Motherhood Mondays: A Baby’s 10 Favorite Things

Babies fall in love with the most random things. After reading this great post, I decided to photograph Toby‘s top ten toys. First up: A wooden car.

House keys. (We bought him a pair of toy keys, but he will not be fooled.)

A NYC counting book with pizza and taxis. (Note the chewed-on edges.)

My lemon squeezer.

A MetroCard! Bendy!

Rubber duckies: one friendly, one elegant.

Remotes. Oh, remotes.


Old glasses.

Seriously, what is it about Elmo? He is like a rock star in the baby world.

Mamas, what random things does your baby love?

P.S. Another Motherhood Monday post coming up. xo

  1. Jo says...

    He sure loves yellow!! haha!! They all love remotes… weird…

  2. Since my daughter could walk she’s been crazy for umbrellas and any outfit that has a hood. My 5 month old son is obsessed with his feet.

  3. Anonymous says...

    Love this post, especially the lemon squeezer, kid are so cute however…
    be careful with the keys, my little sisters nursery had a ‘treasure box’ with keys in it and one day whilst holding them she tripped and fell and split her chin open! suffice to say they were swiftly removed after that…

  4. He seems to really love the color yellow! That’s awesome!

  5. Joanna, my nubbin loves paper. Specifically, magazines. She’s mangling August Vogue as we speak.

  6. Cell phones!!

  7. Hahaha!!!!! Elmo is freakishly finding his way into my daughters heart…we don’t even watch it, I don’t know how he got there!! So funny. and yes, remotes oh remotes :)

  8. Anonymous says...

    Elmo is amazing!

  9. Toby seems to like bright yellow colored things :)

  10. It’s inevitable, babies love cardboard, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils! I think it’s adorable.

  11. I love this! It’s so true – the mix of actual toys and not-toys. For my son, ditto the remote control, board books (Silly Little Goose), iPhone, sunglasses, car keys and spoons.

  12. My nephew used to carry a carrot around…it was hysterical. My daughter was always happy between my hair and my boobs!

  13. Anonymous says...

    We can totally relate! Loved this post, what a great idea. Our 22 month old is currently in love with the temporal thermometer (he’s been sick recently), the refrigerator and pulling out all the fruit and bruising it (arrghhh!), and as you already noted … anything real. They cannot be fooled.

  14. This post made me giggle. I think my 16 month baby girl loves everything on that list too!

  15. I think Toby likes yellow… =)

  16. I have to do this! So cute, Jo. Devon loves the remote control, the phone, my iPhone, anything technical is her favorite. When is she going to meet her boyfriend, Toby, anyway?! We are really bad matchmakers, you and I.

  17. remotes and cell phones (but the real ones!!!) My 8 months boy has his own cell phone-toy, but he likes the real ones better!!! Not to talk about remotes… I asked my father in law to buy one remote, clean it and give it to my son (without batteries in it). He grabed it and look at us, I supose he was thinking: “can I really play with this, and put it in my mouth?” He was so happy

  18. maika says...

    my friend asked her 2 yr old daughter the same thing – “what is it with elmo? why do you love him so much?” her reply? “because he is always happy!!” :)

  19. Toby must really love the color yellow!

  20. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious! So true about the remotes.

  21. This post is so wonderful.
    Old glasses
    Kids can not be fooled.
    Love your blog!
    Thank you.

  22. Anonymous says...

    Oh, Elmo….

  23. Love the post!! I have a one year old and he loves most of the items on your list.

  24. ohmygod the remotes! why? I do not understand. our friends came over with their 15 month old a few weeks ago and we put the babies to bed…their babe wouldn’t sleep anywhere but her stroller and when they left they took all 4 of our remotes out of her stroller…she was HOARDING them in there. Lucia loves them too but we couldn’t stop laughing that her friend needs them to sleep.

    Lucia also loves her dad’s blackberry (and my iPhone will NOT do–I think it’s the buttons), our glasses, a flip book with the alphabet and animal photos and zippers! Anything with zippers or strings! she also loves to “open the mail”
    – I give her one of the 15 catalouges we get in the mail and she goes to town ripping them and flipping the pages. Brown Bear and “Where is Baby’s Belly Button” are also a favorites.

    aren’t babies so funny that way?

  25. the keys is so true! and you are so right, there is none other than elmo. just don’t ever get him for a bday party, probably my worst parenting decision ever…party gone bad.

  26. Oh I love this – I might have to post one of my own. For my boys, the salad spinner would definitely make the list. My oldest (now 4) used to collect chapsticks and carry them everyone. For my little one, it’s sunscreen bottles. Photo albums, certainly remotes, salad tongs, and on the real toy front, it’s cars cars and more cars.

