What’s your secret to a great bed?

Many people I know are smitten with their beds, but I’ve never loved the beds I’ve had. My beds have just felt like places to sleep (and/or lie awake obsessing about something random:). So, I’d love to ask: What’s the secret? Flannel sheets? Two pillows per person? Or something more abstract, like banning work from the bedroom or having a nightstand full of favorite books?

We’re giving our bedroom a makeover, so I’d love to hear any tips!

(Photos by Richard Powers and Cassandra)

  1. Pillows! And more pillows! Linen everything makes for a soft spot, plenty of books and interior design magazines on the nightstand or whatever your preference. Plus pics of friends or family on the nightstand makes me happy and feel safe and cozy!

  2. A great bed is a must! When you are lack of sleep, you dont have the energy to do anything the next day. You are mostly angry and upset. A bed should be the first on the list.

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  5. Absolutely no tv in the bedroom, ever. something you like (art, color of an artless wall, window, anything) that is positioned so you see it from where you lay. Studies show – an i know – dark (even if you have to do an eye mask) and silence (earplugs). Large enough bed with a mattress that does not move when the other gets on or off. Super soft, cool natural fiber sheets. Meditation Oasis iSleep Easy app!
    Sleep tight!

  6. Dreaming in Technicolor.

  7. Stearns and Foster mattress. My husband and I actually did the “sleep number” matching thing at Sleepy’s to find our ideal mattress, and it is like sleeping on a cloud. I had to break him of the notion that a hard bed is a good bed, and he thanks me every day that I convinced him not to get the harder “good for your back” bed. The only drawback is that it is so unbelievably comfortable, it is impossible to get up in the morning! Especially bad for an overtired, overworked intern! I cannot say enough good things about it. Another tip- the mattress should feel comfortable right away- don’t buy one that you hope will become comfortable. If it is too hard now, it will always bring you some discomfort. Before we moved to NYC, we got some Frette sheets on a mega sale (years ago) and they became the softest sheets imaginable- they make the bed perfect! We call them our “butter” sheets, as that is what they feel like- almost like those lovely old linens at your grandmother’s house that have been washed over and over for thirty years and have become impossibly soft. You can get anything from soft organic cotton at Target to high end. We have both, but we bought a new set of Frette recently and they are taking forever to soften (grrrr!) whereas the Target ones, while they don’t last as long, are soft right away!! Again, if it’s not comfy to start, it may never become comfy or will be too much work! Lastly, the perfect bed ends with a down comforter that kind of floats and scrunches down when you curl into it. Can you tell that I cherish my bed? I literally feel that it almost has a gravitational force pulling me into it when I walk into the room. Good luck- I know you will find something fantastic and I can’t wait to read about it. The most important part of all of it is making it a warm, inviting place for you all to pile into!

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  9. I never really make my bed. I straighten it up from time to time but the messed up blankets seem more cozy and inviting than straight tucked in sheets and blankets. I also have an amazing cozy warm blanket my mom knit for me that adds a lot of coziness. Coziness is key!

  10. Where’s the circle blanket you have on the bed in the picture from?

  11. Anonymous says...

    Nice tight sheets make all the difference. Can’t stand sleeping on wrinkled sheets or getting up at 2AM to put the sheet back on the mattress. “Comfy-Snug” drawstring fitted sheets stay put better than any other sheet with no need for suspenders or clips. They are tight and smooth all the time and self adjust to the mattress thickness. There is nothing more comfortable than nice smooth sheets. It’s like the first time getting in bed with new sheets. You just slide right in. Drawstring sheets give you that just made feeling night after night. Also the drawstring is tightened at the side of the mattress so there is no problem figuring out where the side is.

  12. i love that our bedroom is an escape. you even have to take a rickety staircase that comes out of the wall to get to it! and the ceiling is low up there so it’s like a loft.Thanks sharing..

  13. Diane says...

    For me, having good percale (not high threat count) sheets is crucial–crisp, cool, but soft. Art is a main focus in our house, and that includes the art in our small bedroom, which is a mix of antiques, Asian and a more contemporary bed. I like lying in bed and looking at what is on the walls.

    The bed is very plain–solid sheets, a cover in cooler weather, and only the two sleeping pillows, though I sometimes bring out a foam pillow for sleeping. Neutral colors, to go with semi-sheers on narrow windows and the French doors.

