1. Missy says...

    Looking for the name of the font in the first pic…anyone?

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  6. It will not succeed in reality, that’s exactly what I think.

  7. I know the first girl… we were best friends for years and have lost contact… i dont know what it says i wish i could tell you…. something poetic and beautiful im sure.. where did you find that image anyway?

  8. I really love the script tattoo.Do you know what it says? I’ve been trying to figure it out not having much luck thought you might know….

  9. I have a Commodore 64 on my right shoulder blade. It’s a bittersweet tattoo, with my dad’s name and birth and death dates but I love it. The Commodore 64 was our first computer when I was litt.e

  10. the heal hearts are lovely!

  11. I love these delicate, feminine tattoos. I recently got this pretty little bird in memory of my mom and can’t stop looking at it: http://yfrog.com/gzme34j

  12. These tattoos are generally feminine, absolutely lovely.

  13. I love them.

  14. Cute pictures of tattoos like these leave dangerous thoughts in my mind! xx

  15. I’m not a tattoo girl either, but that first one is beautiful!

  16. Love the hearts. I have an outline of the state of Michigan on the back of my arm. =)

  17. I like the last one. Two simple hearts.

  18. Eeek! I bet that hurt.. but it looks so cool. I wish I was brave enough to get one!

  19. The map tattoo is so cool! If I had the guts I would totally do something similar!

  20. well . . . my next bad decision is going to be a emerald green lightning bolt behind my left ear.

    and then in about 8 months I’ll make another bad decision to get the illuminations from illuminated manuscripts on my ribs . . .

    you know, bad decision or creative expression of attaining my major life goal . . . that’s what makes horse races, as my mama says.

  21. Anonymous says...

    Hello people-

    This just in (not!): Tats are trashy. Tacky. And guess what? They look trashier and tackier as you get older…

    But hey, people make bad decisions ALL the time.

  22. I recently got my first tattoo. It’s in memory of my grandfather who was an italian speaking pastor. I got “Ebrei 13:5” on the side of my wrist in pretty script. It’s dainty, pretty, and I love it!

    The verse is Hebrews 13:5 “Keep your lives free from the love of money, be content with what you have. For God has said “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you”.

    I love the reminder it gives me everyday!

  23. I just got my tattoo (first of many planned) 3 weeks ago. I love it so much and can’t wait to see it age with me. And I love it even more because it is my own design of a feather, skeleton key and a banner with the phrase, “Love Loud”… the artist who did it did an amazing job!! My hubby got 2 the same day, another of my design and a diabetic medic alert tattoo on his forearm. :D so… I’m a fan of tattoos… and these are all gorgeous!

  24. i am not a tattoo girl either but do like the simple more unique ones like these xxx i think i am too chicken to get one x

  25. Love the first one – looks feminine and pretty – just like the girl in the pic

  26. i have one tiny tattoo but i don’t think i’d get anymore! it hurt too much haha.
    but these are beautiful! i love well done tattoos.

  27. Erica Kent says...

    I have a tattoo on the inside of my left forearm, it is similar in style to the first tattoo and I love it. The pain is totally bearable! No worse than a bikini wax. I got it after having my daughter, so that I always remember to be true and kind to myself.

  28. love the world map tattoo!!
    if i were to get a tattoo i would get a peace sign ;)


  29. I love that first one too. And the map of the world is beautiful as well. I used to be afraid of tattoos – though more of the commitment than the pain of them, but lately I find myself increasingly tempted. I also want to just dramatically cut off all my hair right now. Midlife crisis a little early maybe? No matter, I’ll just enjoy it for the adventurous period it seems to be. If only I could think of a tattoo I’d actually want to see for the rest of my life, I think I’d just take the plunge.


  30. thanks for all these great comments. and, seriously, the top tattoo is so sexy. :)

  31. that tattoo of the map is so cool. i’d want one, too, but i can never decide what to settle with, and where!

  32. i’m also not a tattoo girl myself, but the first 2 pics are tops. love the map!