  27. haha of course, those are the favorite toys of every baby I know ha!

  28. Right now, my 3.5 yr old can have an afternoon of fun with a long piece of yarn, aka ‘his rope.’ With his rope, he can lasso mummy, make his batman figure fly, pull a truck, wave it around, shoot it like spiderman’s web, this can go on for hours…. ;)

  29. Thanks for the tip, Libby! Baguette doesn’t play with the keys for very long, and rarely puts them in her mouth, but we’re going to work to limit her time with them. Which may be harder now that she’s discovered that she can make the horn beep by pushing the big orange button.

  30. I would have to add plastic measuring cups to the list. He loved banging them together when he was here in Michigan! xo

  31. Full pics of being used keys not so mucha good idea online. just sayin’

    List is pretty much the same as my kids, adding paper that crinkles loud or anything that made a crackling noise. I had to be in control of it because they liked to try and eat the paper. I wondered if it has something to do with womb sounds.

  32. So, funny story…when I was three, my grandmother gave me some old keys after they changed their locks, thinking they were all spares. A few days later, we were out shopping and locked the keys in the car. I offered to help open the car with my keys and my grandmother let me.
    Well, my key worked and we got home without a hitch!

  33. a plastic water bottle to let my nephew to use it for his teeth itching…

  34. My 16 month old is Obessed with Elmo. It was one of his first words and he saw it on his diaper. I might have told him once or twice “oh look it’s elmo”. His face lights up with pure joy when he sees that little red monster.

  35. Cathg1g2 says...

    One of my daughters (15yo tmo!) loved remotes. pride and joy was an old stereo remote and she used it to call her dad too when he was away! It features in many of her baby photos!

  36. so true. They will not be fooled with “fake” items. My boys loved our phones. When we got a new one, we gave him the old one…but he won’t play with it since it does not light up.
    My boys both loved bags. My youngest (12 months) will march around the house with one of my shopping for hours.
    Silly and adorable.

  37. It is astonishing to me how much the baby I nanny for loves Elmo. He isn’t really even a staple of Sesame Street these days, but she adores him nonetheless. Including her Elmo pajama shirt, which she refused to take off for three days.

  38. Wow. It is so interesting how they are always much more enthralled with “real” things. Yet, as a silly new mommy I keep buying toys. What my 14 month old wouls really like is a det of spatulas, a computer keyboard that lights up, a cell phone that looks real, and like your son…REMOTE CONTROLS.
    Love reading your blog, thanks for this post the pictures were too cute.

  39. for sure the remote! what is scary is when he climbs on to the couch, grabs the remote, and points it at the tv… 13 months is too young for that!

  40. ah yes!
    remotes, check!
    keys, check!
    credit cards, check!
    glasses, check!

  41. I had 5 stuffed animals that my dad called “The Gang”. And guess what…they came to college with me…and are now at my apartment! Seriously well loved items. And my boyfriend finds them hilarious (because they all have strong personalities).

    Don’t have a child, but one of my dogs loved any type of paper. Her specialty was LIBRARY BOOKS! We had to pay for about 5 of them!

  42. I love your Elmo comment! My 6 month-old Dylan already gets excited when he sees a picture of Elmo. I think he just likes the color red.

    Dylan loves the remote control. The other day he changed the channel to an infomercial called “Great Boobs.” That kid always has lunch on the brain!

    His other favorite things:
    -Glasses (while you are wearing them)
    -Long necklaces or hoop earrings
    -My Android phone
    -Anything that lights up or makes noise

    This was a fun post!

  43. the lid to the shaving cream. (what? i know.) but it’s pretty much his favorite thing ever.

  44. so much fun! how is it that we can’t trick them with fake keys or remote controls without batteries or old iphones??????

  45. Lol this makes me laugh and brings back memories! You are dead on with all of these!… I’d like to add one…BATTERIES!

  46. I love this list! My little one is obsessed with keys & cell phones! And naturally, anything Elmo. Le sigh.

  47. dudes, there is LEAD in keys and other base metals – babies can ingest the lead by handling keys, and then putting fingers in mouths, or worse, putting the keys themselves in mouths. Not worth the risk…

  48. I’m nanny and the number one thing Ida loves is ny finger. Loves!

  49. My almost 2 yr old nephew is obsessed with my camera! he asks for it over and over and already knows how to work it! my mom got him a play one , which he likes, but he totally knows the difference. They always do! I even had an extra remote that i put old batteries in so it would feel the same and he still knew it wasn’t the right one!


