Random beauty tip

I used to be so sleepy at the end of the night that I’d skip washing my face and just tumble into bed. But then a friend recommended these cucumber towelettes, and, I have to say, they’ve totally improved my bedtime routine. You just wipe your face (no water required), and they remove makeup, moisturize skin, smell amazing, and make you feel fresh and revitalized.

Have you ever used them? What’s your bedtime beauty routine?

  1. only used this God-forsaken wipes because I ran out of my Aveeno ULTRA-CALMING Makeup Removing Wipes. My roommate let me borrow one. OMG as soon as I put it on my face I noted that the cloth was rough and the remover was burning my face. Now 24 hours later I have this rough itchy rash across my chin. I normally have flawless smooth skin, so I’m very disappointed and distraught that this 98% Natural, Oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic has completely ruined my skin. I’m slathering on some hydrocortisone and praying my face goes back to normal.

    SAY NO to “Yes To”

  2. I just moved to Southern Texas where it’s routinely 80% humidity and over 90 degrees everyday and I decided to put this brand of wipes in the fridge to make them extra refreshing. It’s a great way to beat the heat!

  3. I use baby wipes for sensitive skin. The yes to Carrots wipes are awesome and use them when I travel since the package is smaller. I know they aren’t ecologically awesome, but I recycle, grown my own garden and compost so I feel ok about using them.

  4. I started using these after running across them on your blog a few months ago.. and they truly have changed my nighttime routine as well! I absolutely love them & my husband sometimes sneaks one from me too :)

  5. Shielena says...

    I love these wipes. I wasn’t going to try them after getting them in a Birchbox, but one night my face was oily and had just a little makeup and thought ‘hey, I’ll try it’. I have the blueberry ones. Might have to try the cucumber ones!

  6. Anonymous says...

    I started using Cocoa butter on my face, after washing with OXY! facewash and cleaning off dirt with tea tree oil cleansing pads.

    When I wake up after using the cocoa butter my face is soft and glowing. Highly recommended, especially for those with dry skin.

  7. I am obsessed with these! I use them whenever I’m feeling too lazy to wash my face or need a quick way to clean my face after the gym

  8. Anonymous says...

    i bought these on your suggestion and love them! I was going to just use them for travel, but now I use them at night often, too. They are so refreshing and easy. Love them!

  9. Thanks so much for this post, pretty helpful data.

  10. Anonymous says...

    I brought these to the lake last weekend, and they were so wonderfully refreshing at the end of a long day on the water. Great tip!

  11. Anonymous says...

    I had the worst allergic reaction with those (the cucumber towelettes)! Be careful if you have a sensitive skin…

  12. yes, these are awesome! i stock up on these at safeway before i head to the caribbean during the winter. we conserve water while there so these work great. i also like the blueberry (brightening) ones. they leave your face glowing.

  13. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I ended up trying these out after you posted about them and I love them! I have been looking for an easy face washing system for bedtime for a while and haven’t found anything I loved until now.
    so, thanks!


  14. going on a trip for three weeks, so I bought a pack to try. They are great, thanks for the tip!

  15. I’m a big fan of Yes to Cucumbers. I took them to Vegas with me and they were a great refresher between hanging out at the pool and getting ready to go out for the evening. And they’re real good at getting club stamps off your hand.

  16. These are the best makeup remover towelettes hands down. Most towelettes no matter how gentle irritate my sensitive skin, but these remove my makeup and don’t burn me in the process.

  17. Cleansing wipes are also great to take when you travel; they eliminate the need to take a separate face wash or liquid makeup remover, so you have less things to worry about keeping under the 3oz mark for security. I keep a separate pack always in my travel toiletries bag for that very reason.

  18. i just bought these for a road trip last weekend. knew i might not have access to warm, running water with which to wash my face, so i grabbed a trial pack of these. will be keeping them in my go-to bag for traveling. great to have on hand! much gentler than the handi-wipes i’ve ended up using sometimes when on the road.

  19. I use these every night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them….

  20. I love that brand! But my nighttime routine has gone from brushing teeth to 50 steps in the past year. I remove my makeup using an oil based liquid remover. Then i clean it up with baby wipes. Then i use Olay sensitive skin cleanser. After i rinse that off, once with warm, once with cold, i moisturize. THEN i go to bed.