    I wish that people understood the cruelty that is involved in making down products. Qualofil is an excellent substitute.

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  15. I love my bed. I need something cool and stylish bed linen on it. This is nice but I am looking for bamboo sheet. Can anyone recommend me.

  16. Wow I nearly died at your suggestion of flannel sheets. NO NO NO!! You need to find a low ply good quality cotton (sounds corny but Egyptian does tend to be the best) sheets. Everyone has their favourite thread count, but don’t be fooled into thinking higher is necessarily better. I love 250 as my bed always always feels fresh and crisp (even after a week), but at the same time silky smooth. Don’t tumble dry bed linen, and iron it (goodness I sound like my mother). Invest in great fluffy pillows and a gosling and duckling downie duvet. At this point your bed should feel like snuggling into a very fresh cloud!

  17. 2 plush body pillows, 2 knit blankets, 1 waffle blanket, 1 lightweight down blanket and silk sheets/pillow cases. oh yeah- 4 inch memory foam pad. all of this, plus NO TV allowed in the room makes for such good sleep. :)

  18. Anonymous says...

    Color on the walls makes me so happy. I used to have “whisper yellow” for my bedroom (which became my son’s nursery), and it was like waking up in a sunbeam every day–not too bright, not too pastel, just warm and glowy. My other favorite was a deep sapphire paired with white linens and white rug. It made me feel so mellow and relaxed.

  19. My Secret: Bamboo sheets (are the softest sheets) and, a down comforter, and SUPER soft quilt from WildFlower in Austin(google). Also: alternative down pillows from Target. TOO SOFT!

  20. Oh my gosh, buckwheat pillows! A few years ago I switched to them and it has been amazing. They last forever (just add or remove more organic buckwheat hulls as needed) and are cool in the summer/warm in winter. I wish I could afford a buckwheat mattress topper, but maybe someday… The pillows are only 50 bucks.

  21. Layers!
    I’ve worked as a bedding designer for a little over a year. When I started I didn’t know what a Euro sham was and frankly thought all those extra things on the bed were silly. Now I am a total convert.

    Every bed we design for a collection has a sheet set, duvet with standard and euro shams, a quilt and often a blanket. That is 6 pillows total!

    Build a bed is like putting together an outfit. You can mix and match pieces and if you have all the layers you can taken them on and off as you need them. And well pillows… you really can never have too many.

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  23. I am so lucky to found this post. Now I know how to make my bed great and look attractive. I learn so many things from the comments of other people.

  24. nice bedroom .. i think you should change your bed size to king size ..
    nice …

  25. I am currently sleeping in the most perfect bed and it’s not even mine.

    We’re staying with my mom for a while but I’m definitely taking it with me when we move out. White sheets are an absolute must! No TV. And white curtains.

    This is by far the best way to wake up to the early morning Greek sunshine.

  26. Had to add one more thing… we don’t have a tv or stereo or major eletronics in our bedroom. We also have a “No phones” rule in the bedroom, esp. at night. Keeps the outside world out and makes it more of a sanctuary for the two of us.

  27. Have to weigh in on this one… Waited for years till I got married to get a “good” bed. We got a King mattress with a pillow top AND a memory foam layer.

    (We would have gotten a complete memory foam ie. Tempurpedic mattress but had concerns about our apartment in winter cause our bedroom has no heat and the mattress maintains the temp of the room naturally. We didn’t want to freeze!)

    Anyhoo… the matress isn’t the only factor as so many have said! We have a great med weight down duvet, 100% cotton 600 thread count sheets, multiple pillows (incl 2 king size down pillows) and it is so worth it to come to bed at night.

    Can’t remember who said it but having a bed that is made when you get in, with linens that are pleasing to your eye just does something to make it all better. Like arriving in your own personal hotel with a bedroom primped just for your arrival!

    Have fun creating your own perfect bed!

  28. Anonymous says...

    pillowtop chiropractic mattress (or a cheap mattress with a very thick memory foam mattress pad), 400+ count cotton sheets, feather pillows = HEAVEN!