  50. Love the elegant rubber duckie! This post is so true!

  51. I love this, so adorable! I imagine a lemon squeezer could provide hours of entertainment ;)

  52. Anonymous says...

    My 8 month old go CRAZY over the remote, my keys, and the cell phone. When those things are in his sights he will not be distracted! But as far as real toys goes he loves Sophie the Giraffe and this crinkly teddy bear that sounds like tissue paper when he touches it.

  53. I gave my baby one of our old remotes that no longer get’s used, she also loves cell phones but she isn’t aloud to have a working one

  54. Anonymous says...

    I LOVE the glasses! Where are they from?

  55. so cute! my nephew has an elmo video called “elmo’s world: babies, puppies, and more.” what else is there!?

  56. Anonymous says...

    Yes, same on the remote, glasses, keys, pens, and Elmo. But to that I have to add SHOES. Any shoes. All shoes, but especially heels. And most recently, some swim goggles she found in the closet.

  57. My son Gus is obsessed with the broom and dustbin thing attached. Also remote control, phones – anything that makes a noise. sunglasses are a big hit too!

  58. filmjolk says...

    colourful tupperware bowls. When i bought them a few years ago i never thought that my little boy would enjoy them so much!

    (btw i discovered you’re blog a few months ago and was really suprised to see you named your boy Toby. My son is 14 months old and is named… Tobias :) )

  59. My 1 year old loves that Elmo book, although he ripped out the pop-up and now is disappointed when he gets to the last page. Old glasses are a good idea …

  60. My (almost) 6-month-old is fascinated lately with our bright yellow vacuum cleaner, even when it’s not on, remote controls, anything with wires (so we have to be extra careful), and, of course hair!

  61. Hahaha! What is it with remote controls? I’ve never met a baby who isn’t obsessed with them.

    My little one is also obsessed with my iPod. And her big sister!

  62. No, I hadn’t heard of Chew Beads. What a genus idea. I will definitely pass this website around the playground. Thanks!

  63. So fun to see what toby likes to play with!

  64. i love this list! it looks like toby has lots of things to keep himself busy. does he have a favorite TV show yet? what’s sesame street like these days? that was always my favorite show as a kid.

  65. My son had a rocker-thing with a webbed nylon safety strap. Eventually he stopped riding on it and had managed to pull the safety strap off of it to carry around and chew on calling it “Strap”.

  66. That’s so funny, my son loves metro cards too!

    His favorite “real” toys are from this fake wooden food set we got him. He just chews on the stuff all day, which kind of surprises me since he doesn’t actually know it’s supposed to look like food.

  67. hahaha ,my cousin was 3 years old and everytime she saw a pen she put it in her mouth, and one day she saw a pen on my desk then she gave it to me and said: take the pen Heba, and don’t put it in your mouth

  68. My 9 month old loves the rubber tipped spring that keeps the door from hitting the wall. We named it boingy, as in, “There he goes, scootin’ over to boingy again.”

  69. When my husband was a baby, he would always have a “woobie”, which usually consisted of his mom’s old pantyhose! I always giggle when I hear that story.

  70. well i don’t have a child yet… but when we had an english bulldog he liked all the real stuff too! like plugs from our computer. so we gave him an old extension cord, old shoes …wouldn’t have it. he wanted the real goods the expensive stuff. too funny! and i hope you don’t think i’m comparing your child to our dog! not the case!

  71. that is so funny! my little guy is obsessed with remotes…basically anything he’s not supose to touch!

  72. Great post! Babies always love things not sold in the toy section,haha. I’ll have to do a post like this :)


  73. Yep, TV remotes and cell phones were a few of the favorites at our house. Funny story is that my toddler was playing with one of our remotes to our cable box and we have yet to find the remote and that was over 6 months ago. We have searched all over and still no luck.

  74. Love the wooden car! I’ll be a mommy here soon… in a week or two!!! And I want to encourage those kinds of toys. Gonna try to stay away from the Iphones as babysitters as long as I can. :)

  75. Do I spy a Poppin pen?

    I love office supplies!!

  76. keep an eye on those remotes! my parents are pretty sure i walked off with ours and threw it away when i was about a year old! they never did find it…

  77. A well loved wooden spoon! Great for drumming , pointing, throwing, chewing

  78. hah! im so impressed the fake keys dont fool him :)

  79. Hilarious! My 1 yr old nephew loves cell phones and he won’t be fooled by toy phones either – they have to be legit. Once he managed to call my boss and hung up when she answered – that was hard to explain the next day!