  21. I love these too! I buy them at Target. :)

  22. I have these same wipes! I try to only use them when I absolutely have to, because I have oily skin and my pores get clogged if I don’t thoroughly clean it every night, but every once in awhile I just don’t have the energy to do my whole cleansing routine and these are so great! And smell sooo yummy!

  23. I LOVE these!! I kept them in my gym bag, and they are perfect for travel. They’re cool and refreshing.

  24. You must try the Korres pomegranate cleansing wipes!!! You can find them at Sephora. I swear by them especially since the babe arrived. They are amazing!

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  26. Brett Jackson says...

    Hi! I love your blog 1st of all! I am a makeup artist here in NYC (fashion/celeb) & am always intrigued by how “real women” (not models!) take care or don’t take care of their skin. I have been doing makeup since 1988 and can tell you it is an absolute must to clean your skin at night in general. Even if you don’t have makeup on! It’s a jungle out there and one of the previous posts from “Dancing Branflake” hit the nail on the head when she said it adds 7 yrs of aging to the face. It does. You cannot possibly be that tired! Cetaphil and a warm wash cloth- do it! A separate pad (Almay) to remove the mascara is also a plus…less tug on the lashes. You can always tint your lashes if mascara doesn’t work for you byw… anyway we’re off track! Sorry! Clean your face and go to Dos Cominos for a drink and maybe you’ll get carded like I did last week and I’m 50!!! For real! Thanks for listening,( too much caffeine! )Sincerely, B. Jackson

  27. Anonymous says...

    I’m addicted to SENSIBIO as well! Best thing ever girls. I’ve never gone again to bed with my makeup on since I use it. Otherwise it feels just like when you skip the gim… jejeje

    Besos to you all!


  28. Anonymous says...

    I have the blueberry version in my nightstand, I wipe my face in bed and then throw the wipe on the floor…the next morning it is dry and this material works better than a swiffer at removing dust so I give a quick cleaning swipe to my bedroom furniture before I toss it. Double duty!

  29. Zoe says...

    My dermatologist was the one who got me hooked on baby wipes as a make-up remover. My mom and I will stand in the baby section of Target for ten minutes just trying to find the most sensitive wipes…we always feel the people around us think we are being way too particular, but they don’t know that we are getting these for our face!
    Recently I’ve read that a lot of celebrities use just original Cetaphil cleanser. What’s great about that is that it’s really basic, scentless and never irritates. And if you are too tired, there are instructions for dry application as well!

  30. i LOVE yes to carrot’s lotions and chapsticks – i’ve never tried their towlettes!

    my husband and i have used the cucumber target brand for months now and really like them. and a trick to make them last longer? we cut a towlette in half each night and each use one half. one by itself is quite large, i think, but 1/2 one is just the perfect size!

  31. i use my Arbonna RE9 cleanser, then witch hazel spritzed on my face as a toner and then i moisturize with coconut oil…or i pass out and wake up looking like a beat up hooker.

  32. my best friend actually sent me some as a gag gift and now i can’t live without them.

  33. My beauty routine for quite a few years now, has been wiping off my eye makeup with neutragena eye makeup remover and washing my face with neutragena original soap. my skin is clean and feels good. then i tone with nuskin toner. I never miss a night!

  34. Thanks for the tip! I have a ton of products I try to use every evening…which undoubtedly results in me sometimes skipping them ALL. I do highly recommend Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair if you don’t mind footing the bill.

  35. Anonymous says...

    Olive oil and a cloth dipped in hot water not every night(as sometimes I’m lazy but most. My skin is oily and dehydrated to start with and it has never been better. Even I can see what good shape it is in(well after a big weekend not so much) I use a local herbist’s face cream in Orange(not on etsy but I am sure you can contact her).

  36. I love these! Well I use the Pond’s ones and the Target brand make-up removing wipes are great too! Such a great solution to the sleepy laziness I have right before bed:)

  37. If I have nothing else planned for the evening, I’ve learned to take my make-up off when I come home from work. Sometimes I’m too lazy/exhausted to do it by bed time so this is a nice way of forcing the habit. Love your blog! :)

  38. Michelle says...

    What bedtime beauty routine! I’m lucky if I get to brush my teeth after getting 2 kids to sleep. I’d like to try these, I could do this in bed.

  39. i have to agree with the comment above – was this post sponsored by yes to cucumbers? i’ve been a long time reader/fan of this blog, but lately feel a little too overwhelmed by product plugs and beso links (which i believe are paid).

