A new bike

My old bike got stolen a few weeks ago (even though it had the baby seat on it, harrumph!). It was a rusty Schwinn that I’d had for five years, and I figured it was now finally time to get a grown-up bike.

After researching online, I decided to get one of the PUBLIC bikes, which are incredible Dutch-inspired city bikes made in San Francisco. The best part is, they mail the bike right to your door, and you just have to put the final pieces together (they send you tools and easy instructions). I’m thrilled with the bike, which is cute, comfy and smooth to ride.

The models, above, look gorgeous, and here’s me, below, during a recent date night with Alex. (We rode to Brooklyn for dinner.)
Riding in Manhattan…
Over the Brooklyn Bridge…
But not as fast as Alex.

Do you have a bike? Which kind? I’d recommend a PUBLIC bike if you are in the market!

  1. popyraj says...

    It’s so funny they call it dutch-inspired looks like a ton of fun to have all sorts of adventures in the city.

  2. If you now have yourself a good bike and find it a shame to buy a new bike, it is also possible to make. Only a mother send on your bike.
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  3. I live in Denmark so a bike is a must-have :D

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  5. Hello, my name is Eleanore. I have a few Vintage Style bicycles at home, which I absolutely adore. I am currently in the process of restoring them (eg. Powder Coating the bikes, painting) and getting all the rust off through a method called sandblasting.

    I am wondering what is the brand of your beautiful leather seat?

    Thank you, Eleanore. You can contact me on

    • jessica says...

      It’s a Brooks England seat.

  6. I do have a question though, there are a million bikes in these shots, which one is your full-timer?


  7. Love it. There is something about a new bike that can make just about any day a little brighter.

  8. I just bought a brand new bike! I’m very excited about it! As a university student, it was quite an extravagent purchase, but I’m so excited to get riding! Mine was a Merida juliet 77, and it’s a proper road bike, so it’s time for me to get really fit! Bikes are great!x

  9. Oh!! These photos are wonderful! It´s so nice to enjoy a day on a bike, over all when you have a pretty bike like you!

  10. SY says...

    Hi Jo,
    Lovely bike! You’ve inspired me to start biking, but I’m terrified of biking with our little girl who just turned 1 after reading all the advice against putting a baby on a bike while searching for an infant helmet. Sigh. Is there an infant helmet and seat you’d recommend? I only found the cheapie ones from walmart/amazon but we are thinking of getting the wee ride.

  11. Anonymous says...

    Love your new bike! I just saw a great video on how to lock a bike properly. Really good tips for anti-theft mods. Love this guy, he’s a New Yorker. He goes around & “grades” peoples bike locking technique around the city. Too funny.

  12. It won’t succeed as a matter of fact, that’s what I believe.

  13. Hi Jo! Love your blog! How heavy do you find bike? There would be some lugging up stairs for me if I got one, so I was just curious about the feel of a 30 lbs bike.


  14. sweet looking bike joanna! looks like a ton of fun to have all sorts of adventures in the city.

    i have a mountain bike for trail rides + an old 40’s airflyte that i ride around in the country. the new missoni bike soon to be available @ target is pretty {i’m kind of eyeballing it} but i’m wondering about the quality.

  15. HELMET!!! There is nothing fashionable about being in a coma after bashing your head on the sidewalk. Even a small fall can change a life forever. Be an example for Toby and ALWAYS wear your helmet! I was sad to see you without one … :-(

  16. Anonymous says...

    Public bikes are very nice. Being cyclist myself and soon to be mom i have a few questions and concerns for you.
    We have been looking into getting a baby seat for our bikes, how old was Toby before you started riding your bicycle with him?
    My other concern is that you don’t show yourself wearing a helmet. Being an ambassador on your blog for biking don’t you agree that wearing a helmet
    should be the first thing that you let your readers know about. Living in new york city i think its extra important to inform your readers.

  17. What a beautiful vintage-y looking bike! And gorgeous photos as well! I know this is unrelated, but I can’t help but asking: where are your shoes & shorts from? I’ve been looking for something very similar to both for ages now!

  18. Suzanne says...

    I don’t agree with you anonymous. We don’t have to wear a helmet in the netherlands but people start doing it.I think is a good thing to wear a helmet in NYC when cycling.

  19. Anonymous says...

    Helmets are gay. The Dutch don’t wear them and the Netherlands is the safest place to cycle. Don’t get sucked into the propaganda.

  20. Suzanne says...

    It’s so funny they call it dutch-inspired. I’m dutch and I have never seen a look a like of your bike :).But I think it’s pretty.

  21. Their bikes are awesome, i bought a pair of shoes from them!!