  80. Baguette loves phones and can turn anything into a phone. She also loves the remotes and our keys (we have a morning ritual in which I lock the door and hand her the house keys for the 2-minute ride to daycare; when we get there, she holds out the house keys so that I can trade her for the car keys–then the only trick is to get the car keys away from her when I leave for work). We tried making her a set of “keys,” since the plastic toy keys have long since lost their appeal, but she seems to have figured out that she can’t unlock anything with a set of washers and dogtags.

  81. my daughter LOVES bottles of any kind.. water, gatorade, soda, etc. usually dry and empty ones that she can hold herself, but she loves licking the condensation off the sides of cold ones too.

    silly girl :)

  82. My favorite toy was a Pebbles Flintstone doll. I also loved Barney!

  83. sorry for the duplicate… realized i chose the wrong name option.

    I love these lists. my little guy loves the salad spinner with a passion. it usually buys me 20 minutes of peace as I try and make dinner.

    Another list I’d love to see is the odd phobias of kids. my kids is strangely afraid/obsessed with my stand mixer. if he sees one as we’re shopping, at someone’s house, etc, he completely freaks out, yet will talk about it for the rest of the day. go figure.

  84. My 16 month old is OBSESSED with an old tin of Altoids! Carries it around everywhere. So odd!

  85. slicknik says...

    I love these lists. my little guy loves the salad spinner with a passion. it usually buys me 20 minutes of peace as I try and make dinner.

    Another list I’d love to see is the odd phobias of kids. my kids is strangely afraid/obsessed with my stand mixer. if he sees one as we’re shopping, at someone’s house, etc, he completely freaks out, yet will talk about it for the rest of the day. go figure.

  86. Christy says...

    Haha! So cute. My nephew loves his dog’s toys.

  87. We have the same counting book, except it’s for San Francisco.

  88. I love your insights on motherhood, too cute.

  89. All things electronic. And I broke them all.

  90. I’m not a mommy but my three adorable nieces just love my Volkswagen key…I guess it is all about the button that pops the key bit out…they just love it =)

  91. 1. cloth books 2. our telephone (wont be fooled with a broken one) 3. my cellphone (ditto previous comment) 3. dvds/cds/videos/books – anything on shelves 4. basically any toy his big brother is playing with 5. anything he can choke on, particularly pennies 6. cans of food he can roll 7. any battery operated toy he can find (we only have 2 in the house) 8. toothbrushes (favours other peoples over his own 9. the toilet roll – preferably with the paper still on so he can pull it everywhere 10. his container of wipes and diaper cream – one to pull, one to attempt to open and smear….

  92. The T.V. remotes are also the #1 toy of choice in our home! My little Eli also loves to play with the wet wipes container. He will sit & pull the wipes out one-by-one until they are piled high all around him. Then he laughs with delight while I pick them up & shove them back into the container.

  93. Ha, so funny, so true–keys and remotes are where it’s at for my 15 mo old, too! He also holds phones to his ear and yells, “Huh-whoa? Huh-whoa?” :). Thanks for the fun post, Joanna!

  94. Nerissa, happy birthday to your little one :)

  95. When Jonah was a baby he always wanted my necklaces so I started buying kid friendly jewelry from Claire’s that I wouldn’t mind him ripping from my neck. Cheap, but cute. I saved the pretty stuff for when he wasn’t around.

  96. TV remotes…that is pretty funny!

  97. So true that babies adore TV remotes. They find pressing buttons so fun, don’t they? Happy Monday, Joanna:)

  98. Anonymous says...

    Baby is playing with the remote control right now….and pointing it at elmo….

  99. Hilarious! I’m surprised your cell phone didn’t make the list – it seems like babies these days know how to work them better than most adults! : )

    xx fallon

  100. I am not a mommy yet BUT I was in a baby store this past weekend and saw what I thought was genius! The chewbeads brand jewelry for mommy that are safe for little ones to chew on. AND, they were cute. :)

  101. yup keys are very big in baby world… always wonder if it’s the cool metal part that they like :)

  102. It’s so funny what babies fall in love with! My baby brother was always partial to cell phones- mine, my dad’s, strangers’…

    On a side note: that is the best lemon squeezer! I love mine! Although when we got it I never would have expected that you put the lemon in cut-side down :)


  103. Elmo IS a rockstar! And get used to that voice, because they love him well into age three. :)

  104. For my 1 year old (whose birthday is tomorrow):

    Ditto on the remote control (we have witnessed her trying to steal away with them to her room, while crawling. It is hilarious to watch.

    Our iPhones