  29. Pure Beach Sheets in Sateen at Bed Bath and Beyond. Pure Beach=Pure Bliss…

  30. Anonymous says...

    Excellent sheets (highest thread count you can possibly afford), comfortable pillows (sleeper-specific), the fluffiest duvet cover you can afford, and a foam cover for your mattress that molds around your body when you lie down. A great bed-partner is my secret though!

  31. I’ve just come back to my own lovely bed from studying abroad and have been contemplating what makes it so good..

    1. king size if you’re sharing (we used to have a double and used to wake each other up)

    2. curtains that make the room sufficiently dark (I was in Finland near midsummer with the thinnest curtains going – not impressed when the sun is shining through at 3am!)

    3. The right pillow height for you – experiment.

    4. no TV/internet. The radio helps me have daytime naps though, so may help others at night? Has to be soothing voices (with no ads or music!), which means BBC radio 4 for me.

    5. Plain bedrooms can be soothing but sometimes can put you on edge if you don’t feel at home enough – I have a beautiful antique bookcase at the bottom of our bed filled with my favourite books. I swear it relaxes me and makes me feel at home – sleep-inducing!

    6. Tidy bedroom – you don’t want to fall asleep thinking about what needs doing the next day.

    Sweet dreams!

  32. M says...

    SHEETS! An amazing thread count makes all the difference for my love and I to just sigh when we crawl beneath the covers. After all the turbulence of the day, your body deserves some seriously soothing textures.

  33. Getting back into our bed with super-soft sheets and a hand-made Aireloom mattress is our favorite thing about returning from any vacation. It’s like heaven.

  34. My bed’s pretty awful to be honest. I’m about to buy a new one. But, I still love going there. The key is a ridiculous amount of blankets and pillows. I, ahem, use approximately four standard pillows plus, oh say, two body pillows to form the ultimate nest.

  35. Up until two months ago my husband and I shared a double bed (that he has had since college) in a studio apartment. So when we bought our first house I was beyond thrilled to have an actual bedroom and to upgrade the bed.

    1)Tempur-Pedic California King sized bed having the extra space has made a world of difference and I literally dream of how comfortable my bed is when I sleep anywhere else.

    2)Uh-mazing sheets. We have a set of Egyptian cotton, crisp linen, and flannel sheets that we rotate through based on the weather. Haven’t used the flannels yet, but I bet they will be fabulous ounce it gets cold.

    3)Blackout window shades that keep the neighbors pesky floodlights from coming in our window and light curtains for an afternoon catnap in the sun.

    4)No tv and no work in our bedroom, we don’t even really read in our bed. There are two big comfy armchairs in our bedroom that are perfect for curling up with a book.


    I love having no electronics of any kind in the bedroom. Our alarm clock got moved to the hall to stop our compulsive “oh-god-what-time-is-it-now?” checking when we had our first baby. It will not be coming back!

    Maybe there’s some feng shui about this, I don’t know… I also heard that if you want to keep your bedroom sexy, you shouldn’t have any pictures of your parents or grandparents that can “see” your bed!

  37. no top sheet! i use a down comforter with a duvet when it’s cool and a large funky batik tapestry when it’s not. keep the room a bit minimal, so it’s not overstimulating, but pretty, too. don’t fall into the trap of stashing a mess in your bedroom to hide it. what a yucky way to end the day and start the day-a big mess saluting you.

    it’s nice to nod off after a busy day surrounded by things that make you smile. I love seeing my plants in the window when i wake up and my huge photo above my bed. good luck!

  38. Robin Alford says...

    A tempurpedic bed with a giant down comforter and the man you love ;)

    I never loved a bed until we moved in together and got this bed!!

  39. our bed is pretty straight forward. no pillow top or tempu-pedic; but we both agreed it was the comfiest in the store! my husband’s grandmother handmade our quilt, so its pretty special to us and i smile everytime i see it. the walls are painted a neutral color, the decorating is subtle and there is no TV, just lots of books stacked up on the floor. its a place for resting, reading, getting dressed and just being together. i didn’t try to make it anything special, it just is what it is!

  40. bamboo sheets, a snuggly husband, and a very obese cat at our feet.

  41. wow, seems like beds can get a lot more complex than i ever knew! what does it for me is all white, crisp sheets and pillow cases. i think it’s so smooth and romantic. i wash our sheets often in order to keep them clean and crisp. even in the winter time i love it :) can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  42. We re-did our bedroom last summer and love love love it now.
    my favorite things:
    Upholstered headboard
    High quality sheets & duvet
    Firm mattress with pillow topper to make it cozy
    No computers, phones or TVs in the bedroom
    Blackout curtains
    Good luck, Joanna!

  43. oh man, jo. tell me about it. we had a queen up until last week. we never liked our bed and i wasn’t getting EXCEPTIONAL sleep, but i didn’t know why. turns out there were broken planks in our boxspring and we were sinking in the night. now we have a brand new pillowtop king and we’re sleeping like babies every night. comfy comforter and 300ct. sheets (all on sale at Target) and a plush blanket are definitely helping.

    i really thinking finding your preference between soft/firm mattress…soft/firm pillows, etc.

  44. Tempurpedic. It’s not for everyone, but I absolutely adore my mattress which makes for the type of bed I could spend my whole day in! And sometimes I do. :) I found mine on and got a great deal. I also love my bedroom because I have small lamps that exude a softer glow that which I prefer to overhead lighting.

  45. Ellie says...

    Eliminate work and electronics (except a nice stereo) from the bedroom. No computers, television, or depressing, stress-inducing sources (I used to have a bulletin board with a To-Do list on it near my bed, and I discovered that removing it helped me sleep easier). Also: never use the main overhead light. Only natural sunshine, and smaller lamps and candles. Keeping the light content lower helps the body sort of go into pre-sleep mode and makes a lovely, cozy atmosphere.

  46. Anonymous says...


  47. Anonymous says...

    i second (third?) the tempur-pedic too. i just have it on a regular box, but it’s the most comfortable mattress ever. it makes me look forward to going to sleep at night!

  48. Definitely splurge on your bed :) Good mattress, risers (if you want storage space underneath… plus, I just love having it higher), good, thick memory foam, and nice mattress pad, plump pillows (2 per person), flannel sheets in winter!, and a fluffy down comforter :) My bed has always been a favorite. My friends used to come over and go straight to my bed and plop down on it and would hang out from there, lol.

  49. Hello, I love your blog!

    Our bedroom was blah too. I hated our matress, the blankets and even the chest of drawers. I decided that a facelift was in order and started from the bottom.

    I removed everything that I didn’t like. I always wanted one of those beds with TONS of pillows, so I decided to get TONS of pillows! :) I realize now that it may have been a bit over the top but I honestly love looking at the bed and seeing a fluffy little heaven.

    I say find what you like and go for it!

  50. A cat that loves to cuddle!

  51. Really decadent bedding is the key I think. And as little clutter around the bed as possible. We live in NYC too and have a fan constantly running by our feet in the summer. :)

  52. Another vote for latex mattresses! I don’t have one (yet) but I am eagerly anticipating the day we can afford one–probably in a year. I hate our mattress right now and have been doing a ton of research on different mattresses out there. Latex is all natural and insanely comfortable. It is similar to memory foam, but it keeps its elasticity for 30 years–unlike memory foam. Plus there is no toxic materials/odors. The day I finally get my latex mattress mattress will seriously be one of the happiest days of my life. (Can you tell that I like to spend a lot of time in bed?) ;)

  53. JoL - Amazon freak-a-zoid says...

    king size tempur-pedic

    (and my feet do not even hang off of the end!)

    TOTALLY worth every single penny, and we still feel like we got a bargain

    great sheets help, too –

  54. no TV, no laptops, no computers, no video games, no iPhone!!! oh, and no photos of our kids or other family members. we have a photo of us and then art. those are are “rules.” i think bedrooms are for relaxing, unwinding and of course completely letting go!

  55. For me, it’s all about my feather topper, feather pillows, and crisp cotton sheets.

  56. Anonymous says...

    I loved how comfortable latex beds were but they were so expensive…we ended up buying a basic, firm mattress from our local bed manufacturer here in MA and then got a latex mattress topper from And, we have a king and it hasn’t formed dips where we sleep (which happens on a lot of king beds).
    Aside from that, it’s crisp, cotton white sheets and we splurged on a duvet from Serena and Lily, and very little stuff in our bedroom (just a bed, nightstands with lamps, 2 chests of drawers, and NO clutter!).

