problem with people taking their time, but can’t they do it without holding everyone else up too?
    ~People who abbreviate words in text messages. Seriously, are you that lazy?
    ~People who are content in their ignorance and refuse to put in any effort into educating themselves.

    I really should stop now – I have so many pet peeves! Guess it goes along with being OCD…

  55. A good vent is necessary sometimes.

    – High pitched noises (beeps, flutes, whistling)
    – People who use 3 commas imply the use of an ellipsis ,,, instead of …
    – Socks, when the nubby end of the seam is rubbing against my little toe *shudder*
    – When someone pauses oddly in the middle of a story & i don’t know if they’re waiting for me to respond or not before they go on but when i start to make a sound to encourage them, they start talking at the same moment. It would just be easier if they didn’t stop in the middle.

    Thanks for letting me share =)