  33. that first tattoo is gorgeous!

  34. These girls are too COOL! I wish I was gutsy enough to get the world map tattoo and put little markings on places I’ve been. Kudos!

  35. Anonymous says...

    Ooh, cool!

  36. I love the first one! It looks so delicate.

  37. that last one is amazing.

  38. I have the outline of heart about the size of a quarter on my neck, just below my left ear. It’s very subtle and simple. I got it on a whim in Barcelona when I was 21. I get complemented on it all the time and I absolutely love it. Both for it’s beauty and the story behind it.


  39. I love tattoos! I have two very small tattoos – a cross on my ankle, and two Chinese symbols on my right pointer finger. I’d love to get more, but I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people with my whole arm covered in tattoos! I prefer subtlety.

  40. The writing down the shoulder looks great! I don’t do tattoos, but kudos to those gals who do.


  41. ooh, what is the bike ride?! for some reason, i can’t pull up the link? anyway, i have only rode my bike once since moving here last september! poor thing needs some summer lovin’! :)

  42. I adore the first tattoo. I can’t think of anything that I would want written in ink on my body right now, but I adore pretty little script tattoos.
    I have 11 little stars on my lower back in memory of my late DH who had 11 bone marrow biopsies (leukemia). I love those stars because they are meaningful, subtle, and cute.

  43. I’m in favour of the tattoos, especially beautifully elegant ones like these! I want a new one but because of body hang ups and spots/scarring I’m second guessing it because I can’t think where to get it.


  44. ohhhh I love cute tattoos…i’ve got tiny hidden ones…thinking of getting my sweet little daughters name on my foot or something!


  45. the hearts are my favourite!

  46. I’m not a tattoo girl either, but I agree with you – these are great! I really love the first two.

  47. Hi JO, I really enjoy your blog. It’s fantastic, innovativ and totally refreshing.
    A truly fan from Denmark :)

  48. I love tattoos and also want to do this again the next time! :)

  49. I also love tattoos. These are great. Next time I’m looking for inspiration, I’ll have to hit you up! haah :) ~not that I’ve got a bunch…but i wish!

  50. Although I don’t have any tats myself, I think I’d change my mind over time about what I would pick, I am fascinated by them and the way people put them in their lives.
    The whole idea of how to pick a design, what it means, how old you are when you get it, where you put it (that is a truly fascinating question for me), and why you did or didn’t get more.

  51. Allison says...

    love the first photo! so beautiful, and her haircut is darling too :). i’m still thinking about that wave tattoo you posted awhile back!

  52. keep the good ideas coming! i want to get a tiny one on my wrist…

  53. Jacquelyn – I think the link you posted of the lawn mower tattoo is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I’m tattoo (and pain) shy and I always think about saggy 80 year old tattoos. :-(

  54. no tattoos for me but… i LOVE the script and the hearts!

  55. I’m actually getting tattooed as I read this post. Seriously. (iPhones with the bloglovin app are a great distraction when you’re getting tacked!)

  56. I love the tats! I have two myself and am wanting another one.

  57. I really like the first one–it’s so delicate.

  58. I have one tattoo on my ring fingerwhich says eterno for eternity in Italian. A tribute t my husbands faster I never got to meet! I’ve ot ome fun recipes up for July 4th (aka pretty pictures)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  59. sarah says...

    I love them. But-why not just Sharpie that stuff on? I never understand wanting something permanent on my body. I change my hair, my makeup and my mind. A lot.

  60. I’ve become friendly on Twitter & in bloggy world w/some of the cyclists…I hope you’ll check in with Maureen at Inspired Cyclist, Joanna.

  61. I don’t have a tattoo but I’m always enthralled listening to people explain the stories of their tats.

  62. I’m not a fan of tattoos but I love the creativity.

  63. Just decided to save for a tattoo on my wrist – a little brown bird in flight about the size of a nickel? Would make a wonderful birthday present to myself, I think. I already have a small one on my spine between my shoulder blades. :)

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. i’m a tattoo girl!
    those hearts on the ankle are similar to my very first ones, i have wings on my ankles :) done smartly, tattoos can be an amazing display of personal character, dreams, achievements, and memories.