  40. i have used the Say Yes to Carrots chap stick in Berry and it’s great! I am going to check out these face wipes. I am sometimes in the mood to wash my face & moisturize before bed (aka tonight) but most of the time i just use a eye makeup remover to take off my mascara. i can’t stand not taking off my eye makeup before bed. i can’t sleep!

  41. My mum ingrained it into me from a really early age (I was 12) about going to bed with a clean face so I just can’t, no matter how tired I am, not wash my face before bed.

    Nothing better than a clean refreshed face before bed.

  42. hmm.. wipes=pollution
    I use just water and to take make up away some rice oil mixed with water

  43. This is a great idea. I’ve got better now, but it’s true that when L. was a tiny bubba I would often go to bed without cleaning my face because I was too exhausted. At the moment, I remove my eye makeup with Avene make-up remover, then clean my face with Eau Précieuse (a typical French cleansing product) and when I think about it I put on some moisturizer.

  44. sirius says...

    Sorry Joanna, but towelettes or wipes, for the face or for house-cleaning, are totally anti-ecologic. I use cotton and a soft lotion. I use towelettes only when I go to short trips in Europe and keep my bag with me in the plane (you know, the restrictions of having only 100 ml of liquids on you).

  45. This is totally my speed. Just added it to my Target list. Thanks:)

  46. I used to have such a strict skin regime at night before bed. But ever since I started teaching, it’s fallen to the wayside. These days I’m lucky if I take off my makeup before I go to bed. I’d love to try these, though!

  47. I used to be the same way but now I use these wipes. I love them!

  48. These are perfect for camping! Thanks!

  49. I used them last night! Love them.

  50. Can’t go to bed without a shower first. I’m lazy and don’t wear much make-up so sometimes that’s just it. Love the idea of using wipes.

  51. I bought these at whole foods on a whim a while back and I am addicted! I keep mine in the fridge– feels even better.

  52. i wish companies would stop making single-use disposable products — it is so irresponsible. i understand being tired at night but i could never incorporate something so wasteful into my routine.

  53. I’m lucky that I have good genes and have been able to neglect my skin at night and still have nice skin but now I’m now forcing myself to wash my face at night and I have to say, it is really making quite an impact/difference.

    I wash with Lancome’s Creme Radiance to wash my face and their Resolution Eye Refill for my already there wrinkles. I also use Philosophy’s Hope in a Tube for my eyes and lips and finally Korres Night Cream all over my face (which smells like Play-Doh, but in a good way)

    When I’m super tired, it’s a pain in the butt to do but really only takes me an extra five minutes and I feel so much better afterward.

  54. I usually use baby wipes when I need to quickly take off my makeup. But these sound amazing, will have to try them!

    Thanks for the tip!

  55. i love these! i use them every night and my face always feels clean. i also use a lot of say yes to carrots products and i’ve really liked them.

  56. took those with my to coachella! made camping bearable.

  57. I used these until my boyfriend told me that I smelled like a salad haha. Now I use the Comodynes brand. But I do love the Say Yes To Carrots brand!

  58. Anonymous says...

    I feel the same way as TC, sort of a waste don’t you think?

    TC said…
    I can see using these once in a while, but mostly when I see these in stores my reaction is “Landfill!”

  59. oh no, i just got to your comment about the Yes to Carrots company — i’m going to research this right now! thanks for the head’s up!!

  60. lndsy, putting them in the fridge sounds awesome; you guys are geniuses. we should have talked beauty ages ago!! :)

  61. kelsey, GREAT tip to tear them in quarters/halves!! going to do that tonite.

  62. augusttwo, yeah, the tomato one sounded kind of odd :) rachel, that’s so funny! and claudia, sure, i’d be happy to; i’m not an expert at all on real beauty advice, but i’m happy to share my routine and hear other people’s recommendations, too! xo

  63. I’ve just started using Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel. It’s supposed to be skin softening and moisturizing. I really like it, but I usually dab some teatree oil on the cottonball to get those little “spots” as well.

  64. witch hazel on a cotton pad is my nightly routine– takes seconds and works well for sensitive/normal skin :]

  65. I cannot live without my toner (i used the 2 in 1 from Neutrogena)and moisturizer (Aveeno). :)

  66. I’m really lazy about washing my face at night. If I buy a nice face wash I will be really diligent about it for about half the bottle then I start slacking. Face wipes make me break out otherwise that would be my go to. I do like these really nice smelling cranberry pads by a brand called Arcona- they are all natural and I will use them if I’m extra lazy and have too much make up on to go to bed without washing my face.
    My sister says that the best reason to use bare minerals makeup is that you can do just that.