  57. My mattress is crap, but I love my bedspread set. I coordinated all the colors and pattern so the room has a continuity to it.
    Also, even if I don’t fully make my bed everyday, I’m always sure to at least pull up the linens before I leave for work. I like my bed so much more when it looks neat when I get home from a long day.

  58. It has to start with a feather bed on top of the mattress. And then satiny high thread count sheets.

  59. What makes my bed is definitely my bed spread. I have a canopy type bed(which is my preference) I’d absolutely suggest finding you’re type of bed because then… you’ll love most anything that is on it from there on.


  60. I recently gave our bedroom a makeover and it’s made all the difference in making it feel like a total escape. Just adding an upholstered headboard made all the bed so inviting and adding some softer lighting makes the room so cozy!

    We also have memory foam on our bed which I totally recommend for making it more comfy!

  61. Anonymous says...

    Hi Cup!
    I follow you from Argentina and I love your stuff.I peek at least three times a week.

    My advice for bedroom would be….keep the TV out!
    Bedroom should be a place of rest and love and not a place for scary news. Also this helped A LOT my sleep. When I feel drowsy I GO TO BED, and also my hubby and we don´t impose TV noises to the other.
    Also I like a sligtly spare bedroom. It´s easy to get really clean and to ventilate it in winter. A lot of air is so good for the place you rest. Also we “dosed” the radiators (heat) sligthly spare on the bedroom. So it´s heated, but a tad less than the rest of the house. I like a warm living room but sometimes that same temperature is too much for the bedroom where you sleep under comforter and such. I like a bit of chill (a bit only) when going to bed. It´s so difficult to get good sleep when you are sweating.

    Well that´s it. Keep the awesome work and congrats on Toby. He´s the cutest thing.

  62. Ana says...

    Oh, so many things…I absolutely love our bed!!! The mattress is the most important an this is up to your preference. We banned anything from our bedroom except sex (of course!) and sleep. We do not have internet or TV…just cotton sheets and great books. I think simplicity and good quality elements make a bedroom great for what is meant to be.

  63. Well, for me a great bed isn’t all material. It should be how you appreciate the bed, or how you look at it. I mean, in my own experience, a bed should always be inviting to your eyes. You should always have the thought in your head that “My bed is very soft and comfortable. Oh my, I know I’ll sleep soundly on it.” It’s more of a motivation in the mind and the appeal on the eyes. (:

  64. a good matress, sheets and covers you love, pillows for comfort whilie sleeping or reading. No tv or other electronic devices in the bedroom. a wallcolor that calms. that’s my recipe for a relaxing and serene bedroom.

  65. Charlotte says...

    I find it important that my bedroom is a place where I can be at peace. I’m extremely neat and organised so anything even resembling clutter can keep me up at night. For that reason my bedroom is free of any clutter (and anything that might be open to clutter), free of knick knacks, no laundry, no large furniture (other than the bed of course). It is a very clean room, very white. Yet it is still rather personal, in my opinion, as everything about it is a reflection of my personality, neat freak and all. Of course those things don’t improve the quality of your bed.

  66. tempur pedic mattress, clean sheets and banning screens (except for maybe the cell phone) from the bedroom! also, not putting things on the bed. it’s not a shelf, so it has to be sacred.

  67. A pillowtop mattress cushions are your curves and bones, so you don’t feel your own weight on the bed–you just float. High coil count in the mattress makes you separate from your honey’s rolling around (remember those bowling ball/champagne glass tower commercials?). And the best duvet ever is the Eddie Bauer brand down alternative duvet–soft and fluffy and you feel all the coziness and volume but none of the weight trapping your feet and it doesn’t make a crinkling noise like most duvets. And you can wash it unlike down. As for looks, just study the way Pottery Barn folds and flips and layers everything, making a big cushy mountain. I think their secret is to fold it open by half.

  68. Two very fluffy pillows, crisp light colored sheets and a heavy down comforter … I love weight on me when I sleep, so in the summer when it’s too hot, i put a pillow on my stomach. :)

  69. Down pillows. Down comforter. And flannel sheets in the winter.

  70. I know you asked about beds, but I have to say it’s more than the bed that makes “bed” so great. I, too, am an insomniac and it’s taken a lot to find a bed (read bedroom) that makes me love my bed.

    1. A padded headboard in a neutral, light colour. Fabulous for reading in bed (esp. if reading to kids in bed).
    2. Largish nightstands with drawers. Places to put needed things close to hand, but away.
    3. Lamps beside bed where light does not shine in your eyes while reading. I have mine on night tables.
    4. Walls painted a colour that pleases. I painted the walls a greyish green to absorb bright sunlight, which helps reduce migraine light sensitivity enormously.
    5. Personal items that make you happy. We buy art for our anniversaries and have some of it in our room, including a large (36″ x 48″) painting with spring blues & greens. Hung so it’s the last thing I see at night and first thing in the morning. Makes me happy every time i see it.
    6. Light coloured curtains (with blackout lining) so the room still has a light feeling when they’re closed.
    7. Bed with pillow top, although it’s much warmer than regular top mattresses. Would have been nice to have king sized bed when kids were little…
    8. Lovely clean white bedding. Is there anything better than getting into a freshly made bed? Pillows that suit your sleeping and reading styles. I add colour through seasonal quilts I make.
    9. No clothes storage in bedroom – only a low height clothes stand for my husband’s jeans, i.e. off the floor! Keeps me from thinking about laundry and other chores to be done. Looking for a bench for end of bed for robes, etc.
    10. Area rugs, soft for feet when you get up in morning and adds colour to room.
    11. If I need my laptop, I have a bed tray and earphones. Also great if I want to listen to a tv show to help me fall asleep – I just turn screen light way down/off (better for sleeping) and the story keeps my mind occupied till I fall asleep. (Big Bang theory makes me laugh, great way to fall asleep.) Helps with insomnia enormously. Remember not to surf the web or you’ll never get to sleep!

    Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bed, even when I am stuck in bed for days with a migraine.

    Good luck with finding your ideal bed!

  71. a mattress that dips in the middle (so you can’t help but be close even if you DO go to bed mad)

  72. Our bed was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I forget who makes it, but it’s the same bed that you sleep in at the W hotels. And the pillow bed on top of it is so thick, it’s almost half the size of the mattress itself. DO IT!

  73. Put together a bed that you love. I love my mattress..not too soft not too hard..comfortable..medium quality..I’m happy. Sheets that feel soft and smooth..cotton or a cotton mix for me. I made myself some pillowcases..bright orange quilting fabric..I was surprised that I love them..the feel the colour that amuses me first thing in the morning and adds positively to my mood. Just choose something you would love to wake up to! The doona needs to keep you warm but not be too heavy. I’ve got suits me. Don’t just go for a look..feel it, touch it and you’ll be so comfy you’ll love going to bed in it. All the best.

  74. it’s all about bedside table lamps for me for it to feel inviting…no stark lighting!

  75. Joanna! As the 201st commenter I am not sure if you’ll even get to my comment! Haha! Calm, cool colors in the bedroom always help me to relax. Also, it’s all in the sheets. There is an amazing brand called Pure Beech and they make their sheets out of recycled beach pulp. Don’t ask me to explain beach pulp. You can find these sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they aren’t terribly expensive! They are heavenly. Try the jersey knit line. So fantastic! Anyways, those are my two cents. Good luck with the bedroom makeover!

  76. Anonymous says...

    I second the tempur-pedic. I am smitten. And you simply must get the adjustable base with the remote control. I’m telling you – it is divine.

  77. 1. Tempur-Pedic.
    2. Modal sheets.
    3. Someone to look forward to seeing in there waiting for you!

  78. Oooh! This post activates my inner nerd. I just emerged from a period of intense research into natural mattress options and I’m dying to share my findings with you!

    We decided on an all-natural latex and coconut fiber mattress from the Coco-mat store in abc home. I’m so in love! It’s hypo-allergenic, super comfortable and easy on the environment. It has washable cotton covers, and you can unzip it and look at all its interesting layers. (AND they deliver by bike in Manhattan). abc has a great selection of natural mattresses that are worth checking out. They are pricier than your average mattress, but worth the investment when you consider the health benefits of a natural mattress x the number of hours you spend in bed.

    We went with Coco-mat for its simplicity, price point and.. (full disclosure: the sales people are delightful and they serve you fresh orange juice and espresso and give you a little lavender sachet to put under your pillow… SOLD!)