  66. I LOVE the first and third tatoos!!! How cool!!!!

  67. I obsess over cursive tattoos, but I have nothing I would write.

  68. I’m not much of a tattoo person myself, but I love those hearts on the back of her ankles!

  69. I love tattoos and I have quite a few! I love that first tattoo and I want to have my parents’ names on me at some point.

  70. I’m not a tattoo girl either, mostly due to the fact that I can be indecisive and my style changes frequently. If it didn’t and if I could really decide, I like to think I’d be a tattoo girl.

  71. I’m with the poster above..I work in a corporate world where they tell you what colors of nail polish are acceptable. So tattoos showing are not allowed.

    I have a tattoo, it’s hiding. But I’d love more, on my wrist, arm or shoulders. But then I’d have to dress like an Amish woman :)

  72. I love the hearts on the back of the ankles, but YOWZA ouch! I have a gecko tatoo on my big toe, and a ill advised butterfly on my ankle… Love the gecko, not a fan of my butterfly, but I would never remove it! Strange, right?


  73. I love tatoos! and I’m thinking of having one in my 30th birthday! the first picture is just beautiful!

  74. i love the writting one. i dont have any tattoos either and im not really a tattoo kind of girl but i’ve always like the tattoos in a fancy script in unexpected places :)


  75. haha, deanna, your comment made me laugh out loud :)

  76. I’m not a tattoo girl either, but I like the map one!


  77. I am a tattoo girl myself having a full back piece, leg sleeve, the tops of my feet, and various others scattered about and I LOVE the first tattoo with the writing across the top of the shoulder! Super creative and elegant!

  78. holy kazoly, i feel like the last one would hurt! i really like the top one, but i can’t tell what it says. i think tattoos can be so cute and classy when done right.

  79. I think that they look incredble painful.

    I have one tat on my hip. Hurt like fucking hell!

  80. I love these tattoos- especially the world one.

    I have four myself, my favorite being my 4 pound dog’s paw print on my ankle. She’s super tiny and only has one all black paw so I inked it, and had it tattooed on me. It’s only about an inch big so it’s the smallest tat I have but definitely the most unique.

    Thanks for sharing all of the neat ones you come across and let me know if I can ever give you any words of advice for if/when you decide to get one!! :)

  81. have one- and must admit I regret it. it’s easily hidden but I so wish I had chickened out!

  82. I so wish I could read the first one; these are really lovely.

    I got my tattoo (a solid black fleur-de-lys, about 2″ high and 1.5″ across) on my left shoulderblade when I was just 19. It’s really overdue for a touch-up. I love it. I love that it has brought people up to talk to me – mostly Quebecois and people from Louisville, KY – I love when my students suddenly “discover” that their instructor is tattooed, etc.

    My brother and I made a pact almost 10 years ago that we would get inked together at each of our parents’ passings (both have serious health issues and have for a long time). Maybe that sounds morbid, but for me, it has been very comforting to know that when that day comes, my brother and I will be together, hold each other’s hands, and memorialize our parents’ kind and selfless hearts in a way that lasts forever.

  83. I like tattoos on other people – I’m too much of a commitment-phobe to get one myself! I prefer piercings since you can let them close up when you don’t want them anymore. ;-) I still have a bunch of holes in my ears, but I had to take out my belly button ring toward the end of college after the piercing started to migrate. Still miss my little lizard belly button ring – he had jeweled eyes and looked like he was crawling through my belly button, it was so cute!

  84. I especially love the first one! Such a beautiful tattoo on an interesting location! I am a tattoo girl, and can’t wait to get more :)

  85. love the cute little hearts on the back of her ankles! beautiful :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  86. I do like those tattoos, although I’m not really into tattoos so much.
    I am, however, thinking of getting one on my ring finger with my husbands name. That’s a tattoo I know I’d never regret. (As you can tell, I live on the wild side.)