  67. Glenda says...

    I use towelettes too. I use Pond’s evening soothe with chamomile and white tea. Love them.

  68. I’m a religious face washer and now use a gentle toner as well to remove make-up. I have seen these and been curious because I love the cucumber shampoo and conditioner. LOVE IT!! I might have to give these a try.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  69. I’ve been using the “Yes to Cucumbers” regular face wash for a few weeks now, and it’s really nice. I haven’t tried the wipes yet, but now I want to after reading all these comments! I tried the “Yes to Tomatoes” one first, but it was too harsh, and I thought it smelled funny. The cucumber kind is really great on sensitive skin though. I also finish up with Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Skin Firming Pomegranate Night Cream. It smells soooo amazing! the Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner is really nice as well. it leaves my hair really soft and shiney. They make really super stuff.

  70. I used to place cucumber slices over my eyes for 5 minutes in the morning to get rid of dark circles… but this seems a lot easier ; )

  71. Joanna, could you do a post about your beauty routine? Maybe a “top shelf” like IntotheGloss?

  72. I just broke down and bought a clarisonic. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it.

  73. thanks for the tip! I’m going to have to try these. I like Netrogena’s pink grapefruit cleanser to wash my face, but it doesn’t really remove make-up.

  74. leatheristhisgirl says...

    love ’em!!

  75. i love the synchronicity of the world — i just picked these up on a whim at the check-out counter at ulta not long ago and i also love them! funny you should mention them here today. great minds!

  76. i’ve used cloths and love them but not this particular type. I try not to be lazy at night otherwise I’ll wake up with a big zit :(

  77. I’m a Cetaphil girl, I love the convenience of cloths like these, but my skin is too sensitive.

  78. Anonymous says...

    unfortunately Yes to Carrots is an Israeli company that suppoprts apartheid. though they don’t advertise this fact, Yes to Carrots was founded in Israel two years ago by Ido Leffler
    and Lance Karish, and introduced 2007 through an exclusive national sales arrangement with Walgreen’s. According to Oxfam International, the area where Yes to Carrots gets it minerals is Palestinian land illegally occupied by Israel and, according to international law, it is illegal for Israel to exploit these natural resources for profit.
    more info on what other companies support the illegal occupation:

  79. Gosh, I am so lazy at bedtime too, I’ll do anything to skip taking my makeup off, which i don’t wear very much at all so I use that as an excuse that it’s ok!
    I have used those towlettes, I got them at target. I LOVE them!
    They smell so good too!

  80. I LOVE these. I’ve been using them every night & morning for about two months. Recently I bought the blueberry ones– only because the store was sold out of the cucumber ones and I just wanted to buy something…

    But yeah, they are totally awesome. I rip them into strips (about 1/4th the original size) and clean up my face before bed and each morning. Its about $8 for the pack of thirty and keeping them that much longer by using smaller sized ones makes me happy… :)

    A really awesome product, haha.

  81. Having few kids… Now when they all have passed a diaper age I use to my face baby wipes including some aloe vera in them. They also work to the waterproof mascara and skin is smooth after wiping:D

  82. I <3 those!
    They are just perfect for those nights when you can’t muster up enough energy to do your nightly routine.

  83. Love these!

    I recently started trying the oil cleansing method, and I think my skin looks better than it did after microdermabrasion sessions my mom bought me for my wedding. I still get breakouts around my chin, but it is mostly a hormonal issue, I think.

    I ran out of these cucumber wipes awhile ago, and I decided to try Trader Joe’s face wipes instead. They burn more (I think it is the tea tree oil), so it’s hard to get eyeliner off with them because it hurts! I’ll probably return to the cucumber ones eventually.

  84. I use baby wipes. I read in a magazine they’re cheaper and have more in each package than traditional facial wipes. And, you can pick up refills in any store when you need them. Who can argue with that?

  85. Yes! I cannot stress enough how important make up wipes have been in clearing up my skin. I even made a blog post about it :) I prefer to use the neutrogena night time cleaning ones..but i think that any make up wipes will strongly improve anyone’s skin care routine.

  86. I first picked up Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap for a bike trip I was doing down the coast of Oregon (needing a biodegradable multipurpose soap), and I’ve never gone back! I love those masks with the scrubby beads, but they always make me break out. So yes, Dr. Bronner’s first, toner second, moisturizer third. My only concern with the cucumber wipes would be the waste… but I’m also not a mommy, so I’m sure this will all go out the window when that happens! (AKA no judging)

  87. michele says...

    I have been using baby wipes for years for this! I kinda hate getting my face wet when I’m tired, and especially in the cold weather months. I started out using Boots #7 facial cleansing wipes (from Target), but when I ran out I found that baby wipes work just as well for so much less (and the Boots ones weren’t even very expensive). Now that my youngest is potty trained, I still buy the wipes just for me!

  88. I do my shower routine in the evening and wash my face at the same time. I never really understood the whole showering in the morning thing. What’s the point of clean sheet day if you’re just going to get into bed all dirty with the day’s sweat and grime? These sound like they’d be nice refreshments for travel, though.

  89. I’ve been using towelettes like this for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup. I like the Neutrogena ones because they’re sold at more places so I never have to make a special trip somewhere to grab a pack. I also like the ones by e.l.f. because they’re only $3/pack and they leave my face feeling so clean. I wish they were sold at more places, though.

  90. I love these, and I use the cucumber (but they have carrots, blueberries, etc, too).

    When a pack gets less than half full (they are fairly “fat” until then), I move it to my bag, and carry them with me. I live in Houston, where it’s HOT, and I use the towels to freshen up when the heat and humidity have gotten to me.

  91. i’ve turned to towelettes too! makes my bedtime routine go so much faster. these ones sound great!

  92. These exact towelettes are my nighttime saviors. (I usually follow up with some eye cream and apply retin-A once or twice a week as well.)

  93. I know this sounds minging, but I haven’t washed my face in years! I like Johnson’s 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes. I am sure they would be available in countries other than the UK. They not only clean but tone and moisturise. They don’t affect the ph balace where washing can leave your face feeling tight. You just feel clean, smooth and moisturised.

    Obviously, I do wash other bits, I just leave my face to Johnson’s. I am in my 50teens but would like to think my skin is late 30teens!

  94. This is exactly what I do. It actually makes my face feel amazing and it doesn’t take so much effort before bed. i love these!

    xo katie elizabeth

  95. I use these too! They are amazing, and in the summer time I like to keep a pack in the fridge so then they are cleansing AND refreshing after a hot day!

  96. I’ve used these before, but my face must be too sensitive or something because it kind of stung. I should try them again!

  97. TC says...

    I can see using these once in a while, but mostly when I see these in stores my reaction is “Landfill!”

  98. Oh! I’d really like to try these in blueberry since I, too am guilty sometimes with just climbing into bed without taking off my make-up. Usually on most nights, I use Purity Face Wash by Philosophy and some Clean and Clear to keep any blackheads at bay! Thanks for sharing this awesome tip! <3

  99. the Cucumber face wipes are DIVINE. I love everything about them, when I bought my most recent pack last week I gushed about them to 2 people in line and the cashier.
    Aaaaannnnd now the internet. I wonder if they’re hiring?

  100. smart about taking them on trips. xo and dancing branflake, that is a scary fact!

  101. Em says...

    I really, really hate getting ready for bed. It makes me so grouchy just thinking about the process that I used to do the same thing and just skip washing my face.

    But then…. I found this: Neutrogina Naturals make-up removing face wash|B004DK79A2&CPNG=health%20beauty&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B004DK79A2&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

    It’s fast and easy, and smells flippin’ fantastic. It gets off even the most stubborn of eye make ups. Now getting ready for bed is a breeze, my face literally feels like soft heaven after I wash it and I end up going to bed smiling. Try it sometime, you won’t regret it!

  102. Facial towelettes are one of the best inventions in the beauty industry. I currently use Neutrogena’s but now that you have introduced me to the Yes To Cucumbers towelettes, I may have to try those!

  103. Candace J says...

    I use those all the time after the gym and on camping trips. They are perfect for a quick and refreshing cleanup!

  104. These sound nice! I can’t wait to give them a try!

  105. I use Bioderma Sensibio, a newish discovery for me and one that I am ecstatic about. It’s similar in that it removes makeup, cleanses, and leaves skin toned and moisturized, and you just put the liquid on a cotton pad and swipe it over your face. Absolutely love the stuff. Raved more about it here:

    I usually put all kinds of other stuff on my face morning and night too, but I know on a night when I’m too tired, I can get away with just my sensibio.

  106. I am so bad about not washing off my make-up. I might have to look for these next time I’m out shopping.

  107. These would be perfect for nights when I arrive home very late. I have been meaning to buy some but don’t know which ones work the best. These sound fabulous!
    I almost always wash my face especially in the humid summers in Iowa. I love my oil control lotion for night time by skinlogics as well!

    XO Hilary Nicole

  108. Anonymous says...

    good find! just for the sake of open-ness though – i’m curious, do you get a portion of sales when these recommendations are linked through bizrate or beso?

  109. Just splash my face with warm water, not hot, and then apply a good moisturizer. Once a week I will exfoliate or use this Swedish facial soap…it’s remembering to apply daily sunscreen that I struggle with!

  110. Every night, I wash my face with Cetaphil, and I always moisturize with Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.

    But I may use the face wipes before and after exercising based on your recommendation. Thanks! xo.

  111. I do use facial towelettes! I actually think that they push me to wash my face at night! I use one if I want to get rid of makeup and am lazy, but after inhaling the relaxing scent and feeling revitalized, I get reminded that I should take care of my skin!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  112. Anonymous says...

    I haven’t used these, but have used some others while traveling. The cucumber sounds so refreshing and I agree, they are so much easier than using a face wahs, cold cream, whatever, when you are tired a the end of the day. I am definitely going to try these!!! Thanks for the tip.

  113. Before I even became a mom, I swore by these things. And I love all the products in this line. I had a tendency to fall asleep with my makeup on at least once a week until the invention of these guys! They are truly the best! Enjoy!

  114. I *always* wash my face at night, but sometimes I do it when my boys are getting ready for bed (i.e., a couple of hours before I go to bed) to avoid the pain of doing it when I am ready to sleep.

  115. I just heard today on Modly Chic, who heard from a Dior rep, that not washing your face adds seven years of aging per night. Eek! I never wash my face at night unless I happen to shower.

  116. I took these exact wipes to Europe for a two week excursion and they were wonderful!

  117. A&D — i never would have thought of that. thank you, kate!

  118. haha, baby wipes are hilarious/genius! and i’d love to try the blueberry version.

  119. I almost never use water to wash my face. It dries out my skin and I break out like crazy. I use cetaphil, or a comparable wash, rub all over and wipe off with a washcloth. It’s the best, because I can usually muster up enough strength for it even if it’s 2am!

    If I’m wearing a heavy-duty sunscreen though, I do use an oil-based cleanser (Lumene, usually) to get that off since if you’re wearing the right sunscreen a general wash isn’t going to remove it properly.

    BUT the real reason for this comment is my beauty secret is A&D ointment. I’m betting as a mom you have some, but I’ve used it my entire life (and my mom does too) for EVERY skin ailment. Do not use vaseline, it is not as good and makes you break out. The medicated nature of A&D makes it so amazing. I use it on dryness, reddness, irritation, breakouts (even though it’s greasy, it helps clear them up SO much faster, and it heals the skin so that I don’t have that red mark for a week after it) burns, to get my waterproof makeup off, anything. It is a miracle product.

  120. Oh I will be using these from now on!!!

  121. these are my nightly routine (too) & i LOVE them.
    i also love their moisturizers & face masks.
    so great!


  122. this is so funny because my best friend just told me a similar tip! except she uses simple baby wipes!
    i got some nice lavender ones and it feels so relaxing to go to bed with a clean, nice smelling face!
    p.s. how is the bedroom remodeling coming along, by the way?

  123. I am ashamed to admit that way too often I use one of my daughter’s baby wipes. I would always cleanse, tone and moisturise pre-baby, but I just don’t have the energy any more!

  124. When I’m too tired, I do the same thing…except I have the Say Yes to Blueberry wipes. They are great! I wonder how they compare to the cucumber wipes. :)

  125. Dotty dot dot says...

    When I was an undergrad (and thus out almost every night of the week) I, too, found myself falling into the pattern of passing out without washing up.

    So, I purchased something similar (though I can’t remember the brand). I found they were useful to use once in a while, but after constant use, my skin became clogged and pimply… and I don’t even have sensitive skin.

    I now wash my face regularly with Cetaphil and moisturize with the same product. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s highly recommended by my dermatologist :)