    The trick for us was to pair our mattress with a European Sleepworks slat foundation. It allows you to customize the flex on each side of the bed depending on your needs (my husband is a side and stomach sleeper, I’m a lightweight back and side sleeper) without making your bed crazy tall like with a box spring.

    I’m super happy with our bed. Now if only I could get rid of all the busses, trucks and taxis that drive by our apartment at all hours..

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  80. The OG bag is extremely useful! Love it:)

  81. It sounds simple, but I make my bed every morning, so that it’s inviting to cuddle in to in the evening ;) I also found the most beautiful comforter that I splurged on from know how the presentation on a plate makes the food taste that much better? It’s the same with a bed.

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  83. I LOVE my bed. I have a feather bed that I put on top of my mattress, before I put my sheets on. Its the coziest, smushiest place ever.

  84. It’s simply this, I love my bed because it’s where I snuggle with my family during movie night… it’s where I can always find my cats… Pottery Barn makes the best comforters… and it’s the only thing in the house that’s neat and tidy 70% of the day (except when we’re sleeping in it of course!)Oh yes, a vintage handmade quilt is a must!

  85. Anonymous says...

    Platform / captain’s bed… Hands down. With the latter option you get extra storage. Either way, there’s no creaky wood or wobbly frame!

  86. The best thing I ever did is place a feather mattress under the sheets! Makes for extra cush and it makes it so much more womderful especially on those days you need to rest your weary bones. Real cotton vintage pillow cases that have hung outside for the frshest smell possible. Lavender spray when I need to sleep well and of course a beautifully quilted coverlet in your favorite color torelax your body and soul. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..

  87. High thread-count sheets! Seriously, splurge on them immediately!

  88. KR says...

    Bamboo sheets! The more you wash them, the better they get. Everyone who comes to visit comments on my sheets. Also I use a body pillow laid sideways across the top of the bed as a base pillow, and one pillow on top. It keeps the pillow jenga problems to a minimum during the night.

  89. We discovered fleece sheets this winter. Not flannel, but fleece! They are out-of-this-world soft, snuggly, and cozy. My husband (who usually doesn’t care about or even notice textiles) said they were the best household purchase I had ever made. :-)

  90. Our bed is like sleeping in the clouds close to heaven! The new Memory foam mattress with Egyptian cotton sheets and a down comforter- ALL in paisley white… with fluffy pillows and next to the one you love.
    That’s the secret.

  91. My amazing boyfriend has a great saying “Never skimp on something that touches your skin.” The secret to a great bed is a set of wonderful sheets, comfy down comforter, two pillows each and don’t even think of allowing a television in the bedroom. Books galore are ok!

  92. Anonymous says...

    TEMPURPEDIC!!!!!!! I promise you will not regret these kind of mattresses!

  93. I love my bed! I wish I could give it a makeover as well, though. Anyways, my rule is two pillows per person. That way my boyfriend has his own and I have my own and we’re not hogging each other’s. I also love Tommy Hilfiger for sheets. They’re so soft and have such fun patterns.

  94. king koil spring beds, 2 pillows per person, hotel’s bedsheet

  95. I would definitely recommend 2 pillows per person. Also, I have a tempurpedic mattress which is phenomenal.

  96. Keys to a inspiring bed:
    1. Comfort – egg crate mattress toppers are great
    2. Feel – really nice sheets are soo luxurious, and I love flannel sheets in the winter. Nothing feels better than fresh sheets and just-shaven legs.
    3. personality – your bed is where you dream, so make your headboard/comforter inspirational. My headboard is a 200-year-old fireplace mantel, painted cream, with the inside hole upholstered in a soft beige print. I put all my favorite things on the mantel top, which makes me happy and comfortable.

    Good luck!

  97. We have a dux bed (which I love) and I’ve been toying with the idea of hanging lighted paper lanterns from our ceiling. In fact, I posted about the lanterns earlier this week!

  98. Our bed is special not because of the sheets or matress but because its a place where we can truely be intimate with each other – emtionally and physically. There is also no work allowed in the bed area which helps make it a special retreat.

  99. No flat sheet! Only a fitted sheet and a duvet….easy and cozy.

  100. My husband! Though pale pink walls, 1940s quilts, and a imitation tempur-pedic (BOB-o-pedic) mattress don’t hurt either!

  101. A comforter with pizzazz, the ‘fresh sheet’ aroma, or a quilt that holds memories of great grandmothers and the memories of the stories they told.

  102. I think a feather mattress cover makes all the difference. Also I grew up with a bottom sheet and a down comforter put in a fresh duvet cover. I can’t seem to get comfy with a flat sheet. I always seem to get tangled. I know they are expensive but dwell studio sheets/duvets are so heavenly. I think their line at target is also great for the more budget conscious.

  103. for me the bedroom must be a peaceful place. all the art/photos we have up are of nature or something lovely to look first and last thing. mostly everything in the room is white or cream and then we have a bright blanket to add a little color. throw in a cat or 2 and a bunch of books and you are all set!! xx

  104. Yes! some people obsess over their bed, but I’ve never loved the beds I’ve had either. I do love slipping into freshly laundered sheets. Our mattress is on the floor. We used to sleep on a futon mattress on the floor in a loft, so a real mattress feels luxurious, even without a frame. The only thing I require is a down comforter. (I live in the mountains. It’s cold even in June.)

  105. it has to be all white, with lots of layers (fitted sheet, flat sheet, light cover and duvet), and i like to incorporate lots of textures, too (embroidered, woven, etc). I also insist on making it first thing in the morning, and i don’t let anyone sit on it during the day (to keep it fresh!), so when i get to it at bedtime, it’s just like i left it!

  106. Anonymous says...

    No work and no tv in the bedroom! It sounds like a hard thing to do, but if you make your bedroom focused on the place where you recharge your batteries it makes it a joy to go to sleep at night!

  107. Two words: Frette Linens. They will change your life.

  108. Nina Costales says...

    SLEEP NUMBER BED!!! I can’t believe only one other person has recommended a Sleep Number Bed. We bought one in 2006 and it’s still just like new. They offer a 20 year guarantee and I bet it’ll last 20 years. You’ll pay a bit more than a standard mattress, but it’s so worth it since you won’t have to buy a new bed for many many years. I guarantee that you’ll never consider going back to a spring mattress again. We splurged on the mid-range, king size model and could not be more happy with our choice. Make sure you go with the dual sleeping chambers if you go with a queen size bed, because it makes all the difference to be able to adjust your own side.

  109. SM says...

    I use a down matress pad, I love how light and airy it makes my bed feel. I also believe in investing in sheets, they may cost half a paycheck but for peaceful sleeply nights it is so worth it!

  110. My love for my bedroom (the bed) is a mix of making it an escape and having a bed I feel is amazing- super comfy, with a down comforter. When I re-did my bedroom in the fall, friends came over laid on it and no one ever wants to get up from that bed, including me!

  111. TEMPURPEDIC! My tempurpedic mattress! Nothing like it!

  112. My secret is a fluffy white feather duvet… it just makes you want to jump right in!

    To relax I usually read before bed so my nightstand is piled high with books!

  113. Crisp white bedlinen is all I need, changed as often as my lack of laundry routine can manage. A comfy mattress and someone lovely to share the bed with are pretty essential too :)

  114. Pillowtop on the mattress and lots of pillows!!

  115. Light and breezy, but also dark when you want it. :)

  116. Cool colors like green, blue, or lavender for the walls and bed-linens make the bedroom calm. I also avoid all working and reading in the bedroom so that it’s just used for its intended purposes. Finally, since I have dust allergies, I make sure that the bedroom is really clean, and I move the whole bed every once in a while to get the floor spic and span; that helps me breathe easily at night. Good luck!

  117. Anonymous says...

    1. A good pillow


    3.The bigger the bed, the better


  118. I’m positive the secret to life includes a comfy bed and a great shower! We bought a mattress (locally made and the mattress inventor is also the owner!) at Bay Bed & Mattress in Santa Cruz for my birthday almost 2 years ago (after sleeping in one of their beds at a bed & breakfast) and have been grateful for that purchase every single day!

  119. We have 12 foot ceilings, so it was hard to work with the scale of the room. We ended up buying two oversized antique doors to act as the headboard for our queen bed (really just a bed frame).

  120. I think its the creature comforts of the bed. I have a string of little lights that is scattered along the bed head. Its nice mood lighting and perfect for laying in bed and chatting/canoodling. A nice scattering of cushions and delicious books.. wah la! an uber comfortable environment with the bonus of a materess!