  87. a bike ride in NYC sounds great right now. not like this couped up in Az heat I got goin on. I love these thankyou, I want to find a different fun way to get the rest of mine!

  88. Any idea what the tattoo in the first picture says? I can’t make it out.

  89. Those are pretty, but I don’t think I could ever do it! Sometimes I worry what my skin will look like when I’m older. Though I think tattoos along the arch of the food are pretty, and maybe that area wouldn’t age too much.

    I also think I’m fairly indecisive and a tatt is so permanent.

  90. Oh my, I have one! I got it with my friends, a small heart…but it was at a bachelorette party! It kind of reeks of silly, but I acutally like it! My husband has a quarter sleeve. What are the odds we can convince our kids not to get them? ;)


  91. love this post. I’m and tattoo girl and these are all beautiful, including the previous posts!

  92. I love these! I’m a sucker for interesting tattoos. So far I have two–three little stars on my left hip, and when my dad passed away a few weeks ago I got his favorite symbol, the yin-yang, on my inner wrists. Hard to explain, but if you flip your hands palms-up, I have the light half on my left inner wrist, and the dark half reversed on my inner right wrist, so it’s complete when I put them together. I love it.

    xx, Melanie
    Lights So Bright

  93. Those hearts at the bottom are cute but are you kidding me? On your achilles tendon? Ouch!

  94. Anonymous says...

    the top is really feminine + unique! beautiful!

  95. I adore the second one and I’m thinking about getting a small one but I’m totally scared of the pain:) Have a lovely Tuesday, Joanna!

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. love the shoulder tatt. i am not a tattoo gal either but if i had one it would definitely be text.


  98. def cute and clever tattoos.

  99. I love tattoos i have 7 myself and may be getting and 8th soon! I also have a blog that posts different tattoo’s every monday! If you like looking but not participating then you might like them please come on over and check it out some day :)


  100. i am a tattoo girl!!!!! ♥ i have a side piece and soon to be half sleeve! i’m really excited about it…

    these tattoos are lovely but a little bit too small for my taste. the bigger – the more detail, the better.

    great post!!

    allister bee blog

  101. The first is sooo whimsical! I want that script font on my wrist … in honor of my dad. Buuuut he wasn’t big on tattoos, so not sure I’ll ever actually get it. ;)

  102. These tattoos are so subtle and charming. I don’t have any tattoos but I enjoy how creative and lovely most of them are. I’m so inspired! If I were to get a tattoo these sorts would be right my alley! Thanks for sharing the lovely! <3

  103. mm-every year i go through a phase of should I/shouldn’t i. These are very cute!

  104. I adore “artsy” tattoos. These are fantastic! I got one myself a few years ago. I had a hard time commiting to black so I went with brown. It’s a dove that looks like henna and I Love it! I got it during a time where I was feeling especially happy and centered as a reminder of the kind of life I am capable of having and want to have for years to come. And let me tell you… most liberating feeling ever : )

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  105. i really love the little ankle hearts :)

  106. I don’t have any myself either, I’ve thought about getting one but change my mind about what to get too often to commit.
    I like all the tattoos here. What does the first one say?

  107. love it on a 20-30 year old body…not so much on a 50-60 year old one (although my son says that is part of the love…to see how they “age” as the owner gets older)

  108. I personally LOVE tattoos! I would be sleeveed if it was acceptable in the business world. Loving the hearts on the ankle.

  109. These are amazing tattoos! Love the sweet little hearts on the back of the legs just above the ankles!

    I have a tattoo *said sheepishly* … I got it when I was 16 on a whim. Luckily it is pretty and neutral … a butterfly on my ankle {I could have made a much worse decision as a 16 year old!}. I love tattoos … some are so creative but, like you, not sure if my grown-up self would get another :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu